Mobile Internet in Morocco for Travelers: Ways to Get Data & Cost

One of the issues that cannot be ignored is information about mobile internet in Morocco when coming to this country. Understanding this, the article below has fully covered it.

The Internet is playing an increasingly important role in modern life, mobile internet in Morocco is truly necessary. In this article, we will discuss the general situation regarding coverage area or access speed in this country. Besides, there will be suggestions on how to connect to the internet. Gigago will help you understand clearly and in detail in the article below.

I. Mobile Internet in Morocco – Coverage and Speed

Using the internet is not simply about buying any network provider you like, but also about learning about information and your connection capabilities. In particular, the coverage area determines whether you are in an area where you can use that network, and the access speed determines whether it will help you have a good internet experience or not.

1. Morocco Mobile Internet Coverage

The area you are traveling to may or may not be busy, but you definitely need to know if there are any network operators that can allow you to use the internet here. To learn more, here is information from the 3 largest network operators in Morocco:

  • Maroc telecom coverage

It can be seen on the map that there is dense coverage of Morocco’s 4G and 4G+ networks throughout the country and very few areas are not covered by this network. This is thanks to investment in free 4G/LTE coverage since 2015.

Morocco telecom has dense coverage across the country
Morocco telecom has dense coverage across the country
  • Orange coverage

Behind Maroc Telecom is Orange with coverage that is no less than each other in terms of coverage. On the map it is easy to see that the coverage is somewhat more sparse. However, Orange is still the leader in 3G networks, present in most towns from small to large. One thing that is quite similar is that both carriers mentioned above do not yet have 5G network coverage.

Orange has strong 3G coverage in most of the town
Orange has strong 3G coverage in most of the town
  • Inwi coverage

It can be said that Inwi is the smallest network operator, but thanks to its dedicated access to towns, it is still used by many people. After that, Inwi started covering 4G/LTE networks in 2015 and is growing day by day. Currently, on Morocco’s internet map, there are many traces of this network operator.

Inwi is the smallest but growing quickly
Inwi is the smallest but growing quickly

2. Morocco Mobile Internet Speed

When using the internet, access speed is the top priority. If the average access speed is high, it means you will experience the internet quickly and promptly. On the contrary, at low speeds you may not have the best experience. Below is the specific information:

CriteriaMobileFixed broadband
Download speed42.19 Mbps28.75 Mbps
Upload speed11.95 Mbps24.55 Mbps
Latency24 ms13 ms

Our recommendation: Along with good coverage, Morocco telecom’s access speed in Morocco is also the best and besides, Orange also has equally good access speed. Therefore, you can consider one of these two network operators to use.

Internet access speed in Morocco according to the latest report
Internet access speed in Morocco according to the latest report

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Morocco?

There are many ways for you to use mobile internet in Morocco, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is the information you need to know about those options:

Connection typeProsCons
Public wifiDon’t worry about money
Connect anywhere
No need to go anywhere to buy
Slow connection
Risk of data being stolen by hackers
Risk of eavesdropping
Vulnerable to viruses
SIM cards MoroccoBuy directly or order shipping to your home
Stable transmission
Data packages vary from local packages to short-term packages for tourists
SIM cards with international data plans can be used.
Removing and installing runs the risk of losing the physical SIM card
Needs a SIM card slot on the phone
Morocco eSIMDoes not take up installation space
Easy to buy, easy to activate, easy to convert,…
Not sure you can use it for your phoneIf buying directly, you still have to provide identification documents
The connection is not as good as a physical SIM card
Pocket wifiNo need to remove the SIM card on the phone
Share with many peopleTake it anywhere on your trip
If you go alone, it’s quite a waste because it can be shared with many people
Your group needs to travel close together to have the best connection
Need to deposit information for rental service
Batteries are limited
Data roaming with operator in MoroccoDo not remove or replace any SIM cards
It is possible to receive OTP even when in Morocco
Maybe the cost only includes 1 or a handful of features
Exorbitantly high costs
Make sure your carrier has an agreement with one of the three carriers in Morocco.

Our recommendation: Although I cannot help you decide, my advice is to consider a SIM card with data because it is truly optimal in both access speed and cost. Because it is really suitable for people who love new things.

Morocco SIM card is a traditional option but still the most optimal
Morocco SIM card is a traditional option but still the most optimal

Pro Tips:

  • Checking whether the phone is unlocked or not is necessary
  • The list of eSIM compatible devices is where you can check whether your phone can use eSIM or not.

III. Internet Rates in Morocco

Among the information about mobile internet in Morocco, internet rates help you better visualize the finances you need to prepare for your trip. Some reference information is as follows:

Morocco SIM cardsStarting from 165 MAD ($16.5 USD) to 441 MAD ($44 USD)
eSIM MoroccoStarting from 89 MAD ($8.9 USD) to 34.9 MAD ($350 USD)
Roaming with Maroc telecomStarting from 9.83 MAD($0.98 USD) to 55 MAD ($5.5 USD)
Roaming with OrangeStarting from 136.49 MAD ($13.61 USD)
Roaming with InwiStarting from 409.48 MAD ($40.83 USD)
Public wifiNo charge
Pocket wifiabout 80 MAD ($8 USD) per day

Note: Costs change at times, you need to refer to them to estimate the most accurate costs.

Our recommendation: From the table above, it can be seen that SIM and eSIM cards are attractive cost options. Furthermore, the data packages of these two options are very diverse for travelers. Orange and Morocco telecom are two major network operators you should refer to and these two methods of using.

eSIM is the choice for people who experience modernity
eSIM is the choice for people who experience modernity

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Morocco

Before deciding to buy a SIM card, you need to determine your needs and choose a data package. Data packages also depend on your usage needs, so there is no advice on which package you should buy, there are only some data package suggestions from network operators below:

Network operatorPlans
Maroc telecom27.3 MAD ($2.73 USD) = 1GB data (valid 3 days)55 MAD ($5.45 USD) = 2GB data (valid 7 days)82 MAD ($8.2 USD) = 3GB data (valid 10 days)
Orange41 MAD ($4.1 USD) = 1.5GB data (valid 3 days)68.62 MAD ($6.81 USD) = 3GB data + 30 minutes (valid 7 days)82 MAD ($8.2 USD) = 3GB data (valid 10 days)
Inwi27.3 MAD ($2.72 USD) = 1GB data (valid 3 days)55 MAD ($5.45 USD) = 2GB data (valid 7 days)136.52 MAD ($13.61 USD) = 5GB data (valid 30 days)
Data plans suggestions from network operators are for reference
Data plans suggestions from network operators are for reference

V. Data eSIM for Morocco – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

Before entering the eSIM buying guide, we once again need to make sure that your phone is compatible with eSIM. This may have been easier when you used a smartphone. Using this option also helps you have an easier way to buy and activate a physical SIM card. Here are 2 buying methods you need to know:

1. Buy eSIM from Morocco Operators

The first thing you need to prepare to buy eSIM directly from the network operator is some necessary identification documents and an indispensable passport. This helps their service identify you. Some data plans from network operators you can refer to:

Network operatoreSIM plans
Orange89.25 MAD ($8.9 USD) = 1GB data (valid 7 days)165.47 MAD ($16.5 USD) = 2GB data (valid 15 days)350 MAD ($34.9 USD) = 5GB data (valid 30 days)
Maroc telecom80.24 MAD ($8 USD) = 1GB data (valid 7 days)145.41 MAD ($14.5 USD) = 2GB data (valid 15 days)315.9 MAD ($31.5 USD) = 5GB data (valid 30 days)

Pros: There are many data plan options

Cons: Personal information may be exposed

2. Buy eSIM from Gigago

In addition to buying directly from the network operator, there are many network operators that have authorized suppliers to distribute eSIM, including Gigago. When buying through a supplier, everything is especially done online, no need to provide personal information or show anything, easy to set up on the phone,…

Morocco eSIM comes from Gigago
Morocco eSIM comes from Gigago

How to buy is simple as follows: Visit Gigago > Go to Buy eSIM section > Select country as Morocco > Select data package by time (7 days, 15 days, 30 days) > Payment > Receive QR code > Click active.

Pros: It’s quick and doesn’t take any time

Cons: Not as many data package options as buying directly


I want to use my SIM card in Morocco, is it possible?

Yes, you need to roam the data or buy an international data package to use it.

What network operators does Morocco have?

Maroc telecom, Orange and Inwi.

Can I use it for free in Morocco?

Yes, you can connect to free wifi in public places if you feel it is safe.

VII. Conclusion

The article about mobile internet in Morocco contains much necessary information for your upcoming trip. Hopefully you can learn about the best options for using the internet as well as budgeting. To save money, don’t forget to visit Gigago to receive SIM card incentives.