How to Buy a SIM Card at Macau Airport (MFM) 2024: Best Plans + Updated Price

Getting a SIM card at Macau Airport (MFM) is an easy way to stay connected during your visit. A Macau SIM card allows you to access the Internet on your phone, make calls, and send messages via the local mobile networks. This guide will outline the best options for purchasing a SIM card at Macau Airport, updated pricing information, and the best alternative to get online during your Macau trip. 

SIM cards at Macau airport

I. Should You Buy a SIM Card at Macau Airport (MFM)?

Yes. Definitely. You should purchase a SIM card at Macau Airport (MFM). Many foreign visitors to Macau decide to get a Macau SIM card at this airport for convenience and reliable Internet access upon arrival.

Buying a SIM card at Macau Airport
Purchase a SIM card at Macau Airport

Tourists may buy a SIM card at Macau Airport in three ways:

  • Directly at Macau Airport
  • Online before departure
  • In Macau center
Where to buyProsCons
At Larnaca Airport– Convenient
– Internet access right after touching down at MFM
– Limited provider and SIM plan options
– Airport prices are more expensive than purchasing in the Macau center
Online before departure– Various SIM and provider options
– Affordable prices
– Additional delivery fees
– Wait for delivery
In Macau center– Multiple SIM plans
– Cheap rates 
– Need to get to the Macau center

▶ Our recommendations:

  • Buy a SIM card at Macau airport if you pioritize convenience.
  • Get to the Macau center to find the great value SIM cards for Macau.
  • Book your Macau SIM online a few days before departure for a reliable instant Internet access after you land.

II. Where to Purchase a SIM Card at Macau Airport?

Two ways to buy a SIM card at Macau Airport include:

  • Pre-book your Macau SIM online before trip then pick it up at Macau Airport
  • Buy it upon arrival
Macau International Airport (MFM) Map
Macau International Airport (MFM) Map

1. Online before departure and collect at Macau Airport

Foreign travelers may book Macau SIM cards on carrier websites before their flight to Macau and then pick them up at Macau International Airport (MFM) upon arrival. This ways, tourists can save time and the Macau SIM card will be ready for use when they land. 

Do not forget to confirm with your chosen carrier that they provides this pickup service at Macau Airport. The pickup points are usually in the arrival halls after collecting baggage. 

What to prepare: payment details for online SIM card order, passport/ ID card for ID proof, order confirmation for collection

Cost: Budget-friendly

Pros: No shopping after landing at MFM, time to check carriers and prices, no lines needed

Cons: Need to book your Macau SIM in advance

2. At Macau airport upon arrival

Macau International Airport is the only one airport in Macau and has only one terminal which serves all of the flights. Therefore, tourists can easily find shops that sell prepaid SIM cards for tourists to Macau.

What to prepare: Unlocked phone, MOP cash/credit card, passport

Cost: Airport prices are a bit higher than online or in the Macau center

Pros: Convenient, staff support

Cons: Airport shops may not always open late. If you arrive late at night, some stores may be closed and you may not purchase a Macau SIM card.

2.1. CTM Vending Machine

  • Location: Arrival Hall
  • Plans: CTM SIM for tourists
  • Payment method: cash/ credit card
Buy SIM card at CTM vending machine - Macau International Airport
Buy SIM card at CTM vending machine – Macau International Airport

2.2. 7-Eleven Convenience Store

  • Location: Departure Landside Level
  • Opening hours: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Plans: SIM cards from Three Macau
  • Language: English, Chinese, Portuguese
Buy SIM card at 7-Eleven store at Macau Airport
7-Eleven store at Macau Airport

Pro Tip: While buying a SIM card at Macau Airport brings tourists the convenience of getting the Internet right after touching down at the airport, traveling to the Macau center is often a better choice.

III. What to Prepare for Buying a SIM Card at Macau Airport – Registration Process

Getting a SIM card at Macau Airport is very simple. Just prepare these key things:

  • Passport: You will need to show your passport for verification when purchasing a SIM card at Macau Airport. 
  • Unlocked smartphone: Make sure to bring your unlocked smartphone as only unlocked ones accept Macau networks.
  • Money: Many SIM card kiosks only accept payment in local currency (Macanese Pataca – MOP), so ensure you have cash on hand.
  • Basic knowledge of local providers: Do your research beforehand so you know which carriers operate and have great services in Macau. This will help you choose the appropriate plan.

IV. Best Tourist Macau Airport SIM Card Options and Rate

While Macau has three main carriers, including CTM, Three, and SmarTone, at Macau International Airport, you can only find one CTM vending machine selling CTM SIM cards and the 7-Eleven convenience store selling Three SIM cards. SmarTone does not have a kiosk at this airport, but their SIM plans are widely sold in Macau.

Good to know: MOP 1 = USD 0.12; USD 1 = MOP 8.09 (as of April, 2024)

CTMUnlimited local cellular data3 daysMOP 78 – USD 9.64
Unlimited local cellular data7 daysMOP 188 – USD 23.24
SmarToneUnlimited local cellular data + free 300 local minutes30 daysMOP 73 – USD 9.02
Three2GB30 daysMOP 48 – USD 5.93
4GB + 1.000 local airtime30 daysMOP 88 – USD 10.88
12GB of data for local usage + 10.000 Macau minutes + 3GB Mainland China365 daysMOP 198 – USD 24.48

Important Notes:

  • Visit the carrier websites for the latest details and rates.
  • Airport rates are often more expensive than buying in the Macau center (aound 10-20%)

V. Macau eSIM for Macau – An Alternative to Prepaid SIM Card at Macau Airport

Besides physical SIM cards for Macau, tourists can also choose an eSIM plan for their trip to Macau. This modern digital way to access reliable and fast cellular networks in Macau offers reliability and flexibility compared to regular Macau SIMs.

  • Digital: No need to find SIM store or swap physical SIMs when traveling.
  • Instant delivery and activation: You can download eSIM from anywhere, anytime, and activate instantly using a QR code within minutes.
  • Flexibility: You can have multiple eSIM profiles on your device from different carriers instead of being limited to one physical SIM.
  • Eco-friendly: No more plastic SIMs, eSIM eliminates waste produced from physical SIM card packaging and production.

Choosing Gigago as your Macau eSIM provider, you will have a secure and cost-effective Internet access during your Macau trip. To buy an eSIM from Gigago, you do not need to go through any identification check. All you need is an eSIM-compatible smartphone/ smartwatch/ tablet. 

Multiple eSIM plans for tourists to Macau by Gigago
Gigago eSIM plans for Macau

Gigago provides tourists with a diverse range of eSIM plans for Macau from CTM – the biggest cellular network carrier in Macau with the broadest 4G/5G coverage. These eSIM plans start at only $5.00 for 1GB/day, valid in 5 days, and range around $5.00$89.50 . Remember to choose the Macau eSIM plan that best suits your priorities, data usage, and length of stay in Macau.

VI. Where to Purchase a SIM Card Outside Macau Airport?

Stores across Macau offer SiM cards for tourists with tons of affordable options. Travelers to Macau can easily locate stores that sell SIM cards from major operators such as CTM, Three, and SmarTone.

Where to buy: CTM Iao Hon shop, Praia FlagShip CTM, SmarTone store, Three store, Pro station Macau, We Mobile, etc.

What to prepare: passport, MOP cash/credit card

Cost: Much cheaper than airport rates

▶ Our recommendation:

  • For the best deals on Macau SIM cards, it is worth commuting to Macau center.
  • For secure Internet and a simple way to switch plans later, consider buying an eSIM for Macau if your device phone supports eSIM.

VII. FAQs about SIM Card at Macau Airport

Can I purchase a SIM card upon arrival at Macau airport?

Yes, SIM card at Macau airport (MFM) can be easily purchased upon arrival before exiting the airport. You can buy at vending machines or convenience stores located near the arrivals area.

Do I need to provide any documents to buy a SIM card at Macau airport?

You typically need to show your passport when buying a SIM card at Macau airport. Some carriers may also ask for your flight details or local contact information for verification.

Can I test if the SIM card I bought at Macau airport is working?

Yes, most shops selling SIM cards at Macau airport will allow you to test the SIM before leaving to ensure it is activated and working properly with your phone.

VIII. Conclusion

To sum it up, getting a SIM card at Macau Airport is a very straightforward way to stay connected while visiting Macau. This provides tourists with some options from major carriers to have internet access and make calls right from the start of their trip. However, if you are a price-conscious tourist and you want various SIM plan and provider options, buying Macau SIM cards at carrier stores outside Macau airport is often a better option. An eSIM for Macau would be the best choice for tourists in terms of reliability, flexibility, and affordability.