Renting Pocket WiFi in Ireland & Alternatives: Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Planning a trip to Ireland and want to stay connected? You’re probably thinking about pocket WiFi option – a common way to ensure a smooth internet connection while exploring this country. However, finding the right pocket wifi device in Ireland and knowing where to get one can be a bit confusing. This article will give all you need to know about renting pocket WiFi in Ireland for and alternatives to get Internet access in Ireland tourists.

Pocket wifi rental Ireland

I. What is pocket WiFi for Ireland?

Ireland pocket Wi-Fi is a small device that lets you connect your laptop or other devices to the mobile internet in the country. It works like having a Wi-Fi connection in your pocket and you can carry it around. Pocket WiFi is also called as mobile hotspot, mobile Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi dongle, MiFi, portable Wi-Fi hotspot, or portable Wi-Fi router.

This device is useful when you’re out and about and need internet access. Just turn it on, connect your device, and you can browse the web, watch videos, or do whatever you need to do online, wherever you are!

I. Why Renting a Pocket WiFi for Ireland Travel?

Renting a pocket WiFi for Ireland travel is essential for those who are always on the move and want to stay connected to the internet. This device also enables you to share mobile internet with multiple mobile devices, which is very beneficial for group travel.

Pocket Wi-Fi works with various mobile devices, such as:

  • Laptops and computers
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

Of course, if you have a smartphone, you probably already have a data plan for it, so you may not need pocket Wi-Fi specifically for your phone. Many people also have data plans for their tablets. However, when traveling to Ireland, you might face expensive fees to keep these devices connected. In such cases, it could be more cost-effective to get a data plan for pocket Wi-Fi and use it alongside your smartphone.

Having pocket Wi-Fi allows you to stay connected wherever you are without worrying about finding Wi-Fi hotspots in Ireland or compromising your data security. It’s a convenient way to keep your devices online while you’re on the go.

Free wifi can be risky in many aspects
Free wifi can be risky in many aspects

III. Ireland eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Ireland

An alternative to pocket WiFi in Ireland is eSIM Ireland. This option uses a new technology, offering several advantages for tourists visiting Ireland like instant activation, no need to swap a SIM card, convenience and ease of usage. These advantages eliminate the drawbacks of renting a pocket WiFi for Ireland travel.

When purchasing an eSIM, it is advised to buy from an eSIM provider (like Gigago) instead of a mobile network carrier (that supports eSIM services) because you will not be required to present personal documents for verification. Make sure to follow the provider’s instructions carefully to scan the QR code or enter the activation code correctly. This will ensure that the eSIM is properly installed and activated on your iPhones or Android devices.

Gigago Ireland packages
Gigago Ireland packages

If you decide to buy Ireland eSIM from eSIM retailer like Gigago, you can choose from their multiple Ireland eSIM plan options, starting from 1 GB for 3 days with $3.50 . With their eSIM plans, you will have:

  • More options for data and validity
  • Better prices
  • Easier purchasing process
  • No identity document required

III. How to Get Pocket WiFi for Travelers to Ireland?

There are some locations to pick up Ireland pocket wifi
There are some locations to pick up Ireland pocket wifi

To get pocket WiFi for Ireland, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of one pocket WiFi provider
  • Choose your rental dates
  • Select your plan
  • Add any accessories (optional): You have the option to add accessories such as a car charger, power bank, or larger pocket WiFi device for an additional fee. 
  • Provide personal information
  • Choose delivery options: Pick up at your accommodation/hotel or at a pickup location. You can also receive it a t home before departure
  • Enter any coupon code (if applicable)
  • Review and accept the terms and conditions
  • Submit your booking

IV. How many devices can connect to a pocket Wifi for Ireland?

Up to 15 devices can connect to a pocket wifi
Up to 15 devices can connect to a pocket wifi

The number of devices that can connect to a pocket WiFi can be up to 10 devices. In fact, it depends on the device and the pocket WiFi provider you choose. Generally, pocket WiFi devices can support multiple connections simultaneously. For example a pocket – friendly wifi hotspot from Hippocket wifi can connect up to 10 devices. 

It’s important to note that the more devices connected to a pocket WiFi, the more it may affect the overall speed and performance of the network. If multiple devices are using a lot of bandwidth simultaneously, it could result in slower internet speeds for each connected device.

V. How much does a Pocket WiFi for Ireland Cost?

Mobile hotspot rental starting at 4.90€/day with free delivery to Europe. 

The cost of a Pocket WiFi for Ireland can vary depending on the provider, the rental duration and the data plan you choose.

Some pocket wifi providers offer unlimited high-speed internet connection for all your Wi-Fi devices when you travel in Ireland and in 40 other European countries.

VI. Best Pocket WiFi Options for Ireland Travel – Which to choose?

Here are some pricing options travelers can consider:

1. Hippocket wifi

Travelers can see overall experience of Hippocket wifi below

  • High-speed connection anywhere in Ireland
  • 4G LTE network: up to 100 Mbps in Europe
  • Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously: phone, tablet, PC and any Wi-Fi device
  • Up to 6 hours operating times

There are two options:

1.1. 1GB/day in Ireland + all Europe (40 countries):

  • 3 to 5 days: €7.90/day
  • 6 to 9 days: €6.90/day
  • 10 to 13 days: €5.90/day
  • 14 days and more: €4.90/day
  • 30 days and more: The website suggests checking their long-term rental plans for pricing.

1.2 Unlimited data in Ireland + all Europe (40 countries):

  • 3 to 5 days: €9.90/day
  • 6 to 9 days: €8.90/day
  • 10 to 13 days: €7.90/day
  • 14 days and more: €6.90/day
  • 30 days and more: The website suggests checking their long-term rental plans for pricing.

2. Wifi candy

  • Price: from €7 / day for unlimited data – no restictions
  • Devices: Connect up to 8 devices
  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours – 3000 mAh
  • Speed: Fast 4G / LTE speeds
Wifican dy for travelers to Ireland
Wifican dy for travelers to Ireland

3. Wifivox

  • Price: 1 GB/day at maximum speed for just 6,95 € per day or 5 Gb/day data plan for 7.95 € per day or a 10 Gb/day data plan for 10.95 € per day.
  • Devices: Connect up to 5 devices . 
  • Speed: Fast 4G LTE speed
  • Battery life: Up to 10 hours

VII. How to Use Your Pocket WiFi in Ireland?

Using Irelan pocket wifi is easy for all travelers
Using Irelan pocket wifi is easy for all travelers

Travelers can follow some steps below to use pocket wifi in Ireland: 

  •  Power on the Pocket WiFi device: Turn on the Ireland Pocket WiFi by pressing and holding the power button until the device lights up.
  •  Search for WiFi networks: Access the settings menu on your smartphone and search for available WiFi networks.
  • Select the correct network: Choose the SSID that matches the network name on your Pocket WiFi device.
  • Enter the key or password: Enter the key or password provided on your Pocket WiFi device.
  • Enjoy the internet: Experience seamless internet connectivity with Pocket WiFi Korea.

VIII. FAQs about Renting a Pocket WiFi in Ireland

How fast is pocket WiFi in Ireland?

The speed of pocket WiFi in Ireland depends on various factors. Generally, mobile networks in Ireland offer good coverage and reliable speeds, allowing you to browse the internet, stream videos, and use online services with ease. 

Can I use pocket WiFi to make phone calls in Ireland?

Pocket WiFi is primarily designed for internet connectivity and does not support traditional phone calls.

When it comes to portable WiFi options for travelers in Ireland, most rely on the country’s wireless support infrastructure. However, there are instances where the wireless network might be limited or unavailable. To avoid this situation, renting pocket wifi in Ireland is also an option. It allows you to connect many devices simultaneously. If you need a more convenient option, you can choose Ireland SIM Card and eSIM for the best prices along with many advantages.  Hope you can choose the most suitable option for yourself to enjoy the trip to Ireland