Buying a SIM card at Warsaw Airport (Warsaw Chopin) 2024: Travelers Guide

Many visitors to Poland often have difficulty finding a SIM card at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW). Therefore, it can hinder tourists’ ability to connect to the internet and update information to friends and family. The article below will provide tourists with necessary information about SIM cards at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

I. Can I Buy a SIM Card at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW)?

Yes. Travelers can purchase a SIM card at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) if you need immediate access to mobile data, calling and texting services upon arrival in Poland. Some factors can help you decide whether to buy a SIM card at the airport or not:

  • Convenience: Easy to buy when arriving at the airport
  • Availability: SIM cards are generally available for purchase
  • Length of stay: If you stay for a short time, you can choose to pay in advance
  • Activation process: Make sure you understand the SIM card activation process
  • Language barrier: There should be a tour guide who can communicate in English to assist you in buying a SIM card
Travelers should purchase a SIM card at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW)
Travelers should purchase a SIM card at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW)

II. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Warsaw Chopin Airport?

Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) map
Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) map

Due to the benefits that SIM cards bring when traveling to Poland, most of them want to learn how to buy SIM cards at the airport. Currently there are 2 ways to buy SIM cards at Warsaw Chopin airport:

1. Buy online before departure and pickup at the airport

Before arriving in Poland, travelers can order a SIM card through the provider’s website before arriving in Poland. It’s important to verify that your phone is compatible and that your provider has kiosks at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

With this way of buying a SIM card, tourists should book at least 1 day before arriving in Poland. The purpose is so that the provider can activate it in advance, ensuring immediate internet connection when you arrive in Poland.


  • Ordering is quick and simple
  • You can schedule SIM card pickup to suit the traveler’s flight schedule
  • The SIM card is pre-activated and can be activated and used immediately upon arrival in Poland


  • Online purchase is only for international SIM cards, local SIM cards need to be purchased in person
  • Not all SIM card providers offer online purchasing

2. Buy at the airport upon arrival

Unlike many other major airports, Warsaw Chopin does not have a dedicated shop for mobile phones or SIM cards, so Gigago recommends waiting until you arrive in central Warsaw to resolve this issue. If you need an instant internet connection, the airport offers free WiFi and unlimited data. However, the access speed is slow and prone to some risks. If you need to make an urgent phone call, you can make free calls at the airport.

Network kiosk selling SIM cards at the airport
Network kiosk selling SIM cards at the airport

IV. Best Tourist Warsaw Airport SIM Cards Options and Price

Popular network providers in Poland are Orange, Plus, T-Mobile and Play. Each network operator has different prices based on factors such as capacity package, data limit, access speed,… allowing tourists to have many options to suit their needs.

1. Orange supplier packages

PriceData traffic
$7.5 USD30GB
$8.7 USD45GB
$12.5 USD80GB
$20 USD150GB

2. Plus supplier packages

PriceData traffic
$6.2 USD10GB
$7.5 USD15GB
$8.8 USD20GB

3. T-Mobile supplier packages

PriceData traffic
$6.2 USD30GB
$7.5 USD40GB
$12.5 USD50GB

4. Play supplier packages

PriceData traffic
$6.2 USD25GB
$7.5 USD30GB
$8.7 USD40GB
$11.2 USD60GB

Note: Prices and data packages of providers may change over time or with different incentive policies. To be sure, contact the supplier for consulting support

V. What to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Warsaw Chopin Airport – Registration Process

Things to prepare to buy a SIM card at Warsaw Chopin airport (WAW):

  • Passport: Passport is an identification document that helps confirm personal information and register to use a SIM card.
  • Payment method: Tourists can choose to pay by payment card or cash.
  • Personal phone: Make sure your phone is unlocked and compatible with your Polish network provider.

Procedure for registering and activating SIM card:

  • After getting off the plane, go to the information counter at Warsaw Chopin Airport
  • Choose the SIM card package that suits your needs
  • Present identification documents to verify information
  • Activate as directed by counter staff
  • Check that your SIM card is working properly before you leave

VI. Poland eSIM for Warsaw – an Alternative to Prepaid SIM Card at Warsaw Chopin Airport

In addition to physical SIM cards, tourists choose eSIM as a flexible and convenient solution when traveling in Poland. Compared to some other forms such as pocket wifi, data roaming,… eSIM provides more data packages. For only $3.5 to $125.98, travelers can choose data packages from 1GB to 50GB with usage time ranging from 3 days to 30 days of eSIM from Gigago.

Poland eSIM from Gigago
Poland eSIM from Gigago

If tourists are interested in buying an eSIM to travel to Poland, Gigago is ready to assist when needed. With a convenient online shopping method, users can receive eSIM via gmail within 5 minutes after purchase and can activate it themselves using QR code according to instructions from online staff. With Gigago’s 128kbps eSIM data rate, travelers can call and text via WhatsApp, Telegram and Facetime applications. 

VII. Where to Buy a SIM card Outside Warsaw Chopin Airport?

In addition to purchasing a SIM card at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW), tourists also have many other options. You can choose to buy at local convenience stores, official distributor stores or in supermarkets. If you buy a SIM card at a supermarket, pay attention to the Orange supplier’s orange sign as well as remember the supplier’s logo for easy visibility. Alternatively, you can ask the receptionist at your hotel if they have a SIM card.


Below are some questions many tourists ask when buying a SIM card in Poland, specifically Warsaw Chopin Airport:

Besides the airport, where can I buy a SIM card in Poland?

Outside the airport, travelers can purchase SIM cards at the provider’s official store, convenience store, or supermarket

Which network provider should I buy my SIM card from?

Tourists can refer to 4 major Polish network providers: Orane, Plus, Play and T-Mobile

What do I need to do to prepare to buy a SIM card when I arrive in Poland?

To buy a SIM card when traveling abroad, including Poland. Tourists need to prepare identification documents (passport), payment card or cash, and an unlocked phone.

How many types of SIM cards are there?

You can choose the type of SIM card that suits your needs with the following types: regular SIM, micro SIM, or nano SIM card.

IX. Conclusion

Above is an article sharing how to buy a SIM card at Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW). Hopefully this information has helped tourists have more useful information for their trip to Poland. Don’t forget to visit Gigago to refer to the eSIM and check the compatibility list.