Movistar Venezuela SIM Cards & eSIM for Tourists: How to Get and Activate 2024

This article is aimed at tourists traveling to Venezuela who are looking for information on how to get connectivity through Movistar Venezuela SIM cards & eSIM.

movistar Venezuela sim cards

Movistar network is used by many tourists when coming to Venezuela. This article provides detailed information about how to get and activate a Movistar SIM & eSIM Venezuela. Learn some insights into Movistar’s coverage and speeds, reviews the best SIM options for connectivity, and guides readers on how to purchase and activate a Movistar Venezuela SIM card & eSIM to stay connected during their trip.

I. Quick Facts about Movistar

quick facts about movistar

Movistar, a major telecommunications provider in Venezuela, provides widespread coverage in many cities and rural areas and has more than 8 million subscribers as of 2018.

  • Movistar is a Spanish mobile operator launched in 1995.
  • The meaning of the name Movistar represents the best transformation and flexibility of telecommunications services.
  • Movistar offers a variety of packages, supports eSIM and Movistar’s internet speed reaches an average of 20 Mbps, meeting basic usage needs.
  • Movistar offers extensive coverage across major cities in Venezuela and has more than 300 customer service points.
  • Currently, Movistar is operating in 10 different countries and has a large sales system.
  • About service Movistar offers 24/7 online support to help customers at all times.
  • Movistar offers support in a variety of languages, depending on the customer’s location and specific requirements.

II. Why Movistar When Traveling Venezuela? Coverage and Speed

Based on coverage, internet speed, and price, this brand is considered to have the best service in Venezuela. Let’s find out some key points of Movistar’s coverage and speed in Venezuela.

1. Movistar Coverage in Venezuela

Movistar coverage speed in Venezuela
Movistar coverage speed in Venezuela. Source: nPerf

Movistar’s coverage extends to most major cities and rural areas across the country. However, there are still some areas with limited or no service.

Overall, while not the most extensive network in Venezuela, Movistar can be a good option for users seeking affordable data plans in well-covered areas, such as:

  • Rural areas: Alto Orinoco, Río Negro, Páramos de Guaramacal, Río Arauca,…,
  • Remote islands: Los Roques Archipelago, La Tortuga Island, Las Aves Archipelago,…
  • National parks and protected areas: Canaima National Park, Mochima National Park,…
  • Newly developed areas: Caraca (El Hatillo, La Lagunita), Valencia (San Diego, Naguanagua),…

2. Movistar Speed

Movistar speed in Venezuela - download speed by Ookla
Movistar speed in Venezuela – download speed by Ookla

Some information about Movistars’speed in Venezuela are:

  • Download speed: median mobile download speed is 10.88 Mbps, ranking 140th worldwide and the 5th among mobile network operators in Venezuela.
  • Upload speed: median mobile upload speed is 6.15 Mbps, ranking 140th worldwide and the 5th among network operators in the country.

Overall, the mobile speed of Movistar is still below the global average. For tourists to Venezuela who needs fast speed for browsing Internet, Movistar is not a good choice. Digitel delivers the fastest speed.

III. What are the Best Connectivity Options of Movistar for Travelers to Venezuela?

Currently, tourists have many options to connect to Movistar in Venezuela such as buying a SIM card, using pocket wifi and Roaming. Each option will have different advantages and disadvantages to suit each customer’s needs. To understand better, please refer to this table.

Connectivity optionsSIM CardPocket wifiRoaming
Pros+ Affordable.
+ Diverse packages to suit all types of needs.
+ Fast, strong connection.
+ The phone does not need to be unlocked to receive the Internet.
+ Easy to use and no need to remove SIM.
+ Don’t have to remove the main SIM so you don’t have to worry about losing the main SIM.
+ Keep the same Vietnamese number when contacting.
Cons+ It takes a few steps to connect to the network.
+ Easy to lose the main SIM when removing it.
+ Limited to 1 device using only 1 SIM.
+ Equipment rental or purchase costs are high.
+ Have to come in person to buy or wait for delivery.
+ Must charge or use a backup charger.
+ Broadcast range is not far.
+ Must ensure a safe distance between the phone and the wifi transmitter.
+ High costs for data consumption, calls or messages.
+ Not sure if your carrier has roaming with Movistar.


  • Simple & Affordable: Movistar SIM card fits most travelers. 
  • Group Travelers: Pocket WiFi connects multiple devices, and offers unlimited data options, but requires charging and has higher costs.
  • Roaming: Avoid! Expensive, limited coverage, and risky overages.

IV. Best Movistar SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Venezuela Movistar is a network provider that offers many service packages including prepaid and postpaid packages. Visitors should refer to information such as: connection capacity, calls, messages and prices. This is an important basis to help you consider the package that suits your needs.

  • Ilimitado package: Prepaid package costs 3,000 VEF. This package provides unlimited high-speed data, 300 minutes of on-net calls and 60 minutes of off-net calls.
  • Prepago Oro package: Postpaid package costs 10,000 VEF per month. This package provides 10 GB of high-speed data, 500 minutes of on-net calls and 100 minutes of off-net calls.
  • Prepago Platino package: Postpaid package costs 15,000 VEF per month. This  package providing 20 GB of high-speed data, 700 minutes of on-net calls and 150 minutes of off-net
  • Prepago Diamante package: Postpaid package costs 20,000 VEF per month. This package provides 30 GB of high-speed data, 1,000 minutes of on-net calls and 200 minutes of off-net calls.

In addition, you can also choose Movistar’s eSIM service. With this method, tourists will not have to disassemble, avoid losing the original SIM, and the price is extremely affordable. However, eSIM is quite picky about devices, so you need to check to see if your phone is compatible with this technology.

V. Does Movistar Support eSIM in Venezuela?

Yes, Movistar supports eSIM in Venezuela. This is a flexible and cost-effective mobile solution for travelers who need an internet connection. In particular, this option helps visitors have a stable connection everywhere and uninterrupted contact with the old phone number. This is something that a physical SIM cannot do.

There are two ways to get eSIM from it:

  • Directly from Movistar: This often requires presenting your passport.
  • Through eSIM resellers/providers: This is simpler and doesn’t require any documentation.

Recommendation: Buying from eSIM resellers/providers is generally easier and faster.

VI. Where to Buy a Movistar SIM card and eSIM?

Currently there are many ways for you to buy Movistar SIM card and eSIM. Therefore, depending on your own needs, you can easily choose the appropriate purchasing method. To understand better, please refer to the following.

1. Where to Buy a Movistar SIM Card for Venezuela?

1.1. Upon Arrival

You can buy SIM cards directly at the Venezuela airport upon arrival, namely Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS) in Caracas, La Chinita International Airport (MAR) in Maracaibo, etc.

In addition, you also buy SIM cards from local mobile service provider stores in the city center. With this purchase method, visitors will have to provide identification and passport information to register.

Get and activate a Movistar SIM and eSIM at Venezuela airport

1.2. Movistar store

You can buy a SIM card online on the official Movistar store page. When choosing this form, it is best for tourists to buy the card 1 day before departure to avoid risks. In addition, you can also buy directly at the Movistar store at the airport or in downtown Venezuela.

1.3. Other authorized retail stores

You can purchase SIM cards from other authorized retail stores. Before buying, tourists need to check the reputation of the store. Also pay attention to your phone’s compatibility with Venezuela networks.

With this method, the SIM card will be activated in advance, allowing customers to use it immediately upon arrival in Venezuela. Furthermore, ordering online is very easy and saves a lot of time.

2. Where to Buy Movistar eSIM for Venezuela?

Purchasing an Movistar eSIM online is a straightforward process, and travelers have the option to buy from either an international or Venezuela SIM provider. Gigago stands out as one of the trustworthy leading suppliers that you can confidently opt for.

If it’s hard to find a suitable provider, Gigago always stands here to solve your problem. For Venezuela, Gigago offers multiple data plan options, starting from 1 GB for 7 days with $10.50

Below is the online eSIM buying process that you can refer to:

  • Choose an eSIM Provide.
  • Access the Website or App.
  • Choose the appropriate eSIM Package.
  • Fill in Information and Payment.
  • Get eSIM and Activation Instructions.
  • Checking connection.

VII. How to Activate Movistar SIM/eSIM in Venezuela?

Using Movistar Venezuela SIM cards or eSIMs is not difficult. If this is your first time using it, please check the instructions below.

1. How to Use a Movistar SIM Card in Venezuela?

You only need to follow these simple steps and everything will be ready.

  • Put the SIM card in: Find the slot on your phone for the SIM card and pop it in.
  • Turn on your phone: Switch your phone on and let it read the SIM card.
  • Start using it!: Most Movistar Venezuela SIM cards are already active, so you’re good to go.
  • Internet settings, just in case: If you can’t use the eSIM, set up the internet settings (APN).
  • Check your calls and data: Make sure everything works by testing calls and internet access.

2. How to Activate Movistar eSIM?

Using a Movistar eSIM is a breeze! Here’s what to do:

  • Get the eSIM: Download it through the Movistar app or buy it online.
  • Turn it on: Activate the eSIM following the app’s or website’s instructions.
  • Connect your phone: Set up the eSIM on your phone by following the prompts.
  • Make calls and surf the web: Once it’s all set, you’re ready to use your eSIM just like a regular SIM card!

VIII. How to Top-up Movistar SIM/eSIM?

how to top up movistar sim

Whether you have a traditional SIM card or a modern eSIM, topping up your Movistar account is quick and easy. Here’s how to do it in a few simple steps:

  • Access Movistar’s Online Platform: Visit the official Movistar website or use the Movistar app if available.
  • Log In or Create an Account: Log in to your Movistar account or create one if you don’t have an existing account.
  • Navigate to Recharge Section: Look for the “Recharge” or “Top-up” section within your account.
  • Enter Recharge Details: Enter your phone number and the desired recharge amount.
  • Choose Payment Method: Select your preferred payment method (credit card, online banking, etc.).
  • Receive Confirmation: Once the transaction is successful, you should receive a confirmation message.


  • For eSIM users: Make sure your phone supports eSIM functionality and your plan allows top-ups.
  • Data packages: Some online platforms offer top-up options that include data packages.
  • International top-up: If topping up for someone abroad, ensure the platform supports international top-ups.
  • Check balance: Dial *133# or use the Movistar app to check your balance after top-up.

Remember, these are general steps, and specific options might vary depending on your location and Movistar plan. For detailed instructions or troubleshooting, visit the Movistar website or contact their customer service.

IX. FAQs about Movistar SIM Card for Venezuela

What documents do I need when buying a Movistar SIM card?

Visitors need to prepare a passport or Venezuela ID.

Should tourists choose prepaid or postpaid Movistar SIM? 

Yes, but you’ll bPrepaid service packages are preferred by many travelers because of their flexibility and diverse top-up optionse charged roaming fees unless you have a special roaming package.

 How to recharge Movistar SIM card? 

Visitors have the option to recharge Movistar SIM cards through carrier outlets, authorized vendors, mobile applications, and online platforms.

X. Conclusion

The above article shares details on how to get and activate a Movistar SIM & eSIM Venezuela. Hope you have saved useful information and please visit Gigago to check for a new Venezuela SIM at a discounted price for your upcoming trip.