Best Pocket WiFi In Indonesia Rental & Alternatives: Tourists Guide 2024

Pocket Wifi in Indonesia is a convenient solution for staying in touch while exploring the Land of Thousand Islands. Renting a pocket Wifi hotspot allows you to have reliable Internet access on the go. This makes navigation much easier and lets you share your experiences online. Read on to find the best rental option, how and where to rent, and alternatives for staying online during your Indonesia trip.

I. What is Pocket Wifi for Indonesia?

A pocket Wifi for Indonesia is a portable and compact device that provides reliable Internet access for travelers visiting the country.

  • How pocket Wifi for Indonesia works: It connects to the Indonesian mobile network through its SIM card to gain Internet access. Tourists can then connect devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones to the pocket Wifi’s wireless network.
  • When to use: whenever tourists need the Internet as pocket Wifi in Indonesia delivers Internet anywhere, even in areas without Wifi access.
  • Suitable for: families or groups traveling together in Indonesia. Everyone may stay online at once through the pocket Wifi’s portable Internet connection.

II. Why Rent a Pocket Wifi for Indonesia Travel?

Rent a pocket Wifi for Indonesia travel

Renting a pocket Wifi when traveling around Indonesia allows people to have easy Internet access on all of their mobile devices as long as they have access to a cellular network. With a pocket Wifi, you can enjoy unlimited data and multiple device support without any worries.

Here is a more detailed explanation on benefits of pocket WiFi in Indonesia.

Benefits of pocket Wifi in Indonesia

  • Stay connected easily on all your devices like phone, laptop and tablet wherever you go; connect around 5-10 devices at the same time to the same pocket for you and your team.
  • Choose from different data plan options depending on how much internet you need each day.
  • Hotels and providers offer delivery and pickup options so you do not have to go search for the pocket Wifi.
  • Pocket Wifi creates a secure private Internet connection wherever you use it.
  • No roaming charges like you get using your regular cell phone service.

Pocket Wifi Indonesia vs. Other Connectivity Options

Let us dive into how renting a portable Wifi device in Indonesia differs from three other ways of staying connected: using an Indonesia SIM card/eSIM, accessing free Wifi, and using international roaming in Indonesia.

CriteriaIndonesia Pocket Wifi Indonesia SIM card/ eSIMIndonesia free WifiIndonesia roaming
Number of devicesMultiple, around 5-10SingleSingleSingle
Number of usersEntire teamSingleSingleSingle
DataUnlimited or large packagesData planLimitedVaries by plan
Setup easeSimple, just power on + password loginPurchase and insert SIM card/ download and activate eSIM onlineHunt for locationsAutomatic with home phone
Connection reliabilityReliableReliableMay disconnect sometimesWorks like at home
CostsRather affordableBudget-friendlyFreeExpensive

► Our recommendation:

Pocket Wifi in Indonesia offers ease of use for groups traveling together. It lets connecting various mobile devices simultaneously so everyone can access the Internet easily. Large data plans ensure affordable connectivity for all.

If your phone or tablet is compatible with eSIM, this may be more convenient and flexible than pocket Wifi for individual use.

III. Indonesia eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Indonesia

Indonesia eSM is a virtual SIM that stores the mobile data needed to access the cellular networks in the country. It is already embedded into your phone.

Indonesia eSIM is the best alternative to pocket Wifi to get online while exploring Indonesia for some reasons:

  • No physical SIM: No need to insert physical SIM and no need to worry about losing or damaging your SIM card.
  • Easy to switch data plans: Purchase eSIM plans online and remotely swap plans without buying a new physical SIM each time.
  • Affordable options for short trips: Buy data passes lasting a week or month, instead of being stuck with monthly plans.
  • Quick and easy setup: Installing an Indonesian eSIM is simple and takes just minutes to activate.

Normally, if you buy eSIM plans for Indonesia directly from the main carriers, you need to go through ID verification and registration. So it is recommended to get an eSIM plan from a reputable third-party reseller like Gigago as no ID check is needed. All you need is an eSIM-supported smartphone, watch, or tablet.

Gigago provides tourists to Indonesia a wide selection of eSIM plans
Gigago eSIM plan options for Indonesia

For Indonesia, Gigago provides a wide selection of data plans, starting at 1GB/day used in 5 days for just $2.90 and ranging from $2.90$81.50 . Thus, regardless of how much data you need and how long your stay is, there is always a solution for you with Gigago. See more Gigago eSIM plan options for Indonesia.

Pro Tip: Select the Indonesia eSIM plan that suits your travel needs, length of stay, and budget levels.

IV. How to Rent a Pocket Wifi for Travelers to Indonesia?

Two major ways to get a pocket Wifi in Indonesia: preordering online  or renting directly at Indonesian airports
Two major ways to get a pocket Wifi in Indonesia: preordering online or renting directly at Indonesian airports

Tourists can rent a pocket WiFi for their Indonesia trip in 02 major ways:

  • booking it online before you depart for Indonesia, or
  • renting directly at Indonesian airports.

Pre-order online before your flight

Visitors can pre-book a pocket Wifi device online before their flight to Indonesia and then collect it when they land at Indonesian airports. After your vacation, return it to the location as arranged before leaving.


  • Access the Internet quickly
  • Time to compare pocket Wifi providers and plan options in advance
  • Better value than renting on-site


  • Have to pick it up when landing
  • Might not get it on time if your flight is late

Rent directly at Indonesia Airports

There are several pocket Wifi rental counters at major Indonesian airports like Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Bali Denpasar Airport, or Medan Kualanamu Airport so it is convenient for tourists to rent a pocket Wifi. Just opt for a suitable option, connect your devices to the hotspot and you will have reliable Internet when in Indonesia.


  • Convenient
  • No need to worry about late collection if your flight is delayed


  • Less time to check prices and options
  • A bit higher rates compared to booking beforehand online

► Our recommendation:

It is best to order your Indonesia pocket wifi before your trip if you can. This gives you a better price. You also do not have to spend time at the airport selecting options and paying for it. Pre-ordering is more convenient.

V. How Many Devices can Connect to a Pocket Wifi in Indonesia

The number of devices a pocket Wifi in Indonesia allows depends on the model and rental company.

  • Up to 5 devices: Standard for 1-2 tourists using phones, tablets, laptops.
  • Around 10-12 devices: great for families or groups of 3-6 with phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • 15+ devices: Perfect for big groups with many connected mobile devices.

Important Note:

  • The more devices hooked up, the faster data will run out and speeds might slow down. Estimate your data usage and group size before renting.
  • Do not connect unnecessary devices to save your data.
  • Turn off the Wifi hotspot when not in use to save battery life.

VI. Best Wifi Pockets for Indonesia Travel and Costs

You can decide which pocket Wifi in Indonesia to rent based on your needs, length of stay, and budget levels. This table compares the different pocket Wifi rental options and rates accordingly.

ProviderSpeedCostMax devicesDeliveryBattery Life
Pinjam WifiFast 4GAverage $10-15 per day10Delivered to your home/ hotel/ airport8-10 hours
Travel WifiModerate 4GAverage $7-12 per day15Delivered to your home/ hotel/ airport6-8 hours
MywebspotFast 4GAverage $8-10 per day10Post or airport collection5-6 hours
TelkomselFast 4GAverage $7-10 per day10Delivered to your home/ hotel/ airport or at airports for collection10-12 hours

► Our conclusion:

We can see that the speed, number of connections allowed, and rental rates vary by pocket Wifi providers in Indonesia. Delivery options also impact cost and convenience. Choose the suitable option based on your budget, trip length, and the number of devices that need connectivity.

Pro Tips:

  • Always check the rental prices and benefits from various providers to choose the most suitable pocket Wifi.
  • Look for discounts/ special offers to get the best deals.

VII. FAQs about Indonesia Pocket Wifi Rental

Can I return the pocket WiFi early if my Indonesia trip is shortened?

Some pocket WiFi rental companies in Indonesia allow early returns, but may charge a fee. Check individual policies, as you can potentially avoid paying for unused days of a Pocket WiFi in Indonesia rental.

How many devices can I connect to one pocket WiFi device?

Most Pocket WiFi devices in Indonesia rentals support connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously. This makes it suitable for sharing among family/friends during travel.

Is international data included with pocket WiFi rentals?

Pocket WiFi in Indonesiacomes with data packages for use only within Indonesia. International roaming would incur extra charges. It is best to disable cellular data on connected devices when not in Indonesia to avoid roaming fees.

VIII. Conclusion

In summary, pocket Wifi in Indonesia provides easy Internet access for travelers. While the options may seem numerous, focusing on speed, cost and device allowance will help you pick the best plan for your needs. With a pocket WiFi rental, you can explore Indonesia freely while staying connected online. Be sure to choose a provider offering quality service so you can make the most of your trip.