Vinaphone SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists to Vietnam: How to Get and Activate

Vinaphone is one of the leading mobile network operators in Vietnam. With strong coverage, fast speeds, and affordable plans, Vinaphone SIM cards are a great option for travelers visiting Vietnam. This comprehensive guide provides key information about getting and using a Vinaphone SIM card or eSIM during your Vietnam trip.

Best Vinaphone SIM card and eSIM for Tourists

I. Quick Facts about Vinaphone

Vinaphone is a state-owned telecommunications company providing mobile services in Vietnam. Here are some key facts about Vinaphone

  • Founded: Vinaphone was founded in 1993.
  • Full company name: Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group – Joint Stock Company (Vietnamese: Tập đoàn Bưu chính Viễn thông Việt Nam), commonly known as Vinaphone.
  • Types of services provided: Vinaphone provides mobile voice and data services, broadband internet, landline telephony, and other ICT services.
  • Number of subscribers: As of 2021, Vinaphone has over 60 million subscribers, making it one of the largest mobile networks in Vietnam.
  • Coverage: Vinaphone has nationwide 4G/LTE coverage across Vietnam, including remote and rural areas, claiming to cover over 99% of the population.
  • Estimated number of network stores/agents: Vinaphone has over 500 branded stores across Vietnam and partners with thousands of agents and resellers.
  • Customer support: Vinaphone provides 24/7 call center support available in Vietnamese, English and other language.

II. Why Vinaphone When Traveling Vietnam – Coverage and Speed

Vinaphone has excellent coverage and fast speeds which make it a reliable choice for visitors.

Vinaphone Coverage in Vietnam

Vinaphone SIM card and eSIM - Coverage map
Vinaphone Coverage map. Source: nperf

As one of the largest mobile network operators in Vietnam, Vinaphone has rolled out extensive 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE coverage across over 90% of the country. Their network spans major urban centers like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Vinaphone shines in major cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Nha Trang. You can expect strong 4G connectivity for calls, data, and even 5G in select locations. While service is strong in populated areas, more remote mountain or jungle regions making up approximately 10% of the country may experience spotty or limited 2G coverage according to Vinaphone’s online maps.

Vinaphone Speed

Vinaphone SIM card and eSIM - Speed
Vinaphone SIM card and eSIM – Speed. Source: Speedtest

According to Speedtest Reports by Ookla, Vinaphone have ranked as the fastest networks in Vietnam, typically providing average LTE down speeds of 53.24 Mbps in metropolitan areas. This allows seamless use of data-heavy apps and streaming HD video on the go.

Along major transportation arteries and in densely populated provincial areas, 4G service typically ranges from 10-30 Mbps, sufficient for standard definition calls and basic internet tasks. For remote mountain or jungle zones where coverage is patchy, 3G connectivity there may average 1-10 Mbps for simple messaging and light browsing.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options for Travelers to Vietnam?

There are a few highly effective connectivity options for travelers visiting Vietnam, including purchase a Vietnam SIM card; rent a pocket Wifi; roaming. Here are some pros and cons of the best connectivity options for travelers visiting Vietnam:

Connectivity OptionProsCons
Vinaphone SIM Card– Affordable data packs
– Use own phone & number
– Works on all unlocked phones
– Managing physical SIM card
– Getting new number
Pocket Wifi– Connects multiple devices
– Battery powered hotspot
– Expensive
– Carrying another device
Roaming– Keep own phone number– Very expensive
– Limited data

Conclusion: A local SIM is therefore clearly the most dependable and cost-effective choice allowing tourists to fully utilize their mobile devices without interruption during their entire Vietnam experience. 

IV. Best Vinaphone SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Vinaphone offers a range of affordable prepaid data plans to suit different needs and budgets for both short-term and long-term visitors to Vietnam.

VD150150,000VND/month (~$6.1)2GB/day data, ≤10min on-net calls (max 1500 mins), 80mins off-net calls
VD120N120,000VND/month (~$4.88)1.5GB/day data, ≤10min on-net calls (max 1500 mins), 50 mins off-net calls
VD100100,000VND/week (~$4.06)8GB/day data, ≤10min on-net calls (max 1500 mins), 500 mins landline calls, 100 SMS
VD5050,000VND/week (~$2.03)5GB/day data, ≤10min on-net calls (max 1500 mins), 200 mins landline calls
V499499,000VND/month (~$20.28)5000 mins on-net calls, 1000 mins off-net calls
V399399,000VND/month (~$16.21)4000 mins on-net calls, 800 mins off-net calls

With all plans offering multiday or month-long validity, Vinaphone prepaid data is clearly a cost-effective choice for local cellular connectivity in Vietnam.

Recommendation: For flexibility and affordability across different trip lengths, We would suggest VD100, VD150 or VD120N depending on number of weeks in Vietnam. All provide ample data to enjoy local connectivity needs.

V. Does Vinaphone Support eSIM in Vietnam?

Yes, Vinaphone is one of the first Vietnamese carriers to do so. In early 2022, Vinaphone launched eSIM support for international visitors, enabling wireless activation of prepaid data plans straight from their website. 

eSIM provides a seamless digital solution for reliable and low-cost connectivity anywhere in Vietnam:

  • Convenience – No need to hunt for SIM card vending machines or stores upon arrival. Plans can be activated remotely online before traveling.
  • Fast Setup – eSIM activation is done digitally in just a few taps, versus the physical SIM setup process. This saves time.
  • Flexibility – Easily switch between eSIM carriers or change plans without inserting a new SIM card. More flexible than physical SIMs.
  • Supports Dual SIM – eSIM allows using two phone numbers concurrently, e.g. a local number alongside home carrier roaming.

For hassle-free cellular connectivity throughout your travels, look no further than GIGAGO’s selection of affordable and convenient Vietnam eSIM data plans. Providing fast 4G speeds on Vinaphone’s high-quality nationwide network, with options starting from just $9 for 8 days of use up to $19 for unlimited monthly plans, GIGAGO makes experiencing Vietnam’s best connectivity a breeze. 

Vietnam eSIM plans
Vietnam eSIM plans

VI. Where to Buy a Vinaphone SIM Card and eSIM

Where to Buy Vinaphone SIM Card for Vietnam

You can easily find Vinaphone SIM cards at the below locations across Vietnam:

  • Tan Son Nhat/Noi Bai Airports – Dedicated Vinaphone counter
Vinaphone Kiosk at Airport
Vinaphone Kiosk at Airport
  • Vinaphone Stores – Over 120 official stores nationwide
Buying Vinaphone SIM card at Store
Vinaphone Store
  • Authorized Resellers – Thousands of phone shops, mini-marts, kiosks etc.

Important note: Passport photo/copy required for registration at stores. Unregistered SIMS will have usage limitations.

Where to Buy Vinaphone eSIM for Vietnam

  • Vinaphone Website: sells eSIM packs/plans online that are emailed. Profiles can then be installed from device settings.
  • Third-party Providers: Trusted eSIM providers like GIGAGO sells eSIM profiles that can be installed remotely on compatible devices. Easy digital delivery.

VII. How to Activate Vinaphone SIM card/eSIM in Vietnam

How to Use Vinaphone SIM Card in Vietnam

Activating your Vinaphone SIM card is quick and easy by following these steps:

  1. Insert SIM – Turn phone off, insert Vinaphone SIM card into your unlocked phone.
  2. Power On – Turn your phone back on with SIM inserted.
  3. Set APN – For data access, under network settings manually enter APN info (fastinternet or Vinaphone).
  4. Activate Data – Send SMS, enter USSD code or use app to subscribe to data pack.

Once topped up and subscribed to a data pack, you’ll have high-speed data access on the Vinaphone network!

How to Activate Vinaphone eSIM

  1. Install the eSIM: Select “Install Profile” on your device, scan QR code for install eSIM
  2. Activate the eSIM: Once installed, the eSIM profile will appear under your cellular plans
  3. Set up the eSIM: Check that the eSIM profile is selected as the cellular data plan, check that the APN settings are correctly configured for Vinaphone’s network
  4. Start using the eSIM: Once the eSIM is activated and set up, you can start using its services.

Please check your detailed instructions below:

VIII. How to Top-up Vinaphone SIM card/eSIM

It’s easy to recharge your Vinaphone credit for voice packs or data packs through various convenient methods:

  • Vouchers – Purchase top-up vouchers at stores, enter code
  • Mobile Apps – Apps like Vinaphone Top-up let you quickly pay and add credit
  • USSD Codes – Enter *100* followed by voucher pin to redeem


Does Vinaphone offer good coverage outside major cities?

Yes, Vinaphone coverage extends beyond urban areas to 94% of Vietnam’s population with over 21,000 base stations nationwide.

Can I use Vinaphone SIM card for international roaming?

Vinaphone has roaming capabilities, but charges are very expensive like most local carriers. Get separate SIM at destination.

Is 4G internet access fast with Vinaphone SIM?

Yes, Vinaphone provides excellent 4G LTE speeds around 30 Mbps for downloads based on independent testing.

How to check Vinaphone data balance?

You can check your remaining high-speed data by dialing *101# and validity by *102# or through Vinaphone official app.

X. Conclusion

In summary, Vinaphone SIM card provides an affordable and convenient connectivity option for travelers in Vietnam thanks to good coverage, fast speeds and easy activation. 

Don’t forget to consider grabbing an Vietnam eSIM for a reliable, high-speed data connection you can depend on across Vietnam. Enjoy the flexibility it offers during your travels in this country!