How to Get Mobile Internet in Finland for Travelers: What Option to Choose?

Mobile internet in Finland is revolutionary for travellers, providing unmatched access across the Nordic region. Because of Finland’s advanced digital infrastructure, travellers can easily access high-speed mobile internet. This improves their trip by enabling people to explore, remain in touch, and instantly share their experiences.

Mobile Internet in Finland

I. Mobile Internet in Finland – Coverage and Speed

Welcome to the Nordic region’s digital hub! Mobile internet in Finland is a shining example of connectedness, providing visitors and residents with a flawless online experience. Let’s examine the availability and speed of mobile internet in this technologically advanced nation.

1. Finland Mobile Internet Coverage

Finland Mobile Internet Coverage

With three major operators, Telia, Elisa, and DNA, leading the way, Finland’s mobile internet coverage is a monument to the nation’s technical ability.

  • Telia is celebrated for its Video Experience, providing users with high-quality streaming capabilities. It’s a great choice for watching videos on the go.
  • Elisa excels in 5G Download Speed and Coverage Experience, making it the top pick for those seeking the fastest internet and extensive coverage, especially in 5G.
  • DNA is recognized for its Consistent Quality, ensuring a reliable connection for various online activities.

Elisa seems to be the frontrunner if you’re looking for comprehensive coverage focusing on 5G. However, Telia is your go-to for a balanced experience with a slight tilt towards video streaming. DNA, conversely, offers consistency, making it a solid choice for uninterrupted internet usage.

2. Finland Mobile Internet Speed

Finland Mobile Internet Speed

Finland ranks high in mobile internet speed worldwide. Locals and visitors enjoy fast and efficient internet experiences with the country’s average download speed of 108.94 Mbps. Telia and Elisa follow DNA with 113.57 Mbps download speeds.

DNA is your best option if you’re looking for the fastest mobile internet in Finland, particularly if you have 5G access, which may provide even faster speeds. Finland has mobile networks that can keep up with your digital lifestyle, whether you watch, browse, or upload.

Recommendation: Elisa and Telia provide the highest coverage and reliability in Finland. In areas having 5G, DNA’s network is unparalleled in speed. Select depending on your schedule and internet requirements for a seamless stay in Finland.

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Finland?

Travellers visiting Finland may take advantage of many connection choices that guarantee constant connectivity, whether taking in the Northern Lights or strolling through the energetic streets of Helsinki. Below is a comparison of the many available alternatives:

MethodHow It WorksCostWhere to BuyConvenienceProsCons
SIM CardInsert into phoneVariableAirports, storesHighFull control, local ratesRequires SIM swap
eSIMDigital SIM activationVariableOnlineVery HighNo physical swap, instant activationCompatibility check required
RoamingUse your home carrier in FinlandUsually highMediumNo need to change the SIMCan be expensive
Public WiFiConnect to open networksFreeCafes, hotels, etc.LowFreeSecurity risks, limited availability
Pocket WiFiPortable WiFi hotspotRental costOnline, airportsMediumPortable, multiple devicesRental return, charging

Recommendation: Buying a SIM card with data balances prices, convenience, and coverage for most travellers. However, since eSIMs are simple to activate and do away with the need for actual SIM swaps if your phone is compatible with them, you should consider using one.

Box Tip: Ensure your phone is unlocked before buying a SIM card. For eSIM users, verify your phone's compatibility with eSIMs here.

III. Internet Rates in Finland

Navigating internet rates in Finland is straightforward, offering tourists various cost-effective options. Here’s a comparative look at the mobile internet rates for different connectivity methods:

Connectivity OptionApproximate Cost in USDRemarks
SIM Card (Elisa)$31.80 for unlimited 5GExtensive 4G/5G coverage
eSIM (Gigago)$3.50 – $125.98 for 1 – 50 GBData-only uses Elisa, Telia network
Roaming (Telia)$10 to $15 per day for dataCheck specific roaming rates
Roaming (Elisa)Roaming rates are comparable to TeliaCheck specific roaming rates
Roaming (DNA)$5 to $10 per day for dataCheck specific roaming rates
Public WiFiFreeAvailability varies
Pocket WiFi RentalFrom $7.56/dayConvenient for multiple devices

Note: Prices are indicative. For the most current rates, please contact the respective provider.

Recommendation: For tourists, acquiring a SIM card or eSIM offers the best convenience and value. Elisa’s SIM card provides robust coverage and is ideal for longer stays. For those with eSIM-compatible devices, Gigago eSIM is a flexible and cost-effective choice, especially for shorter visits.

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Finland

A data SIM card in Finland is a fantastic choice for tourists keen on staying connected and in touch with loved ones. It offers the convenience of immediate connectivity and the ability to use popular communication apps. Here’s a glimpse at some SIM card options from Finnish operators:

  • Elisa: Offers unlimited 5G data for €29.99 (about $31.80 USD). Ideal for heavy data users.
  • DNA: Provides a flexible daily unlimited data option for €0.89/day (around $0.94 USD), perfect for short stays.
  • Telia: Has a 4G unlimited data package for €19.90 (approximately $21.10 USD), suitable for most tourists.

Note: Prices are indicative and subject to change. Please contact the operators directly for the most current rates and packages.

Choosing a data SIM card in Finland ensures you can explore while staying connected, enriching your travel experience.

IV. Data eSIM for Finland – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

The eSIM offers visitors visiting Finland a convenient and up-to-date method of staying in touch. The smooth setup procedure of eSIMs (embedded SIMs) eliminates the need for physical SIM cards in contrast to regular SIM cards.

Box Tip: Ensure your device is eSIM compatible before considering this option.

Advantages of eSIM over Traditional SIM Cards:

  • No Physical Swap: Activate your eSIM digitally without changing physical SIM cards.
  • Instant Connectivity: Get connected as soon as you arrive in Finland.
  • Easy Setup: Activate your eSIM with just a few taps on your device.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduces plastic waste associated with traditional SIM cards.

1. Buy eSIM from Finland Operators

Embrace the convenience of eSIMs while exploring the beautiful landscapes of Finland! Local operators like Telia, Elisa, and DNA offer eSIM services, making your stay even more enjoyable.

How to Buy:

  1. In-Store Purchase: Visit a local store in Telia, Elisa, or DNA. Remember, you might need to show your passport or ID for registration.
  2. Online Purchase: Opt for a hassle-free online registration if available, bypassing the need for ID presentation.

eSIM Plans (Hypothetical Example):

OperatorData PlanPrice
Telia10 GB€20
Elisa15 GB€25
DNA5 GB€15


  • Instant connectivity upon activation.
  • No physical SIM card, making it eco-friendly.
  • Easy to switch between plans and operators.


  • Not all devices support eSIM technology.
  • In-person purchases may require ID verification.

2. Buy eSIM from Gigago

Buy eSIM from Gigago

Embark on your Finnish adventure easily by choosing Gigago for your eSIM needs! Gigago offers a seamless, 100% online process to get you connected in no time without the hassle of showing any ID or waiting for a physical SIM. Here’s how you can dive into the digital simplicity of Gigago’s eSIM service:

How to Buy:

  1. Visit Gigago: View the available eSIM plans by searching for Finland on the Gigago webpage and selecting the nation.
  2. Choose Your Plan: Choose a plan based on your requirements, financial constraints, and anticipated duration of stay in Finland.
  3. Make Payment: Finish the online payment procedure safely.
  4. Receive Your eSIM: Check your email for the eSIM QR code or activation code.
  5. Activate: Scan the QR code or enter the activation code manually on your device.
  6. Data Roaming: Ensure your phone’s data roaming is turned on.
  7. Connect: You’re all set once your phone connects to a Finnish network!

Gigago eSIM Plans for Finland:

Gigago offers multiple data plan options for Finland, starting from 1 GB for 3 days with $3.00 . What is excellent about Gigago’s Finland eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $3.00$95.90 . Thus, it does not matter how many Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Finland. There is always an option for you with Gigago.


  • Instant connectivity upon arrival in Finland.
  • No need for physical SIM cards, making it an eco-friendly choice.
  • Easy and quick setup by scanning a QR code.


  • Requires an eSIM-compatible device.
  • Dependent on internet access for initial setup.

Don’t miss out on the most diverse and competitive eSIM plans for your Finnish journey! Choose Gigago for a hassle-free, connected experience from the moment you land. Explore Gigago’s eSIM plans for Finland now and start your adventure with confidence!


What are the main mobile internet in Finland providers?

The main providers are Telia, Elisa, and DNA.

How is the mobile internet coverage in rural areas of Finland?

Coverage is generally good, but it can vary in remote areas. Check with providers for specific coverage maps.

Are there any specific mobile internet packages for tourists in Finland?

Yes, there are special packages aimed at tourists, including various data allowances and durations.

VI. Conclusion

Modern mobile internet in Finland offers travellers various options for staying connected. Whether they want to utilize an outdated data SIM card or the more modern eSIM, travellers may benefit from wide coverage and quick internet during their journey. By making the right preparations, travellers may enhance their trip to Finland by staying in contact with loved ones and sharing their experiences in real-time.