How to buy a SIM Card at Clare Airport (Shannon) 2024: Best Plans + Updated Price

Arriving at Shannon Airport in Clare can be an exciting yet stressful experience for travelers. Navigating a new country and language while making sure you have working phone service is key. Getting a local Ireland SIM card should be at the top of your to-do list when passing through immigration and customs.

This guide will provide everything you need to know about getting SIM card at Clare Airport (Shannon).

I. Should You Buy a SIM Card at Clare Shannon Airport (SNN)?

You cannot buy a SIM Card in Shannon Airport.

Buying a SIM Card right at the airport means travelers can start using their phone immediately. It’s really convenient because it saves much time to find phone stores outside the airport. 

However, there are no locations selling Ireland SIM Cards in Shannon Airport. Although there are Duty free and WH Smith stores in Shannon Airport, there is no information about Ireland SIM Cards in the official websites of these places. 

Tourists can buy Ireland SIM Cards in Clare’s city center. Buying in shops outside the Shannon Airport can save money and have a more diverse choice for tourists. If you’re looking for potentially cheaper deals or a wider range of plans to choose from, it might be better to explore stores in the city.

II. Ireland eSIM for Clare – an Alternative to Prepaid SIM Card at Clare Shannon Airport

One option for travelers who want to have an internet connection as soon as they arrive at Shannon Airport is to purchase an Ireland eSIM before their trip.

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital SIM card that allows you to connect to a mobile network without the need for a physical SIM card. This technology is becoming increasingly popular among travelers as it offers a convenient and hassle-free way to stay connected while on the go.

Using an eSIM in Clare has several advantages over a traditional SIM card:

  • No need to physically swap SIM cards or visit a carrier store
  • Easy to activate and manage from your smartphone. All can do online 
  • Flexible data plans that can be adjusted as needed
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhones and selected Android smartphones
eSIM is the best option for tourists
eSIM is the best option for tourists

1. Buying on the Ireland mobile operators officials’ websites 

Travelers can buy an Ireland SIM Card from the official websites or applications. Currently, many Irish sellers provide online shopping services to make it easier for tourists to buy an Irish eSIM when planning to travel to this country.

Here is How it work with general information: 

  • Visit the Ireland official websites of major operators like Vodafone, Three or Meteor 
  • On the website, navigate to the “Shop” section. You can usually find it in the main menu or on the homepage.
  • In the “Shop” section, look for the category related to SIM cards or mobile plans. It may be labeled as “Pay as you go” or “Prepay” options.
  • Browse through the available options and select the SIM card or mobile plan that suits your needs. 
  • Once you have chosen the desired SIM card or mobile plan, click on the “Buy Now” or “Add to Basket” button.
  • Review the items in your basket and proceed to the checkout.
  • Provide the necessary information, such as your personal details, delivery address, and payment method.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the purchase and make the payment.
  • After successful payment, you will receive an order confirmation and an estimated delivery date for your SIM card.
  • Once you receive the SIM card, follow the activation instructions provided to activate your new SIM card and start using the services.

2. Buying from third party retailers: 

You can choose Ireland eSIM when traveling to Clare from the eSIM provider like Gigago – a trusted eSIM provider for over 200 countries, including Ireland. You will have:

  • More options for data and validity
  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy purchasing
  • Accessible customer support

With GIGAGO’s Ireland eSIM plans, you can say goodbye to the traditional process of finding a physical SIM card at a store, waiting in line, and providing identification documents. Instead, you can set up your data plan online before your trip, saving you time and effort.

Here’s how it works: Purchase your preferred plan from GIGAGO, and within minutes, you’ll receive an activation QR code via email. Simply install it on your eSIM compatible device, and you’re good to go! No need to worry about searching for a SIM card once you arrive in Clare.

Gigago Ireland eSIM plnas
Gigago Ireland eSIM plnas

For Ireland, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 3 days with $3.50 . What is great about Gigago’s Ireland eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $3.50$125.98 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Ireland, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

III. Where to Buy a SIM card Outside Clare Shannon Airport?

I want to show you some places to buy SIM Card outside the Shannon Airport 

  • Official stores of Vodafone
  • Supermarkets of Tesco
  • An official store of Three

1. Vodafone

Location 1: 

Location: Unit 7, Skycourt Shopping Centre, Shannon, Co. Clare, V14 H025

Phone number: 065 672 0072

Opening hours: From 9:30am – 6:00pm between Monday and Saturday. On Sunday, it closes. 

Location 2: 

Location: 27 O’Connell Street, Clonroad Beg, Ennis, Co. Clare, V95 P284, Ireland

Phone number: 065 672 0072

Opening hours: From 9am – 6:00pm between Monday and Saturday. On Sunday, it closes. 

2. Tesco

Tesco is a big supermarket brand in Ireland
Tesco is a big supermarket brand in Ireland

Location 1: 

Location: Ennis Shopping Centre, Francis St, Clonroad Beg, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland

Phone number: +353 818 553 519

Opening hours: From 8am – 10pm between Monday and Saturday. On Sunday, it opens at 9am

Location 2: There is a Tesco in Coonagh Cross if you’re driving in the direction of Limerick.

Location: Coonagh Cross, Ennis Rd, Clondrinagh, Limerick, V94 TW71, Ireland

Phone number: +353 818 555 548

Opening hours: From 8am – 10pm between Monday and Sunday. 

3. Three

Location: 20 O’Connell Street V95T28Y (Next to LANA Restaurant)

Phone number: 065 6844193

Opening hours: From 10am – 6:00pm between Monday and Saturday. On Sunday, it closes. 

The store typically opens at 9 a.m. so it depends on when your flight arrives and what direction you’re driving.

You can buy and install a SIM card on your own, but you also just buy one at a phone store and let them do it.


What documents do I need to buy a SIM card outside Shannon Airport?

It’s advisable to carry your passport or a valid photo ID, as some operators may require identification for registration purposes.

Are there any special offers or discounts available for SIM cards outside Shannon Airport?

Mobile operators sometimes offer special promotions or discounts for SIM cards. It’s worth checking with the kiosks or shops to see if there are any ongoing offers.

Can I buy data-only SIM cards outside Shannon Airport?

Yes, data-only SIM cards are available outside Shannon Airport. These SIM cards are suitable for devices like tablets, portable Wi-Fi routers, or other devices that require data connectivity but don’t need voice calling or SMS.

V. Conclusion

Getting connected with a Ireland SIM card at Clare Shannon Airport cannot be a straightforward process. However, you still have many other options as mentioned in the article to keep your trip as convenient as possible. Buying outside the airport also has its own advantages. Hopefully this article has helped you well in your journey to find and buy a SIM card at Shannon airport. Wish you have a nice trip to Ireland!