Renting Pocket WiFi in India & Alternatives: Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Getting reliable internet access when traveling within India can be challenging, but renting a pocket Wifi in India is often referred, especially for group travel. This guide will help explain pocket Wifi and why renting one for your India trip provides significant benefits over other internet connectivity options such as public WiFi or purchasing an eSIM for India travel.

Renting pocket wifi in India
Renting pocket wifi in India

I. What is Pocket WiFi for India?

Definition of pocket wifi
Definition of pocket wifi

Pocket WiFi, often referred to as a portable hotspot, is a compact wireless router that allows users to establish a private internet connection. In the context of India, pocket WiFi is particularly beneficial due to the country’s vast landscape and varied connectivity infrastructure.

It works by tapping into cellular networks and creating a personal WiFi network that can be shared among multiple devices. This device is most advantageous when one is traveling within India, ensuring that tourists and business professionals alike have uninterrupted access to the internet.

It is especially suitable for travelers who need constant access to maps, ride-sharing services, and cultural information and for those who wish to avoid international roaming charges.

II. Why Renting a Pocket WiFi for India Travel?

Instead of buying India sim card, any individuals opt to rent a pocket WiFi for their trip to India for various reasons. Yet, the primary motive remains to secure Internet access and maintain connectivity with others.

1. Benefits of Pocket WiFi for Travelers to India

Renting pocket WiFi in India makes staying online both easy and affordable. Here are some benefits:

  • Stay connected to the web anywhere in India for navigation, bookings, and communication.
  • Save on international roaming costs with a flat rate for unlimited internet.
  • Connect multiple devices simultaneously for everyone in your group.
  • Carry the pocket-sized device for internet access on the go.
when renting a pocket wifi for india travel
When renting a pocket wifi for India travel

2. Pocket WiFi vs. Other Connectivity Options

SIM Card– Available anywhere 
– Easy to use 
– Inexpensive
– Works only on one device 
– Need to swap cards
Pocket WiFi– Multiple devices can connect 
– Sharable with group
– Extra cost to rent 
– Need to carry device
eSIM– No physical SIM 
– Change plans easily online
– Requires new phone 
– Set up process
Data RoamingSame provider while traveling– Very expensive rates 
– Speed may be slower
Public WiFiFreely available– Risk of security issues 
– Daily usage limits

Recommendation: Opting for pocket wifi brings convenience to travelers and enables multiple users to connect simultaneously. Nevertheless, it may not be the optimal choice due to rental expenses. For those with eSIM-compatible devices, purchasing an eSIM card offers a superior service experience.

III. India eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in India

India eSIM plans by Gigago
India eSIM plans by Gigago

India is a wonderful country to visit, and staying connected while traveling can make your trip even better. While pocket wifi is a popular option for getting internet in India, eSIM offers some key advantages that many travelers need to learn about.

Some main advantages of using an eSIM over a pocket wifi for the internet in India include:

  • Easy to use – eSIMs are installed digitally on your phone, so no need to rent and carry additional devices. Just download the eSIM plan and you’re connected.
  • Free roaming charges – With an eSIM, you get internet without paying roaming charges since you’re using a local Indian number. Pocket wifis still charge roaming.
  • 24/7 support – Buy from a reputable provider like Gigago and get live chat support whenever you need help with the eSIM setup or connection issues.
  • Instant delivery – Once purchased, your eSIM is delivered right away by email. No need to pick up equipment from an office like with pocket wifis.

For India, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 3 GB for 30 days with $14.50 . What is great about Gigago’s India eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $14.50$29.90 . Thus, it does not matter how many Internet users you are and how long your trip is in India, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

To see more details on Gigago’s India eSIM plans and purchase an option for your trip, visit India eSIM Gigago

IV. How to Get a Pocket WiFi for Travelers to India?

how to get a pocket wifi in india
How to get a pocket wifi in India

Getting a pocket WiFi is one of the best ways for travelers to stay connected while exploring India. The two main options for you to rent WiFi:

  • Renting before your trip
  • Renting upon arrival in India
Booking OnlineRenting at Airport
Guaranteed availabilityAvailability not guaranteed
Pick up at the airport on arrivalSpend time searching at the airport
Convenient from the first dayWiFi not available on the first day
Return via airport dropboxMay need to find a Dropbox

Recommendation: Book your pocket WiFi before your India trip for a seamless connectivity experience as you explore the wonderful destinations across India!

V. How Many Devices Can Connect to a Pocket WiFi in India?

When traveling in India, pocket WiFi keeps you online on the go. The number of devices that can connect depends on the provider.

  • Budget options support around 5-10 devices like phones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Mid-range pocket WiFis connect 10-12 devices, ideal for families.
  • High-end models connect 15 or more devices at once.

Note: Check with your rental provider for the maximum connections allowed. This ensures all must-have devices like phones, laptops, and tablets stay online during your trip. Consider how many will link up when choosing your pocket WiFi to keep all gadgets surfing smoothly across India!

VI. How much does a Pocket WiFi for India Cost?

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay between $60 to $120 to rent a pocket WiFi for a week in India. There are a few key factors that impact the price:

  • Data limit – More data included will cost more. Plans range from 1GB to unlimited data per day.
  • Rental duration – Renting for a longer period like 2 weeks will be more than a 1-week rental.
  • Number of connected devices – Plans that support connecting 5 devices are pricier than fewer devices.
  • Connection speed – Faster 4G speed will cost more than slower 3G speed.
  • Delivery option – Shipping the pocket WiFi to your location adds to the price, with farther destinations costing more for delivery.

Note: Keep in mind exact prices can vary between operators and depending on your selected plan details. Delivery costs usually range from $6-30 depending on where the pocket WiFi is shipped.

VII. Best Wifi Pockets for India Travel – Which to Choose?

There are 4 best pocket Wifi providers in India: My Webspot, Rent n’ Connect, Travel WiFi, and Cello Mobile. Take a look at this table to know more:

Pocket WiFi ProviderSpeedCost (per week)Max DevicesDelivery OptionBattery Life
My Webspot4G (1 GB/day)$79, $3/extra day5Shipping variesNot specified
Rent n’ Connect4G$7110$6-$20Not specified
Travel WiFi4G (1-3 GB/day)$55.65-$83.655$8-$30Long battery life
Cello MobileNot specified$349.99Not specifiedShipping variesNot specified

VIII. How to use your Pocket Wifi in India?

To effectively use your India pocket Wifi, follow these straightforward things:

  • Ensure your pocket Wifi is fully charged.
  • Hold the power button to turn on the device.
  • Search for the Wifi network and enter the password on your device.
  • Keep an eye on data usage to avoid extra charges.
  • Use the device in areas with strong signals for optimal performance.
  • Conserve the battery by switching off when not in use.

Tip: If you plan to travel outside the city where connectivity might be spotty, download offline maps and important information beforehand so you can still navigate and have access to essential details without needing an active internet connection.

IX. FAQs about India Pocket Wifi Rental

How do I connect devices while renting a pocket wifi in India?

Pocket wifi broadcasts an open WiFi network that you and other travelers can connect to. There is generally no password. Ensure only your devices are connected for optimal speed.

Can I use my pocket wifi rental in multiple cities in India?

Absolutely, most pocket wifi services offer nationwide coverage, ensuring you can stay connected in most urban and many rural areas.

Is it easy to top up data on an Indian pocket wifi rental?

Yes, it’s usually simple to add more data either online or by purchasing a prepaid card at local retailers.

Is it cost-effective to rent a pocket wifi in India compared to international roaming?

Yes, pocket wifi rentals are typically more cost-effective than international roaming, especially for longer trips or heavy data users.

X. Conclusion

In conclusion, having pocket WiFi in India can be handy for tourists with lots of gadgets or when traveling with friends. Alternatively, if you prefer internet access as soon as you land in India without needing any extra equipment, you might want to check out India eSIM. Just ensure your phone is compatible with eSIM technology.