Mobile Internet in Qatar for Tourists: Ways to Get Data & Cost

Mobile internet has become an essential companion for travelers, and Qatar mobile internet will not make you disappointed! 

 With its reliable and widespread mobile internet coverage, you can stay connected, access helpful information, and make the most of your journey in this captivating country.

I. Mobile Internet in Qatar – Coverage and Speed

 As of Statistics’s report in April 2023, Qatar had the fastest average mobile internet connection worldwide, nearly 190 Mbps. This proves that Qatar’s mobile network infrastructure is among the best in the world

Qatar is the best mobile network country

1. Qatar Mobile Internet Coverage

  • Ooredoo has the best coverage in Qatar. This was also confirmed by Opensignal.
Mobile operators in a Opensignal test

Below is Ooredoo’s coverage map produced by Speedtest:

Ooredoo’s coverage
  • Vodafone has extensive coverage throughout Qatar.

Below is Vodafone’s coverage map produced by Speedtest:

Vodafone’s coverage

2. Speed

According to Broadband speedchecker, in Q4-2024: 

  • OOREDOO is an internet service provider which operates in Qatar. Currently it ranks on the place 1 from 7 providers in Qatar.
Ooredoo speed experience
  • Vodafone Qatar Q.S.C. is an internet service provider which operates in Qatar. Currently it ranks on the place 2 from 7 providers in Qatar.
Download speed experience

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Qatar?

There are also free wifi areas for travelers in Qatar
There are also free wifi areas for travelers in Qatar

To get mobile data in Qatar, tourists can choose one of the four following ways:

  • Use a local Qatar SIM card
  • Use International roaming service with your home network operator
  • Use travel eSIM for Qatar
  • Use public WiFi

Below we make a comparison table on these connectivity options to get mobile internet in Qatar for travelers:

Connectivity OptionsWhat it isProsCons
Local SIM CardPurchase a local SIM card in your destination country and insert it into your unlocked mobile device.– Affordable local data plans. 
– Reliable coverage.
– No dependency on public Wi-Fi.
– Requires an unlocked mobile device. 
– Need to switch SIM cards and manage multiple numbers.
International RoamingUse your existing mobile data plan from your home country while abroad.– no need to change SIM cards. 
– Seamless connectivity with your existing number.
– Can be expensive, with high data roaming charges. 
– Data speeds may be limited.
Public Wi-FiConnect to freely available Wi-Fi networks in public places such as cafes, hotels, or airports.– No additional cost.
– Widely available in many locations.
– Security risks, as public Wi-Fi networks may not be secure. 
– Limited coverage and speed.
eSIMUtilize an embedded SIM card that is built into your device, allowing you to download and switch between different mobile network profiles.– No physical SIM card required. 
– Easy to switch between mobile network profiles. 
– Can add multiple eSIM profiles on a single device.
– Requires a device with eSIM support.

► Our Recommendation:

From the table above, we can see that eSIM seems to be the most convenient and secure way to get mobile internet while traveling in Qatar, but only if your phone supports eSIM function. Below, we will explain in more details.

III. Internet Rates in Qatar – Is it Expensive?

A Ooredoo SIM Card
A Ooredoo SIM Card

Now, let’s have a quick comparison on how much each connectivity option in Qatar cost:

Connectivity OptionsDescriptionRates in USD
SIM card countryPurchase a local SIM card from a Qatar telecom providerPrices start at 2.70 USD.
Qatar eSIM Activate an eSIM from a Qatar telecom providerPrices start at 2.04 USD/GB
Roaming with VoldafoneUse international roaming services with Voldafone in QatarPrices start at 27.47 USD/1GB, 100 minutes.
Roaming with OoredooUse international roaming services with Ooredoo in QatarPrices start at 41.21 USD
Public Wi-FiAccess Wi-Fi networks in hotels, cafes, and public areasOften free

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Qatar

Using a Qatar data SIM card can be an excellent option for tourists who want to stay connected and keep in touch with people back home through various apps. 

Qatar data SIM cards provide you with internet connectivity, allowing you to access messaging apps, social media platforms, and video calling services, among others. 

This enables seamless communication with your loved ones, sharing travel updates, photos, and videos in real-time. Additionally, data SIM cards often offer affordable data plans, ensuring you can stay connected without breaking the bank.

  • You can purchase a Vodafone SIM card at Vodafone stores in Qatar for the following prices: 30 QAR (approximately 8.10 USD), 60 QAR (approximately 16.20 USD), 100 QAR (approximately 27 USD), or 300 QAR (approximately 81 USD). Alternatively, if you prefer to buy the SIM card at (Doha) Hamad International Airport (DOH), it is available for 35 QAR (approximately 9.45 USD).
  • You can also obtain an Ooredoo SIM card, known as Hala, for free at Ooredoo stores. However, a plan purchase or a minimum top-up of 10 QAR (approximately 2.70 USD) is required. Ooredoo SIM cards are also available for purchase at (Doha) Hamad International Airport.

Note: 1 QAR =  0,27 USD

IV. Data eSIM for Qatar – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

Qatar eSIM is the best option for tourists
Qatar eSIM is the best option for tourists

Note: Qatar eSIM only works on eSIM-compatible devices

eSIM, short for embedded-SIM, is a digital SIM card that is built directly into a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. 

Qatar eSIM has some advantages which outweigh other options: 

  • Convenience: The eSIM is embedded directly into your device, eliminating the need to carry and swap physical SIM cards.
  • Flexibility: eSIM allows you to switch between multiple mobile network operators without needing to physically change SIM cards. 
  • Remote Activation: You can often activate an eSIM by scanning a QR code or through a mobile app, without needing to visit a physical store.

To buy an eSIM for Qatar as a tourist, you have a couple of options: Buy directly from the operator and Buy from eSIM providers. 

1. Buy eSIM from Qatar Operators

Buy directly from the operator: You can purchase an eSIM for Qatar directly from the mobile network operators that provide eSIM services in the country. Visit their official stores or websites to check if they offer eSIMs and follow their specific instructions for activation.

Here are the pros and cons of buying an eSIM directly from Qatar operators:


  • Guaranteed Compatibility: Buying an eSIM from Qatar operators ensures compatibility with their network and services. 
  • Operator Support: By purchasing the eSIM from the operator, you have direct access to their customer support for any inquiries, assistance, or troubleshooting related to the eSIM service.


  • Limited Provider Options: Buying directly from Qatar operators restricts your choices to the available eSIM plans and services they offer. You may have fewer options compared to third-party eSIM providers that support multiple countries.
  • Potentially higher price Variation: The eSIM plans provided by the operators may have higher costs
  • Limited Flexibility: Once you purchase an eSIM from an operator, switching to a different operator’s eSIM requires obtaining a new eSIM from that operator. 

These are some packages from Ooredoo: 

Hala Recharges plans of Ooredoo Qatar
Hala Recharges plans of Ooredoo Qatar
PriceSIM CardCreditDataLocal MinutesInternational Minutes 2Validity
35 QARFan SIMN/A2 GB25 minutes15 minutes7 days 3
150 QARSuper Fan SIM30 QAR20 GB 1400 minutes75 minutes30 days

Also, you can see some plans of Vodafone: 

Some Vodafone Qatar SIM Card packages
Some Vodafone Qatar SIM Card packages
PricePlanCreditDataLocal MinutesInternational Minutes 4Validity
30 QAR
New Prepaid SIM with Combo 30
N/A3 GB 1120 minutesN/A30 days
60 QAR
New Prepaid SIM with Combo 60
N/A8 GB 1240 minutesN/A30 days
100 QAR
New Prepaid SIM with Combo 100
1000 2.2 GB 2N/AN/A30 days
300 QAR
New Prepaid SIM with Combo 300+
N/A20 GB 3Unlimited100 minutes30 days

2. Buy eSIM from Gigago

When it comes to Qatar eSIM providers, Gigago appears to be a reliable eSIM provider. Here are some reason why you should choose Gigago as a Qatar eSIM provider:

  • 100% online
  • No passport
  • No ID card
  • No waiting for SIM delivery
  • Easy setup ( just scan QR)
  • Have internet as soon as arriving in Qatar.

Here are the detailed instructions on how to buy an eSIM from Gigago, a reputable eSIM provider, for Qatar:

  • Visit the Gigago website, search for Qatar in the search bar
  • On the Qatar eSIM page,
  • Go to the homepage and use the search function to find Qatar’s eSIM page. 
  • On the Asia’s eSIM page, browse through the available plans and choose the one that suits your needs, budget, and trip duration.
  • Click on the selected plan to view its details, including data allowances, validity, and pricing.
  • Once you have decided on a plan, proceed to make the payment using the provided payment options.
  • After completing the payment, wait for an email from Gigago containing instructions and the necessary QR code or activation code.
  • Check your email inbox for the email from Gigago and locate the QR code or activation code provided.
  • Activate data roaming on your phone. Wait for a few moments for the eSIM to connect to the carrier network. 
Gigago Qatar SIM eSIM plans
Gigago Qatar SIM eSIM plans

For Qatar, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 7 days with $5.00 . What is great about Gigago’s Qatar eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $5.00$49.00 . Thus, it does not matter how Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Qatar, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

V. FAQS about Mobile Internet in Qatar

What are the major mobile network operators in Qatar?

The major mobile network operators in Qatar are Ooredoo and Vodafone.

How can I check the coverage of mobile network operators in Qatar?

You can visit the websites of Ooredoo and Vodafone to access their coverage maps or use their respective mobile apps to check the coverage in specific areas of Qatar.

Are there any data usage limits or fair usage policies?

Mobile network operators in Qatar may have fair usage policies in place, which means that after reaching a certain data usage threshold, your internet speed may be reduced or subject to additional charges

Mobile internet in Qatar provides convenience, flexibility, and reliable connectivity, allowing users to stay connected and access the internet while in the country. You can enjoy your trip to Qatar without any worries!