Buy Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM Cards and eSIM for tourists in 2024

Traveling to Taiwan offers dynamic cities, breathtaking scenery, and excellent food. Staying in touch with family and using internet services might take time. Far EasTone Telecommunications, a major mobile network operator, provides travelers with dependable and easy connections.

This page explains everything about Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards and eSIM, helping you choose and remain connected in Taiwan.

Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM Cards and eSIM

I. Quick Facts about Far EasTone Telecommunications

With 8 million subscribers, Far EasTone Telecommunications (FETnet) is Taiwan’s third-largest mobile network provider. Innovative and customer-focused network offers calls, data subscriptions, and value-added services.

Here’s a quick glimpse into Far EasTone’s profile:

  • Founded: 1995
  • Brand Name: Far EasTone Telecommunications, FETnet
  • Services: Voice calls, data, SMS, roaming, value-added services
  • Subscribers: Over 8 million
  • Network reach: Widespread coverage across Taiwan, including major cities and tourist destinations
  • Stores & agents: Extensive network of retail stores and authorized agents nationwide
  • Customer care: 24/7 multilingual support via phone, online chat, and social media
  • Awards & Recognition: Consistently recognized for network quality, customer service, and innovation
Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM Cards and eSIM
Far EasTone Telecommunications

II. Far EasTone Telecommunications Coverage and Speed in the Taiwan

Connecting across Taiwan is crucial for seamless navigation, communication, and sharing of your adventures. Let’s explore Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards and eSIM coverage and speed:

1. Far EasTone Telecommunications coverage in Taiwan

Coverge map Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM card & eSIM
Coverge map Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards and eSIM

FETnet covers key cities, tourist attractions, and transportation centers, including airports and high-speed rail stations around Taiwan. It’s less prominent than its primary opponent in rural areas but present in most cities.

You can expect reliable signal strength in urban environments and decent coverage on significant highways.

2. Far EasTone Telecommunications speed

Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards & eSIM download speed
Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards and eSIM download speed

Average internet speeds in Taiwan are impressive, and Far EasTone delivers competitive download speeds, particularly in urban areas. While Gigago might edge out Far EasTone regarding raw speed, the difference is often negligible for everyday tasks like browsing, streaming, and social media.

Ultimately, both networks provide a seamless and enjoyable online experience.

Our recommendation: For most travelers, Far EasTone Telecommunications offers sufficient coverage and speed for a memorable and connected trip in Taiwan. However, exploring other options might be worthwhile if you venture deep into rural areas or require absolute top speeds.

III. Far EasTone Telecommunications connectivity options for travelers to Taiwan

Staying connected in Taiwan with Far EasTone boils down to three main choices:

  1. Buy a Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM: This is the most convenient option, offering various prepaid plans tailored to tourist needs.
  2. Use pocket wifi to connect to Far EasTone Telecommunications: Ideal for groups or data-intensive travelers, pocket wifi provides shared connectivity across multiple devices.
  3. Roaming to Far EasTone Telecommunications: If you already have a phone plan with international roaming, this might be an option, but be aware of potentially high charges.

Comparing Options:

SIM cardConvenient, flexible plans, affordableRequires SIM slot, initial purchase cost
Pocket wifiShareable data, convenient for groupsHigher cost, device management
RoamingFamiliar plan, no extra devicePotentially expensive data charges

Our recommendation: For most travelers, buying a Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM card offers the best balance of convenience, affordability, and flexibility.

IV. Best Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards for tourists & cost

Here’s where we explore the specific SIM card options Far EasTone offers for travelers:

Tourist-Friendly Packages:

  1. Far EasTone Tourist SIM: This popular option provides data (3GB to 10GB), calls, and SMS for various durations (5 days to 30 days), catering to diverse travel lengths. Prices range from around TWD 399 to TWD 899, offering excellent value.
  2. EasyCard SIM: This SIM comes with Taiwan’s popular transportation card and offers 3GB to 10GB of data and public transportation price top-ups. Convenience-seeking tourists might pay TWD 499–699.
  3. Data SIM: Data-hungry travelers will love this SIM’s 5GB to 20GB data packages at low pricing (TWD 299 to TWD 599).

Considering eSIM:

If your phone supports eSIM (like the iPhone 15!), Far EasTone offers dedicated eSIM packages similar to the physical SIM options mentioned above. This eliminates the need for a physical card and allows for quicker activation. However, keep in mind that eSIM availability and compatibility might vary.

Note: Check Far EasTone's official website or authorized retailers for the latest prices and offers, as details can change.

V. Does Far EasTone Telecommunications Taiwan support eSIM?

Yes, Far EasTone Telecommunications uses eSIM, a handy SIM card replacement. Electronic SIMs let you activate and manage your cell plan on your compatible smartphone without cards. A summary of the benefits:

Advantages of eSIM:

  • Convenience: No fiddling with tiny SIM cards; scan a QR code or download an activation profile.
  • Flexibility: Switch between eSIM profiles easily, ideal for dual SIM users or frequent travelers.
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly option that reduces plastic waste.
  • Security: Embedded in your device makes losing or damaging it more difficult.

Unfortunately, Far EasTone doesn’t offer eSIMs for tourists now. However, you can leverage reliable online eSIM vendors like Gigago to purchase Chunghwa Telecom eSIMs with competitive data packages and easy activation processes.

Purchase your Far EasTone eSIM today and enjoy a seamless, connected experience in Taiwan!

VI. Where can you buy a Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards and eSIM?

Whether you prefer the classic plastic format or the sleek convenience of eSIM, acquiring your Far EasTone Telecommunications connection is a breeze. Let’s explore the diverse options to integrate you seamlessly into Taiwan’s digital landscape.

1. Where to Buy Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM:

You can buy Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards & eSIM at Taiwan Mobile store
You can buy Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards and eSIM at Far EasTone Telecommunications store

There are several ways to secure a Far EasTone SIM card:

  • Airports: Upon arrival, conveniently purchase a SIM card at airport kiosks or Far EasTone booths.
  • Convenience stores: 7-Eleven and FamilyMart carry Far EasTone SIM cards.
  • Far EasTone stores: Locate a Far EasTone retail outlet for a more comprehensive selection of SIM card options and assistance from store staff.
  • Online: Far EasTone’s official website offers limited online SIM card purchases, primarily catering to local residents.

Pros: Readily available, diverse options, immediate activation.

Cons: Airport prices might be slightly higher, limited options at convenience stores.

2. Where to Buy Far EasTone Telecommunications eSIM:

  • Convenient online purchase: Browse options, compare plans, and buy your eSIM instantly.
  • Diverse eSIM packages: Choose data allowances and validity periods to suit your needs.
  • Easy activation: Scan a QR code or download an activation profile directly on your phone.
  • Global delivery: Receive your eSIM via email, accessible anywhere in the world.

Pros: Seamless online purchase, wider range of options, global accessibility.

Cons: Requires internet access for activation, might take slightly longer to receive compared to physical SIMs.

Tip: Before buying, ensure your phone is eSIM compatible and check eligibility for specific eSIM plans.

VII. How to activate Far EasTone Telecommunications Taiwan SIM/eSIM

Rest assured, activating your Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards and eSIM connection is simple:

1. How to use Far EasTone Telecommunications Taiwan SIM card:

  • Locate the SIM card slot on your phone and insert the Far EasTone SIM.
  • Power on your device and wait for it to recognize the SIM.
  • In most cases, the SIM will be pre-activated, but confirm instructions on the packaging.
  • If needed, set up APN settings manually (details provided on the Far EasTone website).
  • Check your balance and data usage via the Far EasTone app or online portal.

2. How to activate Far EasTone Telecommunications Taiwan eSIM:

  • Once you purchase the eSIM online, receive it via email or app notification.
  • Scan the QR code provided with your eSIM.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download and activate the eSIM profile.
  • Set up the eSIM profile following your phone’s instructions.
  • Start using your data plan!

For detailed instructions on your device, refer to the Far EasTone website or online retailer’s instructions.

Detailed instructions:

VIII. Alternatives to Far EasTone Telecommunications

Far EasTone has good coverage and reasonable prices, while other significant Taiwanese network carriers include:

  • Chunghwa Telecom: The largest network operator in Taiwan, boasting extensive coverage and fast speeds.
  • Taiwan Mobile: Offers a good balance of coverage, speed, and affordability.
  • GT Mobile: Primarily caters to businesses but also offers tourist-friendly SIM cards.

Consider Gigago eSIM:

For seamless travel connectivity, explore Gigago’s eSIM solutions. Gigago partners with multiple networks, including Far EasTone, offering competitive data plans, flexible validity options, and instant activation.

IX. FAQs about Far EasTone Telecommunications in Taiwan

Does Far EasTone offer unlimited data plans?

Yes, the Easy Travel SIM provides unlimited data for short durations (3-7 days).

Can I top up my Far EasTone data plan?

You may top up Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards and eSIM online, via the app, or at approved stores.

What languages does Far EasTone customer service support?

English, Mandarin Chinese, and Taiwanese Hokkien

How long does an eSIM activation take?

Usually, within minutes after scanning the QR code.

Where can I learn more about Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards and eSIM plans and services?

Visit the official Far EasTone website or contact their customer service hotline.

X. Final words

Taiwanese success involves communication. Far EasTone Telecommunications SIM cards and eSIM have strong urban coverage, tourist SIM options, and eSIM. Compare and choose the best vacation style and budget option. Taiwan’s culture and landscape are accessible with the proper link!

This comprehensive guide has equipped you with the knowledge to navigate Taiwan’s telecommunications landscape and choose the perfect Far EasTone solution for your trip. Have an incredible and connected journey!