How to Get Mobile Internet in Peru for Travelers: What Option to Choose?

Mobile internet in Peru is a problem for many tourists traveling to this country. Specific information will be revealed in the article below.

In this article, Gigago will give you information about mobile internet in Peru. Detailed information surrounding this issue includes coverage area and access speed. It will help you get the best internet connection in Peru.

I. Mobile Internet in Peru – Coverage and Speed

The main carriers in Peru are: Movistar, Claro, Entel and Bitel. The following factors are used to evaluate a suitable carrier:

1. Peru Mobile Internet Coverage

Normally, network operators in Peru have quite wide coverage, specifically as follows:

  • Mobile operator Movistar

Movistar is a major network provider with the best coverage throughout Peru. From big cities to rural areas, more than half of customers nationwide use Movistar’s services. However, when you move to remote areas, the signal is also limited.

Movistar Peru mobile internet coverage
Movistar Peru mobile internet coverage
  • Mobile operator Claro

Claro is the largest network operator in Peru, second only to Movistar. It has more than a third of its customers using its services and coverage. In big cities, Claro network has had 4G/LTE and prepaid packages for a long time.

Claro Peru mobile internet coverage
Claro Peru mobile internet coverage

Due to access to many modern devices from the United States, this carrier uses the 1900 MHz frequency (band 2). By 2016, Claro had added 700 MHz (band 28) in Lima and added LTE in 38 towns. Without band 4, it can be seen that Claro easily outperforms Movistar in terms of LTE coverage.

  • Mobile operator Entel (formerly Nextel)

Entel was renamed from Nextel after being acquired by Chilean Entel in 2014. Entel covers mainly in urban areas. However, it is restricted to the Loreto Department area (Amazonas region) and there is no signal when traveling by boat in Yurimaguas to Iquitos. Lima started having 4G/LTE in 2014 with a frequency of 1700 MHz (B4) and expanded to many places.

Entel mobile internet coverage
Entel mobile internet coverage
  • Mobile operator Bitel

Bitel is a new network provider in Peru with the largest fiber optic network in the country although coverage is limited. The 900 MHz frequency is usually used for 3G, then 1900 MHz is added. In 2016, Bitel launched a 4G network covering 500 residential centers with 900 MHz (band 8).

Bitel mobile internet coverage
Bitel mobile internet coverage

Understanding the weakness of other operators is the lack of coverage in rural areas, Bitel focuses on coverage in rural areas. Therefore, it is recommended if you go to these places.

2. Peru Mobile Internet Speed

Median Download Speed (Mbps)23.317.1515.1714.72

Based on the table above, it can be seen that Claro’s speed is the best in Peru, followed by Entel. Furthermore, Claro is also the network operator with the highest consistency, helping to increase its reputation with customers.

Peru mobile internet speed
Peru mobile internet speed

II. What are Connectivity Options for Tourists to Peru?

Currently, tourists can connect to the internet in Peru with a variety of options, typically the 5 most commonly used basic ways: eSIM Peru, pocket wifi Peruvian SIM card, roaming with Peruvian carriers, public wifi. Each option has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

SIM cards PeruYou can choose to pay in advance or pay later
There are many options for data packages and usage times
Connection speeds are usually more stable
Easy to buy at points of sale in Peru, from the airport to authorized stores
This is not a perfect choice for those who want to save money
You will pay for the SIM card purchase cost and the data plan purchase cost
Pocket wifiAllows groups of friends to connect with multiple devices at the same time
Flexible data packages
You need to pay the device rental (or purchase) fee and also the data package feeIt’s inconvenient to carry around with you
Peru eSIMMost buy online and receive with a simple QR code
Can be purchased directly from the network operator or through an intermediary supplier
The connection may be weaker than the physical SIM card
Only compatible devices can use eSIM
Not all carriers sell eSIM online
Roaming with Peru operatorsNo need to disassemble or buy a new SIM card
Access speed is usually strong
Highest cost of the options
Roaming is only possible between your local carrier that has a contract with a carrier in Peru
Free wifiNo fees
Can be accessed anywhere there is a signal
Connection speed is slow
Easy to steal personal information

From the table above, it can be seen that buying a SIM card with data is the most optimal solution, regardless of supported devices. If the customer has an eSIM compatible phone, eSIM is the optimal solution because of its convenience and compactness.

III. Internet Rates in Peru

The costs need to be paid according to each option below:

OptionMobile internet rates (internet tariff)
SIM card PeruBitel: 10 Soles ($2.6 USD) omes with 1.5 GB dataEntel: 5 Soles ($ 1.3 USD)Movistar: 5 Soles ($1.3 USD)Claro: about 5 Soles (about $1.3 USD)
eSIM Perufrom $8.9 USD to $35.9 USD
Data roaming in Peru$3.74 USD – $14/3 USD/GB 
Public wifiFree
Pocket wifi$4.4 USD/day for rental or from $149 USD from $179 USD for buy.

Recommend SIM cards and eSIM from Claro and Movistar networks as the most suitable choice for tourists. However, visitors also need to consider purchasing according to their needs.

Note: The above price is for reference only. To update the latest information, contact the provider.

IV. Data SIM Card for Mobile Internet in Peru

Data SIM card is a good option for tourists to both stay connected and stay in touch with people back home through apps. Below are some reference data packages:

  • Bitel: 20 Soles ($5.3 USD) = 7 GB data + Unlimited calls/texts


  • 20 Soles ($5.3 USD) = 7 GB data + unlimited call minutes + unlimited Facebook and Instagram
  • 29 Soles ($7.7 USD) = 12 GB data + unlimited call minutes + unlimited Facebook and Instagram
  • 39 Soles ($10.4 USD) = 20 GB data + unlimited call minutes + unlimited Facebook and Instagram


  • 15 Soles ($4 USD) = 2.5 GB data + unlimited social networks + Unlimited calls/SMS (15 days)
  • 20 Soles ($5 USD) = 4 GB data + unlimited social networks + Unlimited calls/SMS (20 days)
  • 25 Soles ($6 USD) = 4.5 GB data + unlimited social networks + Unlimited calls/SMS (25 days)
  • 30 Soles (7.5 USD) = 7 GB data + unlimited social networks + Unlimited calls/SMS (30 days)


  • 20 Soles ($5.3 USD) = 4 GB data + 500 minutes of calls + unlimited messages + WhatsApp
  • 30 Soles ($8 USD) = 10.5 GB data + unlimited calling/SMS/WhatsApp minutes
  • 40 Soles ($10.7 USD) = 13.5 GB data + unlimited calling/SMS/WhatsApp minutes

Note: Note that the above price is for reference only. To update the latest specific information, contact the operator.

Data SIM card in Peru
Data SIM card in Peru

V. Data eSIM for Peru – Best Option to Get Mobile Internet for Tourists

Compared to SIM cards, eSIM is superior in flexibility, and can be received by QR without needing to buy directly by presenting identification documents. If you have a compatible device, eSIM is perfect for you. The way to buy eSIM for Peru for tourists is: buy directly from the operator that provides the country’s eSIM or buy from eSIM providers.

1. Buy eSIM from Peru Operators

Major operators in Colombia all provide eSIM services such as Claro, Movistar, Intel and Bitel. To buy an eSIM from a carrier, you must show your passport or ID card for the registration process (most countries require this) to register and then receive the eSIM. This option can help travelers save money, but it takes a lot of time to search and poses the risk of personal information being leaked.

2. Buy eSIM from Gigago

Gigago is the eSIM distributor of Claro Peru network, helping visitors save time and not need to provide personal information, but can still buy eSIM. Data packages from 1GB to 5G high speed data last from 7 days to 30 days. The corresponding costs for data packages and usage time are 8.9 USD, $13.5 USD to 35.9 USD.

Peru eSIM from Gigago
Peru eSIM from Gigago

Buying eSIM at Gigago is simple with the following steps:

  • Go to GGG’s home page.
  • Select “Buy eSIM”
  • Find country Peru
  • Choose the package that suits your needs + budget + time
  • Payment via affiliated bank or credit
  • Wait to receive email
  • Scan the QR code or enter the activation code manually
  • Turn on data roaming on your phone


Does the internet have wide coverage throughout Peru?

Yes, the internet covers most of Peru. Areas not covered by this network will be covered by another network.

Which carriers offer mobile internet in Peru?

The major carriers in Peru are Movistar, Claro, Entel and Bitel.

What rates can I choose from in Peru?

Guests can choose from prepaid or postpaid internet packages. However, paying in advance is more popular with travelers.

VII. Conclusion

The information about mobile internet in Peru in this article has been compiled by Gigago in the most detailed and clear way. Hope you have more useful information for your trip to Peru. And don’t forget to ask Gigago if you have any questions!