How to Get and Activate SLTMobitel SIM Cards and eSIM: 2024  Guide for Tourists

When traveling, having reliable cellular connectivity is essential for using maps, making reservations, contacting emergency services, and sharing memorable moments through photos. In Sri Lanka, SLTMobite SIM Cards and eSIM is one of the leading telecommunications providers. 

This guide aims to provide valuable information about SLTMobitel and highlight the best SIM card and eSIM options for visitors to Sri Lanka.

I. Quick Facts about SLTMobitel

SLTMobitel is the national telecommunications services provider in Sri Lanka and the second largest mobile company in Sri Lanka

  • Founded year: September 1, 1991
  • Full company name: Sri Lanka Telecom PLC
  • Types of services provided: Fixed Line Telephone services, Mobile Telephone services, Internet services with dedicated speed link, ADSL and FTTx, IPTV and IT services
  • Annual Revenue: $500M – $1B
  • Coverage: SLTMobitel is one of the most extensive coverage operators across mainland Sri Lanka. Overall population coverage is around 91%.

II. Why SLTMobitel When Traveling Sri Lanka – Coverage and Speed

SLTMobitel coverage and speed is in high quality and can serve well customers needs

1. SLTMobitel Coverage in Sri Lanka

SLTMobitel coverage in Sri Lanka
SLTMobitel coverage in Sri Lanka

Mobitel offers extensive mobile coverage throughout Sri Lanka. It utilizes reliable 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE

With Mobitel, users enjoy frequent access to 4G networks, as it has the competitive 4G availability quality at 84.1% of the time. 

Overall, Mobitel provides excellent network availability, with connectivity available 91% of the time. 

2. SLTMobitel Speed in Sri Lanka

Speed experience of some main operators in Sri Lanka
Speed experience of some main operators in Sri Lanka

Download Speed and Upload Speed of SLTMobitel is 10.9 Mbps and 3.8 Mbps, respectively. These data helps SLTMobitel to become second fastest mobile operators in Sri Lanka

These high speeds allow for smooth streaming, video calls, using apps and more. 

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of SLTMobitel for Travelers to Sri Lanka?

When it comes to connecting to the SLTMobitel network in Sri Lanka, travelers have three main options:

  • Local SLTMobitel SIM card
  • Pocket WiFi rental:
  • Roaming plan to SLTMobitel:

1. Local SLTMobitel SIM card

Pros: Affordable data packages, use your own phone with a local number.

Cons: Requires an unlocked phone, setup can be complicated.

2. Pocket WiFi rental:

SLTMobitel Pocket wifi
SLTMobitel Pocket wifi

Pros: Simple plug-and-play setup, works for multiple devices.

Cons: Need to pick up and return the device, limitations on battery life.

3. Roaming plan to SLTMobitel:

Pros: Use your home number, no new setup required.

Cons: Very expensive data rates, limited plan options.

For most travelers, getting a local SLTMobitel SIM card offers the best experience as it allows for affordable data usage and avoids costly roaming fees. By using a Mobitel SIM card, you can enjoy seamless connectivity in Sri Lanka while keeping your expenses under control.

IV. Best Mobitel SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Note: 1 USD = 302 LKR

You can purchase an SLTMobitel SIM card for 100 LKR at SLTMobitel stores or at Colombo-Bandaranaike International Airport. When you activate a new SLTMobitel SIM card, you will automatically be enrolled in the New Connection Offer. This offer provides you with 350 MB and 674 4G/LTE data for 12 months if you recharge at least 100 LKR every month.

SLTMobitel SIM Card plans
SLTMobitel SIM Card plans

For short-term visitors and tourists, SLTMobitel offers Tourist packs, which are SIM cards specifically designed for tourists. There are two options available: 499 LKR and 999 LKR. The 499 LKR pack offers unlimited data, unlimited local minutes, and unlimited international minutes to your home country, all valid for 30 days. The 999 LKR pack provides the same unlimited allowances for a 30-day period.

However, it’s important to note that these offers may not provide truly unlimited allowances, and Fair Use Policies (FUP) may apply

V. Does Mobitel Support eSIM in Sri Lanka?

SLTMobitel introduced eSIM for Sri Lanka to allow users with compatible phones and tablets to take advantage of this technology. With eSIM, you can activate a cellular plan digitally, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card.

SLTMobitel eSIM helps tourists to save much time and money
SLTMobitel eSIM helps tourists to save much time and money

SLTMobitel eSIM is compatible with iPhone XR and newer models. Additionally, select Android phones, such as the newer Samsung Galaxy A54 5G series, also support eSIM functionality.

By utilizing eSIM technology, Mobitel offers convenience and flexibility for users in Sri Lanka, allowing them to activate their cellular plans digitally without the hassle of physical SIM cards.

VI. Where to Buy a SLTMobitel SIM card and eSIM?

When it comes to purchasing a SLTMobitel SIM card or eSIM in Sri Lanka there are a few options available:

  • SLTMobitel SIM Card
  • SLTMobitel eSIM

1. SLTMobitel SIM Card

SLTMobitel Shops at Arrival Airports:

Most arrival airports have SLTMobitel shops conveniently located in the baggage claim or arrivals hall area. While prices may have a slight markup compared to other options, it offers the advantage of convenient pickup right upon arrival.

Pros: Convenient pickup upon arrival.

Cons: Slightly higher cost.

SLTMobitel Stores and Authorized Retailers:

SLTMobitel stores in Sri Lanka
SLTMobitel stores in Sri Lanka

SLTMobitel has many official stores and authorized retailer partners, such as phone shops, located throughout Sri Lanka. These stores offer the full range of SIM options at standard local pricing.

Pros: Large local store network, standard local rates.

Cons: Need to visit a physical store location in person.

Overall, finding a SLTMobitel store in the area you are visiting or staying is the best approach to ensure supported service when purchasing your SIM card.

2. SLTMobitel eSIM for Sri Lanka:

Since SLTMobitel eSIM is a digital solution, there are two ways to sign up:

Directly from SLTMobitel Website:

You can sign up for SLTMobitel eSIM plans directly on their website. However, this option typically requires ID Cards making it less suitable for tourists.

Pros: Convenient digital sign up.

Cons: Requires identification documents.

Third-Party Resellers like GIGAGO:

Third-party services like GIGAGO offer the ability to buy Sri Lanka eSIM plans instantly online without any registration or paperwork requirements. These plans work the same as those directly from SLTMobitel, and they may even come at a more affordable price.

Pros: Instant digital delivery globally, no paperwork or registration demands.

Cons: Requires eSIM-compatible devices.

Gigago Sri Lanka SIM Card packages
Gigago Sri Lanka SIM Card packages

For tourists visiting Sri Lanka, using a third-party eSIM provider offers the full convenience of an eSIM without difficult registration requirements.

VII. How to Activate SLTMobitel SIM/eSIM in Sri Lanka?

Using a SLTMobitel SIM/eSIM for Sri Lanka is not difficult. If this is your first time using it, please check the instructions below.

1. How to Use SLTMobitel SIM Card in Sri Lanka?

You only need to follow these simple steps and everything will be ready.

  1. Insert the SIM card: Locate the SIM card slot on your device
  2. Power on your device: Turn on your device and wait for it to recognize the SIM card
  3. Activate the SIM card: In most cases, the  SLTMobite Sri Lanka SIM card will be pre-activated
  4. Set up APN settings if you can not use the eSIM.
  5. Check your services.
SLTMObitel can help tourists with any problems
SLTMObitel can help tourists with any problems

2. How to Activate SLTMobitel eSIM?

Getting started with an SLTMobitel ư eSIM for Sri Lanka is quite easy as follows:

Liệt kê các bước ngắn gọn: từ choose eSIM > install eSIM > activate eSIM > Use eSIM

Please check your detailed instructions below:

  • Activate eSIM on IPhone 
  • Activate eSIM on Samsung 
  • Activate eSIM on Google Pixel 

VIII. How to Top-up SLTMobitel SIM/eSIM

To top up your SLTMobitel SIM card, you can follow the instructions provided on the Mobitel website

  • Visit the Mobitel website
  • Scroll down on the webpage until you find the section titled “How to Recharge.”
  • In the “Recharge options and Validity” section, you will see a list of top-up cards and their respective validity periods. Choose the top-up card that suits your needs.

To recharge using a top-up card, you have a few options:

  • Recharge using the Mobitel Selfcare App:
  • Recharge via USSD Short Code:
  • Recharge via SMS:

Follow the instructions for the chosen recharge method, and your SLTMobitel SIM card will be topped up with the desired amount.

Using phone with SLTMobitel SIM Card
Using phone with SLTMobitel SIM Card

XI. FAQs about SLTMobitel in Sri Lanka

How will I be charged for excess usage beyond the prescribed free bundle?

By default the excess charge is enabled and you will be billed for excess usage as per package details. 

How do I get charged after I complete using the bundle?

You will be charged for standard roaming rates after full utilization of the bundle.

 How is the rental calculated on my first bill?

On selected packages, rental will be charged from the date of connection, up to the date of your bill. 

Using a SLTMobitel SIM Cards and eSIM in Sri Lanka provides you with reliable connectivity throughout the country. Mobitel offers a wide range of SIM card options, including tourist packages, making it easy and convenient to get connected. With Mobitel, you can enjoy fast 5G network coverage that spans across most of the country. Whether you’re arriving in Sri Lanka or planning a trip, Mobitel’s SIM card services, including eSIM support, ensure that you can stay connected and make the most of your time in Sri Lanka