Orange Jordan SIM Cards and eSIM 2024: a Comprehensive Guide for Tourists

Orange Jordan SIM cards are a popular choice for tourists visiting Jordan, offering reliable connectivity and data access during their travels.

everything about orange jordan sim esim

This article provides a detailed guide on using Orange Jordan SIM cards and eSIM options for travelers to Jordan. It covers the coverage and speeds offered by Orange, the best connectivity options, the costs and availability of SIM cards and eSIM, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to activate and use these services. Whether you’re planning a business trip or a leisure vacation, this guide will help you navigate the world of mobile connectivity in Jordan with ease.

I. Quick Facts about Orange Jordan

Orange Jordan is a leading telecommunications company in Jordan.

  • Founded year: 21 September 1999.
  • Full company name: Orange Jordan (Telecommunications company in Jordan)
  • Service: Landline, mobile, internet, and enterprise services. It operates Jordan’s 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G networks.
  • Customers: 298M as of December 2023.
  • Coverage: Orange Jordan’s 4G network covers over 97% of the population as of 2020.
  • Stores and partners: 61 shops and 38 smart selling points across Jordan as of 2022, in addition to digital channels.
  • Customer support: 24/7 customer service center reachable by phone at 1777 or via WhatsApp.
  • Awards: In 2021, Orange Jordan was named the #1 fastest mobile network in Jordan by Ookla Speedtest Awards.

II. Jordan Orange Coverage and Speed in Jordan

Orange is one of the major telecom operators in Jordan. In this section, we will explore its decent coverage and speed. 

1. Orange Coverage in Jordan

orange jordan coverage map

Orange Jordan offers a strong mobile network, keeping you connected across the kingdom. Here are some key points about its coverage:

  • Widespread Network: Orange covers over 90% of Jordan, including key cities like Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, and Aqaba.
  • Advanced Technology: Offers 3G, 4G, and 5G in select areas for calls and fast browsing.
  • Expanding: Always expanding, even to remote areas.

For both residents and visitors in Jordan, Orange’s coverage means staying connected with the best mobile experience.

2. Orange Speed

orange jordan mobile speed

From, the Orange speed test shows:

  • Overall download speed:
    • Minimum: 7.01 Mbps
    • Maximum: 304.84 Mbps
  • Overall upload speed:
    • Minimum: 0.54 Mbps
    • Maximum: 46.74 Mbps
  • The average download and upload speeds are quite respectable, with a median download speed of 45.57 Mbps and a median upload speed of 43.08 Mbps.

Based on available data, Orange is a solid choice for mobile and internet services in Jordan, with wide coverage and good speeds. It’s hard to say it’s the best without comparing it to other providers in Jordan. Still, Orange’s network performance makes it a strong competitor in the Jordanian telecom market.

III. Orange Connectivity Options for Travelers to Jordan

Connectivity options for travelers to Jordan include:

Let’s take a look at their pros and cons to see which is the best for you:

Connectivity OptionProsCons
Prepaid SIM Card Affordable data plansRequires phone unlock
Wide network coverageRequires SIM tray access
Local calls and texts possibleTop-up needed for extended use
Pocket Wi-FiConnects multiple devicesRental fees
Convenient for group travelBattery life limitations
No SIM lock neededMay not be available everywhere
RoamingFamiliar numberPotentially expensive data charges
No need for additional purchasesLimited data allowance common

From the comparing table, consider these factors when choosing connectivity in Jordan:

  • Length of stay: Short trips might favor roaming, while longer stays benefit from a local SIM card.
  • Data usage: High data users will find pocket Wi-Fi or a generous SIM card data plan more suitable.
  • Number of devices: Pocket Wi-Fi is ideal for connecting multiple devices.
  • Budget: Prepaid SIM cards are generally the most affordable option.

IV. Best Orange Jordan SIM cards for tourists & cost

To help you choose the most suitable plans, here are the top Orange SIM card packages:

Orange 8 Max$11.2717GBUnlimited local minutesExtra 5GB net, 1000 minutes to Ooredoo Palestine
Orange 9 Max$12.5522GBUnlimited local minutesExtra 10GB net, Unlimited minutes to Ooredoo Palestine
Orange 13 Max$18.2440GBUnlimited local minutesExtra 10GB net, Unlimited minutes to Ooredoo Palestine
Orange 11 Max$15.6130GBUnlimited local minutesExtra 10GB net, Unlimited minutes to Ooredoo Palestine

Note: Prices might change over time. Check carefully before buying one.

V. Does Orange Jordan support eSIM?

Yes, Orange Jordan offers eSIM support! This convenient technology allows you to ditch the physical SIM card and activate a mobile data plan electronically.

Here’s why eSIM is a truly game-changer for travelers:

  • Simple and Sleek: No more fumbling with tiny SIM cards! eSIM is built directly into your device.
  • Dual SIM Capability: Use a local eSIM for data while keeping your home number active on your physical SIM.
  • Fast Activation: Scan a QR code and get connected in minutes, no trip to a store is needed.

While Orange offers eSIM, current providers like Gigago don’t offer it specifically due to speed limitations. However, Gigago provides a variety of data plans on the Zain network, a reliable alternative in Jordan.

esim jordan gigago

Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1GB/day for 7 days with $5.50 . What is great about Gigago’s Jordan eSIM is that its plans’ costs are diversifying, varying between $5.50$35.90 . Thus, it does not matter how many Internet users you are and how long your trip is in Jordan, there is always an option for you with Gigago.

VI. Where can you buy an Orange SIM card and eSIM?

When seeking to buy an Orange SIM card or eSIM in Jordan, various convenient options for pickup and delivery are available.

1. Where to buy Orange Jordan SIM cards for Jordan?

Good places to find Orange Jordan SIM cards include:

  • Orange stores in cities like Amman, Aqaba, Madaba, and Petra
  • Major convenience stores such as Fadel and Zain.
  • Souvenir shops in popular tourist spots like Petra or Amman’s downtown Souq

Orange outlets throughout Jordan provide the connectivity you need for your stay or on-the-go internet.

2. Where to buy Jordan Orange eSIM?

Some ways to obtain an eSIM include:

  • Online registration: Register and activate an eSIM on the Orange Jordan website, enabling installation from anywhere.
  • Orange app: Get the Orange Jordan app on your eSIM device and activate the service digitally, eliminating the need for a physical SIM.
  • Major hotels: Select 4-5 star hotels in Amman and Aqaba to help international guests with Orange eSIM registration and setup.
where to buy orange sim or esim

With an Orange eSIM, you receive flexible connectivity while exploring Jordan in a sustainable, paperless way.

VII. How to activate Orange Jordan SIM/eSIM?

Whether you need mobile service for travel or wish to enjoy Orange’s network, activating a SIM card/eSIMis easy. Follow the ways below:

1. How to activate Orange Jordan SIM cards?

  • Buy an Orange SIM starter pack at their store.
  • Insert the SIM into your unlocked phone.
  • Power on your phone to detect the SIM.
  • Choose the Orange network.
  • Set up your profile, pick a plan, and pay following the instructions.

2. How to activate Orange eSIM?

  • Visit an Orange store to set up your eSIM. They’ll scan a QR code to add the profile.
  • In your phone’s settings, choose “Install Carrier Profile” or similar.
  • Scan the QR code from Orange to install the profile.
  • Choose your eSIM data plan and complete payment in the Orange app.
  • Your eSIM is now ready for use on Orange’s network.

VIII. FAQs about Orange in Jordan

What documents are needed to purchase Orange Jordan SIM cards?

To purchase any SIM card in Jordan, you need to present your valid passport. Residents need their Jordanian ID.

Is there an expiry date on top-up Orange Jordan SIM cards?

Yes, prepaid top-ups for calls, texts, and data expire within 6 months if not used. Balance does not expire as long as recharges are made regularly.

Can I change or upgrade my existing plan?

Yes, you can visit any Orange store to change or upgrade your plan. Downgrades are also allowed but early termination fees may apply.

Does Orange offer international roaming?

Yes, Orange has roaming partnerships across the world. Rates apply so check plans or ask in-store before traveling internationally.

IX. Conclusion

In short, getting your hands on Orange Jordan SIM Cards in Jordan is a breeze. Whether you’re visiting or living there, you can easily snag a prepaid SIM from any Orange store with just your ID. Got an iPhone? eSIM activation is super smooth. 

Plus, Orange hooks you up with flexible plans, cool bundles, and easy digital top-ups. Thanks to their top-notch nationwide coverage, choosing Orange SIM Cards means you can stay connected hassle-free while exploring Jordan.