Mobile Internet in Dubai for Travelers: 4 Ways to Get Data & Cost-Effective Options

Are you wondering how to stay connected with mobile internet in Dubai? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore the various options available for travelers to get mobile internet in Dubai and help you choose the best one for your needs.

Mobile Internet in Dubai

I. Mobile Internet in Dubai – Coverage and Speed

Let’s explore the coverage and speed of the following operators in Dubai to find the network that can help you easily get mobile internet in Dubai:

1. Dubai Mobile Internet Coverage

Coverage of operators in Dubai
Coverage of operators in Dubai

Etisalat and du are the two most popular mobile operators in Dubai that you should know about:

  • Etisalat excels in 5G Availability and Reach, showcasing its extensive network coverage nationwide. With a 10.5% 5G Availability score and a 5G Reach score of 3.6, Etisalat ensures widespread access to high-speed mobile data across Dubai.
  • du, a prominent mobile network operator in Dubai, excels in both 5G Availability and Reach. With strong network coverage across the country, du ensures widespread access to high-speed mobile data in Dubai.

Our recommendation: Etisalat is the top choice for mobile network services in Dubai, offering fast download speeds, superior video streaming, and excellent overall quality.

2.Dubai Mobile Internet Speed

Download speed experience in Dubai
Download speed experience in Dubai
Upload speed experience in Dubai
Upload speed experience in Dubai

Nationwide Average Speeds


Etisalat: 40.1 Mbps

du: 27.5 Mbps


Etisalat: 10.3 Mbps

du: 7.6 Mbps

Our recommendation: Consider Etisalat for its superior download speed when choosing a mobile operator. However, remember to also evaluate coverage, customer service, and pricing to make an informed decision

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Dubai?

To choose the right method of connecting to networks, consider these criteria:

 How it worksWhere to buyProsCons
Dubai Sim Cardremovable cards used in mobile devices that allow them to connect to a mobile network and make calls, send messages,…Airport, mall, local storesReasonable pricing
Multiple data plans available
Easy to lose the SIM card
One SIM card per device.
Dubai eSimIntegrated with a built-in chip in the device, enabling remote connectivityOnline purchase or anywhereUse of multiple data plans on the same device
Use of QR codes instead of  physical SIM card
Compatible with newer generation devices
Roamingenable to make calls, send messages, and access data services while being billed by your home network.Use the domestic SIM card.No need to remove the SIM card from the device, so there is no risk of losing it.
preserve the contacts list
The cost is high
Public WifiFree and unrestricted accessNo need to buyFree to use without a passwordFill out the form before accessing
Slow speed due to high user traffic

Our recommendations: For a more convenient and uninterrupted mobile internet in Dubai, without incurring excessive costs, choosing a SIM card or eSIM for your trip instead of considering roaming or public wifi.

GIGAGO is confident in providing travel eSIMs with the widest range of data plans across multiple territories. We offer you a variety of options based on your budget and needs. Moreover, GIGAGO is ready to provide immediate support, ensuring you have a complete and fulfilling travel experience without any disconnection. 

III. Internet Rates in Dubai

Good to know exchange rate benchmarks (January 2024):

  • 1 AED = 0,27 USD
  • 10,000 AED = 2,722 USD


Dubai SIM card 8,17 – 26,96 USD 
Dubai eSIM From 0,99 USD per GB 
Etisalat Dubai roaming 0,013 USD/ 30KB
du Dubai roaming 9,53 USD/ 500MB/ day  
Public WiFiFree but unstable

Note: The prices are for reference only. For accurate pricing information, please contact the mentioned operators.

IV. Data eSIM for Dubai – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

Here are some advantages of eSIM over traditional SIM cards for you to use mobile internet in Dubai

Flexible network switching, remote activation, space-saving, enhanced security against unauthorized access, seamless connectivity across multiple devices and reduced environmental impact, less plastic waste.

To understand why eSIM brings these benefits, you can refer to the article What is an eSIM

You can purchase eSIM for Dubai as a tourist in two ways:

  • Directly buy it from the local mobile network operators in Dubai. They will provide you with the necessary codes to activate the eSIM to use mobile internet in Dubai
  • Purchase eSIM from third-party providers. These providers have partnerships with multiple operators, giving you more options. Make sure to check device compatibility and choose reputable providers for a smooth eSIM experience.

1. Buy eSIM from Dubai Operators

Popular operators in Dubai that provide eSIM support include: Etisalat and du

When purchasing an eSIM for mobile internet in Dubai from operators, be aware that presenting your passport or ID card during the registration process is often required. Exceptions may exist, so check the country’s regulations to confirm if identification is necessary.

2. Buy eSIM from an eSIM provider like Gigago

Dubai eSIM - alternative to physical SIM Card

Purchasing an eSIM to use mobile internet in Dubai from prestigious providers like Gigago offers the most convenient solution. Get instant internet access upon arrival in the country with Etisalat. No need for passports or ID cards, no waiting for SIM delivery. Simply scan a QR code for easy setup and enjoy seamless connectivity without any hassle or delays..

To purchase an eSIM for a specific country from Gigago (GGG), follow these steps:

  • Visit the Gigago website and go to the homepage.
  • Use the search function or browse through the available options to find the page dedicated to the desired country’s eSIM.
  • Access the eSIM page for the specific country and review the description and details provided.
  • Select the eSIM plan that best fits your needs, budget, and trip duration.
  • Proceed to the payment process and complete the transaction.
  • Wait for the confirmation email from Gigago, which will include instructions on how to activate the eSIM.
  • Upon receiving the email, you can scan the QR code or manually input the activation code into your device
  • Ensure that data roaming is turned on in your phone’s settings.

Gigago offers multiple data plan options for using mobile internet in Dubai, with prices ranging from $10.50$275.50 . Their minimum 1 GB/ 7 days starts at just $10.50 . With this range of affordable plans, Gigago can accommodate any type of user and trip length in Dubai. Whether you only need occasional internet access or plan to stream extensively, Gigago has a Dubai eSIM plan to fit your needs and budget. The flexibility of their pricing makes Gigago a great eSIM solution for travel to Dubai.

V. Conclusion

Mobile internet in Dubai has revolutionized the way we connect and access information. With its widespread availability and fast speeds, mobile internet has become incredibly convenient. Whether for business or personal use, mobile internet has transformed the way we communicate and access information, making our lives more efficient and connected than ever before.