Renting Pocket WiFi for Austria & Alternatives: Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Pocket Wifi is a choice of a lot of tourists to access to the Internet when they travel to any country. If you are going to Austria soon and still wondering how to rent the best pocket Wifi for Austria & alternatives, let’s check the comprehensive guide below. 

Let’s discover the best pocket wifi for Austria & alternatives

I. What is pocket WiFi for Austria?

Pocket WiFi is also known as a portable hotspot, which is a small, portable device that provides wireless internet access for multiple electronic devices nearby. It is a compact, battery-powered set that connects to a cellular network and emits a WiFi signal for Internet access. 

This portable wifi works by receiving cellular data signals and converting them into a WiFi signal. When you are in Austria, you need a SIM card with a data plan for it to use to access the internet. 

It is ideal for a group of tourists who need a reliable and secure wifi network with a stable speed. You can rent the best pocket wifi for Austria & alternatives and then share it with your travel mates. 

II. Why Rent a Pocket WiFi for Austria Travel?

Pocket wifi is a small device that has many benefits for travelers
Pocket wifi is a small device that has many benefits for travelers

A pocket wifi gives you an opportunity to get mobile data to stay connected and in touch with other people back home using a local SIM card with 4G or 5G. Thanks to good Internet quality in Austria, you can easily get in touch with people without interruption. 

Let’s explore benefits of Pocket Wifi for travelers to Austria:

  • No Compatibility Issues: even locked phones or incompatibility phones can connect to the Internet through a pocket wifi 
  • Portability and convenience: small, light, easy to carry around 
  • Connect multiple devices: it allows phones, laptops, tablets to connect at the same time. However, the more devices connect to the network, the lower speed of the network is
  • No roaming charges: using a local data plans to access to the Internet and connect to people around, you are no longer worried about international roaming charges 
  • Speed and reliability: using a pocket WiFi is usually faster and more reliable internet connection than hotel or public WiFi

For more details, let’s look at the comparison between pocket wifi vs other connectivity options when traveling to Austria:

Pocket wifiFree wifiSIM cardRoaming eSIM
Internet accessConsistent and reliableDependent on locationConsistent and reliableDepends on the networkConsistent and reliable
CostFixed rental rateFreeInitial SIM cost plus usageHigh Affordable, depends on your 
Connectivity for Multiple DevicesMultiple devicesUsually single deviceOne device (unless hotspot enabled)One deviceOne device 
Speed and ReliabilityHighCan vary greatlyUsually highVaries by networkHigh 
CoverageDepends on local networksLimited to hotspot locationsNationwide (subject to carrier)International coverageNationwide 
SetupEasyNo setup, but find availabilitySIM purchase and installation requiredPre-setup with home country mobile carrier Online pre-setup (usually one day before your trip), easy
Data LimitsUsually limited, varies by planOften limited or throttledDepends on the plan purchasedVaries, often expensive per MBDepends on the plan purchased

▶ Our recommendation:

  • Pocket wifi gives you proactivity with a number of devices regardless of locations. If you come to Austria in group, pocket wifi may be considered as a choice to get the Internet 
  • If you have a modern phone series and it is compatible to use eSIM, eSIM seems to be a better choice without bringing any device along but still access to the Internet with stable connection throughout the country.
  • Check phone compatibility here 

III. Austria eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Austria

eSIM - the best alternative to pocket wifi
Gigago Austria eSIM – the best alternative to pocket Wifi

eSIM is the best alternative to pocket wifi to get the Internet in Austria. Imagining that whenever you are going out, you should bring a portable hotspot along. Or after using it for some hours, you should charge it for continuing to connect to wifi. It is quite inconvenient, right? 

So that, to avoid some disadvantages, you can choose to use eSIM instead. With some simple steps, without any physical installation, you can still connect to the Internet easily. 

Thanks to high coverage of mobile operators nationwide in Austria, you can be connected even in rural areas.

When considering which eSIM provider to go for, consider Gigago eSIM that works on the networks of major operators like A1, T-mobile (also known as Magenta) and Orange,. You will never lose connections when traveling in Austria.

Gigago eSIM validity and plans are diversified. For Austria, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 3 days with $3.50 , so reasonable for a short trip. Moreover, what is great about Gigago’s Austria eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, vary between $3.50$125.98 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Austria, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

IV. How to Get a Pocket WiFi for Travelers to Austria?

How to get pocket wifi in Austria?

If a pocket wifi is your choice to access to the Internet, you should know how to get it for travelers. There are 2 way. You can pre-order online before your trip and pick it up at the airport. Or you can make a rental agreement once you arrive in the country. However, pre-order online seems to have more advantages. 

  • Avoid lack of devices especially at peak period of traveling 
  • Do not need to wait for a long time 
  • May pay higher at physical shops than make it online, where you can add promo codes or vouchers 
  • Face difficulty in currency conversion, while it is easier if you make it online which is automatically convert to your currency 

So, to get the best pocket wifi for Austria & alternatives, you should pre-order before arriving. You can check some companies like Travelwifi, Rent ‘n Connect, hippocketwifi, and mioWifi. They offer rentals starting from €4.90/day with unlimited data plans. Pre-book online and pick up at airports, hotels, or delivery points. Return via postage envelopes provided. 

V. How many devices can connect to a pocket Wifi for Austria?

The number of devices can connect to a pocket wifi vary 
The number of devices can connect to a pocket wifi vary 

It depends on the specific device and rental service you choose that decides the number of devices you can connect to a pocket WiFi for Austria. However, most commonly, you can connect anywhere from 5 to 10 devices simultaneously. For example, a mobile hotspot that gets unlimited Internet with Rent ‘n Connect connects up to 10 devices. 

Remember that, the more expensive the pocket wifi is, the more devices it can share wifi signals to. 

Pro Tips: 

  • Prioritize essential devices: prioritize more necessary devices to connect to avoid unnecessary data usage and performance slowdown
  • Turn off background data: turn off or close any applications running in the background that might be consuming data when not in use
  • Download offline content: Download maps, music, and other media beforehand to minimize online streaming and data consumption
  • Share the connection responsibly: If sharing with others, communicate about responsible data usage to avoid exceeding your plan or impacting performance

VI. How much does a Pocket WiFi for Austria Cost?

You should understand that the cost to rent a pocket WiFi for Austria varies depending on several factors. You can consider some of options below:

ProviderData planPrice per dayAdditional Note 
TravelSIM10GB€8.90~ $9.6SIM card option, requires compatible phone, no deposit
Rent ‘n ConnectUnlimited€5.99~ $6.5Pickup at airports or hotels available, various rental durations
TravelwifiUnlimited€5.90~ $6.4Includes free delivery and return shipping, fair usage policy applies
hippocketwifiUnlimited€4.90~ $5.3Affordable option, delivery costs might apply
mioWifiUnlimited€4.90~ $5.3Fast speeds, connects up to 5 devices

VII. Best Wifi Pockets for Austria travel – Which to choose?

Which is the best pocket wifi for Austria and alternatives? 
TravelWifiRent ‘n ConnecthippocketwifiTravelSIMmioWifi
Data plansUnlimited data with fair usage policyUnlimited dataUnlimited data10GB, 20GB, and unlimited optionsUnlimited data, various high-speed options
Price€5.90 per day~ $6.4€5.99 per day~ $6.5€4.90 per day~ $5.3€8.90 per day for 10GB plan~ $9.6€4.95 per day for unlimited, higher speeds at slightly higher prices
ProsConvenient delivery and return shipping included, reliable network coverage, multiple device connection (up to 5)Airport and hotel pickups available, flexible rental durations, good customer supportAffordable option, good network coverage in major cities, easy-to-use interfaceSIM card option requires no separate device, ideal for unlocked phones, flexible data packagesFast speeds ideal for streaming and video calls, connects up to 5 devices, excellent battery life
ConsFair usage policy may throttle speeds during peak usage timesDelivery fees may apply depending on location, slightly higher price compared to some competitorsDelivery costs might apply, limited customer support hoursRequires compatible phone with SIM card slot, data speeds might be slower compared to dedicated pocket WiFis, limited coverage in remote areasSlightly higher price point compared to some options, availability might be limited in certain regions

VIII. How to use your pocket Wifi in Austria?

Connect to pocket wifi with some easy steps

Once you get or rent the best pocket wifi for Austria & alternatives, it’s time to use. Here are handy tips on how to use a pocket wifi in Austria: 

  • Turn on your device: press the power button on your pocket WiFi to turn it on. Wait for the device to power up and establish a connection. You should see indicator lights indicating its status
  • Connect your devices: turn WiFi settings on your electric devices that you want to connect. Search for the device name to connect to it network
  • Enter the password: enter password printed on a sticker or label on the device itself, user manual, or included delivery envelope
  • Start browsing: after connecting, you are now able to enjoy online leisure and stay in touch with loved ones back home

With some easy steps above, you can enjoy browsing the web, listening to music, streaming or working remotely. However, for more convenience and can easily connect to the Internet whenever you are and wherever you go with just a phone, eSIM is always the best solution. In this situation, you do not need to worry about the battery of a portable hotspot or must keep appropriate distance with this device. 

IX. FAQs about Austria Pocket Wifi Rental

Is a pocket WiFi worth it in Austria?

If you want to stay connected during your trip, yes! It avoids roaming charges and offers flexibility compared to public Wi-Fi

How much does a pocket WiFi cost in Austria?

Rental prices start around €4.90 per day for unlimited data plans

How Much High-Speed Data is Included?

With Travelers Wifi, you can expect 2GB of high-speed data per day in Austria. Once you exceed this limit, the speed reduces but the data remains unlimited

Where can I rent a pocket WiFi for Austria?

You can pre-book online from providers like Travelwifi, Rent ‘n Connect, or hippocketwifi, and pick it up at airports, hotels, or delivery points.

Can I use a pocket WiFi from another country in Austria?

Not all devices work across countries. Choose one specifically for Austria or Europe to avoid compatibility issues.

What happens if I run out of data on my pocket WiFi?

Some providers offer top-up options. However, it’s cheaper to choose a suitable plan upfront

X. Conclusion

No matter your choice, staying connected in Austria ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience. How to do this? You can easily rent the best pocket wifi for Austria & alternatives online before your trip. It will help you be more proactive and enjoy your trip the most. Or you can also use eSIM instead if you are still in doubt about the price and the connection stability of the device. 

Happy travels and seamless connections!