How to Get Mobile Internet in the Netherlands for Travelers: What Option to Choose in 2024?

Which is the best mobile internet to choose while planning a trip to the Netherlands? No worries, this article will give you full details of Netherlands’s mobile internet, not only about speed, and coverage but also multiple ways to get the best cellular network for connectivity while enjoying a trip.

Mobile Internet in the Netherlands

I. Mobile Internet in the Netherlands – Coverage and Speed

The Netherlands’s mobile internet has lots of outstanding features, from the best 5G coverage across all cities from urban to rural areas, to ensure connectivity throughout your adventure. 

The Netherlands’ Mobile Internet Coverage

Three major mobile operator’s mobile internet coverage (sources: npref)

Three of the best mobile operators – KPN, Odido (formed by T-Mobile Netherlands), and Vodafone are the main stars of mobile internet which not only offer nationwide 5G but also expand to meet the needs of various local users in the Netherlands.

  • KPN: With a target to exceed a modernized mobile hotspot to be suitable for Dutch’s citizen connectivity recommendation, KPN is the first pioneer to expand 5G coverage in the Netherlands which supports users in connectivity
  • Vodafone: Following KPN, Vodafone also expands its 5G coverage to gain user recommendations.
  • Odido: Unlike the other 2 operators, Odido (formed by T-Mobile Netherlands) expands 5G coverage that adapts to citizens in many rural areas because the 5G coverage mentioned above is thicker than KPN and Vodafone.

Netherlands Mobile Internet Speed

According to the Speedtest Global Index, the Netherlands is standing 8th among countries with the fastest mobile speed in the world, as of January 2024. A few key stats:

  • Average mobile download speed: 131.27Mbps
  • Average mobile upload speed: 18.94Mbps
  • Low latency: 22ms

This performance tested by the Netherlands owes much to the rapid 5G rollout. Over 90% of Internet speed tests are conducted with 5G, the latest mobile hotspot.

Netherlands's 5G download speed rank
Netherlands’s 5G download speed rank
Netherlands's 5G upload speed rank
Netherlands’s 5G upload speed rank

Researched by Opensignal, KPN was the best mobile operator in both 5G download speed (177.6Mbps) and upload speed (40.6Mbps). Meanwhile, Odido (T-Mobile Netherlands) reaches only 1.1Mbps less than KPN in Upload speed despite a big gap in Download speed (139.8Mbps). On the other hand, Vodafone remains 3rd with 97.3Mbps download speed and 26.9 Mbps upload speed.

In summary, the Netherlands’ global mobile speed is at the top globally. With 5G connectivity performing exceptionally well across the country, average speeds exceed 90 Mbps on all main operators. When considering the absolute fastest speeds, KPN takes the lead in both Download and Upload speeds.

II. What are connectivity options for tourists in the Netherlands?

There are several mobile internet in the Netherlands including roaming, pocket WiFi, public WiFi, SIM Card and eSIM.

You may determine the best solutions for planning your trip by comparing the connectivity methods in the table below:

Connectivity OptionHow It WorksCostWhere to BuyConvenienceProsCons
Free WiFiConnect to public hotspots provided in many public placesFreeAvailable in airports, cafes, malls, etc.No setup required– Widely available – No cost– Speed can be slow- Spotty coverage outside cities
Pocket WiFiRent a portable WiFi hotspot to connect your devices$5-$10 per daySome planning requiredOrder through the provider’s website– Fast, consistent connection- Connect multiple devices– Must order in advance- Battery life limits
eSIMDigital SIM activated remotely; used with compatible phones$10-$30 for activation + data planOrder online in advance or pick up at the airportMore convenient than physical SIM– Easy setup- Use with existing phone– Limited phone compatibility- Activation can be tricky
SIM CardPhysical SIM card to insert into an unlocked phone$10-$30 for SIM + data planAirport shops, convenience stores, providersNeed to switch out SIMsOrder through provider’s website– Buy SIM in advance- Switching SIMs inconvenient
RoamingUse existing phone number and plan overseasAverage 15$ per day on top of the existing planThrough current providerNo changes needed– Use existing number/plan– Very expensive- Slower data speeds

In conclusion, eSIM and SIM cards are the best options recommended for tourists to buy for a trip to the Netherlands. Both provide affordable access to fast 5G networks across the country, While eSIM gives conveniences in almost all aspects except phone compatibility. Physical SIM cards give users many simplifications although users must switch between many SIM cards.

You can check out eSIMs from Gigago to get the best mobile Internet in the Netherlands with various plans and validities.

III. Internet rates in the Netherlands

Here is the comparison table of the three main mobile operators in the Netherlands:

ProviderSIM cardeSIMRoamingPublic Wifi
KPN4.99 EUR/1 SIM card19.99 EUR/ eSIM subscription0.22 EUR/mbFree
Vodafone10 EUR/2GB SIM cards (no expired date)25 EUR/ eSIM subscription0.22 EUR/mbFree
Odido14 EUR/ 2GB for 30 daysDepending on each mobile phone, a minimum of 23.50 EUR/30 days for OPPO A380.22 EUR/mbFree
The above price is indicative only. Contact the provider for further updates.

As you can see, most of the Netherlands’s SIM cards typically provide the most pre-paid data rates when compared to roaming rates

For budget-conscious tourists, acquiring a prepaid SIM card in the Netherlands grants affordable access to high-speed 5G network data.

IV. Data SIM cards for Mobile Internet in the Netherlands

Good to know: 1EUR = $1.09 (Updated since January 1st 2024)

SIM card data gives users affordable options to get mobile Internet in the Netherlands and keep in touch with relatives while away on the trip. It contains most of the reasonable aspects, from conveniences, and flexibility to affordable prices and better value.

NetworkPrice (EUR)DataValidity
KPN18,50 EUR12GB data, unlimited calls/texts30 days
16 EUR6GB data, unlimited calls/texts30 days
Vodafone14 EURUnlimited data1 day
9 EURUnlimited data7 days
Odido14 EUR2GB data, 300Mbs speed30 days
17,50 EUR15GB data, 300Mbs sped30 days

These are just a few SIM cards that users should buy when planning a trip to the Netherlands. Make sure to compare prices, data allowances, and validity periods before purchasing. You can find more information and purchase SIM cards online or at Netherlands airports or convenience store chains in the Netherlands.

V. Data eSIM for the Netherlands – Best Option for Tourists.


  • The option only works if the client’s phone is eSIM compatible
  • Buy directly from the operator that provides the country’s eSIM or from eSIM providers. You can buy and check your phone from Gigago which provides a lot of affordable plans for tourists

Buying an eSIM is considered as one of the most convenient ways to access mobile Internet in the Netherlands. eSIM is flexible in many aspects such as buying and installing online, no store visits, multiple profiles as data plans, etc.

There are two ways that tourists can buy eSIM:

1. Purchase eSIM from Netherlands operator’s retailers

Main mobile network operators in the Netherlands like KPN, Odido, Vodafone, etc., provide prepaid eSIM packages for tourists. eSIM is very convenient but availability depends on your device.

  • Document required: Passport, a phone with eSIM unlocked
  • Pros: various eSIM plans, extensive coverage, convenient activation process online or via an app, no need to visit stores, instant Internet access upon arrival.
  • Cons: additional identity checks, fewer options compared to getting from virtual eSIM providers

2. Purchase eSIM from GIGAGO

Tourists planning to travel to the Netherlands can be concerned about visiting and buying an eSIM from prestigious eSIM suppliers like GIGAGO. GIGAGO eSIM is an excellent alternative that comes with many advantages:

  • Purchase and activate online 100%, no waiting for SIM delivery
  • Easy setup, by scanning a QR code, and your Netherlands eSIM is ready to use
  • Access the Internet as soon as you reach the Netherlands
  • No identity document check
  • Diverse and competitive eSIM plans
  • Multilingual customer support 24/7

For the Netherlands, Gigago offers various data plan options depending on each type of user, starting from 1GB for 3 days with only $3.00 . There are also many validity options for you to choose from. The price ranges are between $3.00$95.90 . See more details about Gigago eSIM plans for the Netherlands.


How much does mobile Internet cost in the Netherlands?

The average price of mobile Internet in the Netherlands is between 10 EUR to 40 EUR depending on the data and mobile operators.

Which mobile operator is the best in the Netherlands?

KPN is the best mobile operator that you should consider buying a SIM card because it reaches the top 1 in both download speed and upload speed in the Netherlands’ Internet coverage rank list.

Should I use an eSIM or a physical SIM card while traveling to the Netherlands?

You can use both because both give the best conveniences depending on what type of user you are. However, you should check if your phone is eSIM compatible or not if you want to use eSIM.

VII. Conclusion

In conclusion, the Netherlands reaches into the top 10 when it comes to both Internet speeds and coverage. As for tourists, the two best options should be considered: Local SIM cards and International eSIM. While SIM cards provide basic functions suitable for wise-budget tourists but require a passport for registration, eSIM products, bought from Gigago, designed specifically for travelers prevent all SIM card disadvantages with 100% digital experiences for short holidays or long journeys. Just only with a phone with compatible eSIM, do a simple QR scan and you can instantly access the future through 5G connectivity in the Netherlands. Gigago’s Netherlands eSIM is worth considering to choose.