Best Morocco SIM Cards for Tourists: Updated Prices & Where to Buy 2024

When learning about the internet in Morocco, visitors definitely cannot ignore the Morocco SIM card. This is an article that summarizes information about SIM cards in this country.

Morocco SIM card

During a trip, SIM cards play a very important role. In particular, Morocco SIM cards always receive great attention from foreigners and tourists. Gigago provides articles from the most general to the most specific about information about SIM cards. Additionally, the article also suggests good network operators in Morocco to buy SIM cards from.

I. Should You Get a Sim Card in Morocco?

Yes, you should refer to a SIM card in Morocco because this is a popular way to get data in Morocco easily. The SIM card can send SMS messages, listen to incoming calls and make outgoing calls. Besides, here are the strengths of SIM cards with other options:

CriteriaSIM cardData roamingPocket wifiFree wifi
CostMany price options, no strings attachedInsert directly into your phonePay for the accompanying data package purchase and includes daily or weekly rental feesNo cost to use
Data speedUse anywhere with carrier coverage.
Access speed always remains stable
Depends on the carrier providing the roaming agreementDepending on the data package provided and the number of devices connectedUsually not strong due to many people connecting
Make calls and SMS messagesCan make calls and send regular messagesCan make calls or text messages if included in the roaming planCalling or texting can only be done through social media appsCall via social networking application
ConvenienceBuy in many places in this country.Insert directly into your phoneSet up from the carrier’s application or contact the carrier directlyConvenient for the whole group but need to bring battery charger to maintain batteryMany places have free wifi

Our recommendations:

  • Only phones that are unlocked and do not block the local SIM card can use the Morocco SIM card
  • Contact your local network operator or supplier for unlocking support.

II. Types of Morocco SIM Card for Tourists – Which One is the Best?

Depending on the needs and compatibility of tourists’ phones, Morocco offers two types of SIM cards: physical SIM cards and eSIM. These two types of SIM still have many differences in size, connection and management. These are also the two options most used by many people.

1. Prepaid physical SIM card in Morocco

A physical SIM is a regular SIM card used in mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and modems. This type of SIM serves mobile functions such as calling, texting and connecting to the Internet. It comes in standard sizes such as mini SIM, micro SIM and nano SIM. However, you need to take time to buy it.

The SIM card needs to be inserted into the slot
The SIM card needs to be inserted into the slot

2. Prepaid Tourist Morocco eSIM

Unlike traditional SIM cards, eSIM information is stored and managed in the electronic chip inside the device. eSIM provides flexible and convenient network connectivity, allowing users to easily switch carriers and use mobile services. However, eSIM has a weakness: it requires your phone to be compatible with it.

eSIM offers flexible purchase and activation
eSIM offers flexible purchase and activation

Both SIMs are phone SIMs, sharing the same authentication function and connection to the mobile network. Both store information about network services such as phone numbers, billing information, and authentication codes. Below is a detailed comparison for your reference:

CriteriaPrepaid physical SIM card in MoroccoPrepaid Tourist Morocco eSIM
ProsMany options for SIM card prices and data packages for travelers
Currently, physical SIMs are widely used in the mobile phone market
Buy anywhere
Compatibility with more phone types
Doesn’t take much time or effort to activate
eSIM can be purchased and managed through software and installed on the mobile device.
eSIM is activated via mobile network or via wifi without needing to be plugged into a physical SIM slot
Helps users easily switch between different mobile network service providers through the reactivation process without changing SIMs
Does not require physical space inside the device providing compactness for mobile devices
eSIM offers stronger encryption and authentication. This helps users keep their personal information almost absolutely secure.
ConsThe physical SIM is often removed and changed between different mobile devices. Therefore, users must be careful about storing and managing physical SIMs.
Need to buy directly or ship to home
Difficulty in communicating with staff can be a barrier when you buy a SIM card directly
In contrast to physical SIM cards, eSIM is only supported by certain mobile devices.
Need to ensure wifi is stable when activating

Our recommendation: Above is a comparison of 2 physical SIMs and eSIM based on many different aspects. Both share the same function of connecting mobile devices to the mobile network. However, you can also see that eSIM gives you the most convenience when buying and easily switching between devices without removing the SIM card.

III. Best Morocco SIM Card Packages for Tourists and Price

Normally, network operators provide many data packages so users can choose according to their needs. Below are examples of SIM cards from each network operator in Morocco:

1. Best Morocco Maroc Telecom SIM Card Plans and Price

Morocco Telecom is the leading major network operator in Morocco, so it is natural that it offers many data packages. Here are some outstanding data packages:

27.33 MAD ($2.72 USD)1GB3 days
54.67 MAD ($5.45 USD)2GB7 days
68.34 MAD ($6.81 USD)2.5GB7 days
82 MAD ($8.17 USD)3GB10 days
136.67 MAD ($13.61 USD)5GB30 days
273.35 MAD ($27.23 USD)10GB30 days
546.7 MAD ($54.45 USD)20GB60 days
Maroc Telecom's data packages are diverse
Maroc Telecom’s data packages are diverse

2. Best Morocco Orange SIM Card Plans and Price

Orange is widely available in Morocco with many data cost options. Although not as good as Morocco, the data packages are always diverse and allow you to freely choose:

41 MAD ($4.08 USD)1.5GB3 days
54.67 MAD ($5.45 USD)2GB7 days
68.34 MAD ($6.81 USD)3GB + 30 minutes call7 days
82 MAD ($8.17 USD)3GB10 days
136.67 MAD ($13.61 USD)5GB30 days
273.35 MAD ($27.23 USD)10GB30 days
Best Morocco Orange SIM card Europeans and price
Best Morocco Orange SIM card Europeans and price

3. Best Morocco Inwi SIM Card Plans and Price

Even though Inwi is the smallest network operator in Morocco, data plans do not limit your choices. Here are some example packages:

27.33 MAD ($2.72 USD)400MB3 days
54.67 MAD ($5.45 USD)1GB7 days
82 MAD ($8.17 USD)2GB14 days
136.67 MAD ($13.61 USD)4GB30 days
273.35 MAD ($27.23 USD)10GB30 days
546.7 MAD ($54.45 USD)20GB60 days
Although small, Inwi still has a lot of data packages
Although small, Inwi still has a lot of data packages

Note: Information about data packages is often subject to change and is subject to operator adjustment. Therefore, you need to check the supplier's website system for the most accurate information.

IV. Where to Buy a Tourist SIM Card for Morocco?

As mentioned above and many people commented, Morocco SIM cards can be purchased in many places. Gigago will list and compare below so you can make the most suitable choice. For convenience, you need to consider choosing the most convenient way to buy. In addition, consider buying eSIM online to save time and enhance your experience.

1. Order online

Currently, thanks to the development of the international internet, network providers have allowed you to reserve a SIM card through the website or by calling the hotline. Then, you can choose to pick up directly at the airport or choose to have them ship to your hotel address.


  • Can be connected immediately upon arrival at the airport if direct pick-up is chosen.
  • Save time

Cons: There are not many data options

Order SIM card online to save time
Order SIM card online to save time

2. Buy at the airport upon arrival in Morocco

Airport operators’ kiosks allow you to buy SIM cards directly. Most international airports in countries have them, Mohammed V International Airport in Morocco is where you can easily find and buy SIM cards. If you have difficulty finding your way, ask airport staff.

Pros: Have data to use the internet right away


  • Takes time to line up and wait if it’s crowded
  • Maybe you won’t be able to buy when the kiosk is closed
Mohammed V International Airport can provide SIM card services
Mohammed V International Airport can provide SIM card services

3. Buy directly in your destination city

Towns, big cities or famous tourist destinations throughout Morocco can easily find and buy SIM cards. You can buy it directly at the network operator’s official store, at a store authorized to sell SIM cards, at convenience stores, train stations,…

Pros: Costs may be lower than options elsewhere


  • Waste of time finding a way to buy
  • May encounter foreign language barriers
The official store is the fastest place to get support for SIM cards
The official store is the fastest place to get support for SIM cards

4. Buy eSIM online

If your device supports eSIM, you should try this method once. Just visit your provider’s website, choose the data plan that fits your budget and needs, then select pay to receive a QR code within minutes. This way you do not need to provide personal documents or passports.

Pros: Fast and convenient

Cons: Not available for all devices

Buy eSIM easily and activate quickly
Buy eSIM easily and activate quickly

Our recommendation:

  • Among the options, eSIM will allow you to get the internet quickly and save a lot of time.
  • If your phone doesn’t support eSIM, consider purchasing a physical SIM card before you go so it’s activated first.

V. How Much Data is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card for Morocco?

1GB of data is not too little data, Morocco SIM card allows you to comfortably update information on social networks, find directions on maps, listen to music,… However, actual data consumption depends on Completely depends on your needs. Therefore, you can consider preparing:

  • Heavy users: If during your trip of about a week, you regularly update social networks, watch movies, download applications, share internet to other devices,… you should consider preparing a data package of 5 to 10 GB in advance.
  • Medium users: If you just need to find your way on a map, listen to music and occasionally update social networks, you should prepare 3 to 5 GB of data.
  • Light users: If during a week of traveling, you only text via apps and occasionally update social networks, prepare 1 to 2 GB of data in advance.

Pro Tip: Consider carefully before your trip to prepare the most complete usage data. Besides, don't buy too much data otherwise it will be a waste.

The data you purchase depends on how often you use it during your trip
The data you purchase depends on how often you use it during your trip

VI. Morocco eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards to Get Internet in Morocco

eSIM possesses many superior features compared to physical SIM, so it has been popularly used by many people recently. Here is some information you may not know:

  • Completely integrated electronically
  • eSIM offers stronger encryption and authentication. This helps users keep their personal information almost absolutely secure.
  • Saves you time
  • Buy in advance so you can use the internet as soon as you arrive in Morocco
  • There is no need to store the SIM card like a physical SIM card
Gigago allows you to buy Morocco eSIM online
Gigago allows you to buy Morocco eSIM online

Gigago is Orange’s intermediary eSIM provider that allows you to shop online without buying in person. Just access Gigago, select the destination country as Morocco, choose a data package according to your budget and usage needs from 1GB to 5GB with validity from 7 days to 30 days. Then, pay and receive a QR code via email to activate.

VII. Which Morocco Mobile Networks Are The Best for Tourists?

There are 3 network operators in Morocco: Morocco Telecom, Orange and Inwi. These carriers all have good coverage and pretty good access speeds. Below is the most detailed information:

OperatorCoverageSpeedPriceeSIM availability
Maroc TelecomBestSuper FastDiversityYes
Orange Morocco GreatFastDiversityYes

1. Maroc Telecom

Morocco Telecom is a large and popular network operator throughout Morocco, so it is easy to find and buy a SIM card in the city or anywhere. Morocco also develops public wifi points in some places such as airports, train stations, bus stations, parks,…

The most widely used network operator is Morocco Telecom
The most widely used network operator is Morocco Telecom

2. Orange Morocco

Orange, formerly known as Meditel, is the number 2 largest telecommunications service provider in Morocco. This carrier’s coverage may be more limited than Morocco’s, but it’s still available in most towns and the 4G/LTE network was also deployed very early.

Orange deployed 4G/LTE early and had good coverage
Orange deployed 4G/LTE early and had good coverage

3. Inwi

Inwi is a fairly small telecommunications service provider in Morocco, but thanks to its ability to focus on key regions, it is present in all large and small towns. Their SIM cards can be purchased in many places, but if purchased at the official store, there will be more attractive incentives.

Inwi has the best coverage in towns
Inwi has the best coverage in towns

VIII. How to Use Morocco Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIM

Many tourists will choose a Morocco SIM card because they are used to using physical SIM cards. On the contrary, many people who want to experience new technology will choose eSIM. Below are instructions for use for each option.

1. Using prepaid Morocco tourist SIM Cards

The physical SIM card needs to be determined for compatibility and needs to be removed when used. Here are some instructions:

  • Verify that your phone is ready to use a Morocco SIM card
  • Remove the old SIM card from the phone and store it carefully
  • Restart the phone after inserting the SIM card
  • Top up to make calls or buy data packages
  • Set APN configuration if necessary
  • Turn on phone to use the internet
  • Please turn off the data enable feature when not in use

2. Setting up and activating Morocco eSIM

Although activating eSIM is quite easy, you may be confused the first time you use it. Here are the instructions after you have received the QR code:

  • Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Click on Cellular and continue to select Add Cellular Plan.
  • Step 3: Scan the QR code provided by the network using the iPhone’s camera.
  • Step 4: Enter the network confirmation code (if any) and you’re done.


Can Morocco eSIM be used abroad?

Morocco eSIM can be used within the coverage area of the network operator providing that eSIM service.

Can eSIM use 4G?

eSIM technology brings many conveniences to users but still has functions that remain unchanged compared to physical SIM. With Morocco eSIM, customers can absolutely make calls, text messages, register for services or use the normal 4G network to enjoy moments of comfortable internet access without worry.

Can I use a physical Morocco SIM card and eSIM at the same time on an iPhone?

The answer is yes. From the iPhone X line onwards, you can use physical SIM and eSIM in parallel by setting up 1 SIM for listening, calling, texting (secondary SIM) and another SIM for accessing mobile data (main SIM).

X. Conclusion

Above is all the information about the Morocco SIM card that has been systematized in the easiest way to understand. Hope you have found an official source of information for your upcoming trip. If you are looking to experience new technology with eSIM, Gigago has many incentives for you.