Best Pocket Wifi in Bulgaria Rental & Alternatives: Travelers Guide 2024

This blog post helps people from other countries visit Bulgaria. Getting good internet while traveling can be hard, especially in a new country where it’s tough to buy local mobile data. This article covers how to rent a pocket wifi in Bulgaria. This way, you guys can find out how to get easy-to-carry internet for your trip, making it simpler to stay connected.

pocket wifi rental bulgaria

I. What is pocket WiFi for Bulgaria?

You should cover the given things when using pocket wifi in Bulgaria.

What is Pocket WiFi?

Pocket WiFi, a portable device, gives internet to many devices at once. It’s a mobile router for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices to use the internet.

Pocket WiFi in Bulgaria:

In Bulgaria, pocket WiFi is popular for people needing internet everywhere. They use cell networks to give you WiFi anywhere you can get a signal.

How does it work?

  • Pocket WiFi devices use a built-in SIM card to connect to Bulgaria’s cellular networks.
  • When turned on, they create a WiFi network for other devices to share the connection.
  • These devices often last several hours on a single charge, providing continuous internet access on the go.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Tourists
  • Business people needing internet on the go
  • Remote workers need internet everywhere
  • Locals wanting stable internet without WiFi

II. Why Renting a Pocket WiFi for Bulgaria Travel?

why renting a pocket wifi for bulgaria travel

When exploring beautiful Bulgaria, good internet is key to sharing pics, experiences, and video calls. Many rent pocket WiFi. Let’s look at the pros and cons of pocket WiFi vs other options: free WiFi, SIM cards in Bulgaria, eSIM, and Bulgarian roaming.

Connectivity OptionNumber of DevicesNumber of UsersData TrafficConvenience for Setup
Pocket WiFiMultiple Multiple Controlled Easy setup, plug and play
Free WiFiLimited to venueLimited to venue usersUncontrolled, potential security risksReliant on availability and quality
SIM CardSingle Single Controlled Requires SIM card purchase and setup
eSIMMultiple Single Controlled Easy setup, no physical SIM card needed
Roaming with Primary NumberSingle Single Uncontrolled, potentially high costsSimple, but may incur roaming charges

For some, pocket WiFi is great for staying connected, especially for those with lots of devices or big families on the go. But, if your device works with eSIMs, that might be better because you get a data plan without needing a physical SIM card. So eSIM is our recommendation.

III. Bulgaria eSIM – Alternative to Pocket Wifi to Get Internet in Bulgaria

Pocket wifis are a common way for travelers to get internet access when visiting Bulgaria. However, eSIM provides some key advantages over pocket wifis:

  • No device to carry
  • No sharing limits
  • Better coverage

The top eSIM provider in Bulgaria is Gigago, offering a 100% online setup with no need for a passport, ID card, or waiting for SIM delivery. Travelers can activate our service by scanning a QR code, enabling immediate internet access upon arrival in Bulgaria.

esim bulgaria gigago

For Bulgaria, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1GB/day for 3 days with $3.50 . What is great about Gigago’s Bulgaria eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $3.50$125.98 .

Thus, it does not matter how many Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Jordan, there is always an option for you with Gigago

IV. How to Get a Pocket WiFi for Travelers to Bulgaria?

The best way to get pocket WiFi for your trip to Bulgaria is to order it before you leave and pick it up at the airport, which is Sofia Airport. After you’re done using it, just send it back. 

You can rent a pocket WiFi in Bulgaria too, but it’s not as good as getting it ahead of time and picking it up when you arrive. Here’s a table to compare:

FeatureOrdering in advanceRenting in Bulgaria
ConvenienceMore convenient, pick up at the airportLess convenient, need to find a rental location
PriceOften cheaperCan be more expensive
SelectionWider selection of devices availableLimited selection
Data allowanceMore data includedLess data included
Customer serviceEasier to get help if neededMay be more difficult to get help

Recommendation: You guys to Bulgaria truly need to book a pocket WiFi early for easy internet access during your trip.

V. How many devices can connect to a pocket Wifi in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria, you can connect 5 to 15 devices to a pocket Wi-Fi, but it varies by the internet provider and the model you buy. More expensive pocket Wi-Fis allows connection to more devices, generally a maximum of 15.

When shopping for a pocket Wi-Fi, always look at how many devices can connect to it to make sure it fits your travel needs and lets you connect all the gadgets you want to use on your trip.

VI. How much does a Pocket WiFi in Bulgaria Cost?

The cost of a pocket WiFi can vary depending on the provider and the specific rental plan you choose. Below are some names providing pocket wifi in Bulgaria:

ProviderPrice Range (per day)
TravelWifi$6.50 – $9.80
MyWebspot$5.35 – $9.75
GlocalMe$6.55 – $9.85
Skyroam$8.75 – $14.20

Note: These prices are rough estimates, changed from EUR to USD with today's exchange rate. The real prices might be a bit different because of changes in money value.

The factors that determine the price of a Pocket WiFi rental remain the same:

  • Data Limit
  • Rental Duration
  • Number of Devices
  • Speed
  • Delivery Option

Also, it’s good to note that some providers might throw in discounts or promos, which could make the final rental cost even better.

VII. Best Wifi Pockets for Bulgaria travel – Which to choose?

best pocket wifi for bulgaria travel

When it comes to the best pocket WiFi options for your travels in Bulgaria, several providers stand out:

ProviderSpeedCost (USD)Max DevicesDelivery OptionBattery Life
TravelWifiUp to 150 Mbps$8-$12 per day5Delivery to hotel or homeUp to 15 hours
MyWebspotUp to 100 Mbps$7-$10 per day5Delivery to hotel or airportUp to 12 hours
Glocal MeUp to 120 Mbps$6-$9 per day5Delivery to hotel or homeUp to 18 hours
SkyroamUp to 135 Mbps$9-$14 per day5Delivery to hotel or homeUp to 16 hours

VIII. How to use your pocket Wifi in Bulgaria?

Here’s how to use pocket WiFi in Bulgaria:

  • Buy a pocket WiFi from the airport or hotel. Rental companies offer them for tourists.
  • Power it on by pressing the button. Wait a few minutes to connect.
  • Find the WiFi name (SSID) and password on the unit or an info sheet. Connect your device.
  • Save data by turning off automatic updates and background app refreshing when not using your device.
  • Note the customer support number for any issues in Bulgaria. Help is often available 24/7.
  • Return the pocket WiFi in its original packaging to avoid extra charges.

IX. FAQs about Bulgaria Pocket Wifi Rental

Is it possible to use my portable WiFi outside Bulgaria?

No, its service is restricted to Bulgaria only. Please return it before you leave the country.

How can I check my data balance?

Your data balance shows on the screen, or you can look it up in the provider’s app. If you need more data, send them a message.

Can I use the portable WiFi to make calls?

No, it’s for internet access only on your device, not for making or receiving phone calls.

What steps should I take if my WiFi isn’t working?

Make sure it’s fully charged, then turn it off and on again. If there’s still no signal, restart your device too. If the issue isn’t resolved, get in touch with the provider.

X. Conclusion

Using pocket wifi in Bulgaria helps you guys stay connected easily while exploring. Follow usage tips for a smooth experience. Choose a good rental company and get enough data. This lets you explore Bulgaria freely and keeps you in touch with family and friends during your trip.