How To Use Cell Phone In Belgium 2024: Traveler’s Guide To Stay Connected

This article outlines everything travelers need to know about how to use cell phone in Belgium. It will cover options for mobile data like purchasing a local SIM card, eSIM, pocket Wifi or using data roaming with your home provider. Tips are provided on making use of your phone for the best trip. The goal is to equip visitors with the knowledge to stay connected during their time in Belgium through the most cost-effective means.

I. Highlights of Phone Compatibility, Frequencies and Networks in Belgium

In terms of compatibility, Belgium offers travelers the flexibility to connect to the Internet using open-band devices. Specifically regarding 5G networks, many different frequencies are used, including n1 (2100), n28a (700), n78 (3500).

The mobile phone network in Belgium is extremely diverse, thereby helping customers easily choose:

  • Proximus is the leading major network operator in Belgium with wide coverage. The phone needs to be compatible with the frequency band used by Movistar.
  • Orange is a different carrier with a different spectrum usage. The phone needs to support the frequencies that Digitel uses to connect effectively.
  • Telenet is also an important network operator. Make sure your phone is compatible with Movilnet’s network.

II. Will My Cell Phone Work In Belgium?

You'll probably be able to use your cell phone while in Belgium
You’ll probably be able to use your cell phone while in Belgium

Yes, most likely. You’ll probably be able to use your phone in Belgium. However, several factors need consideration to determine if you can access internet services and the speed at which your cell phone will operate in this country:

  • Check if your mobile phone has an open/compatible band to easily connect to different networks while abroad. Using roaming may be more costly and less efficient.
  • Verify the network frequencies supported by your phone match those used in Belgium to anticipate internet speeds. Below are the frequencies used in Belgium:

Below is the frequency bands used in Belgium:

Bands 5Gn1 (2100), n28a (700), n78 (3500)
Bands 4GB1 (2100), B3 (1800), B7 (2600), B8 (900), B20 (800)
Bands 3GB1 (2100), B8 (900)
Bands 2GB3 (1800), B8 (900)

III. Do I Need An International Plan In Belgium?

Do I Need An International Plan In Belgium
When traveling abroad, having an international plan is crucial

Yes. When traveling abroad, having an international plan is crucial. This service enables you to retain internet connectivity and often provides supplementary services to enhance overall convenience.

Specific advantages of an international plan for travelers are:

  • Call and text internationally at preferential rates
  • Use mobile data abroad at better rates than regular data roaming rates
  • Keep your home phone number when abroad
  • You can choose different packages depending on your needs and number of travel days

Although you can use free Wifi in public places such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, train stations and shopping malls in Belgium. However, this method has many limitations:

  • In some public places, you may need to complete a registration form before accessing Wi-Fi, which could pose a risk of personal information exposure. 
  • Hinder proactive internet usage. 
  • Slow speeds due to many people using it at the same time.

IV. What Are Options To Use Cellphones In Belgium For Tourists?

To use your cell phone in Belgium for staying connected, you have 3 options: using eSIM, SIM Card, and Pocket Wifi.

1. eSIM Plan for Belgium

The eSIM Plan for Belgium is a cutting-edge SIM technology, available for purchase and activation entirely online. It enables tourists to utilize two SIMs simultaneously, allowing travelers to stay connected through their existing phone number while also accessing the network via eSIM.

eSIM Plan for Belgium only work in esim supported phone
eSIM Plan for Belgium available for purchase and activation entirely online

Nevertheless, eSIM technology is designed for smartphones with advanced configurations, and not all devices are compatible with this technology. Hence, it’s essential to verify in advance whether your device supports eSIM functionality.

Travelers have the option to purchase an eSIM online from either international SIM providers or Belgian SIM providers. Additionally, they can opt to buy directly at airports or cities in Belgium.

2. International SIM card for Belgium

An international SIM card for Belgium is to use the local country’s tourist sim. This product has the outstanding advantage of being affordable. Packages are extremely diverse, suitable for all types of needs.

An international SIM card for Belgium is to use the local country's tourist sim
An international SIM card for Belgium is to use the local country’s tourist sim

However, a drawback of this international package is the need to remove the primary SIM and insert the new one. Therefore, it increases the risk of losing the primary SIM during the process. International SIM cards for Belgium can be purchased directly at select international airports and mobile service stores. You can also buy online at carrier websites.

3. Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi work with phone for Belgium  travel
Pocket WiFi functions as a network-sharing device, utilizing an inserted SIM card

Pocket WiFi functions as a network-sharing device, utilizing an inserted SIM card. This product is compatible with various phone devices. One notable advantage of Pocket WiFi is that it doesn’t require the phone to be unlocked to access the internet. Additionally, it is straightforward to activate and use.

However the expense of purchasing Pocket WiFi is relatively high. When using it, you need to consistently carry it with you and maintain a secure distance between your phone and the WiFi transmitter. Moreover, excessive device connections to the network can impact WiFi quality.

V. Will My Local Network Work In Belgium?

Chances are, with your local network work, you can use cell phone in Belgium. However, the disadvantage of this method is that the roaming fee is too high, which can be considered the most expensive cost.

Therefore, with this international package, you’ll need to restrict your usage to avoid exceeding limits. Failure to monitor data, calls, or text could result in returning home to an unexpectedly high usage bill.

VI. Gigago Belgium eSIM – Best Alternative To Get Internet In Belgium With Your Cell Phone

Gigago eSIM is a flexible and cost-effective mobile solution for travelers needing an internet connection in Belgium. Furthermore, the usage of this method is also very simple when you just need to scan the code. This also reduces the risk of losing the main SIM.

In particular, this option helps visitors have a stable connection everywhere and uninterrupted contact with the old phone number, something that public Wi-fi or physical SIM cannot do.

Gigago eSIM is a flexible and cost-effective mobile solution for travelers
Gigago eSIM is a flexible and cost-effective mobile solution for travelers

Choosing eSIM provider for your Belgium eSIM, we suggest Gigago as a reputable eSIM provider in the world. Compared to data roaming or pocket Wi-fi services, Gigago eSIM has many package options at more reasonable prices. Therefore, depending on your travel time, habits and usage needs, you can easily choose the appropriate package.

Note: eSIM only works in eSIM-compatible mobile device, so make sure that your phone works with eSIM before buying.

VII. Extra Tips To Use Cell Phone in Belgium

Here are some tips you should not skip to make use of your phone for a smooth and rewarding trip in Belgium:

  • Check Phone Compatibility: Verify if your phone supports the necessary network bands for Belgium.
  • Activate an International Plan: Prior to your trip, set up an international plan to facilitate internet connectivity while in Belgium.
  • Prioritize Security: Exercise caution when using public Wi-Fi, especially in locations that require registration, to safeguard your privacy.
  • Explore eSIM Options: Consider the versatility of eSIM technology, which provides a stable connection and enables retention of your original phone number, reducing the risk of losing your primary SIM.
  • Stay Updated: Stay informed about any updates, alterations in mobile network services, regulations, or available plans throughout your stay in Belgium.
  • Keep Support Contacts Handy: Save the customer support contact details for your chosen carrier to promptly address any concerns or issues.

VIII. FAQs about Use Cell Phone in Belgium

How do I get a local SIM card in Belgium?

Purchase one from mobile network providers or authorized retailers. Bring identification for registration.

Are there data usage limits in Belgium?

Some plans have limits or fair usage policies. Check your plan for details.

What if I have issues with my mobile service?

Contact your provider’s customer service for assistance.