XL Axiata SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate 2024

XL Axiata SIM cards and eSIMs give tourists secure and affordable access to XL’s extensive 4G network during their trips to Indonesia.

XL Axiata is one of the top cell providers due to its widespread coverage across cities and islands in Indonesia. This makes it an excellent choice for staying in touch while navigating Indonesia’s stunning tourist spots. Let us go through the best XL Axiata SIM cards and eSIM options, where to buy, and much more.

I. Quick Facts about XL Axiata

XL Axiata is Indonesia’s leading cellular telecommunications provider connecting over 90% of the country. Here are some facts you may need to know about XL Axiata:

  • Founded: in 1989, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Full company name: PT XL Axiata Tbk, formerly known as PT Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk
  • Types of services: cellular mobile services using GSM network. It also offers broadband internet, 3G data services, SMS, voice calls and mobile financial services
  • Coverage: XL’s network covers major cities and areas in Java, Bali, Lombok, and other parts of Indonesia like Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, etc.
  • Number of users: As of 2019, XL Axiata had around 55 million mobile subscribers across Indonesia
  • Distribution: Over 22,000 network cell towers and sells SIM cards through thousands of stores, dealers, and general agents across the country
  • Customer support: 24/7 call center; live chat support online via the company website
  • Language: Indonesian, English
XL Axiata Building in Jakarta, Indonesia
XL Axiata Building in Jakarta, Indonesia

II. Why XL Axiata When Visiting Indonesia – Coverage and Speed

XL Axiata has extensive 4G coverage throughout regions of Indonesia and has fast speeds.

1. XL Axiata Coverage in Indonesia

XL Axiata boasts extensive coverage in Indonesia
XL Axiata coverage map in Indonesia. Source: nPerf
  • XL Axiata ranks second in terms of coverage (Telkomsel: 1st and Indosat: 3rd).
  • XL’s 4G network covers over 96% of the population across Indonesia, 2G network more than 92%; and 3G network over 94%
  • Coverage includes all cities and regions like Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, etc.

2. XL Axiata Speed

XL Axiata has fast download and upload speeds
XL Axiata speed in Indonesia. Source: Opensignal
  • Average download speed: 22.8Mbps (Opensignal, Dec 2023)
  • Average upload speed: 9.5Mbps
  • Consistent quality: 58.7% (led by Indosat 64.8% and Telkomsel 61.7%)

► In summary, XL Axiata delivers widespread mobile coverage and decent speeds across Indonesia. XL offers reliable connectivity for things like messaging, maps and basic web browsing in most places tourists visit. XL trails the top networks for streaming video or online gaming. 

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of XL Axiata for Tourists to Indonesia?

Here are the three main connectivity options by XL Axiata for visitors to get the Internet:

XL Axiata SIM cards– Budget-friendly packages for call/text/data
– Widely available
– Need to have an unlocked mobile device
Pocket Wifi– Portable 
– Can connect multiple mobile devices like phones, tablets, etc
– Extra device to bring
– High rental fees
Roaming– Familiar home phone number/ package/ carrier
– No SIM swap
– Extremely pricey rates
– Network coverage is set based on agreements between your home carrier and XL Axiata

► Recommendation:

Your best bet for mobile connectivity is to pick up an XL Axiata SIM card. While you could rely on international roaming with your home carrier, that can get expensive quickly. A pocket WiFi unit lets you share an internet connection, but you need to carry extra things. XL Axiata SIM cards offer affordable data, calls, and texts on your phone to stay in touch.

IV. Best XL Axiata SIM Cards for Visitors & Price

XL Axiata offers a variety of competitive SIM card plans for tourists. Some of the most popular XL Axiata SIM cards include

40.5GB30 daysIDR 40,000 – USD 2.6
84GB30 daysIDR 55,000 – USD 3.5
134GB30 daysIDR 70,000 – USD 4.5
214GB30 daysIDR 90,000 – USD 5.8
370GB30 daysIDR 370,000 – USD 23.7

Note: The XL SIM plans above are subject to change over time so you had better check XL Axiata’s official website for the latest updates.

V. Does XL Axiata Support eSIM in Indonesia?

Yes. XL Axiata provides eSIM plans for compatible devices. eSIM is the latest SIM technology that allows XL users to activate mobile services on their devices without a physical SIM. XL eSIM is embedded directly into smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches that support eSIM technology.

  • Easy & fast: Use an XL Axiata number without a physical SIM & easy activation
  • Safe: XL eSIM is made according to global standards, ensuring safety
  • Environmentally friendly: Save SIM space and reduce plastic usage

VI. Where to Buy XL Axiata SIM Cards and eSIM?

It is easy to get XL Axiata SIM cards and eSIM. Here are some of the most prevalent locations:

1. Where to Buy XL Axiata SIM cards for Indonesia:

Upon arrival at Indonesia airports

Pros: very convenient and fast, instant Internet access 

Cons: higher prices compared to in the cities/towns


XL Axiata store at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
XL Axiata store at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

XL Axiata shops and authorized retailers:

XL Axiata has thousands of stores, dealers, and general agents across Indonesia so it is simple for you to get XL Axiata SIM cards. A full range of XL SIM package options with competitive pricing are available at these sales points.

Pros: widely available throughout the country, affordable prices

Cons: need to navigate and commute to the locations

Pro Tip:

  • Confirm if your device is unlocked as only unlocked ones may accept XL Axiata network.
  • For the most accurate XL shop locations, ask locals or use Google Maps.
  • Passport is needed for ID proof and XL SIM registration and cash/ debit/credit card for payment.

2. Where to Get XL Axiata eSIM for Indonesia?

2.1 Directly from XL Axiata

Travelers to Indonesia may buy XL Axiata eSIM via: 

  • Online service on XL Axiata’s official website/ app
  • Visit the nearest XL Axiata Center/ stores

This way is easy; nevertheless, requires you to prepare your passport for verification and XL Axiata SIM card registration.

2.2 Prestigious third-party services like GIGAGO

Gigago offers convenient eSIM plans from XL Axiata for tourists visiting Indonesia. Through Gigago’s service, visitors can connect to XL Axiata’s extensive 4G network without going through identity verification processes.

Gigago offers a variety of XL eSIM plans for tourists to Indonesia
Gigago’s XL eSIM plans for tourists to Indonesia

Tourists can enjoy high-speed data through XL’s widespread coverage at affordable prices starting from just $5.00 for 1GB per day over 5 days. Gigago provides good-value XL eSIM plans for different trip lengths, with data packages ranging between $5.00$89.50 . Regardless of your trip duration to Indonesia or how much data you need, Gigago ensures you have a suitable Indosat eSIM plan that cost-effectively meets your mobile connectivity needs.

Pro Tip:

  • Before getting an XL eSIM for Indonesia, check if your device supports eSIM technology
  • Opt for a data-only plan option to save mony if you have communication apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger for texting and calling.

VII. How to Activate XL Axiata SIM/eSIM in Indonesia?

Activating XL Axiata SIM cards/ eSIM is a very simple process. Here is how:

1. How to Activate XL Axiata SIM cards in Indonesia?

Steps to activate your XL Axiata physical SIM card:

  • Insert your XL SIM into the SIM slot; toggle on your phone
  • Activate the XL SIM. Normally, it will be pre-activated
  • Enter the setup instructions to configure APN (Access Point Name) settings if you cannot utilize the XL SIM
  • Browse a web page to confirm if mobile data is working
  • You may now use XL Axiata services (cellular data, calls, and messages)

2. How to Activate XL Axiata eSIM in Indonesia?

If you decide to have an XL Axiata eSIM for Indonesia, you need to:

  • Check if your device supports eSIM
  • Get an eSIM plan online
  • Receive the XL eSIM profile via email 
  • Scan the QR code (in your email) and continue setting up
  • Check for the XL Axiata signal on your device
  • Once the XL Axiata eSIM is ready, you may use its services.

Important Note:

Please follow the detailed instructions:

VIII. How to Top-up XL Axiata SIM/eSIM

Here are the two channels that you can use to top up your XL Axiata SIM/ eSIM:

Online Top-up

  • Go to the “Top-up” section on the XL official website or MyXL app to top up your SIM. 
  • Make payment (debit/credit card).

Physical Top-up

  • Travel to the XL Axiata shops/ authorized retailers to top-up your account
  • Opt for an amount and show the phone number you want to top up. Staff will support you to top up
  • Make payment by cash/credit/debit card

IX. FAQs about XL Axiata SIM Cards and eSIM in Indonesia

Can tourists buy XL Axiata SIM cards upon arrival in Indonesia?

Yes, tourists can easily purchase prepaid XL Axiata SIM cards at the airport or town office upon arrival. Many convenience stores throughout Indonesia also sell XL Axiata SIM cards and eSIM.

How can I activate an XL Axiata eSIM for my smartphone?

Most modern Android and iOS smartphones support eSIM activation. Tourists can scan the QR code on their new XL Axiata eSIM packaging in the Cellular Plans or eSIM section of their phone’s settings app to easily activate data and calling/texting.

Will XL Axiata SIM cards and eSIM work throughout Indonesia, including off-the-beaten-path areas?

As one of Indonesia’s largest network providers, XL Axiata has nationwide 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage across the country, including major cities, beaches, and islands as well as more remote areas like rainforests, volcanoes, and rice paddies that tourists may explore.

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, XL Axiata SIM cards and eSIM provide tourists with reliable, affordable cell service throughout their travels in Indonesia. As one of the largest mobile operators in the country, XL Axiata’s extensive network ensures easy connectivity from popular destinations to off-the-beaten-path areas. Both prepaid SIM cards and eSIM formats can be conveniently purchased upon arrival or online and easily activated. Just choose the SIM option and data plan that suit your priorities and budget.