Best Belgium SIM cards for Tourists: Updated Prices & Where to Buy 2024

If you are planning to travel to Belgium, don’t miss learning about telecommunications in this country and ways to stay connected while traveling there. Below are updated tips to buy Belgium SIM cards for your information. Please refer to the article and plan carefully to have an ideal trip. 

Belgium SIM cards for tourists

Belgium SIM card best plans and updated price

I. Where to Buy a Tourist SIM Card for Belgium?

Buying a SIM card in Belgium is very simple. You can choose a suitable way to make your trip more convenient.

1. Before your trip

– Buy eSIM online: You can choose to buy eSIM online before boarding the plane to Belgium. You only need a few minutes to activate your SIM and can use it immediately without waiting.

– International SIM cards: There are a number of carriers that provide prepaid SIM cards for European countries including Belgium. You can choose this international SIM card by buying it online or at electronics stores in the country you live in.

2. Upon arrival in Belgium

  • Phone shops: Many phone shops in Belgium offer options from different carriers. You should compare prices and choose the best option for yourself.
  • Mobile phone company stores: You can find official stores of major carriers such as Proximus, Telenet or Orange in major cities or tourist locations.
  • Brussels Airport (BRU), Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL), Antwerp International Airport (ANR): you can buy prepaid SIM cards at Brussels Airport (BRU), Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL) or Antwerp International Airport (ANR). They have many options from operators for you to choose from. However, the price may be a little bit higher. 
Buying a Sim Card at Brussels Airport (BRU)

Buying a Sim Card at Brussels Airport (BRU)

Additional tips:

  • Carefully check the terms and conditions of activation: Some SIM card providers require you to have a passport to register. Therefore, you should bring your passport when you go to buy a new SIM.
  • Recharge options: You should learn how to top up when you need more data or calling minutes. This is very necessary during the trip.
  • Choose the most suitable package: You need to choose the most suitable package based on your personal needs and trip duration.

II. What Are The Best Belgium SIM Card Packages for Tourists

There are 03 main mobile operators in Belgium offering prepaid packages for tourists. 

Which one is the best and updated price?

1. Best Belgium Proximus SIM Card Plans and Price

Proximus offers 3 different types of plans:

  • Pay&go + prepaid card: Get a SIM card, EUR 10 credit, and 3 GB data for EUR 5 (online offer)
  • Reload 10: 500MB data for EUR 10 ~ 11 USD
  • Reload 15: 3 GB data for EUR 15 ~ 17 USD
  • Reload 25: 5 GB data for EUR 25 ~ 27 USD

As a visitor, the first option is probably the best, if you can purchase your SIM online. 

2. Best Belgium Orange SIM Card Plans and Price

Orange Belgium has a prepaid SIM card called a ‘Tempo Card’ available with the following options:

  • 1 GB data, 500 texts, 31 days for EUR 10
  • 5 GB data, 4000 texts, 31 days for EUR 15
  • 8 GB data, 31 days for EUR 15
  • 7 GB data, 5000 texts, 31 days for EUR 20

As you can see, it’s slightly cheaper than Proximus.

3. Best Belgium Telenet SIM Card Plans and Price

  • King – 1.5 GB: 150 minutes + unlimited SMS + valid for 1 month = €16.29 ($18.18)
  • Kong – 6 GB: unlimited calls + unlimited SMS + valid for 1 month =  €26.48 ($29.55)
  • Kong Unlimited: unlimited data + unlimited calls + unlimited SMS + valid for 1 month =  €43.80 ($48.87)

III. Do I Need to Buy a SIM Card in Belgium?

Using a sim card in Belgium brings many different benefits to tourists. It’s more convenient than using free wifi and pocket wifi, let’s see what those advantages are:

SIM CardFree WiFiRoamingPocket WiFi
CostPrices are reasonable and there are many choicesUsually freeExorbitantly expensiveMore expensive than SIM card
Availability Always available in the country Available at some specific placesAvailable but might be limited and depend on operator Easily available
CoverageBroad coverageLimited Reliable, but depend on network and operatorBroad coverage, but depend on provider
ConvenienceEasy to useEasy but require searching for wifi Seamless, but need to set upEasy, but need to carry a device belong 
SpeedGood Variable depending on specific placesMay vary, depends on networkGood speed but depends on provider 
Security Most secure and privateRisk of unsecured networksGenerally secure Secure, but risk if device lost 

Buying a SIM card in Belgium is a necessary decision when you travel to this country for the following reasons:

  • Reasonable price: Compared to other options, sim cards in Belgium are quite an economical option. Besides, sim cards in Belgium also offer many choices for travelers.
  • Availability: Airports, convenience stores, mobile phone stores everywhere help you buy sim cards easily.
  • Coverage: in places with limited wifi such as in mountainous areas, the sim card can still work well, helping you stay connected to others.
  • Security: Sim cards are more secure than other options because you don’t need to share your data or information publicly. This helps you reduce the risk of data loss while traveling. 
  • Diverse packages: Local SIM cards have many flexible packages, suitable for each user’s requirements.

In short, in Belgium there are many options to stay connected but sim cards are the most convenient, safe and affordable option. You will connect with relatives and friends wherever you go in Belgium if you use a sim card.

  • If you come from a European country, you do not need to buy a sim card but choose roaming because in the EU it is free. However, this still has some limitations, so you need to check the provider’s terms before choosing to roam.
  • If you come from a non-European country, a SIM card is the best choice.

IV. What to Prepare to Buy Prepaid SIM cards in Belgium?

To buy a prepaid SIM card in Belgium, you should be prepared with the following:

  • Passport: This is crucial for identification and registration with the Belgian mobile network provider.
  • Payment Method: While most places accept both cards and cash, it’s best to have both options handy.
  • Unlocked Phone: Make sure your phone is unlocked and compatible with Belgian network providers, not Polish ones as mentioned in the provided information. This ensures you can use the SIM card without any issues.

V. Types of Belgium SIM Card for Tourists – Which One is the Best?

There are two main types of SIM cards available to tourists in Belgium. Which is the best type? Let’s explore together.

1. Prepaid physical SIM card in Belgium

Prepaid physical Belgium SIM card has some plan styles:

  • Data-only SIM option: This option is suitable for those who only need to use the internet, Google Maps or stay connected on online applications.
  • Data + voice + text plan: This package is for people who want to connect with friends, family and locals via phone number.
  • Tourist-specific prepaid SIM card: This package is designed for those who travel frequently but for short stays. You can make international calls and get data allowance with this plan.

2. Prepaid Tourist Austria eSIM

  • The eSIM card is a SIM card that does not need to be inserted into the phone and can be easily activated with a Qr code. Immediately after activation, you can use it like a physical SIM. 
  • You need to follow the provider’s instructions to activate and set the hours when using eSIM, so you can connect with everyone.

However, not all devices can use eSIM and you need to check this before using. It is like a physical SIM card. It has some types such as data or voice, text plans, and international types that users can choose.

To help you better understand the difference between eSIM and SIM card inBelgium, follow the table below: 

Prepaid Belgium physical SIM cardPrepaid Belgium eSIM card 
Pros– Easy to obtain in convenience stores, kiosks and mobile shops
– Does not require a long-term contract
Prepaid plans allow users to have better control over prices
– Does not require a credit check
No monthly billsWork with most of the phone 

– Since they are not physical SIM card, users can add or switch between multiple prepaid plans
– Activating through scanning a QR code provided by the dispensers or via mobile apps without  the need of exchanging a physical SIM card.
– eSIMs are embedded in the device so there’s no need to worry about misplacing or damaging a physical SIM card which may be more convenient for those who frequently switch between devices
– Can be managed remotely through mobile apps or online portals, eliminate the need of visiting  a physical store
– Dual SIM support allow users to fully utilize both eSIM and physical SIM simultaneously
Cons – Fewer features compared to postpaid plans
– Higher per-minute or per-GB costs which can be less effective to heavy users
– Not suitable for frequently traveling due to limited or more expensive roaming options
– Users need to remember to recharge the prepaid regularly to maintain services or else they won’t be able to make calls, send texts or use data
– Not all mobile operators provide eSIM. 
– eSIMs only works in unlocked and eSIM-compatible devices

Our recommendations:

  • If your device is compatible with eSIM, you should use it for more convenience in staying connected.
  • If your phone does not support eSIM installation, you should choose a prepaid SIM to stay connected in Belgium.

VI. Belgium eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards to Get Internet in Belgium

eSIM is an option chosen by many travel enthusiasts because of its convenience and flexibility. Let’s find out detailed information about eSIM in Belgium.

1. Benefits of Belgium eSIMs 

– There are many choices: With different budgets and needs from customers, eSIM providers have launched many data packages.

– Easy activation: You can activate eSIM online with a Qr code in one minute.

– No roaming fees: Roaming fees are expensive but you can avoid this fee when using eSIM packages

2. eSIM providers in Belgium

You can purchase eSIM before traveling for easy communication. Gigago Belgium eSIM provides a lot of data plans from Proximus, Telenet, Orange mobile network. 

Choose data capacity to suit tourist needs
Choose data capacity to suit tourist needs

Choose data capacity to suit tourist needs

There are something you should consider before purchasing an eSIM: 

  • Activation conditions: Some carriers will require you to bring your passport during the activation process. Don’t forget to bring your passport when buying an eSIM.
  • Data coverage: Check your provider’s coverage map to make sure your device is well connected throughout the trip.
  • Phone compatibility: Some phones may not support eSIM so you need to check carefully before choosing eSIM to use.
  • Share data connection: If you need to share data with other devices, you need to choose a package that allows sharing.

VII. How long does a tourist SIM card last in Belgium?

The duration of a tourist SIM card in Belgium varies depending on the specific plan you choose. However, most tourist SIM cards offer options ranging from 7 days to 30 days.

It’s best to check with the individual providers (like Orange Belgium, Proximus, BASE) to see what plan duration best suits your travel needs. You can often find this information on their websites or by visiting their stores when you arrive in Belgium.

VIII. How to Use Belgium Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIM

To stay connected while traveling, you need to choose the right network package. We will guide you on how to use pre-checked sim cards and eSIM to make your trip more wonderful.

How to Use Austria Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIM
How to Use Austria Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIM

How to Use Austria Prepaid SIM Cards and eSIM

1. Using prepaid Belgium tourist SIM Cards

Buy SIM: You can find SIM cards at mobile phone stores or retail stores. 

Choose a suitable package: Please consider carefully and choose the service you want to use. There are three carriers: Proximus, Orange and Telenet for you to choose from in Belgium. 

Registration and activation: When buying a SIM, you need to provide identification documents and fill in registration information so the SIM can be activated.

Check settings: Check your phone settings to ensure the device is using the correct network configuration for the service provider you have chosen.

Using the service: You are ready to use your SIM card in Belgium and start your trip. You can make calls, send messages, use mobile data according to the selected package

2. Setting up and activating Belgium eSIM

To activate eSIM in Belgium, you can do the following steps:

Check compatibility: You need to make sure your mobile device supports eSIM and supports eSIM in Belgium. 

Buy eSIM: You can buy eSIM at mobile phone stores and retail stores. Staff here will assist you during the purchase and activation process.

Provide registration information: You need to provide identification documents to register. The carrier will use this information to activate your eSIM.

Receive activation code: After completing the necessary steps, you will receive an activation code or Qr code from the network operator.

Activate eSIM: To complete the process, you need to select the package, set up the settings and enter the necessary information.

Check connection: Don’t forget to check eSIM connection by trying to make calls, messages,…


1. How many operators are there in Belgium?

There are some operators in Belgium. But there are 3 major operators including Proximus, Orange, Telenet. 

2. Is it easy to get a SIM card in Belgium?

Yes, it is easy for you to get both a physical SIM card or an eSIM card in Belgium. You can purchase eSIM online for your convenience or you can buy a tourist prepaid SIM card upon arrival to Belgium. 

3. Can a tourist buy a SIM card in Belgium?

Yes, tourists can buy a prepaid SIM card in Austria upon arrival. You can buy them at the airport or convenience stores or phone operators kiosks. Remember to bring your passport along for verifying. 

X. Conclusion

When you travel to any country, staying connected is very important. Depending on your personal needs, you can buy a SIM card in Belgium or use an eSIM. Hopefully the information we have just provided will help make your trip more wonderful. I hope you have a nice trip.