Claro SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate 2024

Among information about the internet, how to get and activate a Claro SIM & eSIM Peru is of interest to many tourists. Below is the detailed information.

Claro SIM card in Peru

The article below shares details about how to get and activate a Claro SIM & eSIM Peru. This is essential information for tourists coming to Peru. In addition, Gigago also provides visitors with operational methods and necessary tips. Please refer below!

I. Quick Facts about Claro

Here is some quick information about Claro network that many tourists may not know:

  • Year of foundation: Claro was founded on September 19, 2003 in Brazil and is owned by America Movil.
  • Founder: Carlos Slim
  • CEO: Manola Ayala
  • Headquarters: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Product: wireless service
  • Services: Mobile phone, internet data, television and other telecommunications services
  • Development: Claro is ranked highly by many customers in the market, second only to Movistar and Entel
  • Operating period in Peru: Claro started operating in Peru on October 11, 2005
Claro network in Peru
Claro network in Peru

II. Why Claro When Traveling Peru – Coverage and Speed

Known as the third largest network operator in Peru, Claro is chosen by many tourists when coming to this country. The following factors need to be considered for the area you travel to.

1. Claro Coverage in Peru

More than one-third of customers use Claro’s services and coverage. In major cities, 4G/LTE packages of Claro network have been available and pre-paid for a long time. The two main frequency bands are 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. By 2016, 38 towns in the Lima region had band 28 (700 MHz) added.

Claro's coverage area is in Peru
Claro’s coverage area is in Peru

2. Claro Speed

In Peru, Claro had the strongest average download speed at 23.3 Mbps. Furthermore, when measuring consistency in carrier performance, Claro has the highest consistency among the four major carriers in Peru at 80.6%. The results also showed a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps.

Claro's speed area is in Peru
Claro’s speed area is in Peru

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Claro for Travelers to Peru?

Travelers to Peru can purchase a Claro SIM card, use pocket wifi in Peru, or use data roaming services to Peru. Each option will have different advantages, disadvantages and some other accompanying service criteria.

Connectivity optionsProsCons
Claro SIM cardUse directly on the SIM card, without intermediaries
Strong connection
Stable price
It takes a few steps to activate
Pocket wifiNo need to remove the SIM card
Connect multiple devices at the same time
Carrying it around is difficult
Broadcast range is not far
Lose both the rental (or purchase) fee and the data package purchase fee
Total cost is higher than SIM card
It’s unclear whether it connects to the Claro network because it’s due to the SIM in the lessor’s wifi transmitter
Data roamingAlways use your local SIM card
No need to remove the SIM card
High cost
Difficult to control data usage
Not sure if your carrier is roaming with Claro or not because it is based on the contract signed between carriers, so if you want to accurately roam to this carrier, please contact your carrier directly to confirm. 

From the table above, it can be seen that buying a SIM card is the most common, convenient and economical method.

IV. Best Claro SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

You need to pay about 5 Soles (about $1.3 USD) and choose optional data packages according to your needs as follows:

  • 20 Soles ($5.3 USD) = 4 GB data + 500 minutes of calling + unlimited messages + WhatsApp
  • 30 Soles ($8 USD) = 10.5 GB data + unlimited calls/SMS/WhatsApp minutes
  • 40 Soles ($10.7 USD) = 13.5 GB data + unlimited calls/SMS/WhatsApp minutes

V. Does Claro Support eSIM in Peru?

Yes, Claro is the leading telecommunications service provider in Peru with 25 million customers. Claro’s eSIM data plans start at just $5 USD, with data plan options ranging from 1GB to 100GB per month. Claro also has the ability to share data plans with other devices and the ability to use 2 SIM cards on the same phone. 

Buy Claro eSIM in Peru
Buy Claro eSIM in Peru

There are two ways to buy Claro’s eSIM: buy directly from the operator or buy through eSIM resellers. When buying directly from the network operator, you usually need to present your passport. Buying from resellers is simpler, you don’t have to present anything. Therefore, you should buy eSIM from resellers to shorten the process.

VI. Where to Buy a Claro SIM card and eSIM?

Thanks to the development of telecommunications services, Claro SIM cards and Claro eSIM cards can be purchased in many different places. Some suggestions below:

1. Where to Buy a Claro SIM Card for Peru?

1.1. Upon Arrival

Buying a Claro SIM card directly upon arrival at the airport in Peru is a traditional purchasing method chosen by many tourists. Some large airports in Peru often have kiosks from the Claro network such as Jorge Chavez International Airport, Velazco Astete Airport, Capitan Rolden Airport,…

Buy a Claro SIM card at the airport
Buy a Claro SIM card at the airport

For this way of buying, you need to spend time lining up to buy a SIM card. Furthermore, travelers need to prepare their passport to complete registration information and ensure the phone is unlocked.

1.2. Claro store

Claro store is a place to buy official SIM cards chosen by many tourists. However, you need to be confident that you have foreign language skills to communicate. As for the address, you can look it up on the map or ask people.

Buy SIM card at Claro store
Buy SIM card at Claro store

1.3. Other authorized retail stores

Claro authorized mobile phone retailers are also where SIM cards can be purchased. Tourists need to check the store’s reputation through local people or feedback from customers who have used it. Also, pay attention to your phone’s compatibility with Claro carriers.

Buy a SIM card at an authorized Claro store
Buy a SIM card at an authorized Claro store

2. Where to Buy Claro eSIM for Peru?

Purchasing a Peru eSIM of Claro is simple and travelers can choose to buy from an international SIM provider or directly from the carrier. Travelers should choose to buy online from trusted suppliers, including eSIM provider Gigago.

Buy Peru eSIM from Claro network provider Gigago
Buy Peru eSIM from Claro network provider Gigago

Tips for you to buy Claro eSIM:

  • Check your phone’s compatibility with your carrier
  • Compare data plans in terms of usage time and cost
  • Check Claro network coverage for the area you are visiting
  • Don’t forget to refer to previous customer reviews
  • Compare eSIM prices between providers
  • Check official information on the official website of the carrier or agent
  • Understand the eSIM activation process on your phone.

VII. How to Activate Claro SIM/eSIM in Peru?

How to get and activate a Claro SIM & eSIM Peru is not necessarily easy for customers using this network’s internet service in Peru for the first time. However, using Claro SIM & eSIM for Peru is not as difficult as many customers think. If this is your first time using it, please see the instructions below.

1. How to Use a Claro SIM Card in Peru?

Simple steps you need to take:

  • Insert the SIM card into the phone after locating the SIM card slot
  • Turn on your device and wait for it to recognize the SIM card
  • Activate the SIM card for use
  • Set up APN settings if you can’t use eSIM.
  • Check your service before leaving the store to buy a Claro SIM card.
Activate the Claro SIM card on your phone
Activate the Claro SIM card on your phone

2. How to Activate Claro eSIM?

How to activate Claro’s eSIM for Peru is quite easy as follows:

  • Check device compatibility
  • Install eSIM on the device
  • Activate eSIM according to the instructions
  • Set up eSIM
  • Once eSIM is activated and set up, you can start using eSIM services.

VIII. How to Top-up Claro SIM/eSIM

Top up your Claro SIM card/eSIM Peru
Top up your Claro SIM card/eSIM Peru

In addition to how to get and activate a Claro SIM & eSIM Peru, users also wonder how to top-up Claro SIM/eSIM. To top up your Claro SIM card or Peruvian eSIM from this network, you need to follow these steps:

  • On Claro’s website, select “Payment and deposit gateway”
  • Select “Deposit for purchase”
  • Enter the phone number to recharge
  • Select the amount of money to deposit
  • Select payment method (debit card, credit card or other electronic payment method)
  • Complete the payment process
  • Keep receipts when necessary

IX. FAQs about Claro in Peru

Does Claro network provide eSIM for tourists?

Claro is the first telecommunications company with eSIM in Peru, visitors can buy it through the network or other providers.

For a Claro SIM card, should I choose a prepaid or postpaid plan?

You should choose a prepaid data package to easily control data usage and save money on your trip.

How much do I need to pay to buy a Claro SIM card in Peru?

The cost to buy a Claro SIM card in Peru is about 5 Soles (equivalent to $1.3 USD) and then choose to buy a data package according to your needs.

X. Conclusion

Above is information on how to get and activate a Claro SIM & eSIM Peru for tourists. Hope it has been useful to you. Don’t forget to contact Gigago for eSIM Peru from Claro network with many data packages to choose from.