How to Get Mobile Internet in Austria for Travelers: What Option to Choose?

Mobile Internet in Austria is well-developed infrastructure with good coverage and fast speeds in urban and most rural areas. Tourists can enjoy the high speed of the Internet when traveling there. But do you know how to get it? Read on this guide to choose the best option for your trip in Austria. 

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I. Mobile Internet in Austria – Coverage and Speed

Are you wondering how the mobile Internet in Austria is? Let’s check its coverage and mobile Internet speed below for your information. 

1. Austria Mobile Internet Coverage

Coverage map of A1 Telekom
Coverage map of A1 Telekom. Source: nperf

In Austria, there are 03 major mobile operators: A1 Telekom, Magenta, and Drei. They have a strong coverage and offer both 4G/ 5G throughout the country. However, every operator has some differences. Let’s look at the table below for more details. 

A1 Telekom – Largest 4G network with > 99% of population 
– Strong 4G – 5G network in major cities 
– Good network quality and coverage
– Wide range of plans and services
– Competitive international roaming
– Established brand reputation
– Can be relatively expensive
– Customer service may vary
– Limited English supported 
Magenta – Good coverage in urban areas
– Extensive 4G network
– Growing 5G network nationwide
– Strong urban coverage
– Offers various data packages with good promotion 
– International roaming options
– Multi languages supported 
– Competitive prices and plans for customers 
– Rural coverage may be limited
– Network quality slightly behind A1 
– 46% of the time available for 5G network 
Drei– Competitive urban coverage
– Wide 4G and launching 5G networks
– Affordable prepaid and data-focused plans
– More than 100+ countries roaming service with cheaper rates for occasional use
– Flexible and affordable plans for tourists 
– Smaller 4G networks than other competitors
– Limited English and Offline Support
– Still launching 5G network 

As we can see, A1 Telekom is the largest mobile carrier at the moment in Austria. They offer a strong 4G network nationwide and strong 5G in downtown areas. Also, they have a competitive EU and international roaming packs. Tourists from other countries can easily connect to the Internet using A1 Telekom with a good coverage regardless of areas that you are going to stay in Austria. 

2. Austria Mobile Internet Speed

Austria Median Country Speeds 
Austria Median Country Speeds 

As Dec 2023, Austria ranked the 31st globally for mobile Internet, with a download speed of around 77.77Mbps. For fixed broadband, it ranked 59th with a download speed of 82.72Mbps. 

Among three major mobile carriers in Austria, A1 registered the lowest median multi-server latency at 33ms, followed by Drei and Magenta at 34 and 36ms. 

So that, when you travel to Austria, you do not need to worry much about this country’s Internet speed. Its network has high quality for you to connect to the world easily. 

► Our conclusion:

  • A1 Telekom has highest speed of Internet and is spread nationwide 
  • Magenta is the second largest carrier, which has strong 4G and growing 5G nationwide. It also offers competitive plans and prices for tourists.

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Austria?

Options of connectivity for tourists in Austria
Options of connectivity for tourists in Austria

There are plenty of options for tourists to get connected to Mobile Internet in Austria. Here is a table with comprehensive information that helps you to choose which one is the best for you. 

Local SIM cardeSIMRoamingPublic WifiPocket Wifi
How it worksPurchase a physical SIM card from local providers or storesAn embedded sim installed in your phoneUse your existing SIM card from home country in AustriaFree WiFi available in public spaces and establishmentsRent or buy a portable device for mobile internet
PriceMany other prices with different data plans, normally started around US$10 Many vary, started from US$5 Usually expensive, depends on home operator’s roaming chargesAlmost free Usually expensive, rent at around US$7 per day 
Where to BuyAirports, mobile carriers shops/ kiosks, convenience stores Buy online through some providers such as Gigago Activate through your home mobile operatorCafes, restaurants, hotels, public spacesOnline rental services, delivery to hotel or pick-up
ConvenienceWidely available, easy to purchase and useInstant activation, no physical SIM neededConvenient if already set up before travelingVariable, depends on locationEasy to carry, can connect multiple devices
ProsDirect access to local network, various data plansNo need to change SIM cards, easy switching between networksUse your existing number and planFree and widely available in urban areasSecure, stable connection, good for group travel
ConsRequires changing your phone number, compatibility with phoneRequires eSIM-compatible phone, not all plans allow hotspot useHigh costs, especially outside EUSecurity risks, variable speed and reliabilityNeed to be charged, must be returned after use

As we can see, every option has its own pros and cons. To decide which one is the best for you, you should consider some factors like the length of your stay, the number of devices you need to connect, and your data needs. 

However, a SIM card with data seems to be the most suitable and easiest way to get the Internet. But if your phone is a modern model that works with eSIM and you want to be connected right after arriving in Austria, eSIM is the best way. You are proactive if you activate eSIM before your trip. 

As a specific suggestion, we recommend Gigago – one of the largest eSIM providers with a lot of eSIM plans and validity to choose from, including for Austria. 

Important Note: 



III. Internet Rates in Austria 

Mobile coverage map in Austria (Source: nPerf) 
Mobile coverage map in Austria. Source: nPerf 

Good to know: As of Jan 2024, 1 EUR ~ USD1.09 (source: 

For your easier decision, you can refer to the table below which includes internet tariff of some options. Then you can decide what is the best mobile internet in Austria for use. 

OptionInternet rate 
Austrian Prepaid SIM CardsFor example:
–  A1 offers a SIM card ( Wertkarte) for 9.90 EUR (107.5USD) with 5000 units (regular SIM card) for 28 days 
– Or the Internet Wertkarte with 5000 MB for 28 days (data-only SIM card)​ for also 9.90 EUR (107.5USD)
eSIMs for AustriaGigago offers various plans for eSIM, like the Austria eSIM ranging from $5 for 300MB/ day (valid for 3 days) to $136.9 for 3GB/ day (valid for 30 days). They also offer the eSIM for use in 42 other European countries and Austria
Public WiFi– Almost free in many urban areas like cafes, restaurants, and hotels. 
– The connection can be less secure and slower compared to other options
Pocket WiFi– Started from around 6.40 EUR ~ 7USD per day
– Suitable for a group of travelers and need high speed of Internet 
Roaming rate– Vary depending on mobile operators- Usually free within EU countries 

If you are considering economic factors, local SIM cards or eSIM seem to have a competitive price for individuals. You can use A1 Telekom as a prepaid local SIM card or purchase eSIM from Gigago. They have a lot of plans and validity that are suitable for your trip to Austria. 

But if you go in a group, you may consider renting pocket wifi. It is more secure and has a fast speed of Internet. 

Note: The cost for each option may change over the time. Contact the provider for updated prices. 

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Austria

A prepaid data SIM card is easiest and traditional way to get connected 
A prepaid data SIM card is easiest and traditional way to get connected 

If you do not get used to other options to get connected to the Internet, a prepaid local SIM bought at the airport is always the best choice. It helps you to access the Internet with data plans, stay in touch with people back home through social apps and also have a local number to call or text your local friends. 

There are several types of SIM cards that you can buy from 3 major mobile operators in Austria. Here are some data SIM cards for mobile Internet in Austria you may choose from: 

  • A1 Telekom:
    • A1 SIMply S: 120GB mobile data + unlimited call/ SMS – 14.9EUR/ month (equivalent 16.4USD)
    • A1 SIMply L: 24 GB mobile data + unlimited call/ SMS – 24.9EUR/ month (equivalent 27.4USD)
    • A1 SIMply Unlimited: Unlimited +5G mobile data + unlimited call/ SMS – 55.9EUR/ month (equivalent 61.4USD)
  • Magenta:
    • Klax S: 1000 mins or SMS + 30 GB – €9.90/ 28 days (equivalent 10.9USD)
    • Klax M: 2000 mins or SMS + 40 GB – €14.90/ 28 days (equivalent 16.4USD)
    • Klax Unlimited: unlimited mins or SMS + unlimited data – €29.90/ 28 days (equivalent 32.3USD)
  • Drei:
    • 4GB + 1,000 minutes + 1,000 local SMS: 9.9EUR/ 30 days ~ 10.9USD
    • 10 GB + no call or text: 9.9EUR/ 30 days ~ 10.9USD

Note: The plan features and price may change over time. Contact operators for their updated prices. 

V. Data eSIM for Austria – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

eSIM - the best alternative option to get the Internet
eSIM – The best alternative option to get the Internet

Good to know: eSIM is applied for unlocked, compatible phones only. You should check before purchasing. 

In comparison to local SIM cards, eSIM has more advantages that make it the best alternative to get the Internet, including:

  • Purchase online, no need to wait or queue at the SIM booths
  • Activate online within few minutes through a QR code or an activation code
  • Access to the Internet instantly after arriving 
  • No complicated documents for verification 
  • No need to insert physical SIM
  • No risk of SIM card loss

To buy an eSIM, you can purchase it directly from local mobile operators or buy from eSIM providers. For the former, you need to present passport or ID card as part of registration scheme, not to mention the language barrier upon purchasing. Therefore, it is better to go with an eSIM for Austria because there is no passport required, multiple language support.

As a specific recommendation, we suggest to buy eSIM from Gigago. This is a worldwide eSIM provider that offers eSIM services for more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Gigago eSIM
Gigago Austria eSIM

To buy an eSIM from Gigago, follow these easy steps: 

  • Choose suitable plans: depends on you stay length, Internet using needs and budget, you can choose according to its validity and data plans
  • Make payment: online transfer or charge applied, you can pay online using credit, debit cards or e-wallets
  • Wait for verification email: check your email for verification. You will receive a QR code to activate 
  • Scan QR code: scan the eSIM QR code sent to your valid email address or import activation code manually
  • Turn on the data roaming in Settings to browse the web easily
  • Done. You are now able to access to mobile Internet in Austria 

Why do you choose Gigago against other eSIM providers? 

– Many plans for you to choose, started from $5 for 300MB/ day within 3 days
– Service from major cellular providers with high speed and broad coverage nationwide 
– Instant support from customer service 24/7 
– Easily purchase and set up before traveling 
– Data only
– No local phone number 

If you are considering using eSIM for your next trip to Austria, do not forget to use the service from Gigago. For Austria, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 3 days with $3.50 . What is great about Gigago’s Austria eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, vary between $3.50$125.98 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Austria, there is always an option for you with Gigago..  


Can tourists use eSIMs in Austria?

Yes, tourists can use eSIMs in Austria, provided their devices are compatible. Operators like A1 Telekom, Drei, and possibly others offer eSIM services

Is it more cost-effective to get an eSIM or a physical SIM card in Austria?

This depends on your needs. eSIMs offer convenience and are ideal for short stays, while physical SIM cards may offer more plan options and could be more economical for longer stays

Can I use my Austrian mobile internet plan in other European countries?

Yes, due to EU regulations, many Austrian mobile plans offer roaming in other EU countries, often without extra charges

How is the mobile internet coverage in Austria?

Austria generally enjoys excellent mobile internet coverage, especially in urban areas, with widespread 4G and growing 5G networks

VII. Conclusion

Mobile Internet in Austria is among the excellent mobile coverage with high speed and network quality in the world. You do not need to worry about the Internet while traveling there. You can choose either local SIM cards or eSIM technology depending on device compatibility and other factors. Hope you enjoy the time visiting Austria.