Renting Pocket WiFi in Colombia & Alternatives: Ultimate Guide for Travelers

Pocket Wifi in Colombia is used by many tourists when coming to this country. This article will provide more detailed information on how to rent wifi in Colombia.

One of the methods of using the internet is pocket wifi in Colombia. Pocket Wifi for travel plays an increasingly important role due to the need to work remotely and search for information. It provides solutions for travelers to stay connected while traveling in Colombia. This article is the most detailed outline of this option.

I. What is pocket WiFi for Colombia?

Pocket Wifi is a device that has the ability to broadcast wifi for other connected devices to use. The pocket wifi has the same features as the wifi modem in your home, but it is more compact and does not need to be plugged in directly. So you can take your travel wifi anywhere. This is the right device for your trip to Colombia.

Pocket WiFi has similar features to your home WiFi modem
Pocket WiFi has similar features to your home WiFi modem

II. Why Renting a Pocket WiFi for Colombia Travel?

There is no denying the benefits of using pocket WiFi to get mobile data to stay connected and in touch with other people back home. With outstanding design and features, it has many competitive advantages over other internet options.

Pocket Wifi brings convenience to travel groups
Pocket Wifi brings convenience to travel groups

Benefits of Pocket Wifi for travelers to Colombia

Pocket wifi in Colombia has many benefits such as:

  • You can easily take wifi with you when traveling anywhere, without any additional charges. You can use it in many countries without having to worry about international roaming charges.
  • Tourists can use wifi comfortably as if they were at home with unlimited capacity. So feel free to call and text over the internet for free at home.
  • When you travel with a group, you can share wifi with multiple users at the same time.
  • You do not need to access unsecured free wifi spots or provide personal information to buy a travel sim. Therefore, it is possible to keep your information secure when traveling
  • You can bring it anywhere when traveling in Colombia

Pocket WiFi vs. Other Connectivity options

Compared to using pocket wifi in Colombia, there are also many other options for tourists to choose from with specific advantages and disadvantages below:

Connectivity optionProsCons
Pocket wifiCan be carried anywhere
You can connect multiple internet devices to your pocket wifi at the same time when traveling to Colombia
Don’t worry about data limits
Secure user personal information
Users need to pay 2 times, including: Fee for purchasing (or renting) pocket wifi in Colombia, fee for purchasing data package
SIM cardUse directly on mobile phones and can be turned off when not in use
There is a wide selection of data plans and SIM card service providers in Colombia
Limits on data packages and usage timeInternational roaming charges may apply if you are coming to Colombia from another country
Roaming with primary phone numberUse your fixed SIM card immediately
Can data roaming in any country, including Colombia
The cost to use data roaming service is more expensive than many other options, including pocket wifi
Data usage when roaming is limited
Free wifiThere is no cost to use free wifiCan connect anywhere, including airports, train stations, shopping centers,…
No data limit
Some free wifi locations in Colombia require a form to be answered before connecting, which can reveal users’ personal information.Your web history may be exposed
Slow access speed

Among the options, using pocket Wifi in Colombia brings proactiveness to customers, optimal for those with many mobile devices or large families traveling. If you have an eSIM-compatible device, you can use Colombia eSIM.

III. Colombia eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Colombia

Although pocket wifi in Colombia has many benefits, it also has some disadvantages. If your phone device is compatible, you can use an eSIM. It will be a suitable choice as you only need to pay a one-time fee when purchasing, and can be purchased online without providing information.

Colombia eSIM solves the shortcomings of some other options
Colombia eSIM solves the shortcomings of some other options

Gigago is a reputable eSIM provider chosen by many customers. Packages range from 1GB to 5GB with usage time from 7 days to 30 days respectively. With that diversity, tourists can choose according to their level of use. You can choose to visit Gigago to see more details.

IV. How to Get Pocket WiFi for Travelers to Colombia?

Rent pocket wifi at the airport when arriving in Colombia
Rent pocket wifi at the airport when arriving in Colombia

During a short-term trip in Colombia, to save money, renting pocket wifi is the best choice. There are 2 ways to rent pocket wifi in Colombia:

  • Pre-order at home and pick it up at the airport: To rent pocket wifi before arrival, you should contact the rental at the airport. Some airports in Colombia such as El Dorado International Airport, Jose Maria Cordova International Airport, Necocli Airport,… have mobile service counters for you to receive pocket wifi that you have booked. This is the most optimal way.
  • Alternatively, tourists can go to the airport and book rentals directly. This method is not optimal because it takes time, waiting in line to rent and can affect the schedule.

The advice for you is to pre-book the Pocket WiFi device before arrival. It is not only convenient but also helps you save more time on your trip to Colombia, not wasting time waiting in line.

V. How many devices can connect to a pocket Wifi for Colombia?

The number of devices depends on the provider, usually a minimum of 5 devices and a maximum of 15 devices. The more expensive Pocket wifi is, the more devices it can connect to. When buying (or renting), you need to pay attention to the number of devices that can connect to ensure you can connect all devices during the trip.

The number of devices depends on the provider
The number of devices depends on the provider

VI. How much does a Pocket WiFi for Colombia Cost?

Pocket wifi cost depends on the data plan and provider. Normally, you need to pay from $4.4USD per day for a day of pocket wifi rental in Colombia. Or if you buy pocket wifi, the cost ranges from $149USD to $179USD. 

Many factors affect the cost of pocket wifi in Colombia
Many factors affect the cost of pocket wifi in Colombia

Factors affecting the cost of pocket wifi are rental time, data limit, number of connected devices, access speed, delivery options. This cost may change over time due to supplier incentive programs. Travelers can contact the rental service provider about specific costs at the time of traveling to Colombia.

VII. Best Wifi Pockets for Colombia travel – Which to choose?

Travel Wifi allows 10 devices to connect
Travel Wifi allows 10 devices to connect

Some famous and reputable pocket wifi providers in Colombia:

Mio WifiTravel WifiWifi Vox
SpeedUnlimited 4G speed4G LTE speedsHigh-speed
Cost$8 USD for one day rental; $199 USD if you buy outright About $8.95 for one tax day; Costs $129 if you want to buy$8.64 USD per day with 1GB high speed a day;  $11.9 USD for 2GB high speed a day; $12.98 USD for 3GB high speed a day
Max number of devices5 devices10 devices5 devices
Delivery option4G3G and 4G data4G
Battery lifeGuaranteed 18 hours of continuous use thanks to the 5000mAh USB batteryUse for 12 to 18 hours when fully charged230V

VIII. How to use your pocket Wifi in Colombia?

Travelers can refer to the following guide to use pocket wifi in Colombia:

  • Choice of option: Buy directly or rent from a supplier depending on needs
  • Choose a service provider: Some popular international pocket wifi providers in Colombia include Mio Wifi, Vox Wifi, and Travel WiFi. You can also search for other suppliers in Colombia.
  • Choosing a data plan: Need to compare maximum data, provider coverage, maximum rental time and cost. Then, compare the packages and prices offered by different providers to get the most suitable option.
  • Order: After deciding on a data plan, travelers can rent pocket wifi through the provider’s website.
  • Get pocket wifi: Depending on your needs and your provider’s policies, you can get pocket wifi at the airport or have it delivered to the hotel you stay at in Colombia.
  • Activate pocket wifi: Activate pocket wifi and connect after installation
Activate pocket wifi to use
Activate pocket wifi to use

IX. FAQs about Colombia Pocket Wifi Rental

Who should use pocket wifi in Colombia?

Everyone who travels, works, studies… in Colombia should use travel wifi. This is a solution that satisfies the need for internet use at a very low cost.

Besides pocket wifi, what internet methods can I use when I arrive in Colombia?

You can use free wifi, data roaming, SIM card and eSIM (if you have a compatible device).

Which pocket wifi provider should I rent from when I’m traveling in a group of 10 people?

Pocket wifi of Travel Wifi allows connecting 10 devices at the same time.

X. Conclusion

Above is important information for you to use pocket wifi in Colombia. You can buy or rent it at the airport, convenience store or supplier store. Besides the ability to connect multiple devices at the same time, pocket wifi has the disadvantage of having to pay rental (or purchase) fees and data package fees at the same time. For other questions, you can contact Gigago for answers.