TPlus SIM Cards and eSIM 2024: a Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

Learn about how it works and what travelers should know in Laos and SIM Card and eSIM options to stay connected in Laos for travelers.

Do you want to visit Laos? Make your trip easier with TPlus SIM and eSIM! Enjoy seamless communication, internet access, and stay connected to your loved ones. Let join us to learn the comprehensive guide below.


I. Quick facts about TPlus

TPlus is one of three mobile network operators in Laos, along with Unitel and Lao Telecom. It is also a popular choice among both locals and tourists due to its reliable network and competitive pricing. 

Here are some quick facts about TPlus Laos:

  • Name:  TPlus was formerly Beeline
  • Parent company: Lao Telecom (LTC) in 2020
  • Industry: Mobile phone operator
  • Headquarters: Vientiane, it holds a 15 years exclusive license from Laos government
  • Customers: Over 1 million subscribers in Laos in 2022
  • Logo: The logo features a stylized lowercase “t” with curved lines, usually in shades of blue or purple to depict connectivity and modernity

II. LaosTPlus Coverage and Speed in the Laos 

TPlus has the 3rd highest coverage in Laos now. This carrier stands out by providing reliable connections even in remote areas.

1. TPlus coverage in Laos

TPlus’s 3G mobile network currently has wide coverage in Laos. However, TPlus first launched 4G services in Laos in 2022, starting with major cities. As of mid-2022, TPlus’s 4G network has covered about 30-35% and is concentrated in urban areas.

At the coverage map, TPlus has coverage mainly in some famous tourist destinations in Laos such as Vientiane,… You can see the coverage map covered by TPlus below:

TPlus Coverage Maps Source:

2. TPlus speed in Laos

TPlus operates 3G and 4G/LTE networks throughout Laos, with speeds varying depending on the region. In big cities like Vientiane, TPlus has high 4G coverage, average speeds ranging from 15-69 Mbps, among the top 3 mobile networks in Laos. This allows you to download HD videos or use apps/websites seamlessly.


However, TPlus’s 4G speed can drop below 10 Mbps even in urban areas and secondary towns. The 5G network is not yet provided by TPlus. So TPlus speeds perform well but are significantly slower than the main competitors, especially outside key urban centers where coverage is also more limited.

Overall, if you want to travel in urban areas and famous places in Laos, using TPlus’s SIM card is an ideal choice for you.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of TPlus for Travelers to Laos?

Currently, TPlus provides many connectivity options for tourists in Laos including Pocket WiFi, Roaming, and best of all, SIM cards. Below we will show you the pros and cons of these options. 

SIM CardAffordable starter priceOnly works on one device
Can be used on any unlocked phoneCan be lost or damaged
No activation fees
Pocket WiFiCan share Wi-Fi signal with othersHigher rental costs
Useful for long stays or whole groupsSecurity deposit required
No changes to usage habitsLimited to a single location
RoamingMaintain your regular number abroadExpensive
Still rely on mobile network

Overall, if you choose the TPlus network for your travel in Laos, the convenience of prepaid SIM cards makes them the best choice for independent travel connectivity in Laos most of the time.

IV. Best TPlus SIM cards for Tourists and Cost


TPlus provides travel packages from 7 to 30 days at reasonable prices and is suitable for trips in Laos.

You can review the suggested plans below:

PackageValidityDataPrice (USD)Price (Kip)
7 Day Tourist SIM7 days5 GB$2.330000 KIP
15 Day Tourist SIM15 days10 GB$3.850000 KIP
30 Day Tourist SIM30 daysUnlimited$7.7100000 KIP
Flexi Start Plan3 days1GB$1.520000 KIP

Overall, the 15-day tourist SIM package will be ideal for most travelers, while the 30-day unlimited SIM package will be suitable for your longer trips in Laos.

Additional Notes: 

  • Consider your expected data usage, travel length, budget, and phone compatibility when choosing a plan for your trip.
  • Check with your home carrier for specific roaming charges and limitations.

V. Does TPlus Laos support eSIM?


Yes, TPlus supported eSIM in Laos since early 2022. It has become one of the best network operators for tourists in Laos. If you want the compare TPlus eSIM and SIM card, we will point out their pros and cons below:

FeatureeSIMSIM Card
ProsNo need to physically neededCompatible with nearly all phones
Can be activated and deactivated remotelyNo activation fees
Can load multiple profiles on one deviceCan be easily purchased
ConsOnly available on devices that support eSIMCan be lost or stolen
Not universally adopted yetOnly one or two SIMs per device

Based on the above features, using TPlus eSIM is the best choice for your travel. You can buy eSIM at the official TPlus website or a reputable online mobile network provider. Unfortunately, GIGAGO does not currently offer the TPlus eSIM due to technological and availability limitations. 

Currently, the eSIM packages we are providing are from Unitel network, the 2nd largest network operator currently in Laos. You can refer to the information on Gigago’s website.

VI. Where can you buy a TPlus SIM card and eSIM?

When traveling in Laos, you can easily find places selling SIM cards or eSIM here. We’ll list some places you can find them.

1. Where to buy TPlus SIM for Laos

  • Airport Kiosks: TPlus has a counter inside the arrivals hall where you can easily buy a SIM right after baggage claim.
  • TPlus Stores: They have flagship stores located in major cities like Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse,… These stores offer you the full selection of plans and help activate them.
  • Convenience stores: Convenience stores like 7-Eleven across Laos sell TPlus prepaid SIM cards alongside other operators.
  • Online: The main website of TPlus or other reputable carriers allows you to choose and have your SIM card delivered to your door in big cities like Vientiane.

Tip: Wherever you choose to buy your TPlus SIM card, ensure that the retailer is authorized and offers genuine products.

2. Where to buy LaosTPlus eSIM

  • Official Website: Visit the official website where you can purchase an eSIM directly for the TPlus network.
  • eSIM Provider: Purchase from a digital eSIM retailer like Gigago. They offer various data plans and can email you the eSIM for activation right from your phone.

VII. How to Use and Activate TPlus LaosSIM/eSIM in Laos?

It’s easy to use a TPlus SIM/eSIM for Laos. If this is your first time using it, please check the instructions below.

1. How to Use and Activate TPlus SIM cards in Laos?

You only need to follow these simple steps and everything will be ready.

  • Insert the SIM card: Locate the SIM card slot on your device
  • Power on your device: Turn on your device and wait for it to recognize the SIM card
  • Activate the SIM card: In most cases, the TPlus SIM card will be pre-activated
  • Set up APN settings if you can not use the eSIM.
  • Check your services.

2. How to Use and Activate TPlus eSIM?

Getting started with a TPus eSIM for Laos is quite easy as follows:

  • Install the eSIM
  • Activate the eSIM
  • Set up the eSIM
  • Start using the eSIM: Once the eSIM is activated and set up, you can start using its services.

VIII. How to top up TPlus Laos SIM/eSIM

TPlus offers many convenient methods to top up your SIM card or eSIM. Let’s explore the most popular options:

1. Vouchers and Scratch Cards

Vouchers and scratch cards are widely available at convenience stores, TPlus retail stores, and authorized agents throughout Laos. Follow the instructions included with your voucher or scratch card to complete the deposit process.

2. Deposit money online

TPlus also offers customers the option to recharge online through their website or mobile app. Simply visit the TPlus website or app, select the deposit option, and follow the instructions to safely complete the transaction.

Always ensure that you are using authorized channels when recharging your TPlus SIM card to avoid any fraudulent transactions.

IX. Alternatives to Laos TPlus

Although TPlus has attempted to compete with the companies that dominate the Lao telecommunications market, it continues to face significant limitations that degrade the user experience. Most notably, this mobile network’s coverage remains weak and unreliable in the suburbs of major population centers. This can make it difficult for travelers in remote areas to get online or make important calls. Therefore, using bandwidth-intensive applications can be annoying.

Unitel in particular stands out as the superior choice, with fast and reliable nationwide 4G/LTE coverage that delivers high speeds almost anywhere in the country. In this case, a Unitel SIM card or eSIM may be a better choice for you.

Here are some options you can choose below: 

PackagesDataValidationPrice ($)
Unitel Weekly1.5 GB7 days$5
Unitel Monthly Lite3 GB30 days$10
Unitel Classic 1 Day500 MB1 days$1.5
Unitel Monthly Plus10 GB30 days$20

Gigago is recognized as the leading eSIM package provider on the Unitel network in Laos, offering travelers several useful features. Some of the key advantages they offer include:

  • Diverse plan options
  • Competitive prices provide good value
  • Quick support via WhatsApp, Facebook, and Email

For Laos, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 15 GB for 10 days with $6.90 . What is great about Gigago’s Laos eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $6.90$12.90 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Laos, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

X. FAQs about TPlus in Laos

1. Can I use my TPlus SIM card in other countries?

Yes, you can use your TPlus SIM card in over 50 countries, including neighboring countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. However, do check the roaming rates before using your TPlus SIM card abroad to avoid any unexpected charges.

2. Is TPlus coverage available in all areas of Laos?

TPlus has extensive coverage throughout Laos, including major cities and many rural areas. However, some remote areas may have limited or no coverage. 

3. Can I keep my TPlus SIM card for future visits to Laos?

Yes, you can retain your TPlus SIM card for future visits to Laos. However, note that prepaid SIM cards often have an expiration period if left unused for an extended period. To ensure uninterrupted services, top up your TPlus SIM card before its expiration date or inquire with TPlus customer support for further information.

XI. Conclusion

TPlus SIM and eSIM provide excellent mobile network solutions for travelers visiting Laos. By choosing TPlus as your mobile network, you will enjoy seamless connectivity, allowing you to share memorable moments, stay connected with loved ones back home, and support essential activities.

Choose to use TPlus SIM cards and eSIMs to enjoy your wonderful trip!