Data Roaming in Morocco for Tourists 2024: Rates & How to Avoid it

If you don’t want to buy an extra SIM card when traveling but need to use a SIM card from a local source, there is still a suitable method. That is Data roaming in Morocco.

data roaming in Morocco

Data roaming in Morocco is switching to using another carrier’s Internet network. This is done when you go to an area where your mobile service provider doesn’t have coverage. Gigago will further introduce this useful option when traveling or working, helping you maintain contact and connect to the Internet without having to buy a new SIM.

I. Overview of Data Roaming in Morocco for Tourists

Before performing data roaming, here is some general information about data roaming in Morocco:

  • Major network operators: Famous network operators in Morocco you should refer to for best support are Inwi, Orange, Morocco Telecom.
  • Roaming services: Please contact network operators about international roaming services. You should research before your trip to have time to compare between carriers and know if conversion is supported for your SIM card.
  • Reference fee: Like international roaming services in other countries, data roaming costs in Morocco are quite high and will usually increase gradually.
  • International SIM cards: Some SIM cards have international data plans that help you save money compared to regular international data roaming. You may consider this method.
  • Coverage area of ​​network operators: The network operators listed above are all large-scale and have wide coverage, especially in densely populated and tourist-developed areas.
  • Data usage tip: Whether you use a data roaming plan or an international data plan, you should still pay attention to data. Some automated features may lead to data being wasted and misused.
Data roaming is widely used in Morocco
Data roaming is widely used in Morocco

II. How Roaming in Morocco Works

When using data roaming services, one thing is for sure: you do not need to buy or carry anything extra. The only thing you need is a phone with full battery and a SIM card with a carrier agreement in Morocco. However, if you have decided to use this service, you need to prepare for higher costs than other forms of internet usage.

3 major network operators provide data roaming services in Morocco
3 major network operators provide data roaming services in Morocco

The carriers that provide data roaming are mostly large network operators with wide coverage and are used by many people. Here are examples:

  • Maroc Telecom: This is Morocco’s leading network operator and is recommended by many people.
  • Orange: Orange is the second largest network operator providing services in Morocco. Its coverage area is not quite as wide as Morocco Telecom, but most towns that have 3G and 4G/LTE networks have also been deployed since 2015.
  • Inwi: Of the 3 network operators listed, Inwi is the smallest operator and only covers mainly in towns. In 2015, this carrier’s 4G/LTE network began covering 26 cities.

III. Roaming Charges in Morocco – Is It Expensive?

Yes, data roaming in Morocco doesn’t cost too much and it’s not for anyone looking to save too much. Payment will depend on the carrier’s agreement with your SIM card along with what your data package includes, which may include calls, SMS, data, social media,… Below are the costs References from network operators:

  • Maroc Telecom: 55 MAD ($5.5 USD) for outgoing calls, 19 MAD ($1.89 USD) for an incoming call, 9.83 MAD($0.98 USD) per SMS, 50 MAD ($5 USD) per MB of data.
  • Inwi: Starting at 136.49 MAD ($13.61 USD) for 1 GB limited data for 7 days.
  • Orange: 409.48 MAD ($40.83 USD) for 2 GB data + 2 hours call + 200 SMS (valid 30 days).
Roaming costs depend on what functions are included in the package
Roaming costs depend on what functions are included in the package

IV. How to Activate Roaming Service for Morocco in Your Cell Phone?

Activating data roaming on your phone is quite simple, visitors only need to understand the following 4 steps:

Step 1: Choose a network operator that provides reputable roaming services

  • List the network operators that have agreements with your SIM card
  • Compare functionality packages and costs to choose the right data package
  • At the same time, you can also choose a data plan from your home
  • If you choose data plans from home, the costs will be approximately as follows:
Mobile network providerData roaming cost
AT&T100 MAD ($10 USD) per day
Vodafone70 MAD ($7 USD) per day
Verizon100 MAD ($10 USD) per day
Three50 MAD ($5 USD) per day

Step 2: Start activating data roaming

Each phone has a different activation method and depends on each carrier. Normally, Android phones enable data roaming as follows: Go to “Settings” -> Select “SIM card & mobile network” -> Click “Data roaming”. Additionally, you can download the app to perform data roaming.

Enable data roaming on Inwi app
Enable data roaming on Inwi app

Step 3: Option to purchase a roaming package

Should I buy an international roaming package or not?

To limit the exorbitant cost of regular data roaming costs, many travelers choose to purchase international data plans. This way, your costs are limited and you don’t have to worry too much about whether your network has a roaming agreement or not.

Pro tips:

  • Roaming packages are activated and used immediately after purchase, so it is not necessary to buy too early, usually only purchased 1 day before arrival date.
  • Consider your data usage and buy enough to use. If you use a lot and update social networks constantly, an unlimited data plan is necessary. On the contrary, if you rarely use data, buy a package with low data to avoid wasting it.

Step 4: Roam data right on your phone

  • Data roaming on IOS phone: Go to Settings app > Find Cellular > Tap on “Data roaming” to turn on data roaming.
  • Data roaming on Android phone: Data roaming on IOS phone: Find the Settings app > Surf to “Data roaming” > Select “International Roaming” to turn it on.

V. How to Avoid Roaming Charges When Traveling to Morocco

Here are some tips for your upcoming trip that can save you more on data roaming costs:

  • If you are a subscriber to any network, you must learn how to calculate roaming charges for that network. You can find out the roaming charges in the destination country and the appropriate network, then estimate the roaming amount and control them.
  • Take advantage of free wifi when possible
  • Please proactively turn off automatic network access and only turn it on when needed.
  • When in the country, you can freely receive calls because the caller pays, but when roaming abroad, you have to pay to receive calls. Therefore, you should be careful with calls from unknown numbers.
  • To control roaming data charges, you should choose unlimited wireless services from your carrier.
  • Turn off automatic updates of websites and applications on your phone
Take advantage of free wifi when possible in public places
Take advantage of free wifi when possible in public places

VI. Morocco eSIM – Alternative to Data Roaming in Morocco to Get Internet

To find a faster and more affordable way to use the internet, you should consider eSIM. The biggest difference with eSIM is that it is just a virtual SIM card, it does not need to be installed like a physical SIM card. When the cost of eSIM only starts from 89 MAD ($8.9 USD) with 1 GB data used for 7 days, the cost of data roaming is exceptionally high.

Morocco eSIM at low cost
Morocco eSIM at low cost

Morocco eSIM has a particularly favorable cost ranging from about 89 MAD ($8.9 USD) to 350 MAD (34.9 USD). There are many different options. The duration of the data package you choose depends on the duration of your trip from 7 days to 30 days. Besides, eSIM is also used with 4G/LTE/5G speed, ensuring a great experience during the trip.

VII. How to Turn Off Data Roaming When Traveling in Morocco

Turn off data roaming when not in use
Turn off data roaming when not in use

After the trip ends, you no longer need to use the data roaming service, here are instructions for turning it off:

1. Turn off international roaming on Android When Traveling in Morocco

  • Step 1: Go to Settings on your phone, select SIM card and mobile data.
  • Step 2: Select the SIM you are using. In the Data Roaming section in the Network Settings section, swipe the horizontal bar to the left to turn off international roaming.

2. Turn off international roaming on iPhones

  • Step 1: Go to Settings, select Mobile
  • Step 2: Select Mobile Data Options
  • Step 3: Slide the horizontal bar of the Data roaming section to the left to turn off international roaming.
  • Step 4: Confirm shutdown by clicking OK on the message that appears


Does turning on airplane mode require turning off data roaming?

Yes, to avoid paying fees while traveling on a plane from one country to another, it is best to turn off data roaming mode. In some cases, your phone’s attempt to download any email or other data stream may result in you incurring relatively high data roaming charges.

Can I use Wi-Fi if data roaming is turned off?

Yes, after data roaming is turned off, you can still use Wi-Fi normally and access services that require data such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram,…

Does turning off data roaming in Morocco save on roaming fees abroad?

Yes, turning off data roaming is essential for you to save on roaming fees when abroad. Because when you turn on international roaming data, your phone may run data in the background, increasing costs when you don’t need to use it.

IX. Conclusion

The above article has just answered your frequently asked questions about data roaming in Morocco. Hopefully this article has brought you useful information to help your use of international roaming more effectively. If you need to consider an alternative eSIM due to expensive data roaming, Gigago has attractive deals for you.