Orange Egypt SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate

Orange is known as one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Egypt with extensive coverage. In this article, we will explore Orange SIM cards and eSIMs, including information on the network’s pros and cons, how to use their SIM cards and eSIMs, Orange’s best plans, and related frequently asked questions.

Quick Facts about Orange

I. Quick Facts about Orange

Orange was the first mobile carrier in Egypt. Orange claims that its coverage extends to more than 99% of the Egyptian population. Orange currently has international roaming agreements with 348 operators in 135 countries. This makes it the first company in Egypt to establish roaming agreements with the United States and Canada, as well as South American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, and Peru. Now, in Egypt, Orange is well-known for Orange SIM cards and eSIMs.

  • Orange – formerly known as Mobinil, the oldest mobile network operator in Egypt
  • Types of Services Provided: voice and data exchange services, as well as 4G, 3G, ADSL and broadband internet.
  • Operational Areas: Only in Egypt
  • Network of Stores, Agents, Sales Points: Airports, major towns, and some suburban areas in Egypt specifically.
  • Customer Care Policy: Reputation for reliability, quality, highly rated.

II. Orange Egypt Coverage and Speed

When traveling to Egypt, you have many carrier options for eSIM and SIM cards during your stay. Among them, Orange is a telecommunications company highly recommended for tourists.

1. Orange Speed in Egypt

Among the many telecommunications networks in Egypt, Orange is recommended for tourists due to several advantages. One of these is the smooth speed of this network, which you may consider.

Download Speed28.33 Mb/s
Upload Speed7.77 Mb/s
Ping latency96 Ms

Comparing with other SIM card providers, we found a comparison table between the 3 largest Egyptian carriers as follows:

SIM cardNetwork CoverageData SpeedPlans Price
VodafoneBestFastestVariety of plansCan be pricey
OrangeGoodFastVariety of plansAffordable
EtisalatGoodFastVariety of plansAffordable

► Our recommendation:

Despite lagging behind Vodafone in terms of speed and coverage, Orange is still confident in claiming to cover up to 99% of the Egyptian territory. The cost for this service is also not excessively high, so you can definitely consider choosing it.

2. Orange Coverage in Egypt

Orange in Egypt claimed to have an extensive network covering a significant portion of the country, including both urban and rural areas.

According to the statistical table from Opensignal below, it can be seen that Orange has the 3rd largest coverage in the top 4 largest telecommunications networks in Egypt, just behind Vodafone and We.

Orange Coverage in Egypt - Orange SIM Cards & eSIM
Orange Coverage in Egypt

Also according to the above report, Orange is ranked just behind Vodafone and Etisalat in terms of available Wifi coverage speed, but surpasses Etisalat in terms of 4G network. This shows that Orange’s packet data coverage is rated quite well.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Orange for Travelers to Egypt?

Orange in Egypt provides various connectivity options for travelers, ensuring they stay connected during their visit:

  • Prepaid SIM Card: Orange provides a convenient prepaid SIM card service for travelers. When purchased, you will receive a bundled service package covering a certain limit for calls or messages. You can buy it at official stores, online, or airport kiosks.
  • Data Packages: Orange offers a variety of data packages for your usage during your stay. Depending on the chosen duration, the amount of data, and the cost will vary flexibly.
  • eSIM: The eSIM service from Orange is worth mentioning. This service is very convenient for those with devices compatible with eSIM. You don’t need to spend time buying a physical SIM; instead, you can purchase an eSIM remotely.
  • Travel Plans: A notable feature in Orange’s service offerings is the travel plan. Orange provides reasonable travel plans based on service packages and the number of days of your stay. These plans may include allowances for data, voice, or certain documentation.

Pro tips:

  • If your device is compatible with eSIM, consider proactively purchasing it online from reputable websites before your trip.
  • For first-time visitors to Egypt, you may inquire about travel support packages and select a suitable data plan.

IV. Best Orange SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

PriceTimeInclusive VolumeActivation
40 EGP (1.29$)28 days5000 super MBS#222*40#
60 EGP (1.94$)8500 super MBS#222*60#
80 EGP (2.58$)12000 super MBS#222*80#
120 EGP (3.88$)20000 super MBS#222*120#

Note: The denomination is converted based on the current exchange rate between EGP and USD, which is currently 1 EGP = 0.032$.

Please note that some of the mentioned packages are only suggestions based on the time of information gathering for this article. Actual information may change over time, and you may want to double-check on the Orange website for the most up-to-date details.

V. Does Orange Support eSIM in Egypt?

Orange Support eSIM in Egypt - Orange SIM Cards & eSIM
Orange Support eSIM in Egypt (Source: ThinkApple)

Yes. Customers can purchase an eSIM directly from Orange Egypt by visiting a store or calling customer service. Alternatively, customers can also buy an eSIM from third-party providers online, such as Gigago.

VI. Where to Buy an Orange SIM card and eSIM?

A Kiosk of Orange at Cairo Airport in Egypt
A Kiosk of Orange at Cairo Airport in Egypt (Source: traveltomtom)

1. Where to Buy an Orange SIM Card for Egypt?

There are five ways to purchase Orange SIM Card eSIM: Online purchase, Orange stores, Kiosk at Airports, Authorized retailers, Hotel & Tourists Areas.

Buy onlineOrange StoresAirportsAuthorized RetailersHotel & Tourists Areas
ProsProactive and convenientPrestige, quality, warrantyConvenient to buy immediately after arrivingQuality, reputation, warrantyConvenient, close to where you live, easy to ask for assistance
ConsEasy to encounter scams and fake SIM cardDocuments need to be presentedDocuments need to be presented. Inconvenient when needing on-site supportThe location may be far from where you stayMaybe the accommodation doesn’t have the type you need

► Our recommendation:

Currently, reputable online channels offer Orange SIM cards for travelers in many places. This is convenient for you before every trip. Additionally, if buying online is not convenient, try to inquire whether there are any nearby stores selling Orange SIM cards at your location. If not, you can purchase it directly at the airport.

2. Where to Buy Orange eSIM for Egypt?

There are two main ways to purchase Orange eSIM: Buy online on a website or Orange mobile app, purchase directly at stores, authorized retailers in Egypt or kiosks at the airport.

Online purchaseDirect purchase
ProsProactive and convenient, you might even find great deals during seasonal tourism promotions.Be cautious, ensure credibility and quality, and have someone guide you through the direct activation of eSIM
ConsEasy to encounter scams and fake eSIMsDocuments need to be presented

► Our recommendation:

If you have time, please explore reputable online eSIM providers. We recommend the Gigago website, where you can find high-quality eSIMs at affordable prices. Because you won’t need to register as it is already supported by Gigago.  However, if you buy directly from others, you may need to go through more registration procedures.

VII. How to Use and Activate Orange SIM/eSIM in Egypt?

To use and activate an Orange orange SIM card or eSIM in Egypt, you can follow the general steps below. However, depending on whether you purchase it online or offline, buying from different locations may add or remove steps in the process.

How to Use and Activate Orange SIM/eSIM in Egypt

1. How to Use and Activate Orange SIM Cards in Egypt?

There are 6 steps below to activate your Orange SIM card:

  • Purchase a Orange SIM Card
  • Insert the SIM Card
  • Power On Your Device
  • Receive Configuration Message
  • Check Balance
  • Top Up Your Account (if necessary)

2. How to Use and Activate Orange eSIM?

There are 7 steps below to activate your Orange eSIM:

  • Check Device Compatibility
  • Purchase Orange eSIM
  • Receive QR Code
  • Access eSIM Settings
  • Scan QR Code
  • Configuration Message (if necessary)
  • Check Balance

VIII. How to Top-up Orange SIM/eSIM

To top up an Orange SIM or eSIM in Egypt, you can use various methods. Here are general steps for topping up your Orange mobile account:

  • Visit the Orange top-up website: Go to the Orange top-up website at or
  • Choose the country: Select the country where the Orange SIM/eSIM is registered.
  • Enter the beneficiary’s phone number: Provide the phone number of the beneficiary (the person who will receive the top-up) in the international format (+ country code + phone number).
  • Select the top-up amount: Choose the desired top-up amount from the options provided on the website.
  • Proceed to payment: Review the total cost of the top-up, including any applicable taxes or charges. Then, proceed to the payment section.
  • Make the payment: Enter your payment details, which usually include credit card information or other specified payment methods.
  • Confirm the purchase: Once you have entered the payment details, review the information and click on the “confirm the purchase of the refill” button to finalize the top-up process.
  • Receive confirmation: After the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation of the top-up via SMS to the beneficiary’s phone number.

► Our recommendation:

Please note that the steps for topping up your SIM card may change based on the latest network policies. To ensure you top up correctly, there are two options. One is to contact the network online and request guidance. The second is to inquire directly with sales staff when making a purchase at a store or kiosk and ask for more detailed assistance.


Does Orange support eSIM in Egypt?

The answer is yes. Currently, Orange provides full support for both SIM cards and eSIMs for travelers to Egypt, with coverage extending to 99% of the territory.

Which Orange package should you choose when traveling to Egypt?

Depending on your usage needs, Orange offers various advantageous packages for tourists. For short trips, you can opt for short-term packages, but for longer stays, long-term packages often provide better cost efficiency.

Are there Orange kiosks at Cairo Airport in Egypt?

Cairo Airport has numerous retail kiosks offering local Egyptian SIM/eSIM cards. As one of the country’s four major telecommunications providers, Orange is naturally present, easily identifiable by its distinctive orange branding.

Why should you buy Orange eSIM online from Gigago?

It is recommended to purchase eSIM online from Gigago for convenient and fast registration support. Additionally, the cost is reasonable, helping you streamline your trip preparation process.

X. Conclusion

Orange has a coverage extending to 99% of the territory in Egypt, making it a network you should seriously consider when traveling here. Thanks to its comprehensive support for eSIM/SIM, reasonable costs, and straightforward activation procedures, Orange has many advantages in the eyes of users. If your device is compatible with eSIM, we highly recommend choosing this method.