Renting Pocket WiFi in Macau & Alternatives: Ultimate Guide for Travelers

If your next trip is to Macau and you want a reliable Internet connection, renting a pocket Wifi is a convenient option worth considering. Pocket Wifi in Macau allows visitors to access the Internet from anywhere in the region without worrying about data costs or unreliable public connections. In this guide, we will explore some top pocket Wifi rental services and alternatives available for travelers in Macau.

I. What is Pocket Wifi for Macau?

A pocket Wifi for Macau is a pocket-sized wireless router that provides a Wifi network for connectivity.

  • How it works: Pocket Wifi in Macau connects to Macau’s cell towers and shares Internet access wirelessly within a short range, like a portable hotspot.
  • When to use: It is great for traveling in Macau when you need mobile Internet access that is not limited by data plans on your regular device.
  • Suitable for: Groups like families or friends visiting Macau who want everyone to easily connect online from smartphones, laptops, or tablets without worrying about public Wifi connections or expensive data roaming charges.

II. Why Rent a Pocket Wifi for Macau Travel?

Rent a pocket Wifi for Macau travel
Rent a pocket Wifi for your Macau trip

For tourists who visit Macau in a group, renting pocket Wifi is a great option for Internet access.

Advantages of pocket Wifi in Macau

  • Multiple device use: One pocket Wifi allows up to 10+ devices like phones, tablets, laptops to connect simultaneously so everyone can share the Internet.
  • Simple to use: Just power it on, enter the password, and connect – no complicated setup required so you can easily get online in Macau.
  • Reliable connection: You will have Internet access without depending on finding free Wifi that may be spotty or slow.
  • Conveniently rent from Macau airports: Most rental providers let you pick up and return pocket Wifi from airports.
  • No roaming fees: Using a local Wifi avoids expensive roaming rates from your home network carrier.

Pocket Wifi in Macau vs. Other Connectivity Options

Below is a comparison table of connectivity options for Macau travel, including pocket Wifi in Macau, Macau SIM card/eSIM, Macau free Wifi, and Macau roaming service.

CriteriaMacau Pocket Wifi Macau SIM card/ eSIMMacau free WifiMacau roaming
Number of devices10-15111
Number of usersGroup111
DataUnlimited or large package optionsDepending on plan optionLimited locationsHome package
Setup easeStraightforward, just power on & enter passwordPurchase & insert physical SIM/ online purchase & activationFind hotspots, enter passwordUse your home carrier/plan/ and existing number
Connection reliabilityReliableReliableUnreliableReliable network
CostsReasonable for group, pretty expensive for individualAffordableFreeVery high

► Our recommendation:

Pocket Wifi in Macau is best for groups to share as multiple mobile devices can connect to one pocket Wifi. If you only need Internet on your phone and prioritize flexibility, opt for a Macau eSIM plan.

III. Macau eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Macau

For those who prioritize simple, secure connectivity on a single device, Macau eSIMs deliver strong benefits over other options. Here is why:

  • Simple and quick activation: eSIMs are directly installed on phones, so there is no hassle of setting up extra devices like pocket WiFis.
  • Affordable rates: Costs stay low when only one phone requires data rather than paying for plans that support device sharing.
  • Flexibly switch plans: You can easily switch between eSIM plans and providers during your Macau trip depending on your needs and locations. No need to get multiple physical SIMs.
  • Sustainability: eSIMs have no physical media waste compared to discarded plastic SIM cards. Better for the environment.

If you are looking for a reputable eSIM reseller, Gigago would be a top choice. Buying a Macau eSIM from Gigago is simple, with no ID check. All you need is a mobile device like a smartphone/ smartwatch/ tablet/ iPad that is compatible with eSIM.

Gigago offers multiple eSIM plan options for tourists to Macau
Gigago eSIM plans for tourists to Macau

Macau eSIM plan options offered by Gigago are diverse, starting at only $5.00 for 1GB/day to use in 5 days. The other Macau eSIM plans cost around $5.00$89.50 , very affordable! Thus, no matter how long your trip in Macau is and how much data you need, there is always a suitable eSIM plan for you with Gigago.

Pro Tip:

  • Before buying an eSIM package for Macau, it is best to consider your needs, trip duration, and budget levels. This way, you can get the best value eSIM option during your Macau travel.
  • Check if your device supports eSIM.

IV. How to Rent a Pocket Wifi for Travelers Visiting Macau?

To get a pocket Wifi for your trip in Macau, you may pre-order online before you fly to Macau or rent directly at Macau Airport.

Two ways to get a pocket Wifi in Macau: pre-order online before your flight or rent directly at Macau Airport
Two ways to get a pocket Wifi in Macau: pre-order online before your flight or rent directly at Macau Airport

Pre-order online before you fly to Macau

Most pocket Wifi providers in Macau let tourists pre-order pocket Wifi devices online before departure. After landing at the airport, stop by their counter to collect it. Then simply return the pocket Wifi to their location before leaving at the end of your trip.


  • Pre-plan everything for an easy pickup and dropoff
  • Time to research different providers, prices, and plans before choosing
  • Often cheaper than renting on-site


  • Need to find the service location to pick up your reserved pocket Wifi upon arrival
  • Any flight delays could cause a wait 

Rent directly at Macau International Airport

Macau has only one airport, Macau International Airport. When you touch down there, head to the pocket Wifi rental counter and pick out the option that seems best for your Macau trip – daily, weekly, or whatever.

The friendly and dedicated staff will help you set up the portable Wifi hotspot and connect your devices. Just bring it back to the same place before flying home.


  • Convenient and hassle-free
  • No risk of being late to pick it up


  • Less time to compare prices and plans versus booking online in advance
  • A bit more pricey than pre-ordering online

► Our recommendation:

Reserving your Macau pocket WiFi before your trip is way more handy and a better deal for visitors. This saves you time at the airport selecting and paying for a plan when you arrive.

V. How Many Devices can Connect to a Pocket Wifi in Macau

The number of devices that can connect to a pocket Wifi at once in Macau typically ranges from 5 up to 15 or more.

  • A basic pocket Wifi model in Macau allows around 5 devices to share its Internet connection at once. This works well for a small family or couples traveling together.
  • Mid-range pocket Wifi commonly used in Macau can support between 10-12 devices. This provides mobile data for larger teams traveling in Macau.
  • High-end pocket Wifi is capable of 15 or more devices. It is ideal for big families or large groups.

Pro Tip: Check with your chosen provider to see how many devices each of their portable Wifi options allows to connect at once during your trip.

VI. Best Wifi Pockets for Macau Travel and Costs

The table below compares some of the top pocket Wifi options in Macau and their rates.

Pocket Wifi in Macau OptionsSpeedRateMax devicesDeliveryBattery life
CTM WifiUp to 5G (Full speed data usage: 15GB or 30GB per day)$60-$100UnlimitedAirport pickup available4-6 hours (depending on the device model)
RentnconnectUp to 5GRates vary by country5 devicesAirport pickup available12 hours (upon network provider coverage)HKD $40-120 (USD $5-15)5 devicesAirport pickup available, Delivered to your home/ hotel4-12 hours (depending on the device model)

Pro Tip:

  • Check the rental company’s websites for current details and prices
  • Be sure to look for any special promotions. Compare what the different pocket Wifi rental places in Macau offer to get the best deal.

VII. FAQs about Macau Pocket Wifi Rental

How do I rent a pocket WiFi in Macau? 

Most rental companies offer online booking. Pick your dates, pay the fee, and the pocket WiFi will be ready for collection at the airport/hotel upon arrival in Macau. 

How much does a pocket WiFi rental in Macau cost?

Daily rental rates for pocket WiFi in Macau are around $10-15 per day. Weekly plans offer better value at $50-80 usually. Check company bundle deals too.

Is pocket WiFi fast enough for streaming in Macau?

Yes, pocket WiFi in Macau typically provides reliable 4G speeds that easily support HD video streaming, navigation app usage, social media, and more.

VIII. Conclusion

In conclusion, renting a pocket WiFi is often the most convenient and cost-effective way for travelers to stay connected online during trips to Macau. Pocket WiFi in Macau provides flexible data sharing and reliable high-speed internet access anywhere in the region. eSIM is also a wise choice if you need secure and affordable Internet on your phone and do not need to share the Internet. Considering factors like how many devices need access and duration of stay helps choose the best connectivity option.