How to Get and Activate Turkcell SIM Cards and eSIM: 2024 Guide for Tourists

Turkcell’s reliable coverage, fast speed, and affordable alternatives allow travelers to use their phones in Turkey. They also provide Turkcell SIM card & eSIM, pocket wifi, and more to meet various needs.

Turkcell SIM card & eSIM

I. Quick Facts About Turkcell

Turkcell is the largest and oldest mobile network operator in Turkey. Here are some quick facts about Turkcell:

  • Founded: 1994
  • Full company name: Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.
  • Brand name: Turkcell
  • Brand name meaning: Turkish cell (phone)
  • Types of services provided: GSM (2G), GPRS (2.5G), EDGE (2.75G), UMTS (3G), HSDPA (3.5G), LTE (4G), LTE-A (4.5G), and 5G
  • Number of subscribers: 38.6 million (as of Q3 2020)
  • Area covered: 99.49% of people and 81.11% of land (Q3 2020).
  • Customer care policy: In Turkish, English, German, Arabic, and Russian via phone, chat, email, or social media 24/7.
  • Award received: 2019 World Communication Awards European Best Mobile Operator.
  • Milestones: First 5G and eSIM services in Turkey in 2019 and 2020, respectively.
  • Pros: Wide coverage, quick speed, cheap rates, flexible plans, pleasant service, innovative features
  • Cons: SIM card registration, restricted roaming partners, eSIM availability limited.
Quick Facts About Turkcell

II. Why Turkcell When Traveling Turkey – Coverage and Speed

Travelers visiting Turkey may enjoy the comprehensive coverage and ultra-fast speeds provided by Turkcell SIM card & eSIM, the top mobile operator in the nation. Turkcell use 800, 900, 1800, 2100, and 2600 MHz for its 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE networks.

1. Turkcell Coverage in Turkey

Covermap Turkcell in Turkey
Covermap Turkcell in Turkey

Turkcell has the most significant coverage in Turkey—99.49% people and 81.11% land (Q3 2020). Turkcell services all major Turkish cities, towns, tourist attractions, and most rural areas. Turkcell has the best indoor, outdoor, metro, tube, and high-speed train coverage.

Turkcell’s coverage is more significant in western and central Turkey, where most people and businesses are. Turkcell coverage could be better in low-population hills in eastern and southeastern Turkey.

Turkcell launched Turkey’s 5G network in 2019. Turkishcell has 5G in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, and Bursa. Turkcell is expanding 5G cities.

2. Turkcell Speed

Turkcell Turkcell SIM card & eSIM Speed
Turkcell Turkcell SIM card & eSIM Speed

Turkcell leads Turkish speed testing and surveys. Turkeycell’s download and upload speeds average 28.6 and 11.3 Mbps, according to Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index. The Turkcell Opensignal mobile network experience rating is 17.8 Mbps download and 9.5 Mbps upload. A Tutela Mobile Network View Turkcell provides 25.1 and 10.7 Mbps download and upload speeds in Turkey.

Turkcell, Vodafone, and Telekom rank speed. Turkishcell is 20th in Ottokla Speedtest Global Index. The same body says Turkcell’s network is faster than the worldwide average of 24.4 Mbps download and 10.1 Mbps upload.

Our recommendation: We like Turkcell for speed and coverage. Turkcell provides 2G, 3G, 4.5G, and 5G nationwide. Turkcell is Turkey’s fastest city and tourist network. Turkish internet service Turkcell is trustworthy and accessible.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Turkcell for Travelers to Turkey?

There are three main ways that travelers can stay connected using Turkcell SIM card & eSIM in Turkey:

  • Sim card: Small chips link phones to the mobile network. SIM cards enable calls, texts, and data. Phones in Turkey are most convenient with SIM cards.
  • Pocket Wi-Fi: Mobile networks create Wi-Fi hotspots. Cellphones, tablets, PCs, and cameras may use pocket wifi. Portable wifi is perfect for sharing the internet or using several devices.
  • Roaming: Use your home country’s SIM card in Turkey. Maintain your phone number by traveling and without swapping SIM cards. Roaming helps avoid problems and maintain relations.
SIM CardFast, direct connection, stable pricesTakes steps to connect to network
Pocket WiFiNo need to remove SIMBulkier to carry, short range, deposit required, higher cost, shipping logistics
RoamingNo need to remove SIMPotentially high cost, dependent on roaming agreement

Conclusion: A Turkcell SIM card & eSIM is the most common, convenient, and economical method for most travelers.

IV. Best Turkcell SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Turkish travelers may buy Turkcell prepaid SIM cards. Turkcell Tourist SIMs provide 15GB of data over 15 days for 60 TL (around $3). Turkcell Super Tourist SIMs cost 99 TL (about $5) for 20GB of data over 30 days.

During your Turkey vacation, both plans include high-speed data for applications, navigation, social media, and more. The longer-lasting Super Tourist SIM is great for lengthy travels. Texts and calls cost individuals.

Turkcell does not provide prepaid tourist eSIMs for iPhone 14s. If you prefer, Gigago sells Turkcell eSIMs. Kurzzeit Turkcell eSIM plans from Gigago start at $10 for 1GB. This lets you use Turkcell’s network without a SIM card or contract.

V. Does Turkcell Support eSIM in Turkey?

Turkcell supports eSIM in Turkey. Turkcell runs Turkey’s only eSIM network. A phone-activated digital SIM card, Turkcell eSIM enables you to talk, text, and access data. Many perks come with Turkcell eSIM:

  • Turkcell eSIM and network frequencies are supported by iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S20, and Google Pixel 3.
  • Buy and recharge Turkcell eSIM online or via the app. SIM cards without waiting or shopping.
  • Changing Turkcell eSIM profiles and keeping your main SIM card is easy. Your phone or device may have personal and business numbers.
  • Turkeycell eSIM is safe since you can remotely lock or erase your profile if you lose your phone. Switch phones to recover your eSIM profile quickly.
  • Gigago Turkcell eSIM packages:

For Turkey, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 3 days with $3.00 . What is great about Gigago’s Turkey eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $3.00$95.90 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Turkey, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

Our Recommendation: Consider Gigago eSIM packages A, B, or C for easy connectivity through Turkcell’s network.

VI. Where to Buy a Turkcell SIM card and eSIM?

Turkey offers many Turkcell SIM cards and eSIM choices. Turkcell SIM card & eSIM may be purchased in Turkey in these ways:

1. Where to Buy Turkcell SIM Card for Turkey?

You can buy Turkcell SIM card & eSIM at Turkcell store
You can buy Turkcell SIM card & eSIM at Turkcell store

There are several ways to buy a Turkcell SIM card for Turkey, such as:

  • At the Airport: Turkcell stores and kiosks offer SIM cards for purchase.
  • Online: Buy a Turkcell SIM card via the website or app. 
  • At a store, agent, or point of sale: Throughout Turkey, you may find Turkcell stores, agents, and points of sale where you can purchase a SIM card. 

The pros and cons of buying a Turkcell SIM card are:

  • Pros: Use your phone or device with confidence in Turkcell’s top-notch network coverage and speed across Turkey. 
  • Cons: Registration and verification of your Turkcell SIM card need a valid passport and visa, which may be an inconvenience and a time-consuming process.

2. Where to Buy Turkcell eSIM for Turkey?

You can buy Turkcell SIM card & eSIM at Turkcell store
You can buy Turkcell SIM card & eSIM at Turkcell store

There are two ways to buy a Turkcell eSIM for Turkey, such as:

  • Online from Turkcell: The Turkcell website or mobile app is the place to go to purchase an eSIM. 
  • Online from Gigago: Online you may buy Turkcell eSIMs from Gigago, a global eSIM provider that serves over 200 nations and regions, including Turkey. You will not be requested to provide any identifying papers or evidence of identity since Gigago does not need registration or verification for eSIMs.

The pros and cons of buying a Turkcell eSIM are:

  • Pros: Use your phone or device with confidence in Turkcell’s top-notch network coverage and speed across Turkey. 
  • Cons: It may be a hassle and a waste of time to register and validate your Turkcell eSIM with a valid passport and visa if you purchase it from Turkcell. 

VII. How to Use and Activate Turkcell SIM/eSIM in Turkey?

Following purchase in Turkey, activate your Turkcell SIM card & eSIM on your mobile device. Instructions for activating and using a Turkcell eSIM or SIM card in Turkey:

1. How to Use Turkcell SIM Card in Turkey?

You only need to follow these simple steps and everything will be ready.

  1. Insert the SIM card: Locate the SIM card slot on your device
  2. Power on your device: Turn on your device and wait for it to recognize the SIM card
  3. Activate the SIM card: In most cases, the Unitel Laos SIM card will be pre-activated
  4. Set up APN settings if you can not use the eSIM.
  5. Check your services.

2. How to Activate Turkcell eSIM?

Getting started with an Turkcell eSIM for Turkey is quite easy as follows:

  1. Install the eSIM
  2. Activate the eSIM
  3. Set up the eSIM
  4. Start using the eSIM: Once the eSIM is activated and set up, you can start using its services.

Please check your detailed instructions below:

VIII. How to Top-up Turkcell SIM/eSIM

Top-up your card for Turkcell SIM card and eSIM
Top-up your card for Turkcell SIM card and eSIM

You may buy top-up coupons at locations around Turkey to add data or minutes to your Turkcell prepaid SIM card. Set coupon quantities include 20TL, 50TL, etc. Enter the coupon code into your Turkcell account using the Mobile Center app or online to add value to your balance. Turkcell eSIM app users may buy data packages to fill up their data. After paying, your plan will get the additional data. Data packages for eSIM top-up include 1GB, 5GB, and 10 GB.

IX. FAQs about Turkcell in Turkey

Does Turkcell offer free SIM delivery?

Yes, there is free delivery within Turkey when ordering online, including the convenient option for Turkcell SIM card u0026amp; eSIM.

Can I use 4G/LTE with a Turkcell tourist SIM?

Absolutely, Turkcell tourist SIMs, including both physical Turkcell SIM card u0026amp; eSIM, provide access to high-speed 4G/LTE data for a seamless connectivity experience.

How long is a Turkcell prepaid SIM valid?

Turkcell prepaid tourist SIMs are typically valid for 15-30 days. Check when purchasing.

X. Conclusion

Turkcell SIM card & eSIM is Turkey’s leading mobile provider with vast coverage and excellent speeds. Travelers may easily connect with their prepaid tourist SIM cards. Turkcell does not sell tourist eSIMs; however, Gigago does. In Turkey, a Turkcell prepaid SIM card is the easiest and cheapest alternative for most visitors.