Best Pocket Wifi in Mongolia Rental & Alternatives: Travelers Guide 2024

Staying online while traveling in Mongolia’s vast open spaces can be challenging. With limited cell service and few Internet cafes, a pocket Wifi in Mongolia can be a lifesaver for tourists who need to navigate tourist spots as well as unfamiliar terrain.

In this guide, we will help you understand your options for pocket Wifi rental and other alternatives. We will also compare features like speeds, device limits, and pricing to help you pick the best option for your Mongolian trip.

I. What is Pocket Wifi for Mongolia?

A pocket Wifi, also known as a mobile WiFi hotspot or portable WiFi, is a pocket-sized wireless router that creates a wireless internet connection through a mobile network. For tourists to Mongolia, a pocket WiFi provides them with portable Internet access.

How pocket Wifi for Mongolia works

Pocket Wifi for Mongolia connects devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops to the Internet within a 10-15 meter range using Wifi signals.

When to use pocket Wifi for Mongolia

It is useful for traveling in Mongolia to access the Internet without relying on high data roaming charges.

Suitable for 

  • Those who want reliable Internet while exploring Mongolia’s vast landscapes away from cities
  • Families/ groups who need to stay connected simultaneously for things like navigation, translation, and sharing the best moments on social media.

II. Why Rent a Pocket Wifi for Mongolia Travel?

Rent a pocket Wifi for Mongolia trip
Rent a pocket Wifi for Mongolia trip

Renting a pocket Wifi while traveling in Mongolia is one of the most suitable choices for tourists seeking the Internet in Mongolia because it offers many benefits for tourist: 

Benefits of pocket Wifi rental for Mongolia travel

  • Stay connected simultaneously: One pocket Wifi can connect various devices at once.
  • Affordable rental rates: Pocket Wifi rental rates in Mongolia are usually cheaper than daily roaming fees from your home cellular network.
  • Reliable Internet access: It offers stable and reliable Wifi connection wherever you go in Mongolia, especially useful in remote areas with limited coverage.
  • Easily rent from airports: Most rental providers allow picking up and returning pocket Wifi devices from airports for convenience.
  • Ease of use: Pocket Wifi devices are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around. Just turn the device on, enter the password, and then connect your device to the Wifi hotspot.

Pocket Wifi in Mongolia vs. Other Connectivity Options

Let us explore the differences between Mongolia pocket Wifi and other alternatives such as Mongolia SIM card/ eSIM, free Wifi, and roaming.

CriteriaMongolia Pocket Wifi Mongolia SIM card/ eSIMEasy, just power on and enter the passwordMongolia roaming
Number of devicesUp to 10-15SingleSingleSingle
Number of usersEntire groupSingleSingleSingle
DataUnlimited or large optionsDepending on plan optionLimited spotsHome plan option
Setup easeEasy, just power on and enter passwordBuy and insert physical SIM/ online purchase and activationHunt for hotspots, enter passwordUse existing number
Connection reliabilityReliableReliableMay be insecure sometimesWorks like at home
CostsAffordable for group, costs more for individualAffordableFreeExpensive

► Our recommendation:

  • Pocket Wifi in Mongolia works well if you are traveling with friends or family.
  • An eSIM for Mongolia may be more suitable if it is just for your personal phone/ tablet/ watch that works with eSIM.

III. Mongolia eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Mongolia

An eSIM allows secure Internet access on your phone and you could save money if you do not need to share a connection with multiple devices. Mongolian eSIMs are the best alternative and have become the most preferred option among travelers for various reasons:

  • Quick activation: eSIM plans are often instantly activated online, so you can get connected quickly once in Mongolia.
  • Switch network carriers easily: Change mobile network operators without having to get a new SIM card.
  • Suitable for solo travelers: If traveling alone, an eSIM provides affordable Internet access for a single device.
  • Eco-friendly: eSIM exists in intangible form (virtual) so there is no more plastic like when using physical SIMs. No wasting physical SIMS: eSIMs are better for the environment as there is no physical card to throw away.

Purchasing a Mongolia eSIM package from a reputable like Gigago is straightforward. Tourists do not need to show their passports or driver’s licenses for ID checks. All they need is a device like a smartphone/ iPad/ smartwatch/ tablet that supports eSIM technology.

Gigago offers multiple eSIM plans for visitors to Mongolia
Gigago eSIM plans for Mongolia

Mongolia eSIM plans by Gigago are very diverse. The start pack only costs $9.90 and provides 1GB of data for 7 days. The other eSIM options cost around $9.90$38.50 , much more budget-friendly than roaming.

Pro Tip:

  • Before choosing an eSIM plan for Mongolia, it is a good idea to consider your needs, how long you are staying, and your budget. Picking a plan that matches your priorities, like data amount and costs, can help you get the best value during your time there.
  • Check out the most updated list of eSIM-embedded mobile devices.

IV. How to Get a Pocket Wifi for Visitors to Mongolia?

Visitors to Mongolia can get a pocket Wifi by two ways:

  • online before departure, or
  • renting at Mongolia airports
Two main ways to get pocket Wifi in Mongolia: Ordering online before departure and renting at Mongolia airports
Two main ways to get pocket Wifi in Mongolia: Ordering online before departure and renting at Mongolia airports

Pre-book online before your flight to Mongolia

Many rental companies let you book your device online before your flight to Mongolia. When you land, you can stop by their service area to pick it up. After your trip, just drop the pocket Wifi back off at the arranged location before leaving.


  • Pre-arrange everything from home for convenient pickup and return
  • Time to carefully compare providers, rates, and options in advance
  • A bit more cost-effective than renting on-site


  • Have to locate the pickup location and collect the device upon arrival
  • Delays might occur if your flight is late 

Rent directly at Mongolia Airports

Mongolian airports like Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan International Airport make it quite easy to rent a pocket Wifi in Mongolia. When you land, pop by a rental counter at the airport to rent a portable Wifi device and pick a plan that works best for your trip.

Friendly staff can get you set up with the pocket Wifi hotspot and demonstrate how to connect your devices. Before flying back, return it to the same spot. 


  • Convenient and easy
  • No risk of late collection


  • Less time for checking rental prices and plan options
  • A bit more costly than pre-booking online

► Our recommendation:

Pre-ordering a Mongolia pocket Wifi seems to be much more convenient and cost-effective for tourists. It also saves them time at the airport trying to select and pay for a rental plan once they land.

V. How Many Devices Can Connect to a Pocket Wifi in Mongolia

The quantity of mobile devices you can connect to a single pocket Wifi in Mongolia varies according to the provider and the model of the pocket Wifi.

  • Up to 5 devices: for 1 or 2 tourists sharing Internet between tablets/ smartphones/ laptops.
  • Around 10-12 devices: for groups of 3 – 6 sharing the Internet access.
  • 15+ devices: for larger teams with multiple smartphones, tablets, and laptops to link up.

Pro Tip: It is best to check with your provider on exactly how many gadgets each of their pocket WiFi options can support at one time during your travels.

VI. Best Wifi Pockets for Mongolia Travel and Costs

This table shows the different Mongolia Wifi pocket choices and the rental prices accordingly. 

Pocket Wifi in Mongolia OptionsSpeedRateMax devicesDeliveryBattery life
XOXO WifiFast 4G speedsAbout USD $10 per dayUp to 15 Airport pickup available10-12 hours
MioWifiModerate 4GAbout USD $8-9 per day8Airport pickup available10-12 hours
Travel WifiModerate 4GUSD $7.5 per day5Airport pickup available, Delivered to your home/ hotel8-10 hours

Note: Visit the official websites of your chosen provider for the most up-to-date rental details and rates.

Pro Tip: Always look for special offers; compare the rental benefits and rates from different Mongolia Wifi pocket providers to find the best deals.

VII. FAQs about Mongolia Pocket Wifi Rental

Can I return the pocket WiFi to a different location?

Most pocket WiFi in Mongolia must be returned to the same location you picked it up from. Be sure to check rental policies.

Can I use my pocket WiFi internationally?

Pocket WiFi in Mongolia only provide coverage within Mongolia. You cannot use the WiFi abroad but can return it before leaving the country.

Can I share my pocket WiFi with friends?

Most pocket WiFi rentals in Mongolia allow you to share with a small group but do have limits on maximum connected devices. Check rental terms.

VIII. Conclusion

To sum up, pocket Wifi in Mongolia delivers reliable and cost-effective Internet access that allows you to easily communicate, navigate, and share your experience during your adventures. It is an ideal connectivity option if you are traveling in Mongolia with family or friends. For those who want a personal connection on their phone, an eSIM for Mongolia is the best option.