Best Vietnam Pocket WiFi Rental & Alternatives: Travelers Guide 2024

Traveling to Vietnam can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, having reliable internet access is crucial for navigating an unfamiliar place and staying connected. A Vietnam pocket WiFi can provide fast, secure, and consistent connectivity throughout your trip.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about renting a pocket WiFi for Vietnam.

Pocket Wifi in Vietnam

I. What is Pocket WiFi for Vietnam?

Pocket WiFi is a portable wireless router that creates a personal WiFi hotspot. It allows users to connect multiple devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets to the internet using WiFi signals.

Vietnam Pocket WiFi is popular for travelers and visitors. As cellular data access in Vietnam can be unreliable or limited, pocket WiFi provides a consistent WiFi connection while traveling around the country.

How does Vietnam Pocket WiFi work?

Pocket WiFi in Vietnam connect to the local 3G/4G mobile network using a prepaid Vietnam SIM card. Users can purchase these readily available from phone stores or airport kiosks. The SIM card provides high-speed data that the pocket WiFi then shares as a WiFi signal for connected devices.

Best for Whom?

Vietnam Pocket WiFi is best suited for travelers who need reliable internet access on multiple devices while sightseeing in Vietnam. It allows a whole family or group to stay connected simultaneously. Those staying in Vietnam for more than a few days will find it more cost-effective than relying on cellular data plans alone.

II. Why Rent a Pocket WiFi for Vietnam Travel?

Rent a Pocket WiFi for Vietnam Travel
Rent a Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi is one of the most popular options for tourists visiting Vietnam to stay connected and stay in touch with other people back home. It provides reliable wifi access for multiple devices via a single portable hotspot, allowing travelers to use internet freely throughout their trip

Benefits of Pocket WiFi for Vietnam travel

  • Continuous connectivity – Pocket hotspots tap into nationwide 4G/LTE service, meaning you stay connected across Vietnam without roaming charges. Public WiFi is very spotty.
  • Security and privacy – Public connections often lack encryption, leaving your data vulnerable. Pocket WiFi offers password protection and secure connections.
  • Multiple device support– Most pocket WiFis allow 5+ devices to connect simultaneously. Share one data plan with travel companions.

With reliable connectivity from your pocket WiFi, you can smoothly navigate, use translation apps, stay in touch, share trip moments and more. It brings flexibility and comfort to exploring Vietnam.

Pocket WiFi vs. Other Connectivity Options

When traveling internationally, choosing the right connectivity option is important to stay connected easily and cost-effectively. Pocket WiFi, local SIM cards, free WiFi access, and cellular roaming all provide means to access the internet abroad, but with different strengths and weaknesses.

OptionPocket WiFiFree WiFiVietnam SIM CardRoaming
Number of devices supportedSupports multiple devices connected simultaneouslyLimited to 1 deviceSupports 1 device onlySupports 1 device only
Number of users supportedSupports multiple users simultaneouslyLimited to 1 userSupports 1 user onlySupports 1 user only
Convenience for set upVery easy plug-and-play set upRequires finding free WiFi hotspotsRequires purchasing local SIM cardRoaming charges apply, additional set up required
Best forGroup/ FamiliesCasual, occasional useLocal residents, business travelersTravel across markets with roaming

Pocket WiFi is a very convenient way for groups to stay connected when traveling Vietnam. As it supports multiple devices connecting simultaneously, everyone in the group can access the internet. However, the rental or purchase fee can work out to be more expensive than other options if used for an extended period. Additionally, it relies on the WiFi signal which may not be strong or accessible in all areas.

Our recommendation: For longer trips or if mainly staying locally in one destination, a Vietnam SIM card is generally a better choice. It provides stable cellular connectivity everywhere within the coverage area at a much lower daily rate. It eliminates roaming charges and is simpler for solo use.

III. GIGAGO Vietnam eSIM – Alternative to Pocket WiFi in Vietnam

While pocket WiFi routers remain popular, eSIM offer an interesting newer alternative for connectivity. It provides a digital solution that addresses many of the pain points faced by tourists.

As an eSIM allows for the remote download and activation of network profiles, it provides the convenience of setting up connectivity from anywhere without needing a physical SIM card. This makes it ideal for single user trips. With pay-as-you-go eSIM plans available, it also offers a flexible price structure. Combined cellular and WiFi coverage ensures internet access virtually anywhere.

Travelers visiting Vietnam will find GIGAGO eSIM an excellent connectivity partner. As the leading eSIM provider in Vietnam, GIGAGO makes staying online smooth and hassle-free. Their eSIM plans offer unlimited 4G data on Vietnam’s top cellular networks, allowing travelers to enjoy high-speed internet access virtually anywhere in the country. You also have a Vietnamese phone number when using eSIM by Gigago (which pocket Wifi does not offer).

GIGAGO offers affordable prepaid eSIM data plans for all major networks in Vietnam. You can choose from packages with varying amounts of high-speed data valid for 7-30 days, starting from as low as $8.90 . Let’s check their plans: 

Vietnam eSIM - Best for Tourist
Vietnam eSIM – Best for Tourists to stay connected in Vietnam

Important note: Please be sure that your device is eSIM compatible before purchasing. Let's check eSIM-compatible devices list

IV. How to Get Pocket WiFi in Vietnam for Travelers?

The easiest way for travelers to get pocket WiFi in Vietnam is to rent one in advance online. There are two common options for renting a Pocket Wifi:

  • Pre-order online and pick it up at the airport, or 
  • Rent one after arrival in Vietnam
 Pre-order and Pick up at AirportRent After Arrival
Booking ProcessBook and pay for rental online before travel datesSearch for and book rental upon arrival in Vietnam
AvailabilityGuaranteed availability if booked in advanceAvailability depends on inventory at rental location
Waiting TimeNo wait time – pick up device upon airport arrivalMay need to wait for device if inventory is low
ConvenienceHighly convenient – skip rental process after landingRequire time and effort to locate rental place after arrival
Advance PlanningPlanning needed to book in time before tripNo advance booking or planning required
PricingOften discounted rates for advance booking onlineRates may be higher if booking on the spot in Vietnam
UsabilityReady to use right away on arrivalDevice rental process must be completed before use

In summary, pre-ordering a Pocket wifi rental for pick up at the Vietnam airport is usually the most convenient and hassle-free option, providing guaranteed availability, no waiting time or extra rental steps needed after landing. However, renting after arrival may be more flexible if your travel plans weren’t finalized in advance.

How to rent a Pocket Wifi in Vietnam
How to rent a Pocket Wifi in Vietnam?

V. How Many Devices Can Connect to a Pocket WiFi in Vietnam?

Most pocket WiFi routers designed for travel can support connecting approximately 5-15 wireless devices simultaneously. This includes phones, laptops, tablets and other wifi-enabled electronics carried by you, family and friends.

The exact number of devices depends on a few factors:

Pocket WiFi Device Capabilities

Entry-level pocket WiFi hardware often allows up to 5 connected devices. Premium and high-performance models may support 8-10+ devices concurrently. Connections are handled directly between devices and the pocket router through WiFi, not through your phone.

Data Plan Limits

Unlimited data plans have no restrictions on devices connected or data usage. For pocket WiFi plans with monthly data caps, connecting more devices could cause you to hit limits faster. But with 30GB+ pooled data caps now very common even on economy plans, this is rarely an issue for average travelers.

Internet Speed Dilution

Like any WiFi network, having many devices accessing data simultaneously can dilute internet speeds somewhat. With Vietnam’s strong 4G speeds, most users won’t notice – but large files like video could lag slightly at times with 8+ devices on one router.

For nearly all Vietnam visitors sharing connectivity, a max of around 10 gadgets concurrently covers even larger groups. And unlimited data paired with LTE-Advanced networks keeps overall speeds brisk regardless of users.

Pro tips: When renting a pocket wifi in Vietnam, travelers should pay attention to the number of devices that can connect simultaneously. This will ensure all devices can connect during the entire trip.

VI. How Much Does a Pocket WiFi for Vietnam Cost?

Renting a pocket WiFi in Vietnam is very affordable – especially compared to roaming rates from US carriers, which are outrageously expensive. Cost depends primarily on your rental duration and data needs:

Rental Rates

Most hotspot rentals in Vietnam charge based on number of days used:

  • Daily pricing – The rate per day multiplied by days rented
  • Weekly pricing – Discounted weekly rates with longer rentals
  • Monthly pricing – Deep discounts for monthly pocket WiFi reservations

Typical per day rental rates range from about $3.50-$10 USD depending on the vendor and hardware specs. Monthly rates often go as low as $25 and under.

Data Plans

You then choose either unlimited LTE data or a fixed high-speed data allotment, usually 30GB and up. Unlimited plans remove worries about running out of high-speed data and cost just slightly more:

  • Unlimited data – $7-$15 extra per day typically
  • 30GB-50GB data cap – Included by default for most providers
  • Overage charges or throttling may apply if you exceed caps

Unlimited plans average $12 USD or less daily – an incredible value to stay connected across Vietnam without ever limiting usage. Capped plans offer savings for lighter users. With shared data of 30GB+, even smaller groups are unlikely to run out during a typical Vietnam trip with moderate usage.

Understanding these variables helps travelers find the best value plan that meets their budget and usage needs.

VII. Best Pocket WiFi for Vietnam Travel – Which to Choose?

Best Pocket Wifi in Vietnam
Best Pocket Wifi in Vietnam

With many pocket WiFi suppliers in Vietnam, deciding the best rental company and model router for your needs takes some savvy consideration around trip duration, group size, usage amounts and more. Here are some of the best pocket WiFi options for travel in Vietnam

  • Viettel Pocket 4G: Up to 10 devices, download speeds up to 150Mbps, rental from 100,000VND/day. One of the most popular and affordable options
  • Vinaphone 4G Router: Up to 15 devices, download speeds up to 300Mbps, rental from 180,000VND/day. Faster speeds than standard pockets but higher price.
  • Mobifone Super 4G: Up to 10 devices, download speeds up to 150Mbps, rental from 100,000VND/day. Budget-friendly option with good nationwide coverage.

Good to know: Look for models supporting 10+ simultaneous devices, 150Mbps+ speeds for basic needs.

VIII. How to Use Your Pocket WiFi in Vietnam

Renting a pocket WiFi router for Vietnam is quick and convenient. Here’s a simple guide to getting started:

  1. Turn on the pocket WiFi by pressing the power button for a few seconds. The network name/SSID will be displayed.
  2. Connect your device (phone, laptop, tablet etc) to the WiFi network displayed using the provided password. You may need to enter this each day.
  3. Once connected, you can start using the internet on your device through the pocket WiFi hotspot. The rental company will have provided the data allowance per day.

Once activated, just keep your pocket WiFi powered on in your bag or pocket as you go about your trip. Hop online instantly anytime without hunting for spotty public networks. Share the WiFi password so everyone you’re traveling with can connect their devices too!


Is pocket WiFi in Vietnam legal?

Yes, it uses approved cellular networks legally. Some sites may still be blocked by firewalls though.

Can I use apps like FaceTime and Netflix?

Yes! Pocket WiFi provides full access without restrictions beyond some sites blocked by the Vietnamese government.

How is support if I have issues?

Reputable rental providers offer 24/7 customer service to help troubleshoot any connectivity problems.

Can I have my pocket WiFi delivered?

Many vendors ship internationally or provide airport arrival delivery in Vietnam. Pickup is always an option too.

How do I pay?

Online payment methods like credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer or payment partners are accepted by most vendors.

What if my device gets lost or damaged?

Insurance may be offered. Always notify the company immediately if your device is lost or damaged during rental.

X. Conclusion

A Vietnam pocket WiFi rental provides convenience, connectivity and value for travelers heading to Vietnam. However, Vietnam SIM unlocks fast and stable mobile internet across Vietnam for a fraction of international roaming rates. It’s highly recommended for stay in contact at all times and share travel moments seamlessly in Vietnam.