How to Buy a SIM Card at Oulu Airport (OUL) 2024: Best Plans + Updated Price

Planning to stay connected during your trip to Finland? Buying a SIM card at Oulu Airport (OUL) is one option, but it’s essential to consider all aspects. This guide will explore the convenience, costs, and alternatives to ensure you make the best choice for your connectivity needs upon arrival.

SIM card at Oulu Airport

I. Should You Buy a SIM Card at Oulu Airport (OUL)?

The decision to purchase a SIM card at Oulu Airport (OUL) depends entirely on your preferences and demands! Picking up a SIM card at the airport is beneficial if you’re anxious for a speedy internet connection and don’t mind a little delay or slightly higher payment. The skinny is as follows:

  • Buy at the airport: Instant net access! But be ready for possible queues and a bit of a price bump.
  • Pre-purchase online: Plan ahead, save some euros, and skip the wait!

So, who should buy it at the airport? If you’re all about getting connected ASAP and are okay with the extra cost, go for it at the airport!

II. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Oulu Airport?

Where to Buy a SIM Card at Oulu Airport

The two main ways to buy a SIM card are in person at the Oulu airport or online. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy.

1. Buy online before departure and pick up at the airport

Ready to jet off to Finland and want to stay connected the moment you land? Here’s a nifty tip: buy your SIM card online before packing your bags! This method is super convenient, and here’s how it rolls:

  1. Choose Your Provider: Search the web for “Finland SIM card.” Pick a provider that offers airport pickup. Easy, right?
  2. Pickup Instructions: Once you’ve chosen, the provider will provide clear instructions on where to collect your SIM at the airport. They often include a handy airport map with the pickup point highlighted.
  3. What to Prepare: Just bring your ID and order confirmation. That’s it!
  4. Cost: Generally, this option is kinder to your wallet than buying on the spot.
  5. Pros: No waiting in lines, and often cheaper. Plus, you’re connected instantly!
  6. Cons: Requires a bit of pre-planning.

So, this is your go-to option if you’re all about convenience and saving a few euros. Get your SIM card sorted before you depart, and you’ll be all set to explore Finland the moment you land!

2. Buy at the airport upon arrival

Purchasing a SIM card at the Oulu airport is easy for those who wish to make a quick decision. As you pass the customs gate, you will see several kiosks, stores, and companies in the arrivals area. All of these locations provide a variety of SIM card options.

2.1 Elisa store

  • Location & Opening Hours: Details vary; check airport signage or information desks.
  • Pros: Wide range of plans.
  • Cons: Limited hours; not 24/7.

2.2 Telia store

  • What to Prepare: Valid ID or passport.
  • Cost: Varies; generally competitive.
  • Pros: Extensive coverage.
  • Cons: It may not be open round the clock.

2.3 DNA store

  • What to Prepare: Identification and a compatible device.
  • Cost & Plans: Diverse offerings with transparent pricing.
  • Pros: Tailored plans for tourists.
  • Cons: Potential off-hours limitations.

III. What to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Oulu Oulu Airport? Registration Process

It’s easy to get a SIM card at Oulu Airport. However, a little before planning is very helpful! The following items should be available for a seamless registration process:

  1. Identification: Bring with you a valid ID or your passport. This is required to register your SIM card, as it is a common practice in Finland.
  2. Unlocked Phone: Ensure your phone is unlocked and can accept a new SIM. This way, you can pop in your new Finnish SIM and browse.
  3. Payment Method: Organize your mode of payment. It’s a good idea to have cash on hand in case the providers don’t take credit cards.
  4. Setup Assistance: You won’t need to struggle with SIM tools since the helpful workers at the desk will quickly get your SIM card working.

Note: Thankfully, the staff at the airport SIM kiosks will help you set up your SIM card, so you won't need to pack a SIM removal tool.

IV. Best Tourist Oulu Airport SIM Cards Options and Price

When traveling to Finland, staying connected is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the best SIM card options available at Oulu Airport, with details on packages and pricing:

1. Elisa

  • Unlimited data at 4G speed (14 GB in EU) + calls/SMS: €29.99 (Approx. $31.79 USD)
  • Unlimited data at 5G speed (16 GB in EU) + calls/SMS: €34.99 (Approx. $37.09 USD)
  • Unlimited data at 5G speed: €29.99 (Approx. $31.79 USD)

2. Telia

  • Unlimited data on 4G speed (18 GB data in EU): €19.90 (Approx. $21.09 USD)
  • Prepaid SIM card with €7 credit: €4.90 (Approx. $5.19 USD)

3. DNA

  • Unlimited data at 5G speed for 30 days: €24.90 (Approx. $26.39 USD)
  • Prepaid SIM card: €4.90 (Approx. $5.19 USD) with €5 credit. For €0.89/day, get unlimited data, totalling €5 for 5 days of unlimited data in Finland.

Please note that prices and plan features may change, so checking the latest details upon arrival is advisable.

V. Finland eSIM for Oulu – an Alternative to Prepaid SIM Card at Oulu Airport

Finland eSIM for Oulu - an Alternative to Prepaid SIM Card at Oulu Oulu Airport

Visitors visiting Oulu, Finland who want hassle-free access no longer have to stick with prepaid SIM cards. eSIMs provide a contemporary alternative. You will save time using an eSIM rather than buying and activating a real SIM card when you get there.

To buy eSIM, go for a reputable eSIM provider such as Gigago. This helps you get trusted connection and you also secure your personal information upon purchasing.

Gigago offers multiple data plan options for Finland, starting from 1 GB for 3 days with $3.50 . What is excellent about Gigago’s Finland eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $3.50$125.98 . Thus, it does not matter how many Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Finland. There is always an option for you with Gigago.

VI. Where to Buy a SIM card Outside Oulu Airport?

If you’ve skipped grabbing a SIM card at Oulu Airport, fret not! Oulu city offers plenty of spots to get you connected. Whether you’re strolling through the city center or making a quick stop at a convenience store, finding a SIM card is easy peasy.

Where to Buy:

  • Official Mobile Operator Stores: Head to stores of popular Finnish operators like Elisa, Telia, or DNA. They’re your go-to for tailored plans and expert advice.
  • Convenience Stores: Many local convenience stores stock SIM cards, perfect for quick and easy purchases.
  • Gas Stations: On a road trip? Some gas stations offer SIM cards, making it convenient to top up on both fuel and data.

What to Prepare: Have your ID or passport handy for registration, and know your payment options – card or cash.

Cost: Prices vary, but you’ll find competitive rates that match your data needs.

Our Recommendation: Go to an official store so that professionals can assist with setup and ensure a perfect experience. If your phone supports eSIMs, consider utilizing them for an even easier way to remain connected without a real SIM card.


Can I purchase a SIM card at the Oulu Airport directly?

Of course! Once at the airport, you may buy SIM cards from a number of kiosks or shops.

What do I need to purchase a SIM card at the Oulu Airport?

To purchase a SIM card, you only need to have your passport or a legitimate ID available.

Are eSIMs available for purchase at Oulu Airport?

Yes, eSIMs are available, especially handy if your phone supports this latest technology.

Can I use my Oulu Airport SIM card elsewhere in Finland?

Definitely! Your Oulu Airport SIM card will keep you connected throughout Finland.

What if I arrive late at night? Can I still buy a SIM card at Oulu Airport?

While some stores may close, convenience stores within the airport often offer SIM cards around the clock.

VIII. Conclusion

In conclusion, while you can certainly grab a SIM card at Oulu Airport if you urgently need internet, it’s not always the best deal around. The airport options might be a tad pricier and less varied. So, if you’re planning ahead, why not consider an eSIM? It’s super convenient, often more cost-effective, and you can set it up right from your phone, making it our top recommendation for savvy travellers!