Best Pocket Wifi in Turkey Rental & Alternatives: Travelers Guide 2024

Internet connectivity is vital in Turkey, especially for travelers. The fast internet is helpful for email, social media, mapping, and video conversations. In this instance, portable WiFi helps. This Turkey-specific page discusses the advantages of pocket WiFi, how to obtain and use it, and more. Pocket WiFi in Turkey rental is more practical and flexible with eSIM.

Pocket wifi in Turkey


  • A typical pocket WiFi in Turkey starts at about $20 (delivery fees included)
  • A pocket WiFi for Turkey allows for up to 10 devices connecting.
  • People can pick up pocket WiFi rental at Istanbul airport and other major airports in Turkey.

I. What is pocket WiFi for Turkey?

A pocket Wifi is a small device which acts as your personal Internet hotspot by linking up to the nearby cellular network. It operates by using a Turkey SIM card to connect to a cellular/mobile network , just like a smartphone does. It allows you to connect multiple devices to the Internet through a mobile network. It is also called as MiFi, portable WiFi, or mobile WiFi.

Pocket WiFi in Turkey connects with the Turkish cell network and offers unlimited high-speed internet. Pocket WiFi for Turkey works anywhere with network access. It is excellent for working, learning, resting, and having fun.

Suitable for: Turkish internet users and foreigners who wish to avoid free WiFi, SIM cards, and roaming, who travel in groups or who have multiple mobile devices to share the Internet.

II. Why Renting a pocket WiFi for Turkey travel?

Pocket wifi in Turkey device
Pocket wifi in Turkey device

There are many benefits of renting a pocket WiFi for your Turkey travel, such as:

  • Convenience: No need for free WiFi, local SIM cards, or pricey roaming costs. Just switch on your mobile WiFi gadget and connect to the internet anywhere.
  • Security: No need to compromise your privacy or security on public WiFi. You can use an encrypted WiFi network only you and your friends may use.
  • Speed: You may avoid sluggish or unstable internet. Depending on network quality and package, pocket WiFi may provide fast and steady internet.
  • Portability: No need to carry hefty gadgets. Your mobile WiFi device may be in your pocket, purse, or backpack.
  • Flexibility: You may utilize several devices and users. Depending on the provider and package, you may share your pocket WiFi connection with several devices and users.

However, pocket WiFi also has some drawbacks, such as:

  • Battery life: If you use your portable WiFi device often or with many devices, keep it charged. Pocket WiFi devices typically last 6–12 hours.
  • Delivery and return: Deliver and return your pocket WiFi equipment at the airport or via mail. Depending on the supplier and selection, this may cost more and be more complicated.
  • Availability and reservation: Check availability and book your pocket WiFi device in advance, particularly during busy seasons or in famous places. If you book late or it’s out of stock, you may not receive your pocket WiFi gadget.

If you want to avoid these drawbacks, consider eSIM, an alternative to pocket WiFi that offers even more convenience and flexibility.

Important Note: To use eSIM, your phone must be carrier-unlocked and eSIM-supported. To check quickly, you can also look into our list of eSIM-compatible devices to see if there is your phone model.

III. Turkey eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Turkey

You can buy eSIM at Gigago to use pocket wifi in Turkey
You can buy eSIM at Gigago to use pocket wifi in Turkey

If you have an unlocked and eSIM-compatible smartphone, it is highly recommended to use eSIM for Turkey as an alternative to pocket WiFi. 

An eSIM is an embedded, virtual, or digital SIM. Your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other eSIM-enabled device can access the internet using an eSIM. Get an eSIM profile from a provider and activate it on your smartphone.

Anywhere in Turkey with an internet connection is suitable for using an eSIM. No more SIM cards, roaming charges, or expensive pocket WiFi with eSIM for Turkey.

There are many advantages of eSIM, such as:

  • No physical device: You don’t have to carry, charge, or return a pocket WiFi device. You can use your device and switch between different eSIM profiles.
  • No delivery: You don’t have to wait for or pay for the delivery of your pocket WiFi device. You can instantly download and activate your eSIM profile on your device.
  • No return: You don’t have to worry about losing or damaging your pocket WiFi device. You can delete your eSIM profile from your device when you don’t need it anymore.
  • No availability or reservation: You don’t have to check the availability or reserve your pocket WiFi device in advance. You can always get your eSIM profile whenever and wherever you are.

So where to buy eSIM for Turkey? You can buy Turkish eSIM either from Turkish mobile network operators or eSIM retailers. For the best convenience, you should choose eSIM retailers because they do not require any personal registration.

Consider Gigago, a global eSIM provider that offers eSIM profiles for over 200 countries and regions, including Turkey.

For Turkey, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 3 days with $3.00 . What is great about Gigago’s Turkey eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $3.00$95.90 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Turkey, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

IV. How to Get a Pocket WiFi for Travelers to Turkey?

Boths of network operators at Istanbul airport in Turkey
Boths of network operators at Istanbul airport in Turkey

If you prefer to use pocket WiFi for your Turkey travel, you must know how to get it. There are two ways to get a pocket WiFi: rent online or at the airport.

  • Rent online: The quickest and recommended way to get a Turkish pocket WiFi. Book your portable WiFi equipment online before traveling and choose delivery and return options.
  • Rent at the airport: Most major international Turkey airports have a service of picking up pocket WiFi for tourists. You can take your pocket wifi at Istanbul airport or Antalya airport and return it back when you leave. 

Here is a table comparing the pros and cons of booking online vs. Turkey airport WiFi rental for pocket WiFi devices:

Booking onlineTurkey airport WiFi rental
Pros– Get the device right away without waiting for delivery.
– Avoid shipping fees and return hassles.
– Test the device and check the battery level before renting.
– Extend the rental period easily if needed.
– Choose from a variety of providers and plans to reserve the device in advance and ensure availability.
– Get the device delivered to your hotel or home address and can compare prices and features online.
Cons– Choose from various providers and plans to reserve the device in advance and ensure availability.
– Get the device delivered to your hotel or home address and can compare prices and features online.
You may have limited options and higher prices and may have to deal with long queues and paperwork. You may have to return the device at the same airport or location and may have to pay extra fees for late returns or damages.

Overall, renting online is superior to renting at the airport due to ease, dependability, cost, and choice. Thus, we advise you to pre-book your portable WiFi equipment online before your travel to Turkey to prevent the trouble and danger of airport rentals.

V. How many devices can connect to a pocket Wifi for Turkey?

Pocket WiFi for Turkey’s gadget capacity is another consideration. Pocket WiFi can connect 5 to 15 devices, depending on the provider and subscription. More devices can connect to a more costly mobile WiFi device.

Your portable WiFi device’s speed and data limit may affect internet quality. More gadgets connected to your pocket WiFi device eat more bandwidth and impede your connection. Thus, join us with the devices you require and disconnect the others.

Check the number of devices connected to our mobile WiFi device before buying it to ensure it can fit all your gadgets on vacation. Choose a tiny WiFi device with appropriate bandwidth and data for your online demands by checking its speed and limit.

VI. How much does a Pocket WiFi for Turkey cost?

Pocket WiFi in Turkey costs $5–$15 per day, depending on the provider and package.

The cost of a pocket Wifi also depends on different factors like data limit, duration for rental, number of devices, and mobile data speed. Thus, it is recommended to compare providers and plans online to get the best deal.

VII. Best pocket WiFi for Turkey travel – Which to choose?

Rent' n Connect is the leading provider of Pocket Wifi in Turkey
Rent’ n Connect is the leading provider of Pocket Wifi in Turkey

Choose a portable WiFi for your Turkey vacation with our suggestions. Our study and experience show that these pocket WiFi providers for Turkey travel are the best in speed, pricing, maximum number of devices, delivery choice, and battery life:

Some alternative providers and plans may fit your requirements better. We recommend doing your study and comparison online to get the best pocket WiFi for your money.

VIII. How to use your pocket WiFi in Turkey?

Once you have your pocket WiFi device, you must know how to use it. Here are the steps to use your pocket WiFi in Turkey:

  • Turn on your pocket WiFi device
  • Connect to the network
  • Check the battery
  • Enjoy the internet

Here are some tips and recommendations for using your pocket WiFi in Turkey:

  • Keep your pocket WiFi device in a safe and calm place.
  • Turn off your pocket WiFi device when not in use.
  • Consider eSIM as an alternative.

IX. FAQs about Turkey pocket WiFi rental

What is the coverage of pocket WiFi in Turkey? 

Turkish pocket WiFi availability varies depending on the network provider and location. Pocket WiFi devices operate well in metropolitan places like Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, etc.. 

How fast is the pocket WiFi in Turkey?

Network provider, package, and location might affect Turkish pocket WiFi speeds. Often, mobile WiFi devices provide 4G speed, which usually falls between 10 and 50 Mbps. 

What happens if I lose or damage the pocket WiFi device? 

There can be a penalty cost that you have to pay to the pocket WiFi provider if you happen to lose or damage the device. The provider and the severity of the damage or loss determine the penalty price. 

X. Conclusion

Pocket WiFi in Turkey is terrific for internet users. You get security, speed, mobility, and flexibility. Drawbacks include battery life, shipping, return, availability, and reservation. Compare pocket WiFi providers and plans online for the best value. WiFi with eSIM is more portable and flexible.

This post discusses portable WiFi, why you should use it in Turkey, and how to acquire it. We hope you liked and learned from this post. Questions, comments, or ideas? Contact us. Get in touch.