Hutch SIM Cards and eSIM for tourists 2024

Hutch is a popular mobile operator in Sri Lanka, offering extensive 3G coverage and fast speeds. This guide aims to provide valuable information to travelers in Sri Lanka who are interested in obtaining Hutch SIM cards. It covers essential details such as where to purchase a Hutch SIM card, the best available plans, recommended data allowances, and a step-by-step activation guide

I. Quick facts about Hutch

Hutchison is a Sri Lankan telecommunication service provider and the country’s third largest mobile network operator: 

  • Full name: Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
  • Founded: 2004
  • Services: Mobile Telephony, Wireless broadband and Mobile TV
  • Subscribers: 3.5 million subscribers of the Sri Lankan mobile market (Q3/2023)
  • Coverage: Hutch has network coverage of approximately 88% of the entire island
  • Customer support: Hutch Sri Lanka provides customer support in English via: online chat and social media support.

II. Sri Lanka Hutch Coverage and Speed in the Sri Lanka

1. Coverage

Hutch coverage in Sri Lanka
Hutch coverage in Sri Lanka

Hutch’s 4G coverage to over 90% of Sri Lanka’s population. 

Availability of Hutch mobile network is 88.4% of time – stands at 3rd place in Sri Lanka

2. Speed

Hutch Sri Lanka is an internet service provider which operates in Sri Lanka. Currently it ranks on the place 4 from 11 providers in Sri Lanka.

Data for Download Speed and Upload Speed is 7.4Mbps and 2.8 Mbps, respectively

Speed experience of some main operators in Sri Lanka
Speed experience of some main operators in Sri Lanka

Hutch’s speed and coverage are moderate enough to meet the basic web surfing needs of visitors to Sri Lanka.

III.What are the Best Connectivity Options of Hutch for Travelers to Sri Lanka?

For travelers visiting Sri Lanka, there are three main options to connect to Hutch’s reliable network:

  • Hutch SIM Card for Sri Lanka
  • Hutch pocket wifi
  • Hutch roaming for Sri Lanka

1. Hutch SIM Card: Obtain a physical nano/micro SIM card designed for unlocked phones.

A Hutch SIM Card
A Hutch SIM Card


  • Cost-effective option for moderate data usage.
  • Convenient for local calls and texts within Sri Lanka.
  • Allows receiving calls directly with a local number.


  • Need to switch into a new SIM Card
  • Risk of losing the current SIM Card

2. Pocket wifi

Rent a portable Wi-Fi device with a Hutch data plan.


  • Provides unlimited data or large data packages for multiple devices.
  • Allows sharing the connection among multiple users and devices.
  • Flexible for use in different locations


  • Rental cost in addition to data charges.
  • Battery life of the device needs to be monitored.
  • Signal strength may vary depending on the device

3. Roaming on Home Network:

Roaming with Hutch
Roaming with Hutch

Enable roaming on your existing phone plan.


  • No need for additional setup.
  • Retain your familiar phone number and plan details.


  • Potential for expensive roaming charges, especially for data usage.
  • May require activating roaming with your home operator.
  • Limited coverage in remote areas compared to Hutch’s network.

Our recommendations:

  • For moderate data usage and local calls within Sri Lanka, a Hutch SIM card is a cost-effective choice.
  • If you require heavy data usage or are traveling in a group, a Pocket Wi-Fi with unlimited data can be a good option.
  • Roaming may be convenient for those who prefer to retain their existing phone number and plan, but be cautious of potential high charges.

IV. Best Hutch SIM cards for Tourists & Cost

Note: 1 USD = 302 LKR

You can obtain a Hutch SIM card for free at Hutch stores, but a plan purchase or top-up is necessary. Additionally, SIM cards are also available at Colombo-Bandaranaike International Airport.

To access the Hutch menu, simply dial *123# on your phone.

If you wish to change the system’s language to English, dial 348.

We want to show you some best packages for tourists: 

Day & Night Plans – Hutch Sri Lanka (+former Etisalat Sri Lanka)

A Hutch SIM Card plan
A Hutch SIM Card plan

The Day & Night Plans are data plans (without 5G NR access).

Dial the Activation Code to activate Day & Night Plans:

PriceDataNighttime Data 1Validity
9 LKR40 MB45 MB2 days
25 LKR140 MB100 MB4 days
66 LKR360 MB150 MB7 days
131 LKR770 MB550 MB14 days
259 LKR1.7 GB1 GB30 days
301 LKR3 GB2.5 GB30 days
510 LKR6 GB5 GB45 days
849 LKR7.7 GB7 GB45 days

My Plan – Hutch Sri Lanka (+former Etisalat Sri Lanka)

My Plan is a customizable plan that allows you to set how much data and how many minutes and SMS you want.

The combinations are basically endless, making it impossible for me to list it all in an understand

V. Does Hutch Sri Lanka support eSIM?

A Hutch eSIM
A Hutch eSIM

Yes, Hutch Sri Lanka has supported eSIM connectivity. Instead of a physical plastic SIM card, an eSIM allows you to download a mobile plan directly to your phone digitally.

Hutch eSIMs offer the same coverage and speeds as regular Hutch SIMs. They are easy to activate through a mobile app, making them a convenient option for staying connected throughout Sri Lanka.

VI. Where can you buy a Hutch SIM card and eSIM?

There are several options available for travelers who wish to purchase a Hutch SIM card or eSIM plan for Sri Lanka:

1. Where to Buy a Hutch SIM Card for Sri Lanka?

Hutch SIM cards can be easily obtained from the following locations:

  • Airports: Hutch and partner stores located in major Sri Lanka airports. Just remember SIM Card sold at Airport may be slightly more expensive than those sold in city center
  • Hutch Stores: There are many official Hutch-branded stores across Sri Lanka. Tourists should note that when purchasing goods at Hutch stores, you will be required to carry identification documents

It is advisable to avoid purchasing SIM cards from unofficial street vendors, as they may charge higher prices or provide invalid plans. For security, it is best to buy directly from Hutch stores or known agents.

2. Where to Buy a Hutch eSIM for Sri Lanka?

As eSIM activation involves downloading a mobile profile instead of using a physical card, there are three options for purchasing a Hutch Sri Lanka eSIM as a tourist:

  • Hutch Website/ Hutch Mobile App: Visitors can visit the Hutch website and follow the instructions to purchase a Hutch eSIM. Visitors may also be asked for identification documents when making purchases. 
  • Third-Party eSIM Stores like Gigago: 

GIGAGO offers the convenience of purchasing and activating an Sri Lanka eSIM entirely online: 

  • More options for data and validity
  • Better prices
  • Easier purchasing process
  • No identity document required
Gigago Sri Lanka SIM Card packages
Gigago Sri Lanka SIM Card packages

For Sri Lanka, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 7 days with $7.90 . What is great about Gigago’s Sri Lanka eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $7.90$16.50 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Sri Lanka, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

VII. How to activate Hutch Sri Lanka SIM/eSIM

It’s not difficult to use a Hutch SIM/eSIM for Sri Lanka. If this is your first time using it, please check the instructions below.

1. How to use Hutch Sri Lanka SIM card

You only need to follow these simple steps and everything will be ready.

  1. Insert the SIM card: Locate the SIM card slot on your device
  2. Power on your device: Turn on your device and wait for it to recognize the SIM card
  3. Activate the SIM card: In most cases, Hutch Sri Lanka SIM card will be pre-activated
  4. Set up APN settings if you can not use the eSIM.
  5. Check your services.
Activation of Hutch SIM Card is a straightforward process
Activation of Hutch SIM Card is a straightforward process

2. How to activate Hutch Sri Lanka eSIM

Getting started with an Hutch eSIM for Sri Lanka is quite easy as follows:

  1. Install the eSIM
  2. Activate the eSIM
  3. Set up the eSIM
  4. Start using the eSIM: Once the eSIM is activated and set up, you can start using its services.

Please check your detailed instructions below:

  • Activate eSIM on IPhone 
  • Activate eSIM on Samsung 
  • Activate eSIM on Google Pixel 

VIII. How to top up Hutch Sri Lanka SIM/eSIM

Travelers can top up Hutch SIM Card easily by many ways
Travelers can top up Hutch SIM Card easily by many ways

To top up your Hutch SIM card using the provided link, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Hutch Reload website  
  • On the website, you will see various options. Since you want to top up your Hutch SIM card, click on “Prepaid Reload” or “Card Reload.”
  • A form will appear where you need to enter the required information. 
  • Choose the payment method you prefer from the available options.
  • Click on the “Continue” button to proceed with the payment.
  • Follow the instructions provided for the selected payment method to complete the top-up process.

IX. Alternatives to Hutch Sri Lanka

A SLTMobitel SIM Card
A SLTMobitel SIM Card

If tourists feel that the speed and coverage of the Hutch network does not meet your requirements, you can refer to Dialog and Mobitel networks – the two networks with the best quality in Sri Lanka.

Regarding coverage, these are the two networks with the largest coverage in Sri Lanka with Availability figures of Dialog and Mobitel being 92% of time and 91.5% of time respectively. 

Especially with the Dialog network, this is the network with the fastest download and upload speeds of 12.8Mbps and 4.8Mbps. Ranked 2nd is Mobitel

X. FAQs about Hutch in Sri Lanka

 How can I check the My Plan package available Data/ Minutes and SMS?

Simply visit the Hutch app “My Usage” section – Data/Voice or SMS tab which will display the quota under the names anytime data (My Plan), Night time data (My Plan), Anynet Voice (My Plan) and Anynet SMS (My Plan).

 What are the time bands I can use the Anytime Data u0026amp; Night time data quotas?

Night time data – 00:00 am – 09:00 am hours Anytime data – Usage 24Hrs/day

What are the Social media benefits of Unlimited 909 package?

This plan offers you Non-Stop usage on your most popular apps of TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, FB Messenger u0026amp; WhatsApp. Stream, stay connected, share your precious moments, video call or even chat all you want with this plan

Who can activate Hutch Rs 481 “HARI KATHA” Any Network Calling Plan?

Any Hutch prepaid customers can activate Hutch Rs 481 “HARI KATHA” Any Network Calling Plan

XI. Conclusion

Getting connected with Hutch SIM cards in Sri Lanka is a quick and convenient option for tourists visiting any region. Hutch offers standard nationwide coverage, good speeds, attractive prepaid deals, and English support options. However, the two largest network operators in Sri Lanka, Dialog and Mobitel, still provide better mobile network quality than Hutch. Travelers should also consider using eSIM for the most convenience and savings.