Buying a SIM card at Phuket International Airport (HKT) for Travelers: Best Plans + Cost 2024

This article is for travelers arriving at Phuket airport and wanting to get Internet access upon arrival. Here we explain how to buy a SIM card at Phuket International Airport (HKT) step-by-step as a tourist, best plans for travelers, latest prices and alternatives to airport SIM card. Let’s find out below!

Buying a SIM card at Phuket airport

I. Can I Buy a SIM Card at Phuket International Airport (HKT)?

Yes. Buying a SIM card at Phuket Airport is suitable for those who need instant Internet access upon arrival and don’t mind the high prices or queuing in lines for getting the SIM card. 

To stay connected during your trip to Phuket or Thailand as well, you can choose one of connectivity options: home SIM card, portable wifi, free public Wifi, Thai SIM card and prepaid Thai eSIM. 

Using SIM card buying at the airport is an old-fashioned way to get mobile data for travelers. This also goes for travelers to Phuket airport. 

However, the downsides of this option are higher price (in comparison with buying SIM in Phuket’s center) or less plan options to choose from. 

Our recommendation:

  • Make sure that your phone is carrier-unlocked so you can use Thailand SIM card.
  • You should choose a prepaid Thailand SIM card with data only to save cost. This still allows you to get Internet access with mobile data while maintaining contact with people at home via voice apps.
  • If your phone supports eSIM technology, it is wise to consider a prepaid international tourist eSIM for Thailand. This saves your effort and time in getting a physical SIM card as normal. The entire process can be completed online by scanning a QR code, eliminating the need to wait for SIM delivery or manually insert a card.

Good to know: The Phuket airport is approximately 28 km away from the city center which can be covered in about 30 minutes. 

II. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Phuket International Airport (HKT)? 

It is better to buy a SIM card from official stores like AIS, TrueMove H, or DTAC within Phuket airport to avoid extra fees that resellers might charge.

You can also buy a SIM card for Thailand at convenience stores like 7-Eleven.

Here are the detailed guidelines for each:

1. DTAC stores

DTAC map store at HKT airport
DTAC map store at HKT airport

DTAC is one of the biggest network companies and also the cheapest in Thailand. If you go to major cities in Thailand, DTAC is the best choice. 

The DTAC plans for tourists to Thailand are of DTAC Happy Tourist SIM line (speed up to 100 Mbps).


Official store

  • Official DTAC counter International Arrival Terminal Branch Exit No. 1-2
  • Official DTAC counter at Baggage Claim No. 2

Partner store

  • Partner DTAC counter at Baggage Claim No. 6

Opening Hours: 00:00 – 23:59 from Monday to Sunday

What to prepare: passport, carrier-unlocked, cash or card payment

Cost: from 249 THB to 1549 THB

Note that Truemove H and DTAC Thailand announced that they will merge into one company called True Corp in March 2023. 


  • DTAC stall at HKT airport’s departure hall only sells travel SIM cards intended for international use – not within Thailand, so be aware of this.
  • Some DTAC plans are exclusively available at airports and cannot be found elsewhere.

Pro Tip: Online prices tend to be about 35% cheaper than what's offered at the airport.

2. AIS stores

AIS map store at HKT airport
AIS map store at HKT airport

For travel to smaller towns in Thailand, choose AIS as your network provider. As the country’s largest cell service by coverage, AIS reaches more remote areas like Chiang Rai. 

AIS SIM plans at Phuket airport offer you credit (for domestic and international use – calls and SMS) and unlimited minutes for using within the network.

What to prepare: cash or card payment (accepted), passport/ID card, carrier-unlocked phone.

Cost: 299 THB – 1699 THB


  • At Phuket airport, AIS store accept card payment (unlike at BKK or DMK airport)
  • The salesperson may take up your photo as part of the SIM card registration laws of Thailand.
  • Most ATMs in Thailand (including HKT airport) apply a standard fee of 220 THB for cash withdrawals using international cards. To avoid multiple charges, you should withdraw a sufficient amount of money upfront to cover your expenses throughout your trip.
  • AIS eSIM is not available at HKT airport, but you can buy it online

3. TrueMove H Stores

TrueMove H map store at HKT airport
TrueMove H map store at HKT airport

TrueMove H is the 2nd largest cellular network company in Thailand. In some locations, it has better performance than AIS. 

TrueMove H is the only provider having a stall in the domestic terminal’s arrivals hall. 

This network operator has 02 SIM card lines for tourists: TrueMove H Thailand Tourist SIM (data + unlimited minutes for on-net calls) and TrueMove H Infinite SIM (unlimited data at max speeds (5G NR) + unlimited local minutes).


  • Branch 1 : International Arrivals Hall, Baggage Claim No. 4
  • Branch 2 : International Arrivals Hall (After Custom Declaration)
  • Branch 3  : Domestic Arrivals Hall

Opening hours: 00:00 – 23:59 from Monday to Sunday

Cost: from 299 THB and 999 THB

What to prepare: cash only, passport/ID card, carrier-unlocked phone.

4. Convenience stores

7-eleven map store at HKT airport
7-eleven map store at HKT airport

You can also buy a SIM card for Thailand travel at convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Familymart at Phuket airport.

Our recommendation: If you do not know which provider to choose, we recommend DTAC mobile operator.

III. Do SIM Card Shops At Singapore Changi Airport Open After Midnight?

Yes, most SIM card stores at HKT Airport are opened 24/7, including DTAC, TrueMove H stores. However, Be aware of your flight’s arrival time at Phuket International Airport, as not all SIM shops operate 24/7. This means if you arrive late at night, you might not be able to buy a SIM card from a Money Changer.

IV. How much does a Thailand SIM card cost at Phuket airport?

SIM card prices at Phuket Airport vary depending on the provider and the specific plan you choose. However, most SIM cards offered by major Thai cellular network operators cost from 259 THB (7.30 USD) to 1800 THB (50.65 USD). Here is a popular data plan from DTAC that you might consider:

DTAC data plan in Thailand
DTAC data plan in Thailand

Be aware that SIM cards at airports often cost more than those bought outside the airport or online. Here is a summary table of the three popular mobile network operators at HKT Airport:

NetworkPlan DurationDataOther BenefitsPrice (THB/USD)
DTAC8 days15 GB at max speedCalls to DTAC numbers, 100 Baht calls to all networks299 THB (8.32 USD)
10 days50 GB at max speed100 mins calls to all networks349 THB (9.70 USD)
15 days30 GB at max speed599 THB (16.68 USD)
Pay-As-You-Go1 GB for 24 hoursCalls to DTAC numbers for 1 day49 THB (1.36 USD)
AIS7 daysUnlimited data at 1 MbpsUnlimited social data, 20 THB credit219 THB (7.27 USD)
8 days10 GBUnlimited social data, 100 THB credit299 THB (9.93 USD)
8 days25 GBUnlimited social data, 100 THB credit399 THB (13.26 USD)
8 days25 GB (throttled at 10 Mbps)Unlimited social data, 100 THB credit499 THB (16.58 USD)
15 daysUnlimited data at 4 MbpsUnlimited social data, 50 THB credit699 THB (23.21 USD)
30 days50 GBUnlimited social data, 50 THB credit899 THB (29.88 USD)
30 daysUnlimited data at 10 MbpsUnlimited social data, 50 THB credit999 THB (33.19 USD)
15 daysUnlimited dataUnlimited social data, 200 THB credit1399 THB (46.43 USD)
30 daysUnlimited dataUnlimited social data, 50 THB credit1699 THB (56.38 USD)
30 daysUnlimited dataUnlimited social data, 300 THB credit1399 THB (46.43 USD)
TrueMove H8 days299 THB (8 USD)
10 days349 THB (10 USD)
15 days599 THB (16 USD)


  • Check prices across different carriers before making a purchase.
  • Package details and prices may vary over time. For the most current information, please reach out to the provider directly.

V. Registration Process When Buying a SIM card at HKT and What to Prepare

You need to prepare an unlocked phone, cash or card payment (varied by SIM provider), and passport when buying a Thailand SIM card at Phuket International Airport. 

This process can be complex and many tourists are uncomfortable sharing personal information. A simpler solution is to buy an international SIM card online before departure or use an eSIM, which doesn’t require showing a passport.

VI. eSIM at Phuket International Airport – Alternative to HKT SIM Card

If you have a phone which is carrier-unlocked and supports eSIM, it is recommended to use eSIM for Thailand instead of SIM card for better convenience and value for money. 

A prepaid eSIM from Gigago offers clear advantages over physical SIM cards or other connectivity options.

Gigago Thailand eSIM - alternative to SIM card at HKT airport
Gigago Thailand eSIM – alternative to SIM card at HKT airport.
Strengths of Thailand eSIM by Gigago
Strengths of Thailand eSIM by Gigago

Gigago offers flexible eSIM plans with both data and call credits, including options from an 8-day plan with 15GB of data for $8.90 to a 30-day unlimited data plan for $34.90.

For more details and installation guide, check Gigago Thailand eSIM.

VII. Can I buy tourist SIM cards outside of HKT airrport?

Here are a few options to buy a SIM card outside Phuket International Airport:

  • Mobile operator stores: Large stores of AIS, TrueMove and Dtac can be found in Phuket town and beach areas like Patong.
  • 7-Elevens: Smaller 7-Eleven convenience stores sell SIM cards from all major operators nationwide. Stores are widespread in Phuket.
  • Family Mart: Another convenient chain to find SIM cards when 7-Elevens are not nearby. Prevalent in Phuket city center.
  • Online: SIM cards, especially eSIMs, can also be purchased online from travel sites and activated upon arrival in Phuket. Gigago and Airalo are top options.


Which mobile network providers are available at Phuket airport?

The major mobile network providers in Thailand such as AIS, TrueMove H, and dtac have kiosks or stores at Phuket airport where you can buy SIM cards and data packages.

Will I need to show any identification to purchase a SIM card at the airport?

Yes, you will need to show your passport to purchase a SIM card at Phuket international airport. This is a standard requirement in Thailand for registering a new SIM card.

Can I use my foreign passport to buy a SIM card at Phuket international airport?

Yes, you can use your foreign passport to buy a SIM card at Phuket airport. The staff at the SIM card kiosks will typically require your passport for identification and registration purposes.

Will the staff at the airport help me set up the SIM card in my phone?

Yes, the staff at the kiosks or stores can assist you in setting up the SIM card in your phone, including activating it and configuring your phone’s settings.

Will the SIM card purchased at Phuket airport work throughout Thailand, or are there limitations?

The SIM card you purchase at Phuket airport will typically work throughout Thailand, but it’s always a good idea to check coverage maps and inquire about any specific limitations before making your purchase.

Can I use my foreign credit card to purchase a SIM card and data package at the airport?

Many of the kiosks and stores at Phuket airport accept foreign credit cards, but it’s always a good idea to have some cash on hand just in case.