How to Get Mobile Internet in Macau for Travelers: What Option to Choose?

Getting mobile Internet in Macau through smartphones or other devices is very convenient. This article will outline the different options for obtaining cellular data in Macau. Whether you need a small amount of Internet for occasional use or want reliable high-speed connectivity, there are the top choices for accessing mobile Internet in Macau.

I. Mobile Internet in Macau – Coverage and Speed

There are three major cellular network operators in Macau, including CTM, SmarTone, and Three. Tourists can access these networks for mobile internet in Macau. 

1. Macau Mobile Internet Coverage

Coverage maps of major carriers in Macau
Coverage maps of major carriers in Macau (Source: nPerf)

Macau has good mobile internet coverage with broad 4G and 5G availability.

  • CTM boasts the widest 4G/5G coverage across crowded urban regions and small towns.
  • SmarTone has great 4G coverage, extending a bit further into several rural and less populated areas compared to CTM. 
  • Three (also known as 3Macau) offers good 4G access across Macau and delivers good speeds on par with SmarTone and CTM.

➤ Our Recommendation:

For high-speed 4G/5G connectivity across various locations in more crowded regions, you may choose CTM for accessing mobile internet in Macau. Three and SmarTone are also good options with good coverage in urban centers and some rural areas.

2. Macau Mobile Internet Speed

Mobile Internet Speed in Macau
Mobile Internet Speed in Macau

According to the data about Macau Median Country Speeds from Speedtest Global Index (March 2024):

  • Macau ranks 10th in the world for cellular Internet speeds as of March 2024.
  • Average download speed: 127.39Mbps
  • Average upload speed: 31.53Mbps
  • Latency: 15ms

➤ Our conclusion:

Macau has the leading median country speed with super fast download and upload speeds. Tourists to Macau can enjoy reliable and high-speed mobile data during their trip by accessing mobile internet via major networks like CTM, SmarTone, and Three.

II. What are Connectivity Options for Travelers to Macau?

There is a range of connectivity options that visitors can choose from to get mobile internet in Macau: Macau SIM card, eSIM, pocket Wifi for Macau, free Wifi, and Macau roaming. Let us dig into the features of each alternative.

OptionHow it worksCostWhere to buyProsCons
Macau SIM cardPut the plastic SIM into unlocked phone, connect to Macau’s local networkAffordableAirport stores, carrier shops, convenience storesEasy purchase, reliable connection and speeds, reasonable pricesUnlocked device needed, need to wait for delivery if you buy online
Macau eSIMSign up for an eSIM (digital SIM) and activate it online, no physical SIM neededReasonableMajor carriers, online third-party providersNo physical SIM, no store visit, instant use, online activation, flexible planseSIM-supported device required
Roaming with Macau operatorsUse your regular SIM from your home carrier while traveling abroadPriceyYour home providerNo need to buy new SIM, familiar number/ package/ providerVery high roaming charges
Public WifiUse free Wifi at certain hotspots such as hotels, coffee shops, restaurants,…  FreeAvailable at certain placesConvenientLimited availability, security concerns
Pocket WifiUse a rental Wifi device for internet access anywhere, Internet sharing between group membersNot too costlyAirport rental shops, electronic shops, online storesPortable access for different devices like laptops, smartphones, and tabletsDaily/ weekly rental cost, accessories to carry

▶ Our recommendations:

  • If you are a price-conscious tourist, buy a Macau physical SIM card for the best deals.
  • If you want to get mobile internet right on your smartphone and prioritize flexibility, consider getting an eSIM for your Macau trip.

Pro Tips:

  • Before buying a Macau SIM card, it is best to check if your phone is unlocked. If it is locked, contact your provider to unlock it.
  • If you want a Macau eSIM, check out this list of eSIM-embedded mobile devices.

III. Internet Rates in Macau

Good to know:

MOP 1 = USD 0.12 and USD 1 = MOP 8.03 (as of May 2024)

The table below shows the Internet rates of different connectivity options, helping you select the best one for your travel needs.

OptionRate (USD)
Macau SIM cardMOP 78 – USD 9.72 for unlimited data used in 3 days 
Macau eSIMUSD 7.5 for 1GB/ day used in 5 days 
Roaming with Macau operatorsQuite pricey, depending on your chosen package and your home provider
Public WifiFree
Pocket WifiStart at USD 5-15

▶ Our recommendations:

  • For price-conscious travelers, a Macau SIM card from the major providers will be a wise choice.
  • For instant Internet access upon arrival and flexibility, opt for an eSIM for Macau.

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Macau

Data SIM cards for Macau have become a prevalent option among visitors. They provide tourists to Macau with good data plans at competitive prices.

CarrierDataValidityPriceLocal call tariffLocal messages 
CTMUnlimited local cellular data3 daysMOP 78 – USD 9.7MOP 0.4/ minute– Incoming SMS: Free;- MOP 0.25/ sms
Unlimited local cellular data7 daysMOP 188 – USD 23.42MOP 0.4/ minute– Incoming SMS: Free;- MOP 0.25/ sms
SmarToneUnlimited local data + free 300 local minutes + free caller number display30 daysMOP 73 – USD 9.09MOP 0.32/ minute
Three2 GB30 daysMOP 48 – USD 5.98MOP 0.4/ minute– Intra local sms: free;- Inter local sms: MOP 0.25/ sms
4 GB + 1.000 local airtime30 daysMOP 88 – 10.96MOP 0.4/ minute– Intra local sms: free;- Inter local sms: MOP 0.25/ sms
12 GB Macau data usage + 10.000 Macau minutes + 3GB Mainland China365 daysMOP 198 – USD 24.66 MOP 0.4/ minute– Intra local sms: free;- Inter local sms: MOP 0.25/ sms

Important Note: The data plans in the table are just some of the many Macau SIM options available for visitors.

V. Data eSIM for Macau – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

Pro Tip: Only get an eSIM plan if your mobile device supports eSIM.

Getting a Macau eSIM is the easiest way to connect to the mobile internet in Macau. eSIM for Macau is a digital way to stay connected without a regular plastic SIM card. It offers a variety of advantages such as no store visit, online signup and activation process, multiple profiles, etc.

There are two main ways for buying an eSIM for Macau: get it directly from major carriers and get it from trusted Macau eSIM resellers.

1. Purchase eSIM from Macau operators

Major mobile network carriers in Macau like CTM, SmarTone, and Three offer prepaid eSIM package options for visitors. Macau eSIM is convenient but availability depends on your mobile device. 

  • Document required: passport for ID check, eSIM-embedded phone/ tablet/ watch
  • Pros: multiple eSIM plan options, widespread coverage, convenient activation, no store visit, immediate Internet access when you reach Macau
  • Cons: ID verification needed

2. Purchase eSIM from Gigago

Gigago offers multiple eSIM plans for Macau
Gigago eSIM plans for Macau

Travelers to Macau can also purchase an eSIM from reputable eSIM providers like Gigago. Gigago eSIM for Macau is an excellent option that comes with various benefits:

  • Sign up and activate online, no need to wait for SIM delivery
  • Simple setup, just scan the QR code sent to your email and your Macau eSIM will be ready in several minutes
  • Instant Internet connection right after you reach Macau
  • No ID verification
  • A wide selection of competitive eSIM options
  • 24/7 multilingual client service

For Macau, Gigago offers a variety of eSIM plan options, starting at only $5.00 for 1 GB of data per day, used in 5 days. The other packages are around $5.00$89.50 . Just pick the eSIM option that best suits your travel preferences and trip duration. See more Gigago’s eSIM plans for Macau.

VI. FAQs about Mobile Internet in Macau

Is it cheaper to get a SIM card or portable WiFi for mobile internet in Macau?

In general, a local SIM card with a data package works out less expensive than renting portable WiFi for mobile internet in Macau.

Can I use my home network for mobile internet in Macau?

Using your regular network for mobile internet in Macau can result in very high roaming charges. A local SIM card ensures you get competitive rates without unexpected fees.

How much data is enough for basic activities like navigation u0026amp; messaging on mobile internet in Macau?

Around 1-2GB per week should suffice for light internet use like maps, messaging, and browsing on mobile internet in Macau. Be sure to connect to free WiFi whenever possible.

Can I purchase a SIM card at the Macau airport?

Yes, you can buy prepaid SIM cards with data packages upon arrival at Macau International Airport before exiting customs. This makes getting mobile internet in Macau very convenient.

VII. Conclusion

In summary, getting mobile internet in Macau is hassle-free thanks to the many choice available right on arrival. Whether opting for an affordable prepaid SIM with data packages or a portable WiFi to share, travelers have good options to stay connected during sightseeing trips. For easy setup and convenient Internet access, eSIM profiles for Macau are an ideal option as long as your device works with eSIM.