Best Cambodia SIM Cards for Tourists: Updated Prices & Where to Buy 2024

Are you going to travel to Cambodia but do not know how to stay connected with people around? If yes, you should not miss our detailed Cambodia SIM card blog! Today, we would like to introduce the types, prices, where to buy, and a detailed guide to using Cambodia SIM cards. Let’s discover together!

Cambodia sim card

I. Should You Get a SIM Card in Cambodia?

Yes, owning a SIM card is essential for you when going to Cambodia.

If you are ready to fly to Cambodia, you should keep contact with your relatives and friends. Especially, you will pay a lot of money for using data roaming while traveling Cambodia, so your budget will be in trouble.

Besides, it is not convenient for you to use public WiFi because not all places in Cambodia have WiFi available. Also, when coming to a strange country, you should be aware of security risks if you use public Wifi. 

Hence, it is useful for you to buy Cambodia SIM cards for the best Cambodia trip for below reasons:

  • First, you can save your money for other plans by buying Cambodia SIM cards which help call, text, and use the Internet at a reasonable price.
  • Second, you can get rid of the fear of losing connection. A Cambodia SIM card helps you stay connected even when away from Wifi hotspots.
  • Third, it suits all ages and all walks of life because Cambodia SIM cards are easy to use and set up.
  • Finally, using Cambodia SIM cards will help us have a smooth trip because we can use them to look for maps and famous destinations to discover Cambodia.

II. Types of Cambodia SIM Cards for Tourists – Which One is the Best?

Types of Cambodia sim card
Types of Cambodia sim card for tourists

There are 02 major types of Cambodia SIM cards: prepaid physical SIM cards and prepaid tourist eSIM in Cambodia. 

Prepaid physical Cambodia SIM cards

First, prepaid physical Cambodia SIM cards are known as one of the most common types in Cambodia. It is a type of module (SIM) card to identify subscribers under a prepaid service. People use them by inserting them into their devices like their phones.

There are some important features of prepaid physical Cambodia SIM cards that you should know:

Prepaid physical SIM cards in Cambodia
– Prepaid physical Cambodia SIM cards are affordable to anyone because their prices are reasonable for all walks of life.– It wastes time for people to wait for delivery or set up process.
– The owners can lose Cambodia SIM cards easily if they forget them when removing them from the devices.
– One phone will have one SIM card available only.

Prepaid Tourist Cambodia eSIM

A prepaid tourist Cambodia eSIM is a digital SIM card like a chip embedded inside your devices. Moreover, users can buy it easily via online shop and receive the QR code to activate an eSIM. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of eSIM:

Prepaid Tourist Cambodia eSIM
It is extremely suitable for tourists because you can purchase it online. An eSIM has no complicated setup, just by scanning the QR code.
It is available for using two SIMs – a physical SIM and an eSIM or two eSIMs at the same time. 
– Only devices with high-end models can use an eSIM such as iPhone 13, and 14,15.
– To use an eSIM’s function, you have to unlock your phone first.

Our recommendation: It is incredible if you have suitable devices to use an eSIM for the best experience.

III. Best Cambodia SIM Card Packages for Tourists and Price

Good to know: $1 = 4,084.077452 KHR. 10,000 HKD = $2.44 (as of January 2024) 

Cambodia has the top 3 mobile Internet providers including Metfone, Smart Axiata, and Cellcard. You can find more details about prices of SIM card services in Cambodia below.

Best Cambodia Metfone SIM Card Plans and Prices

You can find the detailed information for prepaid Cambodia SIM card plans from Metfone below:

  • 1-day package with 200MB for $0.20
  • 7-day package with 1.5GB for $1.50
  • 30-day package with 3GB for $3
  • 30-day package with 5GB for $5

Metfone has the most unique and extensive coverage through Cambodia including remote areas, which is a perfect service for travelers, especially backpackers.

Insight: Metfone is the best option for people tending to travel to rural areas in Cambodia due to its wide range of coverage.

Best Cambodia Smart Axiata SIM Card Plans and Price

Here is some information about the Smart Axiata SIM card plan:

  • 7-day plan with 30GB of data for $5
  • SIMs are available at the airport and in cities, and towns. The coverage is about  98% 2G and 75% 3G nationwide. 4G is only effective enough in major cities/towns and will drop off in remote areas.
  • Smart Axiata SIM card has good access in the cities, not support well in remote areas.

Insight: Smart provides nationwide connectivity but there is a lack of special offers for tourists and their service is not good enough to ensure a smooth trip.

Best Cambodia Cellcard SIM Card Plans and Prices 

You can refer to below Cambodia Cellcard SIM card plans and prices for the best option:

  • 7-day plan with 4GB for $2
  • 30-day plan with 8GB for $5
  • 30-day plan with 18GB for $10
  • SIMs are available at airports and stores. 4G network coverage has expanded significantly in recent years.
  • Cambodia Cellcard’s network has spread quickly and is known as one of the fastest nationwide 4G networks.

Insight:  Cellcard SIM cards are considered the top overall experience for tourists in Cambodia when providing a good balance for most travelers’ needs.

Our recommendation: The best operator is Cellcard – which offers the most competitively priced and easily available plans suitable for most travelers’ needs. Metfone is reliable for its wide coverage but plans lack tourist focus. Smart’s airport has only Cambodia SIM cards and their SIMs are less convenient. Overall, Cellcard will be the best choice for SIMs in Cambodia.

IV. Where to Buy a Tourist SIM Card in Cambodia?

Where to buy Cambodia sim cards?
Where to buy Cambodia sim cards?

There are different places and methods for people to get Cambodia SIM cards like via online shops, at Cambodia Airport, or in the cities.

Buy a prepaid Cambodia eSIM card online before traveling

You can get a prepaid digital Cambodia eSIM card from companies like GIGAGO eSIM online before your trip. However, you should remember to activate and download the eSIM profile before your flight.

Pros: You do not need to find kiosks to buy Cambodia SIM cards upon arrival. With an eSIM, travelers can get connectivity as soon as they land in Cambodia. Plus, their price is affordable to meet your needs. Especially, they do not need to spend time on paperwork and queues when buying an eSIM.

Cons: Your phone model must be high-end to support eSIM. Moreover, an eSIM will offer lower data limit options and it is difficult for you to switch to another network operator after that.

Buy physical Cambodia SIM at Cambodia airports

Cambodia SIM cards can be bought at several airports in Cambodia such as Phnom Penh airport, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville international airports.

  • Pros: Travelers can buy and use Camboddia SIM cards at the airport to use the Internet immediately as soon as landing in Cambodia. Moreover, Some providers at the airport will also offer visitors tourist SIM packages, so you do not waste energy to find and buy Cambodia SIM cards in the city.
  • Cons: SIMs at the airport have a high cost. The options to choose are limited and customers have to wait and show their passports when buying.

Buy physical Cambodia SIM online

You can purchase a prepaid SIM card online, via some providers’ websites such as Cellcard, Metfone, Smart, etc. Then, the SIM will be delivered. You will receive it at the airport or visit their stores in the city.

  • Pros: This is one of the convenient choices to have SIM delivered for tourists. Moreover, tourists can only find deals and packages online. If lucky, they can have the best price ever.
  • Cons: It still takes time to deliver. The users need to provide a Cambodia address to get SIMs on time. Plus, it may cost an extra shipping fee.

Buy physical Cambodia SIM in the cities

To buy physical Cambodia SIM in the city, you can visit official stores of Cellcard, Metfone, and Smart networks. However, you need to represent your passport details, select the data package, and then make payment. Also, you may find SIMs at small shops and stalls but prices may be higher than official stores.

Pros: You can find it everywhere in the city, so it is easy for you to buy. Normally, you will find low prices at official stores – about $1-2 for Cambodia SIM cards. Especially, SIMs have large data packages for $5-10 valid for 30+ days. And there is a customer services department at the stores to support you.

Cons: You have to look for stores upon arrival and SIM will have different coverage outside cities.

Our recommendation: the best selection for tourists is to buy physical Cambodia SIM cards from an official store location in Cambodian cities for the lowest prices, the largest data packages, and the ability to get support if needed. Plus, an eSIM is also highly recommended for you if your devices support it. You will experience the best service and not waste time although the data cap may be lower.

V. How Much Data Is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card in Cambodia?

According to your needs, there may be different options for you to choose a suitable amount of data.

If you do not have too many things to do and only use it for regular activities such as Light browsing of text-based websites, checking email, using maps, making short video calls, and using social media use (text-based only), about 1GB of data per month is enough for you.

In case you consider yourself a heavy user with many activities like streaming videos, using maps regularly, uploading photos, etc, you need from 15-30 GB of data per month.

Plus, in other situations, between 8 and 15GB of data is enough for you to do work tasks and entertainment activities such as using social media and so on.

Advice: Roughly 8-15GB of data will be good for tourists to experience a balanced network. If you use it for another purpose such as a portable hotspot, 30GB of data or more is required.

VI. Cambodia eSIM- Alternative to Physical SIM Cards to Get Internet

Gigago Cambodia eSIM - Cambodia SIM cards for tourists
Gigago Cambodia eSIM plans for tourists

A prepaid eSIM is an ideal option for travelers visiting Cambodia. Unlike physical SIMs or relying on WiFi connections, eSIMs will ensure that you always stay connected with the surrounding world immediately.

Visitors can purchase prepaid plans from providers like Gigago before departing. By this way, you do not need to wait too long for local SIMs in Cambodia. Devices are easy to set up the virtual eSIM profile via QR codes. Also, eSIMs have no risk of physical loss, damage, or extra baggage weight for tourists.

Especially, Gigago eSIM – as a worldwide eSIM provider, is a good option for you to buy an eSIM. They offer different packages that suit all budgets, with the package starting from a 5-day plan with 1GB per day for $5 with $4.50 . They also have 7-day, 15-day, and 30-day plans ranging from 1GB to 50GB of total data, or 1GB to 3GB per day, with prices from $5 up to $89.50.

► Visit eSIM Cambodia to see more details about plan features and prices.

VII. Which Cambodia Mobile Networks Are The Best for Tourists?

There are 4 Cambodia Mobile networks for tourists. Let’s research the information from the below table to get the answer:

OperatorChina Mobile Cambodia (CMHK)CSL Mobile (by Cambodia Telecom)SmarToneThree Cambodia (3 HK)
SpeedSuper fastSuper fast Fast Fast


The top 1 mobile network in Cambodia will be Smart when this operator provides 5G network coverage in major cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Their average 4G download speeds of 15-25Mbps in general and they offer a SIM card plan called Smart Traveller with 30GB of data valid for 7 days for only $5. Plus, their price is affordable for most tourists.

Smart coverage map in Cambodia (Source: nPerf)
Smart coverage map in Cambodia (Source: nPerf)


Metfone will stand in the second position for mobile networks in Cambodia. They also offer 5G services but their coverage is still limited when compared to Smart. They focus typically on 4G with speeds around 10-20Mbps.

Metfone SIM card plans have a higher price of about 200MB for $0.20 valid for 1 day or 1.5GB for $1.50 valid for 7 days. Plus, they offer tourists larger data packages lasting up to 30 days.


Cellcard will be one of the top 3 largest mobile networks in Cambodia. However, they do not provide any 5G services, only sell 4G packages with speeds average 8-15Mbps. Their SIM card plans like 4GB will cost $2 valid for 7 days or 8GB for $5 valid for 30 days. Plus, tourists can buy a package up to 18GB for $10 valid for 30 days.

Cellcard Coverage Map
Cellcard Coverage Map – Cambodia SIM cards

VIII. How to Use Cambodia Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIM

 Using prepaid Cambodia tourist SIM Cards

At first, you need to power off your phone, and then insert Cambodia SIM cards into your device. After that, let’s turn on your phone and your device including the SIM will connect to the Cambodia network automatically.

Next, check your balance and expiry then enjoy your phone to make calls and send texts.

Important Note: If you lose your SIM, please inform the provider right away to ensure security! After finishing your vacation, you can continue using it and keep the SIM card for future use or you can dispose of it if you want.

Setting up and activating Cambodia eSIM 

If you want to use an eSIM, first you should check your phone model whether your devices can activate an eSIM or not. If yes, you can buy an eSIM online or in stores. After purchasing, you will receive your eSIM via email including a QR code.

Then, let’s unlock your phone to activate an eSIM and open eSIM settings from your phone. You can add an eSIM by scanning the QR code. Finally, let’s follow the instructions shown on your device screen to finish the eSIM profile. Then, you can restart your device and use it to make calls or surf the web.


Which SIM card is best for tourists visiting Cambodia?

Smart SIM cards will be the best choice for tourists because they offer reliable network coverage and a good value package of 30GB of data valid for 7 days for only $5.

How do I get a SIM card in Cambodia?

There are two ways to buy a SIM card in Cambodia: buying via online shops or visiting local stores such as Smart, Metfone, and Cellcard. However, the best way to buy is to purchase online from these retailers to prevent registration or you can buy an eSIM if your devices support it. 

Can I use Vietnam SIM in Cambodia?

No. You can’t use a Vietnam SIM in Cambodia since the network platforms are different. You have to purchase a local SIM card once you get to Cambodia to access network access there.

XI. Conclusion

In conclusion, buying a prepaid Cambodia SIM card or eSIM is necessary for travelers who travel to Cambodia. From our articles, you can consider choosing between Smart and Metfone for the best coverage nationwide.

A Cambodia eSIM from providers like Gigago can be purchased online before travel, providing instant connectivity with a better experience. We hope that this article will help you have the best selection for yourself and we wish you the best trip with Cambodia SIM cards.