Buying Bell Mobility SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: Guide to Get and Activate 2024

Bell Mobility is one of Canada’s leading mobile network carriers due to its extensive coverage across the nation. With Bell Mobility SIM cards and eSIM, tourists to Canada will have a reliable option for cell service to make calls, send messages, and use data for navigation, social media, and essential travel apps. This blog post will uncover the best Bell SIM plans, rates, and how and where to buy.

I. Quick Facts about Bell Mobility

Bell Mobility is the third-largest mobile network carrier in Canada. Here are some key facts you may need to know about Bell Mobility:

  • Founded: in 1986, in Toronto, Canada
  • Types of services: cellular services (calls, text, data, and mobile internet) using 3G and 4G LTE; smartphones, etc.
  • Coverage: most of Canada’s large cities and towns, around 97% of the population as of 2017, but still has gaps in remote areas.
  • Number of users: over 10 million subscribers (as of 2020)
  • Distribution: runs its retail stores across Canada, also has agreements with independent dealers like The Source and Cellcom to sell its services
  • Customer support: 24/7 in English
Bell Mobility Canada
Bell Mobility Canada

II. Why Bell Mobility When Visiting Canada – Coverage and Speed

Bell Mobility boasts widespread network coverage across Canada and delivers high data speeds. 

1. Bell Mobility Coverage in Canada

Bell Mobility boasts widespread network coverage across Canada
Bell Mobility coverage map
  • Bell ranks third for mobile network coverage (1st-Rogers and 2nd-Telus)
  • Bell’s network covers most major cities and towns like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, etc.; about 97% of the population.
  • Service can be more spotty in some rural regions but Bell has been steadily improving even in remote regions.

2. Bell Mobility Speed

Bell Mobility has the fatest download speed in Canada
Bell Mobility speed in Canada
  • Average download speed: 77.0Mpbs, the fastest, followed by Telus Mobility (75.7Mbps) and Rogers (63.6Mbps)
  • Average upload speed: 10.8Mbps, led by Rogers (12.3Mbps) and Telus (11.3Mbps)
  • Consistent quality: 76.9% (Rogers – 77.5% and Telus 76.5%).

► Generally, Bell Mobility provides reliable and wide network coverage across Canada and fast data speeds. Tourists visiting Canada can make good use of Bell’s mobile network during their trips.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Bell Mobility for Tourists to Canada?

Bell Mobility provides 03 main connectivity options for tourists to Canada:

Bell Mobility SIM cards: tangible form, inserted into the SIM slot in unlocked mobile phones

  • Pros: diverse package options, competitive rates, widely available
  • Cons: unlocked smartphone required

Pocket Wifi: portable Wifi hotspot, may be rented from shops

  • Pros: suitable for tourists traveling in group, Internet sharing
  • Cons: high rental rates, extra items to carry

Roaming: use your home operator while traveling overseas

  • Pros: no SIM swap, familiar home carrier/ phone number/ data plan
  • Cons: expensive costs, shockingly high bills after trip if not careful

► Recommendation:

Picking up a prepaid SIM card is more convenient than paying costly roaming fees with your home carrier or trying to use a pocket Wifi hotspot. With Bell Mobility SIM cards, you get reliable service no matter where you go. You can use maps, check emails, and browse web without worrying about lost signal.

IV. Best Bell Mobility SIM Cards for Visitors & Price

Bell Mobility provides tourists with a wide selection of affordable SIM card plans and here are some of the best ones:

1 GB data + unlimited Canada-wide talk + text 30 daysCAD 35
2.5 GB data + unlimited Canada-wide talk + text 30 daysCAD 40
5 GB data + unlimited Canada-wide talk + text 30 daysCAD 45
10 GB data + unlimited Canada-wide talk + text 30 daysCAD 55

Note: The Bell SIM plans above may change over time so it is best to visit Bell Mobility’s official website for the most updated details.

V. Does Bell Mobility Support eSIM in Canada?

Yes. Definitely! Bell Mobility offers eSIM (embedded SIM) built into compatible mobile devices. eSIM lets you activate and use a plan without a physical SIM. 

  • Dual SIM: On newer devices that support dual SIM/eSIM, you can run two mobile phone numbers on one device simultaneously. Great for personal and business use.
  • Flexibility: An eSIM allows you to have multiple mobile profiles/ plans on one device. Easy to switch between them as needed.
  • Better for travel: No need to hunt down local SIM cards when you travel abroad. Plans can be downloaded online so you always have connectivity.

VI. Where to Buy Bell Mobility SIM Cards and eSIM?

Travelers to Canada may buy Bell Mobility SIM cards and eSIM at the locations below:

1. Where to Buy Bell Mobility SIM cards for Canada

Bell Mobility has a widespread retail presence, with numerous stores and authorized dealers located throughout Canada so it is very convenient for you to buy Bell Mobility SIM cards. A variety of competitively priced SIM options and data packages are available at any of these numerous sales outlets across the country. 

Pros: reasonable rates, widely available

Cons: need to travel to the store locations

Bell Mobility store in Canada
Tourists can easily get Bell Mobility SIM cards in Bell’s stores across Canada

Furthermore, Bell-owned The Source will open a kiosk in Terminal 1 – Toronto Pearson International Airport in the fall of 2024, so tourists may pick up Bell Mobility SIM cards there.

Pro Tip:

- Only unlocked mobile devices accept Bell’s network so you must ensure that your phone is unlocked.

- Prepare your passport and payment methods like cash and debit/ credit cards for Bell SIM registration.

2. Where to Get Bell Mobility eSIM for Canada?

You have two options to get Bell Mobility eSIM for Canada travel:

2.1. Directly from Bell Mobility

Tourists visiting Canada may purchase Bell Mobility eSIM via: 

  • Online service on Bell Mobility’s official website
  • Use MyBell app
  • Visit the nearest Bell Mobility store

While this is straightforward, it necessitates having your passport available for ID proof and SIM registration with Bell Mobility upon purchase.

2.2. GIGAGO – Reputable third-party eSIM provider

Gigago is a trusted worldwide eSIM provider that provides tourists to Canada with convenient eSIM packages from Bell Mobility. With Gigago’s services, you can access Bell’s widespread 4G network without having to go through a complicated identity check process.

Gigago offers a wide range of Bell Mobility eSIM plans for tourists to Canada
Gigago’s eSIM plans for tourists

You will have the chance to enjoy Bell’s high-speed data at budget-friendly rates, starting at only $14.00 for 1 GB of data per day over 05 days. Gigago offers best-value Bell eSIM plan options, ranging from  $14.00$141.50 . Regardless of your trip duration to Canada or how much GB of data you need, Gigago ensures you have a suitable Bell Mobility eSIM plan that meets your priorities.

Pro Tip:

  • Before getting a Bell Mobility eSIM for Canada, confirm if your mobile device supports eSIM.
  • Opt for a data-only package to save money if you have calling and texting apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger.

VII. How to Activate Bell Mobility SIM/eSIM in Canada?

Activating Bell Mobility SIM cards/ eSIM is a easy process. Here is how:

1. How to Activate Bell Mobility SIM cards in Canada?

To activate your Bell SIM card:

  • Insert the nano/micro/mini SIM into the SIM card tray of your compatible mobile device
  • Power on the phone
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to activate your SIM. Normally, Bell SIM will be activated automatically. 
  • Configure APN settings if data does not work out of the box.
  • Test that data is working by loading a web page
  • Once connected, you will be able to use all Bell services like cellular data, calls, and texts with your new SIM card.

2. How to Activate Bell Mobility eSIM in Canada?

To activate your Bell eSIM:

  • Confirm if your mobile device is compatible with eSIM
  • Purchase a Bell eSIM plan online
  • Bell will email you an eSIM profile which includes a QR code
  • Scan the QR code using the MyBell app or your device’s settings (Settings > Cellular > Add eSIM/ Add Cellular Plan)
  • Continue following the on-screen prompts to set up the Bell eSIM profile
  • Check that your device now shows the Bell network signal once setup is complete
  • Once activated, start using Bell services with your eSIM plan.

Important Note:

Please follow the detailed instructions:

VIII. How to Top-up Bell Mobility SIM/eSIM

Here are the two channels that you can use to top up your Bell Mobility SIM/ eSIM:

Online Top-up

  • Touch the “Top-up” section on the Bell official website or MyBell app to top up your SIM. 
  • Make payment (debit or credit card).

Physical Top-up

  • Get to the Bell Mobility shops/ authorized stores to top-up your account
  • Select an amount and show the phone number you want to top up.
  • Make payment (cash/ credit/ debit card)

IX. FAQs about Bell Mobility SIM Cards and eSIM in Canada

Can tourists purchase Bell Mobility SIM cards?

Yes, tourists can purchase prepaid Bell Mobility SIM cards from various retail locations across Canada, including airports. Having a Bell Mobility SIM card ensures reliable network access during travel.

Is it possible to purchase an eSIM plan from Bell Mobility as a tourist?

Yes, Bell Mobility offers eSIM profiles that can be purchased online and conveniently activated on compatible devices. eSIM plans are a good choice for tourists visiting multiple regions in Canada.

Are Bell Mobility SIM cards and eSIM plans cheaper than roaming charges?

Generally, Bell Mobility SIM cards and eSIM plans are more cost-effective for tourists compared to racking up international roaming charges with their regular carrier. Prices are fixed and transparent.

X. Conclusion

In summary, Bell Mobility SIM cards and eSIM plans provide a reliable and affordable option for tourists visiting Canada to stay connected during their trips. With Bell’s extensive network coverage and fast data speeds, visitors can easily access maps and share intriguing travel experiences without the high costs of international roaming charges. Do not forget to choose the SIM plan that suits your needs and budget.