What is an ICCID Number ? How to Find ICCID Number of Your eSIM on iPhone + Android

Find out what is an ICCID number, understand its structure, and how to find the ICCID number of your eSIM on iPhone, iPad, Android.

What is ICCID number

Regarding mobile devices, there are many terms, numbers and codes used to identify and activate them. ICCID is one of these codes. In this article, we will explain about “What is an ICCID number?”, its importance, structure, how it is used and how to find it on iPhone, iPad, and Android. 

I. What is an ICCID number?

ICCID, standing for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier, is a unique 19-20 digit code assigned to each SIM card. It is also known as a SIM card serial number.

The ICCID number is stored in the SIM card and the device’s memory. 

1. Understanding the structure of an ICCID number

The structure of an ICCID number is 19-20 digit in length and includes several sections:

  • The first 2 digits are the industry identifier. It is often 89 for telecommunications. 
  • The next 1–3 digits represent the country code of the issuer.
  • The next 1-4 digits are the issuer identifier, which identifies the specific cellular network.
  • The rest digits (up to 12) are the individual account identification information.
  • The final digit is a check digit which is used to verify that the ICCID is valid.
ICCID number - 20 digit number
ICCID number is a unique 19-20 digit number

2. ICCID Number and International Roaming

When you travel abroad, your phone will search for a local network to connect to. However, it can only connect if your home network (the one you usually use at home) has an agreement with the foreign network. 

Each SIM card has a unique ICCID number, like a fingerprint. When your phone connects to a foreign network,  your phone shares this number. The foreign network will use ICCID to identify your home network and check if the roaming agreement exists.

After everything checks out, the foreign network will allow your phone to use its services. This usage will be reported back to your home network, and you will be charged based on that report.

To sum up, an ICCID is like a passport of your phone to foreign networks and enjoy the benefits of roaming.

II. How is an ICCID number used?

The ICCID number is not just for activation. It is used to identify and activate a SIM card and its associated account on cellular networks. 

When you buy a smartphone, you will need to insert the SIM card into the phone. Then, the ICCID number on that SIM card will be used to activate the device on the mobile network targeted. 

III. Why is an ICCID number important?

More than just a random string of digits, the ICCID number plays an important role in the world of mobile communication. Here is why it is important:

  • ICCID numbers help identify and activate the SIM card, thereby allowing  your phone to gain access to calls, texts, and data services.
  • ICCID numbers help prevent fraud and unauthorized access to your mobile account. 
  • ICCID numbers can be used to track and identify the device in case it is lost of stolen.

IV. How to find the ICCID number of your eSIM

How to check ICCID number

You can find your ICCID number on the SIM card itself and in the settings of your mobile device, be it iPhone, iPad, or Android. 

  • On the SIM Card, the ICCID number is typically printed on the card near the gold contacts. 
  • On the mobile device, the ICCID number can be found in the Settings menu, under About or Status. 

Below we guide you how to check the ICCID on different devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android.

1. How to find the ICCID number on iPhone & iPad for eSIM

Here we will instruct you how to find the ICCID number on an iPhone running on iOS 17.

Note: The actual texts on the screen may vary depending on the iOS version.

What to prepare: Turn on the targeted eSIM plan

How to check:

  • Go to Settings menu 
  • Select General > About
  • Scroll down to look for the ICCID listed among other information like network and carrier.
  • If there are multiple lines (Primary and Travel) activated, ICCID for each line will be separated.

The same steps apply to iPad. Just go to Settings > General > About to find the ICCID of the eSIM.

How to find ICCID number on iPhone

2. How to find the ICCID number on Android for eSIM

On Android, you can find the ICCID number through the Settings menu (most popular)

Here we will instruct you how to find the ICCID number on an Android 14. 

Note: The actual texts on the screen may vary depending on the Android version.

The steps are similar to that of iPhone and iPad.

What to prepare: Turn on the targeted eSIM plan

How to check:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Select About phone > SIM status (located under the Device details section)
  • There you will see the Device information modal with the ICCID at the bottom.
How to find ICCID number on android

V. How to Change ICCID numbers?

In some cases, you may want to change your eSIM ICCID number. This happens if the SIM card is stolen or lost, or if the user wants to switch to a different cellular network.

You can change your ICCID number by contacting your mobile network operator and requesting a new SIM card with a different ICCID number. As a user, you need to present the proof of identity (be it your driver’s license, or any other government-issued ID) and pay a fee. 

It is noted that some devices can be unlocked and ICCID can be reprogrammed using special software or hardware tools supplied by specialized service providers or do it online.