Entel SIM Cards and eSIM 2024: a Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

How to get and activate a Entel SIM & eSIM Peru is an issue that many tourists are concerned about when using the internet in this country. Below is the necessary information.

Entel Peru SIM card & eSIM

To use the internet, information about how to get and activate an Entel SIM & eSIM Peru is necessary for tourists. Gigago’s article below will give visitors specific information about using SIM and eSIM cards in Peru.

I. Quick facts about Entel 

Entel SIM Cards and eSIM
Entel SIM Cards and eSIM

Here are some quick facts about Entel:

  • Date of founding: Entel was started in 1964 as a telecommunications company in Chile
  • Services provided: Providing telecommunications services including fixed lines, mobile phones, internet and data.
  • Competitors: Entel’s competitors in Peru are Movistar and Claro.
  • Size: Entel shares make up an important part of the stock market in Chile
  • Technical transformation: Entel undergoes digital transformation to meet user needs, including enhancing online services and improving digital infrastructure.
  • Technology: Where is Entel in the region in terms of advancements in technology, infrastructure development and services

II. Peru Entel Coverage and Speed in the Peru

With Entel’s coverage and access speed, it is chosen by many tourists when coming to Peru. Here are the details.

1. Entel coverage in Peru

Network operator Entel has reached a commercial agreement to offer satellite-to-mobile services starting in 2024, which will mean improved broadband coverage for LTE customers. Although Entel covers 98% of the population in Peru, the agreement is that Entel focuses on providing services in maritime territories or in areas affected by natural disasters.

Entel coverage in Peru
Entel coverage in Peru

2. Entel speed

Entel is one of the largest telecommunications service providers, ranked 5th out of 47 providers in Peru. This carrier has a download speed of 13.88 Mb/s, an upload speed of 13.3 Mb/s and a latency of 63 ms. Overall, Entel offers reasonable speeds for mobile phones. Thereby, it can meet most of the necessary needs of tourists when using the Internet when coming to Peru.

Entel's access speed in Peru
Entel’s access speed in Peru

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Entel for Travelers to Peru?

All options for internet usage from the Entel network in Peru also depend on the needs of tourists. However, the following advantages and disadvantages you may not know:

Connectivity optionsProsCons
Pocket wifiNo need to remove the SIM cardAllow your group to connect or multiple devicesNeed to carry it with youBroadcast only to people within 5-7 meters rangeThere are two types of fees: Rental (or purchase) fee and data package purchase feeThe total cost is higher than many other forms, including SIM cards
Entel SIM cardUse data directly on the SIM cardStrong connections are a givenStable priceYou need to remove the local SIM card if your phone cannot install multiple SIM cards at the same time
Data roaming with Entel No need to remove the SIM cardAlways use your local SIM card+ High roaming costs+ It is almost impossible to control data usage+ Make sure your local carrier has a contract with Entel 

From the table above, you can see that buying a SIM is the most convenient and economical method.

IV. Best Entel SIM cards for Tourists & Cost

Entel SIM card data selection in Peru
Entel SIM card data selection in Peru

When buying a prepaid Entel SIM card, you need to pay about 5 Soles ($1.3 USD) and then need to buy data packages to use for 30 days:

  • 20 Soles ($5.3 USD) = 7 GB data + unlimited minutes, Facebook and Instagram
  • 29 Soles ($7.7 USD) = 12 GB data + unlimited minutes, Facebook and Instagram
  • 39 Soles ($10.4 USD) = 20 GB data + unlimited minutes, Facebook and Instagram

Note: Entel's SIM card and data plan costs may change over time. Please contact your supplier for the latest updates.

V. Does Entel Peru support eSIM?

Correct. Entel supports eSIM in Peru, providing a flexible and cost-effective internet connection solution for travelers with compatible devices. Furthermore, this approach offers a variety of data plan options to meet individual customer requirements.

Entel eSIM in Peru
Entel eSIM in Peru

Entel’s eSIM is available at most official Entel stores. When you arrive at the store, you need to verify your personal information and receive a QR code via gmail. Then scan the code to activate eSIM in Peru.

VI. Where can you buy an Entel SIM card and eSIM?

To buy Entel SIM cards and eSIMs, tourists have many ways to buy them in Peru. Therefore, depending on your preferences and trip convenience, you can easily choose the appropriate purchasing method. Refer to the methods below for more detailed information.

1. Where to buy Entel SIM for Peru

1.1. Buy a SIM card upon arrival

Buying a SIM card upon arrival is still a familiar way of purchasing for many visitors to Peru. After completing customs procedures, follow the directions at the airport to buy an Entel SIM card at the carrier’s kiosk. You need to prepare your identification documents to line up to buy.

Buy Entel SIM card at the airport
Buy Entel SIM card at the airport

1.2. Buy SIM card at Entel store

If you have good foreign language skills and have time to find your way around, you can buy a SIM card at Entel’s official store. The advantage of this way of buying is high reputation and professional guidance. However, you will have difficulty if you do not have foreign language ability.

Entel store in Peru
Entel store in Peru

1.3. Buy Entel SIM card in other authorized retail stores

Currently there are many mobile phone stores in Peru authorized by Entel that can sell SIM cards. This is also a place where you can easily buy it. It can be distributed in more areas than the store, so you have less difficulty finding it.

Mobile phone retail store in Peru authorized by Entel
Mobile phone retail store in Peru authorized by Entel

2. Where to buy Peru Entel eSIM

Currently, visitors can buy Entel’s Peruvian eSIM at most stores nationwide. First of all, you need to check your phone’s compatibility. Then, you will pass the verification step to authenticate your personal information and receive a QR code. Just scan that code to activate the eSIM.

Some tips when buying eSIM you may not know:

  • Check compatibility: Currently, most new phones support eSIM. But to be sure, check your phone.
  • Find out information: Research Entel’s eSIM data packages. Make sure the data package is suitable for your time and usage.
  • Choose the form of purchase: Entel offers direct or online purchase. If you buy directly, find the nearest store address.
  • Prepare identification documents: If you buy at a store, have your passport ready to provide necessary customer information.

VII. How to Use and Activate Entel Peru SIM/eSIM in Peru?

Along with how to get and activate a Entel SIM & eSIM Peru, usage is also a question of many first-time visitors to Peru. It’s not difficult to use Entel’s SIM/eSIM for Peru. If this is your first time using it, please see the instructions below.

1. How to use Entel Peru SIM card

Follow these steps to activate and use your SIM card:

  • Insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot on your mobile device
  • Power on your device: Turn on your device and wait for it to recognize the SIM card
  • Activate the SIM card on the phone
  • If you can’t use eSIM, set up APN settings
  • Check service and usage

2. How to activate Entel Peru eSIM

The steps to get started with Entel’s eSIM for Peru are quite easy as follows:

  • Scan the QR code to receive eSIM
  • Install eSIM on the corresponding device
  • Activate eSIM
  • Set up eSIM
  • Once eSIM is activated and set up, you can start using eSIM services immediately if needed

VIII. How to top up Entel Peru SIM/eSIM

In addition to how to get and activate a Entel SIM & eSIM Peru, users are also wondering how to recharge Claro SIM/eSIM because it is not easy for first-time users. To top up your Entel SIM card or eSIM Peru from this network, you can use a bank card, credit card, visa,… and pay via the website. Additionally, you can download the Entel application for easy implementation.

Recharge easily at Entel's application
Recharge easily at Entel’s application

IX. Alternatives to Peru Entel

In addition to Entel, you can also use telecommunications services of some major carriers in Peru such as Claro, Movistar or Bitel. In particular, Movistar and Claro are two large networks in the market and have high average speeds, coverage from urban to rural areas, while Bitel focuses on rural areas.

Alternatives to Entel in Peru
Alternatives to Entel in Peru

X. FAQs about Entel in Peru

Has Entel made eSIM available online?

Currently Entel has provided eSIM online, this form is also preferred due to its convenience and no need to show a passport.

What do I need to prepare to use eSIM in Peru?

You need to make sure your phone device is compatible with this technology, usually on the carrier’s website there are instructions for checking compatibility, go to an Entel store.

Where can I buy an Entel SIM card in a city in Peru?

If you do not buy an Entel SIM card at the airport, you can buy it at an Entel store, authorized store,…

XI. Conclusion

Above is an article about how to get and activate an Entel SIM & eSIM Peru and alternatives. Hopefully Gigago has helped you gain more useful information for your upcoming trip to Peru and have the best experience with Entel.