How to Get a SIM Card in Amsterdam: Tips from Local

Getting a SIM card is a great way to stay connected with friends, family, and navigation apps for many travelers visiting Amsterdam. Everything you need to know about purchasing a SIM card in Amsterdam is covered in this blog post, from popular providers and data plans to costs and where to buy one.

SIM card in Amsterdam

I. Why do you need a SIM card in Amsterdam? 

Buying a SIM card in Amsterdam ensures a safe and economical travel experience. This is the reason:

  • Stay connected: Whether you’re using your SIM card in Amsterdam to stay in touch with friends and family, make long-distance calls, or post jealousy-inducing pictures on social media, it’s essential to have a SIM card.
  • Save those roaming charges: Your trip budget may suffer significantly if you are dependent on the roaming charges of your home carrier. You may wander freely without breaking the budget when you use a local SIM card, which delivers far more data for your money.
  • Get a dependable Internet connection: You can’t constantly look for public free WiFi networks; they are limited to certain hotspots like cafes and hotels. Furthermore, it could not be trustworthy. A SIM card for Amsterdam will enable you to access secure Internet at all times.

Note: In Amsterdam, networks from other mobile providers can only be accepted by unlocked phones. It is advisable to find out if your phone is unlocked by contacting your carrier.

II. Which mobile internet provider is the best in Amsterdam? 

Mobile Internet Providers in Amsterdam
Mobile Internet Providers in Amsterdam

Here’s a brief look at some best providers for mobile data and SIM card in Amsterdam. These providers are recognized for their extensive coverage, reliable service, and a variety of data plans. 

1.  KPN

As a major provider, KPN is a leader when it comes to mobile internet and SIM card in Amsterdam. They provide a variety of data plans and speeds to meet the needs of various customers, allowing you to stay connected when traveling. KPN is known for its reliable service and full coverage throughout the city.

2. Odido

Odido, formerly known as T-Mobile Netherlands, is a leading mobile network provider in the Netherlands, offering its services in Amsterdam and across the country. Odido consistently ranks high in terms of mobile internet speeds, often competing closely with KPN. It also boasts extensive network coverage throughout Amsterdam. Odido provides a variety of mobile data plans to suit different needs and budgets. 

3. Simyo

The prepaid SIM card companies in the Netherlands have been in business for over a decade and are well-known for their dependable networks and top-notch customer support. It’s one of the most reasonably priced services in the nation, according to foreigners. Simyo is the recipient of multiple awards due to their exceptional services. These include the Best Prepaid Provider, Best Mobile Provider, Best Service, Customer-Friendly Telecom Company. 

4. Lebara

Due to its flexible contracts and extensive experience in the sector, the company, which was founded in 2001, now occupies a respectable position in the SIM provider market. Remarkable prepaid plans, no additional fees, and extensive network coverage are just a few of the practical benefits that Lebara offers. Additionally, their website is entirely in English, which facilitates decision-making.

Notes: To pick the perfect mobile internet service for your SIM card in Amsterdam, don't forget to consider things like how fast the connection is, if they cover your area, and of course, the price. It's a good idea to compare what different providers offer and see which ones can best fit your needs. 

III. Best Amsterdam SIM Card Plans and Prices

Here are Amsterdam’s top options for mobile data plans, including their costs.

1.  KPN Prepaid Plans

  • SIM card with calling credit: €4.99 and contains €10 in calling credit
  • SIM card with internet bundle: € 9.99, includes € 10 calling credit and 1GB data for 31 days. You can use programs, email, and internet streaming at 14.4 MB/s.
  • SIM card with unlimited data: €9.99, you receive unlimited data for 31 days as well as a €10 calling credit. You can access the internet from any place at a speed of 128 KB/s.

2. Odido Prepaid Plans

  • Odido Prepaid: €10.
  • Odido Prepaid Kids: €12.50 (with the Altijd Online bundle).

Both include €10 credit, €5 of which expires 7 days after activation and can only be used for calls and messages. The remaining €5 do not expire, but you must register at

3. Simyo Prepaid Plans

  • SIM card with calling credit: € 7.50 to € 35
  • Prepaid internet, phone, and messaging rates: SMS costs € 0.10 each; calls cost €0.10 every minute; online: €0.15 per megabyte
  • Additional bundles valid for one month: € 5.50 for 500 MB; € 7.50 for 1000 MB; € 10 for 150 MB

4. Lebara Prepaid Plans

  • €5 credit, which can be used up to five times for 30 days later
  • Additionally, the data plans range in size from 1 GB to 5 GB, making it simple for customers to select the plan that best suits their needs.

Advice: These plans are subject to change, so it's always best to inquire about the most recent offerings and costs directly with the carriers or at the place of purchase.

IV. Where to find SIM Card in Amsterdam? 

Get Your Amsterdam SIM Card: Top Locations to Buy
Get Your Amsterdam SIM Card: Top Locations to Buy

Here is a breakdown of your options for buying a SIM card in Amsterdam:

1. Buy a SIM card in Amsterdam’s airport kiosks

There are several kiosks at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport like Airport Telecom, Vodafone, and KPN selling SIM cards. You should keep in mind that these airport options typically cater to travelers and may come at a premium price.

Tips: Save time and money on arrival by purchasing your prepaid SIM card or eSIM online in advance.

2. Buy SIM Card in Amsterdam’s mobile phone stores

For a wider selection and potentially better deals than airport kiosks, you can consider buying a SIM card in Amsterdam’s mobile phone stores. Familiar names like Vodafone, KPN, and T-Mobile have stores throughout the city, offering a wide range of SIM cards to keep you connected. 

Expert advice: Prices can vary between stores, so it’s always a good idea to compare deals before making a purchase.

3. Buy SIM Card at supermarkets and convenience stores

You can buy SIM cards in Amsterdam at some supermarkets, department shops, and convenience stores such as Albert Heijn, De Bijenkorf, and Lidl. These are often less expensive than buying at the airport, although they may not have the same plan choice as mobile phone stores or online choices.

V. Netherlands eSIM for Amsterdam – Alternative to SIM Card for travelers 

Netherlands eSIM for Amsterdam by Gigago
Netherlands eSIM for Amsterdam by Gigago

eSIM is the new trend for travelers, offering a simple, safe, and budget-friendly way to stay connected throughout Amsterdam and the Netherlands instead of SIM card.

Get yourself a stress-free travel without worrying about where to buy SIM card in Amsterdam with Gigago’s Netherlands eSIM. Gigago provides many kinds of flexible data plans at local prices, allowing you to stay connected during your Dutch trip.

  • Get online quickly: Buy your eSIM online and be connected in minutes, you don’t have to wait or find a shop to buy SIM card in Amsterdam!
  • Stay connected everywhere: Gigago eSIM works in Amsterdam and all over the Netherlands, no matter where you travel.
  • Easy to use: You don’t need to switch SIM card in Amsterdam. Find the plan you want on Gigago website, pay online and scan a code then you are free-to-go.
  • Data for everyone: eSIM plans come in many options. No matter how much you browse, there’s an eSIM plan for your budget.

With all its benefits, Gigago eSIM can definitely be your perfect travel companion during your trip in the Netherlands.

VI. What to Prepare to get SIM card in Amsterdam? 

What to Prepare to get SIM card in Amsterdam?
What to Prepare to get SIM card in Amsterdam?

Before obtaining a SIM card in Amsterdam, you must arrange the following: 

  • Passport: I recommend that you carry your passport with you when obtaining a SIM card in Amsterdam. They may also need a local address, however you may provide the location of your hotel or rental property.
  • Cash or debit card: Prepare to pay with euros or a debit card. Some merchants may not take credit cards.
  • Unlocked phone: If you intend to purchase a SIM card in Amsterdam, Your phone must be unlocked for overseas use.
  • Knowing Your SIM Size: Determine if your phone requires a mini, micro, or nano SIM card. The majority of new phones utilize nano SIM cards. Some retailers sell SIM cards with adapters for different sizes.
  • Plan your phone usage: Determine how much data, calling, and texting you’ll use in Amsterdam. This makes it easier to choose the finest prepaid SIM card offer.

If you prepare as mentioned above, purchasing a SIM card in Amsterdam will be easy once you arrive.

VII. Extra Tips when buying SIM card in Amsterdam 

Here are a few more suggestions from locals that can help you choose the best SIM card in Amsterdam:

  • Provide individuals with your new number if they need to get in touch with you, as our old phone number will stop working until you reinstall your existing SIM card. 
  • Should not use the international data plan provided by your current provider, because they are probably pricey and have restricted data allocations. 
  • Make sure to store the old SIM card safely while using your new one as you’ll need to reinstall the old SIM card to utilize your regular service. 
  • Think about getting an eSIM if your phone is compatible. It’s more convenient than physically activating a SIM card.

VIII. FAQs about SIM card in Amsterdam 

Can I use my home SIM card in Amsterdam?

You might be able to use your home SIM card in Amsterdam, but it depends. If you are EU residents or own EU SIM card, definitely yes without any charges. You can check with your home provider for any specific charges or data limitations that might apply if you are roaming in the Netherlands.

Where can I buy a SIM card in Amsterdam?

You can buy SIM card in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, mobile phone stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

What should I consider when buying SIM card in Amsterdam to travel?

Consider buying online as well as compare prices and plans that fit your need. If buying SIM card in Amsterdam, ensure your phone is unlocked to use a Dutch SIM card or eSIM before arrival.

Can I use the SIM card purchased in Amsterdam in other parts of the Netherlands?

Yes, SIM card in Amsterdam that you bought will absolutely work in other parts of the Netherlands. Also, there are no roaming charges for using your Dutch SIM card within the EU.

Is it possible to buy an Amsterdam eSIM with data only?

Of course yes. You can buy a Netherlands eSIM with data only. Many Dutch eSIM providers offer plans with just data, allowing you to avoid paying for calls or texts you won’t use. Explore online shop options like Gigago eSIM for convenience and potentially better deals.

IX. Conclusion 

Making the most of your time in Amsterdam is possible with dependable and reasonably priced mobile internet connectivity, regardless of whether you go for an eSIM or a standard SIM card in Amsterdam. You can select the plan that best suits your needs by becoming aware of the key options and associated fees.