Buy Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM for tourists in 2024

Connecting is essential for experiencing Taiwan’s lively culture, stunning scenery, and mouthwatering food. The good news is that there are easy ways to remain online, such as using Taiwan Mobile SIM cards and eSIM. Learn more about Taiwan Mobile in this detailed guide, including its coverage, connection solutions, and how to pick the right package for your trip.

Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM
Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM

I. Quick Facts about Taiwan Mobile

The dependable network and varied services offered by Taiwan Mobile make it a top telecommunications provider in Taiwan.

  • Founded: 1996
  • Brand Name: TWM
  • Services: Mobile broadband, fixed-line internet, smart home solutions
  • Subscribers: Over 10 million
  • Network Coverage: Widespread across Taiwan, major cities, towns, and popular tourist destinations
  • Network Stores & Agents: Over 30,000
  • Customer Care: 24/7, multilingual support
  • Pros: Extensive coverage, user-friendly website & app, variety of data plans, excellent customer service
  • Cons: Data speeds may be slower in rural areas, and there are limited international roaming options
Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM
Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM

II. Taiwan Mobile Coverage and Speed

Connecting across Taiwan is crucial for seamless navigation, communication, and sharing of your adventures. Let’s explore Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM coverage and speed:

1. Taiwan Mobile coverage in Taiwan

Coverge map Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM
Coverge map Taiwan Mobile Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM

Taiwan Mobile’s widespread coverage covers most of Taiwan, including its most populous cities, villages, and tourism hotspots. You may peruse coverage maps on their website or use tools like nperf and OpenSignal to visually represent their network.

The benefits and shortcomings of coverage may be better understood by comparing maps with other carriers. Compared to services like Gigago, Inverage may be less available in remote areas or mountainous regions.

2. Taiwan Mobile speed

Taiwan Mobile SIM cards and eSIM Speed
Taiwan Mobile SIM cards and eSIM Speed. Source: Opensignal

Taiwan Mobile delivers decent average download speeds throughout Taiwan. However, FarEasTone and Chunghwa Telecom may offer slightly faster speeds in certain areas. When choosing your provider, weighing coverage needs against speed requirements is crucial.

Our recommendation: For most travelers, Taiwan Mobile offers sufficient coverage and speed for a smooth and connected experience in Taiwan. Exploring other options might be worth considering if you prioritize blazing-fast internet in every corner.

III. Taiwan Mobile connectivity options for travelers to Taiwan

Now, let’s delve into the connection options available through Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM:

1. Buy a Taiwan Mobile SIM:

This classic option provides a physical SIM card for your phone. You can purchase them at Taiwan Mobile stores, airports, convenience stores, and online retailers.


  • Widely available
  • Easy to activate
  • No need for internet access for activation


  • Requires a phone unlocked for international use
  • Need to swap SIM cards with your home SIM

2. Use a Pocket Wi-Fi:

portable Wi-Fi hotspot offers internet access for multiple devices—rent or purchase Pocket Wi-Fi devices from airports, travel agencies, or online retailers.


  • Connects multiple devices
  • Convenient for groups or data-intensive users


  • Additional rental/purchase cost
  • Battery life needs monitoring

3. Roaming:

You can use your existing phone plan if your home network offers roaming in Taiwan. However, roaming charges can be expensive.


  • No need for additional purchases
  • Convenient for short trips


  • High data roaming charges
  • Limited data allowances

Our recommendation: Purchasing a Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM is generally the most convenient and economical option for most travelers. Pocket Wi-Fi suits groups or data-intensive users, while roaming is best for short trips with minimal data usage.

Best Taiwan Mobile SIM cards for tourists & cost

Taiwan Mobile offers various prepaid SIM card packages tailored for tourists. Here’s a highlight of some popular options:

1. Travel SIM:

  • Validity: 30 days
  • Data: 3GB, 5GB, or 10GB
  • Calls and texts: Unlimited within Taiwan
  • Price: Starting from around $20

2. Easy Travel SIM:

  • Validity: 5, 7, or 10 days
  • Data: 2GB, 3GB, or 5GB
  • Calls and texts: Unlimited within Taiwan
  • Price: Starting from around $10

3. Data SIM (Continued):

  • Calls and texts: Limited within Taiwan
  • Price: Starting from around $15

Choosing the Right Plan: Consider your data usage habits and trip duration when selecting a plan. The Easy Travel SIM is ideal for short trips with moderate data needs. The Travel SIM or Data SIM offers extended stays or heavier data users more options.

Additional Tips:

  • Check if your phone is unlocked for international use before purchasing a SIM card.
  • Activate your SIM card upon arrival in Taiwan.
  • Top up your data allowance through the Taiwan Mobile app or online portal if needed.

IV. Does Taiwan Mobile Taiwan support eSIM?

Yes! Taiwan Mobile offers eSIM support for compatible devices. This digital SIM card eliminates the need for a physical card, making activation and switching plans seamless.

Advantages of eSIM:

  • Convenient: No need to carry or swap physical SIM cards.
  • Environmentally friendly: Reduces plastic waste.
  • Secure: Remotely turn off the eSIM if lost or stolen.

Purchasing and Activating eSIM:

  • Purchase an eSIM online from the Taiwan Mobile website or authorized retailers.
  • Scan the QR code provided to download and activate the eSIM on your device.

Gigago Microsite does not offer Taiwan Mobile eSIM due to coverage speed and price considerations. Instead, we focus on providing Chunghwa Telecom eSIMs with excellent coverage and competitive pricing.

V. Where can you buy a Taiwan Mobile SIM card and eSIM?

Whether you prefer the classic plastic format or the sleek convenience of eSIM, acquiring your Taiwan Mobile connection is a breeze. Let’s explore the diverse options to integrate you seamlessly into Taiwan’s digital landscape.

1. Where to Buy Taiwan Mobile SIM

You can buy Taiwan Mobile SIM card & eSIM at Taiwan Mobile store
You can buy Taiwan Mobile SIM card & eSIM at Taiwan Mobile store
  • Taiwan Mobile stores: Widespread across Taiwan, offering expert assistance.
  • Airports: Convenient upon arrival, but limited options and potentially higher prices.
  • Convenience stores: Readily available, but selection may vary.
  • Online retailers: Shop from home, but delivery time applies.

2. Where to Buy Taiwan Mobile eSIM

  • Taiwan Mobile website: Purchase directly from the source.
  • Authorized online retailers: Look for reputable vendors offering genuine eSIMs.

Remember: If you require a Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM, Gigago Microsite currently does not offer this option due to the reasons above. Instead, we recommend exploring our selection of Chunghwa Telecom eSIMs for reliable coverage and competitive pricing.

VI. How to activate Taiwan Mobile Taiwan SIM/eSIM

Activating your Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM is a simple process:

1. How to Activate Taiwan Mobile SIM Card:

  • Insert the SIM card into your phone’s designated slot.
  • Power on your device.
  • The SIM card should automatically activate in most cases. If you need help, follow the on-screen instructions or contact Taiwan Mobile customer support.
  • Set up APN settings if manual configuration is required (instructions available on the Taiwan Mobile website).
  • Check your data balance and start enjoying your connection!

2. How to Activate Taiwan Mobile eSIM:

  • Purchase and download the eSIM from the chosen vendor.
  • Scan the QR code provided to initiate the activation process.
  • To activate and install the eSIM, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once activated, start using your data plan immediately.

VII. Alternatives to Taiwan Taiwan Mobile

While Taiwan Mobile provides a solid solution, you might consider alternatives depending on your needs:

  • Chunghwa Telecom: Offers more comprehensive coverage and potentially faster speeds in some areas.
  • Far EasTone: Provides decent coverage and competitive data plans.
  • GT Mobile: Primarily known for affordable data plans, potentially less suitable for data-intensive users.

Gigago Microsite primarily offers Chunghwa Telecom eSIMs due to their extensive coverage, reliable speeds, and competitive pricing. Explore our eSIM options on our website for more details.

VIII. FAQs about Taiwan Mobile in Taiwan

Does Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM offer unlimited data plans?

Yes, but only for calls and texts within Taiwan. Data plans have fixed data allowances.

Can I use WeChat and Line with a Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM?

Yes, as long as your chosen plan includes calls and texts. Update your applications to the most recent versions.

What currency are prices listed in?

Prices are typically listed in New Taiwan Dollars (NTD).

Is customer support available in English?

Yes, Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM offers limited English support. While their website and app are primarily in Chinese, they have an English hotline reachable at +886-2-2175-0000. Their online chat support also accommodates English inquiries.

IX. Conclusion

Choosing the right Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM depends on your needs and priorities. Whether you prioritize extensive coverage, fast speeds, affordability, or convenience, a suitable option awaits.

For most travelers, a Taiwan Mobile SIM Cards and eSIM offers a reliable and cost-effective way to stay connected throughout their Taiwanese adventure.

Remember: If you specifically require a Taiwan Mobile eSIM, Gigago Microsite does not currently offer this due to coverage and price considerations. Instead, explore our selection of Chunghwa Telecom eSIMs for excellent coverage and competitive pricing.

So, pack your bags, choose your perfect Taiwan Mobile connectivity solution, and get ready to explore the wonders of Taiwan!