Cellcard SIM Cards and eSIM 2024: a Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

Cellcard SIM cards & eSIM are big hits in Cambodia for staying connected. Setting up a SIM or eSIM might seem daunting, especially in a new place.

This article gives you a step-by-step guide to easily connect to Cellcard’s network. Whether you’re visiting or living there, the aim is to help you choose wisely and make the most of Cellcard’s services for smooth communication.

how to get a cellcard sim card in cambodia

I. Quick Facts about Cellcard

Cellcard, Cambodia’s own mobile telecom company which sells local sim card, is well-known for its innovative ways of connectivity and customer service.  Here are a few cool facts about it:

  • Founded: 1997
  • Company: Cellcard Co., Ltd
  • Services: 15+ prepaid and postpaid mobile plans, digital services
  • Subscribers: 4M+ (2023)
  • Coverage: Nationwide, in 24 provinces in Cambodia, 90% population
  • Stores: 100+ Cellcard stores, 5,000+ partners
  • Support: Contact center: 2,000 calls/day, live chat: 500 users/month, FAQs: 50+ questions
  • Awards:
    • Opensignal 2023 Global Rising Star
    • Ookla Speedtest Awards 2023
    • Multiple Opensignal awards 2017-2018: video, games, upload speed

II. Cambodia Cellcard Coverage and Speed in Cambodia

To know whether you should pick this carrier or not, let’s look at its coverage and speed in Cambodia. 

1. Cellcard coverage in Cambodia

cellcard coverage cambodia
Cellcard coverage map Cambodia (Source: nPerf)

Cellcard covers over 90% of Cambodia with its excellent 4G network, expanding from 300 to over 3,100 sites since December 2016

Known as “Cambodia’s Best Mobile Network Service Provider” and the “Most Reliable Telecom Operator in Cambodia”, they prioritize speed and reliability, earning industry respect for their network performance.

2. Cellcard speed

cellcard speed cambodia
Cellcard speed map Cambodia (Source: Opensignal)

Some key points about Cellcard speed:

  • Download Speed: 18.8 Mbps (Winner). Fastest among all operators.
  • Upload Speed: 5.5 Mbps. Reaches 6.5 Mbps on 4G.
  • Average Speed: Award for Download Speed Experience – 18.8 Mbps overall, 22.4 Mbps on 4G.
  • Video Experience: Joint winner, scores 53.2 points. Great for video streaming.
  • Consistency: Wins Excellent Consistent Quality award at 63.5%. Ideal for HD video calls.

Cellcard’s network investments deliver high speeds in Cambodia, ensuring fast, reliable connections for downloads, streaming, and real-time chats. A promising choice for mobile services!

III. Best Cellcard SIM cards for tourists & cost

PlanPrice (USD)Price (KHR)DataOn-Net CallsOn-Net SMSValidity
Serey+ $1.5$1.506,09015GB100 minutes100 messages7 days
Serey+ $4$4.0016,24025GB2,500 minutes2,500 messages28 days
Serey+ $6$6.0024,36060GB150 minutes150 messages30 days


  • Data is sourced from the Cellcard website as of March 7, 2024. Prices and plans are subject to change.
  • Exchange rate: 1 USD = 4,060 KHR.
  • On-net calls and SMS refer to calls and messages within the Cellcard network in Cambodia.

IV. Does Cellcard Cambodia support eSIM?

Yes. Using eSIM always makes you feel convenient because:

  • No physical SIM card, reducing the risk of loss.
  • Store and switch between various eSIM profiles on one device effortlessly.
  • eSIMs, with embedded chips, are more damage-resistant than physical SIM cards.

Cellcard eSIM on Gigago:

We currently don’t offer Cellcard eSIM due to the higher costs associated with the service. However, Gigago provides a variety of eSIM options for Cambodia, including Metfone and Smart

Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB/day for 5 days with $4.50 . What is great about Gigago’s Cambodia eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $4.50$36.00 . 

Thus, it does not matter how many Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Cambodia, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

gigago esim cambodia
eSIM Cambodia by Gigago

V. Where can you buy Cellcard SIM cards and eSIM?

Buying Cellcard SIM cards/eSIM is an important task for any tourist traveling to Cambodia. There are a few key options available:

1. Where to buy Cellcard SIM cards for Cambodia?

  • Cellcard Stores: Such as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International airport.
  • Authorized Retailers: Such as Tiger and Total Access Communication for SIM card purchases.

2. Where to buy Cambodia Cellcard eSIM?

  • Buy from Cellcard website: Visit Cellcard’s site, follow the steps to upgrade an existing SIM to an eSIM plan, or buy a new eSIM plan online.
  • Buy from CambodiaeSIM: Go to the site, choose a suitable eSIM plan, pay with a credit card, and get the eSIM QR code via email to activate on your device.

This outlines the key options for tourists to easily buy a Cellcard SIM/eSIM plan when in Cambodia.

VI. How to activate Cellcard Cambodia SIM/eSIM?

how to activate cellcard sim cambodia
How to activate Cellcard sim Cambodia

It’s not difficult to use a Cellcard SIM/eSIM in Cambodia. If this is your first time using it, please check the instructions below.

1. How to Use Cellcard SIM Card in Cambodia?

  • Get a Cellcard SIM card from a retail store.
  • Insert it into your unlocked phone, gold contacts down.
  • Turn on your phone to connect to Cellcard network.
  • Start making calls, texting, and using data.

2. How to Activate Cellcard eSIM?

  • Purchase a Cellcard eSIM online. eSIM is activated digitally, no physical SIM is needed.
  • In your smartphone’s “Settings,” choose “Cellular Plans” or “eSIM.”
  • Scan or enter the provided QR code for eSIM download.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate eSIM and add payment info.
  • Your smartphone connects to the Cellcard network via eSIM.


VII. FAQs about Cellcard SIM Cards/eSIM Cambodia

How do I top up credit for a Cellcard SIM card?

Top-ups can be done via the Cellcard app or by purchasing vouchers from retail stores. Top-ups start from 2000 riels (~$0.50).

Can I transfer my number between Cellcard SIM and eSIM?

Yes, Cellcard allows activating the same number on either SIM or eSIM through their Service Centers. A small fee may apply.

What cellular standards does Cellcard use?

Cellcard’s network supports 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE. Frequencies include 850/900 MHz for 2G and 2100 MHz for 3G/4G.

What if I lose my Cellcard SIM card?

Report the lost SIM immediately via the app or customer service centers. There is a chance to retrieve the number on a replacement SIM by providing identification and security details.

VIII. Conclusion

In conclusion, getting and activating Cellcard SIM cards in Cambodia is simple. Whether you choose a traditional SIM or an eSIM, both cater to your communication needs smoothly. Just visit a store, pick a plan, and complete activation to access Cellcard services quickly.