Renting Pocket WiFi for Qatar & Alternatives: Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Stay connected and navigate Qatar with ease by renting a pocket WiFi for Qatar travel, which will surely be your internet companion.

Are you planning a trip to Qatar and want to stay connected to the internet wherever you go? Look no further than renting a pocket WiFi for Qatar travel! 

In this guide, we’ll explore how pocket WiFi works in Qatar, its benefits, and how you can make the most of this handy device during your stay.

I. What is pocket WiFi for Qatar?

A Pocket WiFi is a small and lightweight device that easily fits in the palm of your hand. Its main function is to provide internet access to other devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras, or laptops.

For instance, let’s say you’re visiting the Island Al Khor of Qatar where the phone signal might be weak. By using a portable WiFi device, you can still have reliable internet access regardless of your underground location.

II. Why Renting a Pocket WiFi for Qatar Travel?

A Qatar pocket wifi
A Qatar pocket wifi

Pocket wifi for Qatar can offer you some benefits

  • Connectivity: Qatar pocket Wi-Fi hotspots allow travelers to stay connected to the internet wherever they go. 
  • Cost Savings: Using a pocket Wi-Fi hotspot can help travelers avoid expensive international data roaming charges. I
  • Convenience: Pocket Wi-Fi devices are small, lightweight, and portable, making them convenient for travelers. 
  • Reliable Internet Connection: Qatar pocket Wi-Fi hotspots provide a reliable and stable internet connection
  • Multiple Device Connectivity: They allow multiple devices to connect to the same network simultaneously. 

III. Qatar eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Qatar.

Qatar Ooredoo eSIM
Qatar Ooredoo eSIM

eSIM, which stands for embedded SIM, is a digital SIM card embedded directly into a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. Unlike traditional physical SIM cards, eSIM is programmable and does not require a physical swap to switch mobile network operators. It offers several advantages over traditional SIM cards and has gained popularity in recent years.

  • Affordable prices: Qatar eSIM provides offer various packages for tourists with competitive prices. 
  • Multiple Operator Support: Users can switch between operators directly from their device settings, making it convenient for individuals who require multiple active connections or want to take advantage of better coverage or pricing plans.
  • Remote Provisioning: eSIM can be remotely provisioned and activated by downloading the necessary operator profile or scanning a QR code provided by the mobile network operator. 
  • Integration: eSIM is built directly into the device, eliminating the need for an additional external device like a pocket Wi-Fi. 
  • Simplicity: They can access mobile data directly on their eSIM-enabled device without the need for additional setup or configuration.
  • Connectivity: eSIM ensures seamless connectivity since the device is always connected to the network. 
Gigago Qatar SIM eSIM plans
Gigago Qatar SIM eSIM plans

Gigago is a famous Qatar eSIM provider with many diverse packages, reasonable prices and many timely customer support policies.

For Qatar, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 7 days with $5.00 . What is great about Qatar eSIM plans of Gigago is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $5.00$49.00 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Qatar, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

III. How to Get a Pocket WiFi for Travelers to Qatar?

In Qatar, you have the option to rent portable WiFi devices upon your arrival. There are several benefits to ordering online before you travel to Qatar.

A Vodafone Qatar hotspot

Firstly, during peak periods, there is a possibility that supplies may run out if you wait until you arrive at the airport. By ordering online in advance, you ensure availability and avoid any inconvenience.

Secondly, ordering online saves you time. By shopping online, you can leisurely research and compare products from the comfort of your home, and then simply pick up the device upon your arrival.

Thirdly, buying online can be more cost-effective compared to purchasing from a physical shop at the airport. Online travel agencies often offer discounts or coupon codes that can help you save money.

Note: You can also rent pocket wifi when you go to Qatar but this can be a huge risk when you don't have any device to support it (because there is no wifi) if there are language barriers or lack of information about the homeprovide

IV. How many devices can connect to a pocket Wifi for Qatar?

Qatar pocket wifi can comfortably handle around 5 – 10 connections or devices

While it’s possible that pocket wifi could handle more connections, the device suppliers recommend a maximum limit of ten connections for a few reasons. They want to ensure optimal performance and avoid potential issues that could arise from exceeding that limit.

Up to 10 devices can connect to a Qatar hotspot
Up to 10 devices can connect to a Qatar hotspot

V. How much does a Pocket WiFi for Qatar Cost?

The cost of a pocket Wi-Fi for Qatar can vary depending on several factors such as the provider, data plan, and device model. 

Qatar pocket wifi router for high speed internet in Qatar can be rented with the cost starting at $6.49 per day

You can visit some official websites of  Ooredoo or Vodafone to have accurate information 

VI. Best Wifi Pockets for Qatar travel – Which to choose?

I will introduce to you pocket wifi of the 2 most popular networks in Qatar. You can also rent pocket wifi from third parties – those who specialize in providing pocket wifi for tourists, but choose carefully to find a suitable and reliable supplier.

1. The Vodafone Mobile WIFI R219T 

A Vodafone Qatar hotspot
A Vodafone Qatar hotspot

Price: at QR 99.0 to QR 199.0 in Qatar ( approximately $26.73 to $53.73 )

The Vodafone Mobile WIFI R219T is a compact and portable device that creates a secure Wi-Fi hotspot using a 4G LTE connection. 

With this device, you can connect up to 10 users simultaneously, allowing them to enjoy high-speed internet access. 

The device is equipped with a 2150mAh battery, providing up to eight hours of usage time for work, play, or streaming.

2. The Alcatel Link Zone 4G LTE cat7 Mobile Wi-Fi MW70 ( retailed by Ooredoo)

Alcatel is a product of Ooredoo Qatar
Alcatel is a product of Ooredoo Qatar

Price : at QR 219 in Qatar ( approximately $59.13)

The Alcatel Link Zone MW70 supports 4G LTE connectivity, providing fast and reliable internet speeds. 

Connect Multiple Devices: The MW70 allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect 15 devices simultaneously ( up to 32 users )

Its 2150mAh battery will keep you going for up to eight hours of working, playing and streaming. 

Note: You should check official websites for the most update prices. 

VII. How to Use Your pocket Wifi in Qatar?

You can activate this Qatar pocket wifi by following steps below: 

Simple steps to activate Qatar hotspots
Simple steps to activate Qatar hotspots
  • Activate the Pocket WiFi: Ensure that your pocket WiFi device is fully charged. Turn on the device by pressing the power button.
  • Connect to the Device: On your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, go to the Wi-Fi settings and search for available networks. Locate and select the network name (SSID) of your pocket WiFi device.
  • Enter the Password: When prompted, enter the password or security key for the pocket WiFi network.
  • Establish the Connection: Once the password is entered correctly, your device should connect to the pocket WiFi network. You should see the Wi-Fi icon appear on your device, indicating a successful connection.
  • Start Browsing: You can now start using the internet on your connected devices. 

Note: As an alternative to pocket WiFi, consider using a Qatar eSIM (embedded SIM) if your device supports it. It offers convenience, flexibility, and potentially lower costs compared to traditional SIM cards or pocket WiFi devices. 

VIII. FAQs about Qatar Pocket Wifi Rental

Where can I rent pocket WiFi for Qatar travel?

There are various options for renting pocket WiFi for Qatar travel. You can check with local telecommunication companies, internet service providers, or specialized WiFi rental companies.

Can I use my own SIM card with a rented pocket WiFi device in Qatar?

In most cases, rented pocket WiFi devices come with a pre-configured SIM card and data plan. It’s not typically possible to use your own SIM card with the rental device.

IX. Conclusion

Whether you’re sharing your travel experiences on social media, navigating through unfamiliar streets, or staying connected with your colleagues, Qatar pocket WiFi ensures that you’re always just a few taps away from the online world. Stay connected, explore with ease, and make the most of your time in beautiful Qatar!