Vodacom SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate 2024

Reality shows that many tourists have difficulty with how to get and activate a Vodacom SIM & eSIM South Africa. Meanwhile, Vodacom is the leading mobile service provider in South Africa with many types of quality services. Through this article, Gigago wants to provide tourists with more useful information for their next trip to South Africa.

I. Quick Facts about Vodacom 

Vodacom has used 50 MHz of temporary spectrum on the 3.5 GHz band granted by the telecommunications regulatory authority of South Africa (ICASA) to promote 5G network deployment and accommodate increased traffic during the period. epidemic period. According to the carrier, mobile traffic has increased by 40% since the lockdown began in South Africa. 

Some other quick information about Vodacom network that tourists should know:

  • Vodacom is a telecommunications company founded in 1994. It is a South African telecommunications company and a subsidiary of Telkom.
  • Company name: Vodacom Group Ltd
  • Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • In 2007, Vodacom launched M-Pesa (mobile money transfer service) in Tanzania and participated in various innovation projects.
  • Types of services provided: Mobile internet, mobile voice, plan data, messaging and mobile money transfer.
  • Covering all of Africa with more than 110 million customers.
Vodacom is a major network service provider in South Africa
Vodacom is a major network service provider in South Africa

Some pros and cons of Vodacom network provider:


  • Wide coverage in many areas
  • Market-leading services and infrastructure
  • Diverse services, serving diverse customers
  • Reputable and trustworthy brand
  • Stand out from other carriers with money transfer services


  • Network congestion is likely to occur
  • Some people find the purchase price and data plan to be higher than its competitors
  • Vodacom’s services also depend heavily on infrastructure

I. Why Vodacom When Traveling South Africa – Coverage and Speed

With the advantage of being a major mobile service provider, Vodacom is chosen by many customers when traveling to South Africa. Two of the criteria to consider when choosing to use this carrier’s services are coverage and speed.

1. Vodacom Coverage in South Africa

Vodacom has extensive coverage throughout South Africa
Vodacom has extensive coverage throughout South Africa

Vodacom has wide coverage across Africa, especially in South Africa. From big cities to rural areas, all services from this network are available. Therefore, Vodacom will be the first choice of many tourists coming to South Africa, who can visit many places without worrying about the internet and other needs.

2. Vodacom Speed

With quite well-developed infrastructure in South Africa, the Vodacom network has download speeds of up to 45.04 Mps with 5G network. This is also the reason why this network is favored by tourists over its competitors.

Vodacom's download speed reached 45.04 Mps
Vodacom’s download speed reached 45.04 Mps

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Vodacom for Travelers to South Africa?

Currently, visitors to South Africa can buy a Vodacom SIM, use Vodacom’s pocket wifi or use data roaming services to South Africa. Each option will have different advantages and disadvantages, some more detailed information below will help you make the most suitable choice.

Connectivity optionsProsCons
Pocket wifiNo need to remove the mobile SIM.The cost is quite high
Carrying it around is difficult
The broadcast range of pocket wifi is not far
Deposit required when renting
Pay both the rental fee and the data plan fee
You have to pay money when you lose it
Data roamingNo need to remove the SIM cardThe cost is higher than many other options
Difficult to control the amount of data
Because data roaming depends on the contract between carriers, most likely your SIM cannot roam with Vodacom.
SIM cardsConnection speed is fast and strong
Price suitable for many customer segments
It takes a few steps to connect to the network
Need to remove the SIM card fixed on the phone, you may lose it

Buying a SIM card is the most common, convenient and economical method. Although there are disadvantages, they are insignificant compared to the benefits it brings.

IV. Best Vodacom SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

A Vodacom SIM card in South Africa without credit costs 20 SAR ($1.50 USD). Additionally, they offer travel SIM cards with credit with the following options:

  • 299 SAR ($16.2 USD)= 3GB data + 50 SAR credit + 30 SMS (use within 30 days)
  • 449 SAR ($24.4 USD)= 5GB data + 50 minutes call + 100 SAR credit + 50 SMS (use for 50 days)
  • 699 SAR ($38 USD)= 10GB data + 100 calling minutes + 150 SAR credit + 100 SMS (use for 100 days)
Best Vodacom SIM cards for traveler
Best Vodacom SIM cards for traveler

Note: SIM card prices may change over time. Please contact the supplier system to update the latest information.

V. Does Vodacom Support eSIM in South Africa?

Yes, Vodacom does support eSIM in South Africa. There are two ways to buy an eSIM from this operator: buy directly from the operator or buy through eSIM resellers. When buying directly from the network operator, you usually need to present your passport. Buying from resellers is simpler, you don’t have to present anything. Therefore, you should refer to buying from resellers.

Buying South Africa eSIM is simple through resellers
Buying South Africa eSIM is simple through resellers

VI. Where to Buy a Vodacom SIM card and eSIM?

Currently, there are many locations that sell SIM and eSIM cards. Based on your own needs, you can choose to buy Vodacom SIM cards and eSIM through the suggestions below:

1. Where to Buy Vodacom SIM Card for South Africa?

1.1. Upon arrival

Travelers can purchase a physical SIM card directly upon arrival. Some locations in South Africa sell SIM cards such as airports and convenience stores. With this method, the buyer will need to provide information and a passport to complete the purchase information.

Buy a Vodacom SIM card at the airport
Buy a Vodacom SIM card at the airport

1.2. Vodacom store

Travelers can buy SIM cards at Vodacom representative stores. With these purchases, you should buy online 1 day before departure to avoid risks. In addition, buying directly at the store when coming to South Africa is also not a bad method.

Vodacom stores in South Africa
Vodacom stores in South Africa

2.3. Other authorized retail stores

Vodacom’s authorized mobile phone retailers are also places where SIM cards can be purchased. To avoid risks, visitors need to check the store’s reputation. Also, pay attention to your phone’s compatibility with carriers in South Africa.

Vodacom authorized store
Vodacom authorized store

2. Where to Buy Vodacom eSIM for South Africa?

Purchasing a Vodacom eSIM is simple and travelers have the option of purchasing from an international or South African SIM provider. You should choose to buy online from trusted suppliers, including Gigago.

A few tips for you to buy the right eSIM:

  • Check if your phone is compatible or not
  • Compare packages
  • Check your carrier’s coverage area
  • Don’t forget to read customer reviews first
  • Compare eSIM prices across providers
  • Visit the official website of the supplier or reseller
  • Know the procedure to activate eSIM on your phone

VII. How to Use and Activate Vodacom SIM/eSIM in South Africa?

How to get and activate a Vodacom SIM & eSIM South Africa is a question many customers have when using this service for the first time. Using Vodacom SIM & eSIM for South Africa is not difficult. If this is your first time using it, please see the instructions below.

How to get and activate a Vodacom SIM & eSIM South Africa for first time users
How to get and activate a Vodacom SIM & eSIM South Africa for first time users

1. How to Use and Activate Vodacom SIM Card in South Africa?

You just need to follow these simple steps and everything will be ready:

  • Insert the SIM card into your device: Locate the SIM card slot on your device and insert the correct SIM card
  • Power on your device: The SIM card is recognized after powering on the device
  • Activate the SIM card on the device
  • Set up APN settings if your device cannot use eSIM.
  • Check your service is included in your data plan

2. How to Use and Activate Vodacom eSIM?

Getting started with Vodacom eSIM for travelers to South Africa is quite easy as follows:

  • Choose to buy eSIM according to your needs
  • Get and install eSIM
  • Activate eSIM on compatible device
  • Set up eSIM settings
  • Start using eSIM: You can start using eSIM services as soon as the eSIM is activated and set up

VIII. How to Top-up Vodacom SIM/eSIM

Instructions for depositing money into SIM/eSIM
Instructions for depositing money into SIM/eSIM

In addition to how to get and activate a Vodacom SIM & eSIM South Africa. Many tourists still wonder how to top up SIM cards and eSIM. Therefore, this is the way to recharge SIM/eSIM as instructed by Gigago:

  • Open the Vodacom app on your phone
  • Find “Top Up” or “Recharge”
  • Follow the instructions to scrape the desired amount
  • Confirm SIM/eSIM amount and airtime
  • Choose the appropriate payment method: bank card, credit card,…
  • Confirm and complete the transaction
  • Receive a successful confirmation message

IX. FAQs about Vodacom in South Africa

Here are some questions from first-time travelers about how to get and activate a Vodacom SIM & eSIM South Africa:

When traveling to South Africa, how can I get a Vodacom SIM card?

You can easily buy a Vodacom SIM card at the company’s store, Vodacom authorized mobile stores, supermarkets, airports, and convenience stores when arriving in South Africa.

What documents do I need to prepare to buy a Vodacom SIM card when traveling to South Africa?

Normally, visitors will need to present their passport to identify the user when purchasing a SIM card. Please ensure your passport is valid and has the necessary visa if required.

If I travel to South Africa, can I get eSIM from Vodacom?

Of course, Vodacom offers eSIM for compatible devices. You can check your compatibility via Vodacom’s official website. Or maybe through the Gigago website.

X. Conclusion

The above article shares details on how to get and activate a Vodacom SIM & eSIM South Africa. If your phone is compatible, you can buy an eSIM for maximum convenience, without wasting time looking to buy directly. Contact Gigago now to receive the offer before it’s too late to get an eSIM for the perfect upcoming trip to South Africa.