Odido Netherlands SIM Cards and eSIM: an Ultimate Guide for Tourists

Odido is one of the major network carriers in the country making it simple for internet users to send texts, make calls, and use mobile data. However, many travelers will find it difficult to understand how to get and activate an Odido SIM & eSIM Netherlands. This guide provides everything you need to know about getting a Odido Netherlands SIM card or eSIM as a visitor. We’ll go over where to get prepaid Odido SIM cards, how to order an eSIM online in advance of your trip, and how to activate an eSIM or Odido SIM card step-by-step. 

I. Quick facts about Odido

Here are some quick facts that you need to know about Odido:

  • With almost 8 million users, Odido (previously T-Mobile Netherlands) is one of the top telecom companies in the Netherlands.
  • Odido has 119 stores in the Netherlands and over 2,000 employees, who work in the stores and offices in The Hague, Diemen, and Arnhem.
  • Odido provides a range of mobile plans, including internet services, eSIM support, and prepaid and postpaid phone plans.
  • Odido offers a national 4G and 3G network in addition to 5G. 
  • The testing body Umlaut has recognized Odido mobile network as the “Best tested mobile network in the Netherlands” five times. 
Odido is one of the major telecommunications companies in the Netherlands.
Odido is one of the major telecommunications companies in the Netherlands.

II. Why Odido When Traveling Netherlands – Coverage and Speed 

Odido (T-Mobile) is the 3rd largest mobile operator in the Netherlands. It wins 10 honors, either outright or jointly – it is the lone winner of the Upload Speed Experience and 5G Availability category.

1. Odido coverage in Netherlands

Odido is once again the clear winner of the 5G Availability award, which it has held from the initial report on the Dutch 5G experience. Based on Open Signal’s March 2023 report on mobile network experience in the Netherlands, Odido is undefeated on 5G availability. Here are the key findings:

  • Approximately 98% of the Dutch population lives inside an Odido 5G coverage area. Aside from 5G, Odido also operates a national 4G and 3G network.
  • Odido’s 5G availability wins with a score of 23.4%, putting it 7.1 percentage points ahead of second-placed KPN on 16.3%. Vodafone is in last place, with 13.3%.
Odido 5G subscribers continue to spend the most time on an active 5G connection. Source: OpenSignal.
Odido 5G subscribers continue to spend the most time on an active 5G connection. Source: OpenSignal.

2. Odido speed in Netherlands

According to Open Signal’s March 2023 report on mobile network experience in the Netherlands, Gigago will provide the following vital information:

  • Odido  users get the fastest total average upload speeds in the Netherlands – 17.6Mbps — 1.1Mbps (6.7%) quicker than those observed on second-placed KPN (16.5Mbps).
  • Odido’s outright triumph differs from the previous report, which showed it statistically tied for first place with KPN.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Odido for Travelers to Netherlands

Travelers visiting the Netherlands have multiple options for connecting to Odido: buying a SIM card, using roaming services, and utilizing pocket WiFi. Every choice has a unique set of benefits and drawbacks based on personal preferences. To enhance understanding, kindly refer to the subsequent table.

Travel SIM Card– Reasonably priced.
– A variety of packages to meet any demand.
– Quick and robust connectivity.
– Still roaming fees
– Restricted to dates of trip
Data roaming– Don’t have to take out your main SIM, keeping it safe and secure
– Use existing number
– High costs for data consumption
– Data limits
Pocket wifi– Simple to use and requires no SIM card removal.
– To access the Internet, the phone does not need to be unlocked.
– Rental date restrictions
– Need to use a backup charger or charge.
– The phone and the wifi transmitter need to be kept a safe distance apart.

IV. Best Odido SIM cards for Tourists and Cost

This operator grants you 1 GB of traffic when you top off your account. There is also high-speed, limitless access to the network. The following are the fundamental prepaid data plans:

  • 1 GB+10 minutes and 10 SMS — 10 EUR;
  • 2 GB+15 minutes and 15 SMS messages — 15 EUR;
  • 4 GB+20 minutes and 20 SMS messages — 22.5 EUR

Note: Mobile operator plans and prices can fluctuate. Visit Odido’s website or contact them directly for the most current information.

V. Does Odido Netherlands support eSIM? 

Yes. Odido provides eSIM services to its customers in the Netherlands. It includes eSIM support, letting consumers connect eSIM-enabled devices to their network. This means that clients can activate their Odido subscription without using a physical SIM card.

Visitors interested in obtaining a Netherland eSIM might look into the alternatives offered at Gigago. The online purchasing process is simple, and the SIM card may be activated with a QR code, assuring an instant connection. Furthermore, Gigago’s specialized staff is available to assist customers 24/7 via chat or email.

VI. Where to buy an Odido Netherlands SIM card and eSIM?

You can buy SIM card at Odido store throughout the Netherlands.
You can buy SIM card at Odido store throughout the Netherlands.

There are many ways to buy an Odido SIM for your trip to the Netherlands. You can choose the option that is easiest and most convenient for you. Here’s where you can buy Odido SIM & eSIM Netherlands:

1. Where to buy Odido Netherlands SIM card

Let’s explore these convenient ways to grab a Odido Netherlands physical SIM card.

1.1. Buy online before departure: 

You can buy an Odido SIM card through Odido website or authorized online retailers. The online purchase process is very simple and quick. The SIM will be sent to your home address. Ordering online can also be done after arrival, but you’ll need a Netherlands address to have the SIM card shipped.

Keep in mind: Shipping times can vary, so plan ahead and order your SIM online with enough lead time. 

1.2. Buy a Odido SIM card at airport kiosks:

You can buy an Odido SIM at the mobile retail kiosk at Schiphol Airport. This option is perfect for those who need a SIM card to use upon landing at the airport. While convenient, airport kiosks tend to charge more for SIM cards compared to other options.

1.3. Buy SIM card in Odido stores:

You can buy a SIM Card in Odido stores throughout the Netherlands. This is a convenient option if you want the store staff to help you choose a plan that suits your needs and activate the SIM for you. These stores can offer various plans and deals, so it might be worth comparing options before making a decision.

1.4. Buy SIM card at third-party retail stores:

Some third-party retailers, such as supermarkets and convenience stores, may also sell Odido SIM cards. However, it’s always best to check with the retailer directly to confirm that they have Odido SIM cards in stock.

2. Where to buy Odido Netherlands eSIM

Travelers can easily purchase an Odido eSIM online from Odido website and app or international resellers. 

2.1. Odido website and app

You can get an Odido Netherlands eSIM online through the operator’s website or app. Here’s a quick guiding process:

  • Step 1: Simply log in to your My Odido account (on the website or app).
  • Step 2: Choose your desired mobile plan.
  • Step 3: After purchasing your plan, you’ll receive a QR code.
  • Step 4: Scan the QR code with your eSIM-compatible phone to activate the eSIM.
  • Step 5: Follow the instructions on the screen.

Once you have activated your Odido eSIM, you can start using it right away for your trip in the Netherlands.

2.2. International resellers

International resellers let you grab an Odido Netherlands eSIM online from anywhere in the world. Among many online shops, Gigago is a popular choice known for its affordable prices and user-friendly online process. 

Gigago makes it easy to get a Netherlands eSIM online.
Gigago makes it easy to get a Netherlands eSIM online.

With Gigago’s Odido Netherlands eSIM, you don’t need to go through a complicated registration process because they will do it for you. Meanwhile, if you buy an eSIM directly from the Odido operator, you will have to find out and register yourself. 

VII. How to Get and Activate a Odido SIM & eSIM Netherlands?

Travelers can follow this step to know how to get and activate a Odido SIM & eSIM Netherlands:

1. How to Use and Activate an Odido SIM Card in Netherlands?

You only need to follow these simple steps and everything will be ready:

  • Step1 – Insert the Odido SIM Card into your phone: Turn off your phone and insert the SIM card correctly based on the markings on the card and the slot.
  • Step 2- Power on your device: The SIM card will likely be recognized by your phone, and it will adjust the settings on its own as soon as you turn on your cell phone.
  • Step 3 – Activate the SIM card: You usually won’t need to activate the Odido SIM card yourself, it should be ready to use right away. If automatic activation fails, you might need to contact Odido customer service for further assistance.
  • Step 4 – Set up APN settings: If you can’t connect with the SIM card, manually configure the APN settings for the network connection.
  • Step 5 – Connect to Odido Netherlands’ network: Simply enable mobile data in your phone’s settings.

Additional Tips: Make sure your phone is unlocked and compatible with the Odido Netherlands network frequencies.

2. How to Use and Activate Odido eSIM?

Step to Use and Activate Odido eSIM
Step to Use and Activate Odido eSIM.

You don’t need to wait until you land and get your eSIM all-done set up before your trip. Here’s a step-by-step guide to buying an Odido Netherlands eSIM online:

  • Step 1: Before buying, make sure your phone or tablet supports eSIM technology. If your device doesn’t have eSIM functionality, this process won’t work for you.
  • Step 2: Select an online platform that sells Netherlands Odido eSIM and head to their website or app.
  • Step 3: Choose and purchase a Netherlands eSIM data package that fits your needs.
  • Step 4: Install your new eSIM by scanning the QR code that the operator or reseller provided.
  • Step 5: Set your Netherlands eSIM as the main internet connection. It could be default Cellular Data on iPhone or Mobile data on Android devices.
  • Step 6: Don’t forget to turn on Data Roaming. This setting allows you to use your Netherlands eSIM data while traveling. It’s best to activate it upon arrival to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Step 7: Simply turn on your cell phone’s mobile data when you need to access the internet in the Netherlands.

For a complete overview of the steps, read the instructions below:

It's important to remember: Activating your eSIM requires a stable internet connection.

VIII. How to top-up Odido Netherlands SIM/eSIM 

In the previous section, you learned how to get and activate a Odido SIM & eSIM Netherlands, it’s time to learn how to top it up. You may charge your Odido Netherlands SIM/eSIM in three ways. Here are some guidelines:

1. Website

  • Go to Odido’s website
  • Enter your Odido Prepaid number twice
  • Type in the 16-digit top up code
  • Click “Opwaarderen”

2. SMS

  • Text the 16-digit code to 1444
  • You will receive an SMS if your recharge is successful

3. Hotline

  • Call the free hotline 1244
  • Follow the stated instructions and select Option 2
  • Then input your top-up code, followed by a number.
  • Within a few seconds, Odido will call credit again.

IX. FAQs about Odido SIM in Netherlands 

Can I use my Odido SIM card in another country?

Yes but it can have some limitations. Odido SIM cards offer roaming within Europe. You’ll be able to use your data in other European countries, but the signal quality can vary depending on your location and the specific network of Odido roaming partners you connect to.

Can my phone work on the Odido network in the Netherlands?

It depends but most mobile phones are compatible. The Netherlands uses the GSM network but some mobile phones that use CDMA network can work just fine.

On which devices can I use Odido eSIM?

Most modern smartphones support eSIM technology. Before ordering an Odido eSIM service, please check your phone’s specifications to make sure it is compatible with eSIM.

X. Conclusion

This article explains how to get and activate a Odido SIM & eSIM Netherlands. I hope you have saved important information, and please visit Gigago to look for a new Netherland SIM at a low price for your next vacation.