All about Europe SIM Card – Price and How to Use

You are about to have a long trip to Europe and want a way to keep in touch with relatives and friends at home; deal with unexpected tasks or SIMply need internet throughout your journey. The best way for you is to buy a Europe SIM card. Here is a summary of valuable shares when buying a European travel SIM for first-timers. Explore with GIGAGO now to have a complete trip!

1. What is a European SIM Card? Why do You Need to Buy a SIM Card in Europe?

Europe SIM cards
Europe SIM cards

Europe SIM card is a type of SIM for tourists traveling to European countries. Depending on the type of SIM, you can use data or make calls and text messages freely without expensive roaming fees.

Usually, in Europe there is no free wifi unless you go to a restaurant or cafe, so buying a European travel sim is essential so you can:

  • Keep in touch with relatives and friends.
  • Solving unexpected work remotely.
  • Social networks look up directions, places to eat, and accommodations,…
  • Call, and text in one or more European countries depending on the type of SIM.

2. Benefits of Europe SIM Cards

International roaming costs and call charges are extremely expensive, so owning a European travel SIM is a cost-effective and extremely convenient solution for users. Here are 6 benefits when buying a European travel SIM you need to know:

  • No roaming fees: Travel SIMs often integrate with international roaming so you can receive free calls.
  • Affordable service fees: You can prepay for mobile data, outgoing calls, and texting while in another country, then enjoy your journey without having to worry about mobile network problems or how to save money.
  • More reasonable costs: All types of European travel SIMs have reasonable costs and are much more economical than roaming charges.
  • Easy compatibility: Travel SIM cards are usually compatible with many devices such as phones, smart watches, tablets, etc. You can find out in advance whether the European tourist SIM card you intend to buy is compatible with the device not to avoid wasting money and time.
  • More features: Travel SIM is integrated with many essential features such as 4G network plan with the high internet access speed, and fast web surfing without spending much time waiting. In addition, you also get free texting, calling, good call quality, ensuring a stable and fast transmission line, etc. All are encapsulated in a travel SIM with a very reasonable fee.
  • Easy purchase and use: The way to activate the travel SIM is very simple, you can actively learn how to use it or ask the help of the consultant from whom you buy the Europe SIM card.

3. Types of Europe SIM Cards

On the market today, there are many types of European travel SIM cards for you to choose from. Specifically, the types of European travel SIMs according to each type of classification are:

Classification by function includes:

  • Data SIM card: Can only access the internet (3G/4G/5G sim for Europe travel)
  • Voice and Text SIM card: Can only make calls and text messages
  • Travel SIM card: SIM can make calls, text messages, and access the internet

Depending on your needs, you can choose the type of travel SIM card with suitable features.

Classification by coverage (by country and by area) includes

  • Travel SIM for each country

This is also a European tourist SIM card, but it can only be used in the only country that you register. For example, if you only travel in Germany, you can choose a German SIM card or for. In each country, you can buy a tourist SIM to use that country.

  • Travel SIM for each region

There are many carriers that provide travel SIM cards for each region in Europe for you to choose from. For example, European travel SIM 37 countries, European travel SIM 39 countries, etc.

  • Global travel SIM

For those who have to move to many different countries, they can use a global travel SIM to optimize costs, and you don’t have to worry about international roaming services, being disconnected from your loved ones, family or friends. family and friends.

Classification of sims by plan includes:

Depending on each carrier, each carrier, the European travel sim will be classified according to the following tariff packages:

  • Travel SIM plan 4GB
  • Travel SIM plan 12GB
  • Travel SIM plan 60GB
  • Unlimited GB travel SIM plan,…

Classification by usage duration includes:

  • 7 day travel SIM plan
  • 10 day travel SIM plan
  • 30-day travel SIM plan
  • Travel SIM plan with unlimited days,…

There are also unlimited SIM cards for data, calls and texts throughout Europe.

4. Compare Europe eSIM and Eurpope SIM Card

Europe SIM card and eSIM
Europe SIM card and eSIM

There are many types of Europe SIM cards for you to choose from, but the most popular are 2 types: eSIM and physical SIM. Both of these two types of SIMs have a variety of data, calling/messaging packages, and SIMs by country, region or globally at reasonable prices.

However, in terms of eSIM and physical SIM, there are differences in size, activation, and convenience. Update the comparison table below for more details!

CriteriaEurope eSIMEurope SIM card
SizeIt is an electronic SIM that is attached directly to a micro-sized board and used through a QR code to activateAs a physical SIM that can be held, the size is getting smaller and smaller but still takes up a lot of space on the device
CompatibilityIntegrating up to 5 subscriber numbers into the same eSIM, less damaged, good signal quality equal to physical SIM.Only 1-2 SIMs can be integrated on 1 device, or there is a loose SIM error, stable signal quality
Duss and water resistanceIt is not possible to remove the device by itself because the eSIM is integrated as a part of the device, thereby avoiding dust and water from entering the gap and affecting the hardware of the device.Can be removed from the machine by itself, there is a gap that affects the dust and water resistance of the device
Switch carriersJust change the network on the device with the eSIM inserted without having to remove the sim, easy and fast transfer operationIf you want to change the network, you have to remove the SIM card and replace it with a new one, which is quite time-consuming
Memory storageDoes not support saving contactsCapable of storing from 250 to 750 phone numbers on the contacts
Compatible devicesSupport on new technology devices such as iPhone XS and above, new high-spec Samsung phones, apple watches, tablets,…Support on all devices. Only the new iPhone 14 for the US market does not support SIM cards.
Europe eSIM vs Europe SIM card

5. Where to Buy Europe SIM Card?

There are many ways for you to buy a European travel SIM cards:

Buy SIM in Europe

You can buy it right at the airport, there will be SIM counters for you to choose from. If you don’t need to use it right away, buy a Europe SIM card at a gas station, supermarket, genuine agent store, etc. Finding these places is easy because they are available on all European roads.

Buy SIM online in your country

The solution chosen by many tourists is to buy a European travel SIM online in your country. Currently, there are many European travel SIM providers with diverse plans to suit each specific need. You can actively consult, compare and choose for yourself the type of SIM with the most suitable package by searching for information on the internet.

If you want to buy a physical Europe SIM card, you can refer to a few brands: Klook, Gloka,… or go to agent stores, carriers that provide 4G European travel SIMs.

If you want to buy a Europe eSIM, please refer to the plan at GIGAGO. This is the first and only unit in Vietnam to provide eSIM.

ComparisonBuy SIM in EuropeBuy SIM online in your country
Pros– Definitely has a SIM card.
– No waiting time.
– Be more active in keeping in touch with relatives and friends.
– Cheaper price when buying in your destination.
– Easy installation and activation.
– Cheaper cost.
– Many SIM carriers for you to choose from.
– Many data plans, calling packages, and plans support internet sharing and free roaming.
Cons– Having to queue to buy SIM is very time-consuming.
– Have to move through many different counters to compare SIM types and choose the right one.
– Many SIM counters are closed if landing at night.
– Only pay in dollars or euros, in case you do not have foreign currency, you will have to change money first to buy a SIM.
– In peak tourist seasons, many counters run out of SIM cards.
– If there is a problem when activating, it will be difficult to solve without someone fluent in the language nearby.
– Not a variety of SIM carriers and plans for you to choose from.
Buying Europe SIM card

6. How much does a Europe SIM Card Cost?

Buying a Europe SIM card is not too expensive, depending on the data package, calling/messaging, or duration/range of use, the price will be different. Normally, the price of a travel SIM when buying in Europe will range from $10 to $50. 

7. How to activate Europe Travel SIM

The way to activate the SIM will depend on how you choose to buy the SIM:

Buy sim in Europe

If you buy a SIM in Europe, go to the official website of that carrier and activate it according to the instructions.

Buy sim online

With physical SIM:

If you buy a physical SIM in your country, you need to take a picture of the front and back information of the SIM card and then contact the SIM seller to ask them to activate it according to the desired date and time.

After receiving the SIM, you install it on your phone. At this point, a selection panel will appear and turn on Mobile Data and Data Roaming options to be activated.

With eSIM:

In case you buy a Europe eSIM, it is much simpler by activating it yourself very easily right on your phone. However, each device, each model has a slight difference in the steps to activate eSIM. You can read more on how to activate eSIM on different phone models

8. Top 7 Europe SIM Card Providers

On the market today, there are many reputable Europe SIM card providers/carriers with a variety of plans for you to choose from. If you are wondering which SIM carrier to choose for your upcoming journey, you can find out the top 5 most famous and quality European travel SIM companies today with detailed comparisons of these 5 SIM carriers. through the following table:

CriteriaThree UKO2 simOrange SIMVodafone
AboutAs one of the leading carriers in the UK.O2 is the 4th largest telecommunications network in the UK.As the leading network operator in France.As the 2nd largest telecommunications network operator in Germany.
Features– Unlimited calling and texting to UK numbers (+44).

– Supports high-speed 4G, does not support hotspot sharing
– Unlimited calling and texting to UK numbers (+44)

– High-speed 4G support, hotspot sharing support
– 400 minutes of calls to European numbers

– 10GB of 4G speed internet, with hotspot sharing support
– Unlimited calling and texting to UK numbers

 – Unlimited 5G support
Plans1GB – 250GB or unlimited7GB-100GB or unlimited1GB-20GB1GB-250GB or unlimited
Durations29 days30 days14 days30 days
Prices7-20 € /month10-30 € 11-40 € 5,5-32 €
NotesSIM is not usable in TurkeySIM is not usable in SwitzerlandSIM is not usable in SwitzerlandRoaming packages are available on 51 destinations in Europe
Top Europe SIM card providers

Note: GIGAGO is an eSIM provider that makes it easier for you to install and activate, not to remove and insert like a physical SIM. However, the network speed of eSIM is not as fast as the other 4 physical SIM carriers, so depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate SIM form.

9. Top 5 Best 4G-5G Europe SIM Cards

Depending on your European travel schedule long or short and your need to use more or less data as well as your budget, you can choose the SIM carrier that best suits you.

▶️ Three UK SIM 

Sim Three UK
Sim Three UK

With Three UK SIM, you can buy it both in your country and in Europe at a relatively cheap price and large capacity, suitable for long trips.

However, the signal quality of the Three UK SIM is considered unstable. During the peak tourist season, many tourists use this carrier’s SIM, leading to overload and network failure. The network outage can take up to 1-2 days, making visitors unable to access the internet and make calls.

Three UK network operator also has quite ‘strict’ regulations on using SIMs outside the UK. You may be locked out of your SIM if you use too much space in a short time or make calls for more than 30 minutes at a time.

▶️ O2 SIM 

O2 SIM cards
O2 SIM cards

With O2 SIM, many customers rate this as a SIM with a more stable network and signal than Three UK. However, the price is higher than the Three UK SIM and the mobile data is not as much as suitable for short trips.

▶️ Orange SIM 

Orange SIM cards
Orange SIM cards

Orange SIM is famous for its stable wave quality. You can share the hotspot comfortably with other devices, which is extremely convenient if you want to work and travel at the same time. Orange SIM price is also quite high and cannot be used in Switzerland, if you have this country in your schedule, this is not the right SIM.

▶️ Vodafone SIMs

Vodafone SIM cards
Vodafone SIM cards

In case you need to access the internet a lot and continuously, then Vodafone will be the right suggestion for you. The Vodafone SIM has a fast and stable access speed, but you can only buy a Vodafone SIM when you come to Europe, the activation method is very confusing and for those who are not confident in their foreign language ability, it will be quite difficult.


Instead of worrying about not being able to activate if you buy a SIM in Europe or you are afraid to change the complicated physical SIM, you can be more proactive by buying an eSIM at GIGAGO – A pioneer in providing eSIM in Vietnam.

The packages of eSIM are quite diverse, the network is stable, and it is rare to lose signal or not be able to access the internet. Most importantly, you don’t have to take it apart, but you can pre-install it on your phone with just a few simple steps. Then when you arrive in Europe your phone will automatically be connected to the internet or with some SIMs you only have to activate it to be able to use it.

Especially, the GIGAGO eSIM price is considered to be much better than the rest of the physical SIM providers. If you have a problem, you also get 24/7 support in Vietnamese and English, so you don’t have to worry too much.thường t

10. Experience Using Cost-saving Europe SIM Card

Buying a Europe SIM card is necessary and important for you to keep in touch with your loved ones as well as be convenient in searching maps, and finding places to eat and play in Europe. In addition to information about Europe SIM cards, prices, carriers, etc., you also need to save some important tips to save costs when using SIMs in Europe which are:

Using eSIM

You can refer to the plan to buy an eSIM to be more proactive for your trip. The steps to activate and install are also very easy, there is no need to remove it and the cost of buying an eSIM is also very reasonable.

You can reserve the freight when leaving that country

With a Europe SIM card, you can reserve the charge when leaving that country if there are still a lot of charges that can be reused when returning.

You are not charged for incoming calls and messages

In European countries, only outgoing calls and texts are charged while receiving calls or texts is free.

You should choose to buy a SIM with more 3G or 4G capacity than the one that allows you to call a lot

Instead of choosing SIM plans with many calls and messages, you should choose to buy a SIM with a lot of 3G or 4G capacity because when traveling to Europe, passengers often access the internet to search for information rather than contact. Moreover, you can completely contact your relatives and friends via Facebook, Insta, etc. by accessing the internet.

Take advantage of wifi wherever you go

Major shopping centers in Europe all have free wifi, try to take advantage of these wifi sources to save costs.

Choose the plan that suits your number of days in Europe

Each person will have a different travel schedule that can be long or short. You should choose a plan that matches the number of days you stay in Europe when buying a SIM to avoid waste and optimize costs as much as possible.


What is the difference between a Vietnam SIM and a European travel SIM?

Vietnam SIM cannot be used abroad without international roaming. And the roaming fee in each country is different but certainly, this is not a small number.

As for the Europe SIM card, you can use it in all countries across Europe (depending on the SIM, the number of countries will be different) without having to register for complicated and expensive international roaming.

Most Europe SIM cards are prepaid SIMs, you will not spend a lot of money and recharge, but the SIM still has 4G data available to access the internet, and make calls and text messages completely in the package, with no broadcasting costs. 

What is the difference between a normal SIM card and a Europe SIM card?

Vietnam SIM cannot be used abroad without international roaming. And the roaming fee in each country is different but certainly, this is not a small number.

As for the European travel SIM, you can use it in all countries across Europe (depending on the SIM, the number of countries will be different) without having to register for complicated and expensive international roaming.

Most European travel SIMs are prepaid SIMs, you will not spend a lot of money and recharge, but the SIM still has 4G data available to access the internet, and make calls and text messages completely in the package, with no broadcasting costs. more birth.

Can Europe travel SIMs make calls and text messages?

All European travel SIMs have a data plan, a texting calling plan, and a data and texting package. Depending on the needs of visitors, you can choose the right package for you.

Should I use a 4G SIM or a European travel portable wifi?

With a 4G Europe SIM card, you can comfortably use high-speed 4G and listen to calls comfortably. Depending on the SIM carrier, you can share the internet with other devices very conveniently. These are all prepaid SIMs when used will not incur any other costs. If you do not use up all the charges, many airlines also allow you to reserve the freight, the price is very economical and suitable for long trips.

The wifi is suitable for large travel groups, quite convenient, and less battery-consuming than using a phone with an international travel SIM to broadcast wifi. However, the price of the international wifi transmitter is very expensive, most of you usually pay a deposit to rent after returning, you will return it to the lessee and get the deposit back. You also cannot use the offline calling feature if you use the transmitter, when going to remote areas, the 4G SIM will be better than the wifi transmitter.

Should roaming?

Roaming is an international roaming service of interconnected carriers that allows you to communicate using your own SIM in another country’s territory. But the cost of international roaming is extremely expensive even up to $50 – $100/day. To optimize the best cost, you should buy a Europe SIM card instead of roaming.

Are there free wifi spots in Europe?

You can catch free wifi at airports, gas stations, or big restaurants in European countries. However, this is not a way to be appreciated by tourists because not all points have wifi, and you will not be proactive in keeping in touch.

In addition, the procedure is also quite cumbersome, such as at the airport you have to provide your passport to the staff to get ID and password to connect to wifi. You can only connect to free wifi for 1 hour, after 1-hour wifi will automatically disconnect. If you want to continue connecting you have to log in again.

Can I use a SIM card in one country in Europe for other countries?

Depends on the type of SIM you buy. There are SIMs that can only be used for 1 country, there are SIMs that can be used for 39 countries, 42 countries, 60 countries, or even more than 190 countries around the world. Please choose the type of SIM that suits your journey to optimize the cost as possible!