CTM SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate 2024

Traveling in Macau can now be easier than ever before with CTM SIM cards and eSIM. They allow tourists to enjoy affordable cellular services through robust networks of CTM – one of the largest mobile carriers in Macau. This is an easy way to stay connected without worrying about expensive roaming fees. Now let us explore the best plan options and how to purchase and activate CTM SIM cards and eSIM for the best travel experience in Macau.

CTM sim cards & eSIMs
CTM sim cards & eSIMs

I. Quick Facts about CTM

CTM is one of Macau’s leading telecom service providers. Here are some of the key facts about CTM Macau you may need to know:

  • Founded: 1981 in Macau
  • Full company name: Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau S.A.R.L.
  • Types of services: various telecommunication services like phone, text, internet, mobile, TV, data center services, etc.
  • Coverage: the second largest carrier, 88% of Macau’s population, reaching large cities and smaller towns.
  • Number of users: over 1 million subscribers for its various networks and services.
  • Distribution: 8 stores in Macau where customers can get products and support; 500 retailers and agents
  • Customer support: 24/7 via hotline and online
  • Language: English, Portuguese, Chinese
CTM is one of Macau’s leading telecom service providers
CTM is one of Macau’s leading telecom service providers

II. Why CTM When Visiting Macau – Coverage and Speed

CTM has the most widespread 4G/5G network coverage and fast data speeds across Macau, making it a great option for visitors.

1. CTM Coverage in Macau

CTM Coverage in Macau
CTM Coverage map from nPerf in Macau
  • CTM offers the broadest 4G/5G coverage in Macau, compared to SmarTone (2nd) and Three (3rd);
  • CTM offers reliable networks in more crowded urban areas and small towns;
  • CM was the first operator to launch 5G services in Macau in 2020. They have expanded 5G coverage to reach over 90% population coverage outdoors.

2. CTM Speed

According to CTM website, as of 2022:

  • Average download speed of CTM’s 4G network: 110.2 Mbps 
  • Average upload speed of CTM’s 4G network: 110.2 Mbps 
  • CTM has continuously invested in upgrading its telecom infrastructure to improve network speeds for customers

To summarize, CTM is an excellent option for travelers to Macau due to its stable network coverage and fast speeds in population areas.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of CTM for Travelers to Macau?

CTM Macau provides tourists with three main connectivity options, including:

  • CTM SIM cards
  • Pocket Wifi
  • CTM roaming
CTM SIM cards– Budget-friendly plans
– Works with unlocked phones
– Local number for cheaper phone calls and messages
– Unlocked phone needed
– Risk of SIM loss when uninstalled
Pocket Wifi– Best for tourists who traveling in a group
– Internet sharing, cheaper rates for group 
– No SIM swap
– Extra devices and accessories to carry
– Have to return the device after trip
Roaming– Familiar home carrier/ number/ plan option– Very expensive
– Bills add up quickly if you are not careful

► Recommendation:

CTM SIM cards provide an easy and budget-friendly way for visitors to stay connected in Macau. By getting a SIM card, you will have reliable and fast Internet access wherever you are in Macau. It is very convenient to have the SIM card to look up information, use maps, or contact friends while exploring this region.

IV. Best CTM SIM Cards for Tourists & Rate

Here are some CTM SIM cards options for visitors to Macau and their rates accordingly.

DataValidityPriceLocal call tariffLocal messages 
Unlimited local mobile data3 daysMOP 78 – USD 9.64MOP 0.4/ min– Incoming SMS: Free;
– MOP 0.25/ sms
Unlimited local mobile data7 daysMOP 188 – USD 23.24MOP 0.4/ min– Incoming SMS: Free;
– MOP 0.25/ sms

Pro Tips:

  • Remember to choose the CTM SIM plan that suits your travel needs and trip duration.
  • Prepare passport/ driver’s license for ID check and MOP cash/ credit card for SIM purchase.

V. Does CTM Support eSIM in Macau?

Yes. CTM provides tourists to Macau with eSIM, an embedded chip, digitalizing regular physical SIM. Travelers do not need to buy a Macau SIM card. All they need is to scan a QR code to activate and use CTM’s cellular services instantly from anywhere, anytime.

Why choose CTM eSIM?

  • Convenience: Just scan the QR code sent to your email to activate CTM’s cell service for instant use. Apply online, easy, and straightforward.
  • Secure: eSIM helps enhance handset security
  • Multi-functional: One device can control multiple eSIMs.

VI. Where to Purchase CTM SIM cards and eSIM?

CTM SIM cards and eSIM can be purchased at the following locations:

1. Where to Buy CTM SIM Cards for Macau?

Upon arrival at Macau International Airport

Pros: straightforward, instant Internet access

Cons: Airport rates are a bit higher than online or in the cities

Location: Get CTM SIM Cards at CTM vending machine in the Arrival Hall – Macau International Airport. 

CTM stores and retailers

CTM has 8 stores where tourists can buy CTM SIM cards and eSIM and partners with over 500 retailers and agents across Macau. These sales points offers a diverse range of CTM SIM cards with reasonable pricing. 

Pros: widely accessible across Macau, cost-effectiveness

Cons: need to find and get to physical stores

Buy CTM SIM cards at CTM stores and retailers
Buy CTM SIM cards at CTM stores and retailers

Pro Tips:

  • Your cell phone needs to be unlocked to accept CTM’s networks in Macau.
  • Prepare MOP cash/credit card for payment, passport for ID proof.

2. Where to Buy CTM eSIM for Macau?

Directly from the CTM website

Visitors can purchase and download a CTM eSIM plan on the CTM official website. ID verification is needed.  

  • Pros: simple, digital download & set up
  • Cons: passport/ ID card for ID check needed

Third-party eSIM reseller like GIGAGO

Gigago eSIM services allow tourists visiting Macau to get CTM eSIM plans online without any ID check. Plans are directly from CTM and rates are cheaper.

Gigago offers a range of eSIM plans for Macau
Gigago eSIM plans for Macau

Gigago eSIM plan options for Macau start at 1GB/ day, valid for 5 days at only $5.00 and vary between $5.00$89.50 . With a CTM eSIM from Gigago, you will have a fast and affordable Internet connection during your Macau trip.

Pro Tips:

  • Check if your mobile device (phone/ tablet/ watch) supports eSIM.
  • Consider buying data-only eSIM package to save money if you utilize apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram for calling and texting.

VII. How to Activate CTM SIM/eSIM in Macau?

Activating CTM SIM cards and eSIM in Macau is very simple. Just take the steps below:

1. How to Use CTM SIM Cards in Macau?

To activate CTM SIM cards, tourists need to:

  • Purchase CTM SIM cards at Macau airport, CTM stores, or retailers
  • Insert CTM SIM into your phone and turn it on
  • Follow the prompts to set up the Internet connection
  • Restart your device so it can recognize the new SIM
  • Check fot CTM signal
  • Go online by loading a website – If it loads, you have cellular data working
  • You can now call, text, and use data on your phone with CTM SIM card.

2. How to Activate CTM eSIM?

If you decide to use a CTM eSIM plan, you need to:

  • Purchase a CTM eSIM plan online
  • Scan the QR code delivered to your personal email
  • Follow setup prompts to download and activate CTM eSIM
  • Check for CTM signal
  • Once your CTM eSIM is activated, you can use its mobile services.

VIII. How to Top-up CTM SIM/eSIM

There are two main ways to top up your CTM SIM cards/ eSIM:

Online Top up

Recharge your credit using the CTM website/ app. Use credit/ debit card for payment.

Physical Top up

  • Visit CTM service centers or CTM authorized shops to top up your account
  • Provide your phone number and opt for a top-up amount
  • Prepare MOP cash/ credit card for payment

This way is wonderful for tourists to Macau who prioritize personal support.

In summary, CTM provides flexible physical and online top-up channels for easy account top-up.

IX. FAQs about CTM SIM Cards and eSIM in Macau

Can I buy a CTM SIM card at the Macau airport?

Yes, CTM SIM cards are available for purchase in the Arrival Hall – Macau International Airport. This makes them very convenient to get when you first arrive.

Does CTM offer eSIM for tourists?

Yes, CTM supports eSIM for travelers visiting Macau. You can buy CTM eSIM directly from CTM website but ID check is needed. Besides, you can easily get a CTM eSIM from a third-party provider like Gigago without any identification verification.

What cellular networks does the CTM SIM card support?

CTM SIM cards work on 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G cellular networks, providing high-speed coverage across Macau. Be sure to check your phone is unlocked and supports the needed frequencies.

X. Conclusion

In summary, CTM SM cards and eSIM provide convenient connectivity for visitors to Macau. They are easily purchased at the airport and authorized shops or via online channels and third-party resellers. If your phone is compatible with eSIM, an eSIM from CTM will be the best option for worry-free and cost-effective connectivity during your time in Macau.